Children’s Organized Hockey is Broken!

There is something very wrong with the state of organized hockey in Canada, and to be honest, I’m not sure it can be fixed, or if those involved want it fixed.

House league, select, and upwards are run so very badly in many instances, by parents who put their interests above the best interests of the team and the players on the team, and in doing so, these parents do deceitful things; trying to hide better players to stack their team, break the rules to win games, force their kids to play when they don’t want to, or use their power to decide who plays even if that decision is not in the best interest of the team, the player or against the mandate of the league.

Everybody knows about it, but little is said and even less is done about it.  It’s the perfect toxic pool.  No wonder parents are becoming increasingly less enthusiastic about putting their kids in the sport.

As a current and former hockey coach, I have always abided by the rules passed down by the league because that is what the job requirements were when I signed up.  When the league asks the coaches to develop the players and give them equal ice time, then that is what we, as coaches are being asked to do.

I learned a long time ago, that as a team, you are only as good as your weakest player and I have always felt this way, and as a coach, assistant coach, or a kid who opens the door for the players to enter and leave the bench, it is so very important to be a positive influence on the kids – ALL the kids – on the bench and in the dressing room.

As a coach, a leader, and a role model, the responsibility to teach the kids about hockey is only a portion of the role.  Teaching the kids to be respectful on the ice and off the ice is another significant requirement of the job, as is communicating with the parents and the kids about strengths, weaknesses and issues.

Common sense also tells me that dressing rooms should be a safe place for kids to get ready for the games, to dress / undress into their uniforms and to have discussions about the game, the practice, or to learn about being good human beings.  It’s not the place to throw things at each other, play loud music and swear at each other.  When the parents come into the dressing room and see this, they feel the coach does not have control of the players, that they don’t respect the coach.

When there is chaos in the dressing room, there is chaos on the ice.  Kids can get hurt, physically and mentally, and that is not acceptable.

I was fortunate to have begun my coaching career in my early 20’s and after 3-seasons, I stopped, only to pick it up again in my late 20’s.

I started taking the Canadian Coaching Certification Program in hopes of one day coaching the Canadian Olympic team, but without having children, and then children who played hockey, my focus turned elsewhere.

Then my middle child turned 8-years-old and he decided that he wanted to learn to skate so he could play hockey and make it to the NHL.

I was reluctant, but it was what he wanted so we supported him, and started by taking him to skating lessons, and later that year he joined a Learn To Play league which was a blast.

The following year we joined House League hockey and I was shocked and amazed at what I saw.  I saw parents clearly pushing their kids to play when the kids clearly resented it and were not enjoying it.  I also saw parents yelling at their kids and screaming obscenities at the referees either because they are crazy or because they have clearly made a mistake by thinking that house league hockey was the NHL.

Then came some of the weirder things that I observed, like the number of times parents of very highly skilled parents would come up to me and tell me that they were in awe of my son’s size.  Yes, he’s tall, but not a giant, and while hockey has always mistakenly favoured tall players over smaller skilled players, that trend is thankfully moving away, and shouldn’t we, as parents support our kids no matter their skill, size, physique?

If the kids keep getting bigger and bigger, and hockey rinks are not, then pretty soon the game we love will become a glorified pinball game with nowhere to move and the puck bouncing from stick to stick.

As well, what is the point of wishing your child was bigger?  They cant change their height!  Don’t make them feel bad about your genetics!

Fast forward a couple of years and now my son is eager to try out for the “select” team.  I was really hesitant, not because I knew he wasn’t ready for it, but because of what might happen to him after he doesn’t make the team.  He, in his mind, felt he could play at that level, but as a new player, he is far from polished, so to the untrained eye, he was awkward, but he got where he needed to go, and did what he needed to do.

In hockey terms they would have referred to him as a “project”.

My son knew that he had a lot to learn, but he wanted to experience tryouts and see if he could make the team, and knowing that we took him.

Here is where I don’t understand hockey teams operate…  We heard there was room on the team, the coach said there was room on the team, and the coach offered to me that “no one was guaranteed a spot”.

In fact, in the dressing room before the tryout, the coach read the riot act to the parents and then told the kids that they had better be on the ice by the time the session began or they would lose their spots, and as the session started, 3 kids were still in the dressing room slowly getting ready.  The assistant coach came in and told them to get on the ice.

Now I knew for certain that the comment that “no one was guaranteed a spot was 100% not true.

Everyone on the team is guaranteed a spot.  They’re friends.  They have played together for years.  The only time a space opens up is when a kid moves up.

There was one spot on the team – but it was already filled by a friend of one of the players who he the coach had already seen play and given the thumbs up to.

As a result, at the tryout, the coach didn’t even look at my son.  He didn’t talk to him, and didn’t give him a chance.  He was cut within 5-minutes of the session ending.

I asked the coach, in all honesty, if he knew which kid he was cutting – how one spot was opening up – but he didn’t remember that part of the conversation, as he said that the team was the same team from last year and there were no spots.  He said that most teams keep all the kids, no matter what, and that it’s similar to a clique, so if we wanted to get him into select hockey we should have either got him in when he was 4-years-old, or started “networking” years ago.

Point taken.

The following year, now a year better, I knew to ask the coach if there were real spots available and if my son should even bother to try out.  Again, he said yes to both, and again, there were no spots and he was sent home – this time puzzled as to how this is fair?  If a defenseman is required to skate backwards and the team has a defenseman that cannot skate backwards, wouldn’t then even have a look at a defenseman that could skate backwards?  Apparently not.  Apparently it’s better to have all the same kids together because they’re friends, than to realistically look at all options.

After not being given what he deemed to have been a fair chance, he wanted to quit hockey.  He plays basketball, baseball, swims, and tried out for every sports team at school.  If hockey doesn’t want him, he doesn’t want hockey.

That thankfully lasted for one day.  The next morning he was in the basement, stick in hand, working on his shot.

He loves playing the game… He doesn’t watch hockey, but he loves playing it.

The following season we left that league and tried out for a different team which apparently had spots open, and he made that team.   What transpired after was confusing to say the least, but I should have taken notes, or written a book, because it started poorly, ended poorly, and had some ups an many downs in between.

After making the team, he was to be brought on as an “alternate” which was explained to me as a player who made the team and who would be developed and play, especially whenever there were players missing, but was a full part of the team who practiced with the team, and was part of the team.

It was explained to me that if he improved, he would go from playing potentially less, to potentially much, much more, because at worst he would still play, train and develop with the select team, and not play house league, and at best, he’s on a top line, playing power play and killing penalties.

Upon learning the term “alternate”, my son was very disappointed.  He felt he was better than that, but after some discussions with the coach and manager and after reading the communications to the rest of the team and their parents, it was understood that he would be a full part of this team – where most of the kids have played together for 5-6 years – and that the term “alternate” meant nothing in his development.

We did have additional discussions with the coach and manager about what an alternate meant and after being told “don’t worry, he’ll be fine”, I should have worried and had things in writing in case they came back later on.

Which it did…

Excited for him, he did extra hockey – trained with the incredible Creative Hockey Development program – and worked hard at every practice, he was respectful, and worked very hard on the ice.  The dressing room was absolute chaos and that caused him hesitation when it was time to come for practices and games, but he did his best.

Practices were… interesting.  For example in one of his early practices, one of the coaches tried to teach him a skill that he had never seen before, and he was trying to understand what the coach was doing, but the coach got frustrated and punched him (both fists into the front of my son’s shoulders).  I saw the entire incident and I knew that he was holding back tears.  I called the coach over and informed him that in the 3-years of hockey, my son had no idea what he was telling him, and he might want to break it down to the beginning for him.  The coach apologized to me, and to him and then took the time to go through it from the beginning.

I felt this was a defining moment… The coach wanted my son to get low to the ice while skating backwards, but as a tall kid who learned to skate and balance himself in a certain way, bending low to the ice was not something that he would be able to do right away with any chance of success – skating standing up might seem unusual, however his trainers said it was fine, he was fast, and there were plenty of NHL players who skate more upright.  It’s not a deal-breaker.

Didn’t it also figure that this coach was the coach who opened and closed the doors on the defence side for many of the games that season…

At games, I began to notice that even where the team was short players, the coaches would be playing my son very sparingly.  It didn’t matter if it was 0-0, or if they were winning 6-1, or losing 6-1, he would play 4-5 shifts and some games he would stand on the bench and not play a single shift.

During the games, my son would engage the coaches in the most respectful way – asking questions during the game and getting feedback – but he never raised a stink, or made a scene in front of the coach or his teammates.

This was the season for him.  Hard practices, then little or no game action. I would say that he was held off shifts more times than he actually was allowed to play.  So much for development.  But we didn’t say anything.

Then, as the season was nearing an end, I realized that tryouts for the next season were coming up and I had not heard anything negative from the coach or manager, I decided to ask the coach about next season, and was told this;

“I’m glad you came to speak to me.  I was actually going to speak to you about him.  He has not developed as much as I would have liked, and in the playoffs we can only carry 15 players, so your son won’t be playing.  Don’t dress him, or bring him to the game.  And as for next season, as it stands right now, I wouldn’t pick him to play on the team next season.”


So here are my thoughts at that moment;

My son is not the worst player on the team.  There are kids who are worse, however, they’ve played together for 5-6 years so with carpools in place, and as the kids have made friends, it’s much easier to cut the new kid, right?

Then I thought, how can a player develop if he’s not being played in games?

How do you know where a player has strengths, when he doesn’t get to play in games?

How do you know where a player is weak, when you don’t put him in every situation, let him fail, and then let him try again, and see if he fails, and then you can say he is weak at something.

Regarding those games, if he was put in a position where he failed over and over again, then yes, I can see that you see that he needs to work on certain things, but much like the select tryouts, if you don’t see what he can do, how do you know he can’t do it?

But something seemed off with the way that message was delivered to me, so I contacted the league to confirm the only fact that was presented to me which was that teams can only carry 15-players maximum (including goalies) and I found out that it was not true.  Teams are required to carry a minimum of 15-players of they will be fined.

That rule is intended to prevent coaches from shortening their benches and thus gaining an advantage over another team who plays all their players.

Now frustrated and confused as to why the coach would lie to my face, I wondered what else was going on with the team.

The parents all had similar situations with their kids – standing on the bench many games, and not being played on the power play or on penalty killing, ever.  Not one shift.  There were kids fighting in the dressing room, kids punching each other in the head before games, and a kid who always skated on the ice while the Zamboni was on until I stopped him, three practices in a row, before finally telling his mother.

My eyes were wide open!

In the dressing room, all season, I would help the goalie get dressed, tie the kids skates, continue giving them tips and suggestions, and I would be in the dressing room to break up fights, keep the kids safe and make sure chaos was turned into order.  I’m a parent.  Not a coach.

Normally, I let things go, but I could not let this go, so I spoke to the coach again… He was adamant it was a 15-player max.  He’s been doing this for a while, and he “spoke” to the league and confirmed.

Now into the playoffs, I hear the other kids on the team questioning my son’s commitment to the team – why wasn’t he coming to the games.  Apparently, my son was making excuses for not being able to attend the games, and not telling the truth.  I explained to him, and the coach explained to him that he was not to dress for the games, so he should just tell the kids that.

The coach was okay with that, and he told me that he spoke to the kids, as many of the kids had been in that position in previous years.

After not coming to any of the games, my son wanted to attend one of the games to cheer his team on.  The kids were confused that he was there but not playing – which made me think that maybe this conversation with the team never actually happened.  My son calmly explained to his teammates that he was told not to dress for the games, but he wanted to come support his team.  By this time he was told he could come watch, but not come in the dressing room, or be on the bench.

Parents commiserated with me, as this had happened to their kids in seasons before.  They would shrug their shoulders and give me that look.  The look that say; “I know it sucks, but if you speak up things will be worse.”

Apparently, my son’s appearance and the game for support, and his practice participation under these circumstances hit a chord somewhere, as he was asked to come to the next game to “support” his teammates.  We received an email that he was “welcomed into the dressing room to speak to his teammates and his presence was considered a positive.”

He did not want to go to be a cheerleader.  He wanted to play.

We declined the invitation.

Hours before the game, the team manager emailed me asking him to play, sort of; “[Your son] is welcomed to dress for the game, and hopefully he will even play!”

I was excited for him!  We took the high road, and did the right things and I thought that it was noticed, respected and he was getting an opportunity as a result.  When I approached him with this offer, he didn’t want to go!

I was shocked.  It turns out that he was nervous – he had not played a single minute of playoff hockey, and now suddenly they expected him to play.  In his mind, he was the player told not to dress for games, and now suddenly being asked to play was setting him up for failure.  If he didn’t play well, or made a mistake, he knew that would be benched, or not play at all as happened to him the entire season.

I convinced him it would a positive experience for him and with minutes to spare, we went to the game.  He played.  He actually played well for a kid who had not seen a second of playoff hockey, and he was paired with the team’s top defenseman, which was a really smart move just in case he just was not good enough (this would have been a great move from the start of the season if there were concerns).

Then suddenly as the 2nd period rolled along and as the team was winning 5-1, he stopped getting shifts.





He never left the bench again.

His team did win 6-5 thanks to a last-second goal, but the damage was done.  Instead of being happy at the opportunity, he was really upset.  He felt he could have stopped the opposition from scoring when it went from 5-1 to 5-5.  He felt that if his team mates who the coach likes much more than him couldn’t have stopped it, how did the coach know that he couldn’t?

He wanted the opportunity to prove to his coach that he could play.

If he failed, then he failed.  He knew in his heart that would succeed.

We chalked it up to him doing the right thing and it became very obvious that throughout the entire season the coach did not learn anything about him as a person, or as a player.

What made this situation worse was when the coach was overheard telling a parent that this game “meant nothing”.

In my son’s eyes, he felt that this was the reason he was played, not as a reward for doing the right thing, but because it was a meaningless game, which explained why the “back-up” goalie was played, and why some other kids who have stood on the bench all playoffs were getting shifts.

This was why they asked him to play…

Fast forward to the next playoff game, the semi-finals, and the team was short players.  I suspected he would need my son there, and the other 4 players on the team who have dressed for games however not played – some not even a shift.  These players stand on the bench in full uniform and watch the game, while 9 kids play the game.  This, of course, violates league rules because shortening the bench to this extent goes against the spirit of the game.

Personally, it made me wonder why those kids parents didn’t speak up, or how these kids were going to develop if they don’t play…

Back to the playoff game, I had not heard anything and I didn’t want a last minute situation ,so I reached out to the manager.

She emailed me back and told me that my son was welcome to come to the game, be in the dressing room and be on the bench to “keep stats” but that he was not going to play!  She indicated it was as a result of “roster management”.

I was confused, frustrated and now my frustration was turning to anger.

I pressed, and she was not willing to explain to me what was really going on, so she offered to have the coach call me.

After 25 minutes on the phone with the coach, I passed the phone to my wife, who spent another 45 minutes on the phone with him.

The coach admitted that he was calling up a player from the select team a year younger because he needed a player for that game.  The fact that my son was available and told not to play meant that calling up a player violated the rules of the league – let alone the organizations fair play rules.

He defended his interpretation of the rules regarding 15-players on the bench, and he agreed that by not playing our son throughout the season, he hampered his development.  He also said that he never told me there was no spot for our son next season and he said that our son was brought on to the team – very clearly – to share a spot with another defenseman, as an alternate!

When I questioned the need for this kid over my son, it was explained to me that it was purely based on the fact that my son is a defenseman and this boy is a forward.  When I reminded him  that halfway through the season he switched my son from defense to forward (explaining to me just weeks previously that “other kids complained that he was a liability”), he was at a loss for a response.  So he thanked me for my input, in that tone which says I don’t care how right you are, I’m the coach and doing whatever I want to, and he played that child and my son stayed home.

Again, I contacted the league and this time they quickly shut down that experience as apparently cheating is not allowed in it’s most blatant form.  The league, however, was very concerned to learn that kids were being benched, being told to stay home in the playoffs and being given less than equal playing time in the regular season.

Turns out no one complained… ever.

I suspected it might cause a problem, but in that conversation, the coach made it very clear to both of us that my son would not dress for the rest of the playoffs.

I Understood.  I do not agree, but I understood.

Contrary to what the league was telling us now, the coach would continue to play 2 forward lines and 4-5 defense for the playoffs no matter the situation which meant that the other kids on the team would dress but not play.  No matter the situation.

Did I mention this is only select hockey?

Low tiered select hockey, as well.

Could it get any worse?!?

Of course it could!

In the final game of the semi-finals, with a commanding lead in the series, and now I’m sure the coach and manager have had numerous conversations with the league, convenor and league president, I received an email from the team manager, which CC’d the coach, and it read; “You son is welcomed to dress for the game.”

I read that as dress and not play, but after all that has gone on, and all the conversations we’ve had, and that for almost the entire season I have said nothing, been as supporting as possible and understanding, but having been lied to, watched the team cheat, and come to the realization that they happily took my money, and sponsorship for the team, but did not develop my son at all, there is NO way that they would ask him to come to the game and not play, right?

So, we cancelled our programs for our other kids, moved around another appointment, and I took him to the game.  To be sure that he was ready, I took him to a skills training session before the game, and at this session, he was flying.  He was so confident and so happy.  Now he was ready to play and make a difference.

He got to the game on time, the coach always tells the kids they have to be at the game on time or they’re not going to play, and here we are, one hour before the game, and only 3 of the 15 players were there.

It’s been typical for the coach and manager to threaten the kids and not follow through with consequences, like the multiple times he threatened the kids about being on time for practice, then with a week before the end of the season, he made 4 kids sit out half a practice because they were fighting in the dressing room and missed the start of practice.

They were fighting because the coach got dressed, took his kid, and went to the ice early, leaving 12 kids in the dressing room on their own.  Some needed help with skates, goalies needed help with pads, and since the dressing room is typically chaotic, the kids fight with each other.

I was helping the goalies, but still I walked over a couple of times to tell the kids to stop fighting and get ready, but I needed to get the goalies on the ice, so I couldn’t be the only parent who cares that kids are fighting with each other, half dressed in the changerooms…

At the game, the coach was overly pleasant to me which felt very uncomfortable, however the team manager would not look me in the eye at all, and she kept walking by me giving me the stink-face.  I was not getting a good feeling at all.

The game started… and ended… and my son never left the bench.  Not one shift.  He just stood there, being supportive and a team player until he couldn’t.  He turned to me as the 3rd period was starting and he had tears in his eyes.

He was embarrassed.

He was hurt.

He didn’t deserve that.

The coach broke him.

The manager broke him.

I felt so bad for him.  Horrible.  I shouldn’t have brought him to the game.  I should have known they were going to do this to get back and us for calling out their cheating to the league.

Typically, after games, parents are not allowed in the dressing room so that the coaches can re-cap the game, but I couldn’t let him be in there, so upset and so hurt, while the coach talked about how great everything was, so I walked into the change room, asked him to get dressed so we could leave.

“Don’t do this now”, the coach said to me.

“Why?” I replied?  “It is because you don’t want me causing a scene in front of the team?  You lied to me.  You made my son cry.  You asked him to come to the game and you couldn’t play him for one single shift.  You embarrassed him.  You hurt him.  You lied to me and you lied to him.”

“He was supposed to play” was the coaches response.

“You are the coach.  you decide who plays.  You chose not to play him.  You made him come here.  He missed school, we cancelled events, and my other kids missed programs because you asked him here to play, and you let him sit on the bench.  Shame on you!”

At this point in time, an assistant coach told me to cool down.  I was not yelling, I was not screaming, but I was certainly not happy, and I don’t do public drama.  I’m a behind the scenes have a conversation in quiet kind of guy, but this coach lied to me, and was doing it again.

Then from behind, I finally here the manager speaking to me, as she said; “I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

I turned to her, looked her right in the eyes and said; “I’m not leaving without my son.  Your coach couldn’t play him for one shift.  You couldn’t even look me in the eyes before and during the game.  You knew this was doing to happen and you allowed it.  You could have just asked him to stay home.  That is so cruel.”

She left the dressing room.

It was time to parent.  I was not leaving without my son.  He was SO hurt.  So embarrassed.  They screwed with him all season and were doing it again in the playoffs.  They don’t care about these kids, about the team, or about teaching kids to be kind, respectful people.  They only care about winning.  They played 10 kids the entire play-offs.  They had 5 kids stand on the bench so the team wouldn’t get fined, and they told another kid to say home, so they could call up a better player.

What message does that send to the kids?  To the parents?

If you’re good, we’ll play you.  If you’re not, you’re not going to play and don’t say anything or you’ll be benched.

So much for development.

I’m all for doing what’s best for the team, but my line crosses at cheating the system and cheating the kids, and all these lies!

Now for those of you who think I over-reacted, I will tell you this… I have never done that before and likely never will.  It’s not in my character.  When part of a team, we do what the team wants, but when the coach started violating the rules, and referred to kids as “horrible” then I have problems.  If it wasn’t my kid, I would still be as upset as I was last night.

In fact, it wasn’t just my kid.  It was my kid told to stay home, but 4 other kids who stood on the bench, never played, and their parents thought it was okay.

The league said it was not okay.

As a coach, we have to complete the “Respect in Sports” course and as a coach we have to comply with the rules of the organization we coach in.  Just because no other parent has spoken up doesn’t mean it’s okay to do what he has done.  The coaches job is to develop the players.  If the coach felt that there were 5 kids who were not progressing as he would have liked, he should have spoken up earlier and not waited until the parents came to him.

Some people coach to teach and support kids.

Some people coach so their kid won’t get cut.

This was the latter, for sure.

While on the phone, the coach told me, and told my wife a story about how his oldest son was on select but played “way less than your kid” and after 4-years was cut from the team.  That story told me that he was doing whatever it took to keep his kid from being cut from the team even though his kid was not one of the top players, he made his kid the first-line centre, and the captain.  His focus was not on the development of other players or on team play, but one his own interests only.

A prime example occurred when at a practice a player was clipped from behind and hit his head on the ice very hard and apparently some of the kids, including the coaches son laughed at the boys and accused him of faking it.  As the player was waiting for his parents to get him, the coach and his son were leaving the arena when the coach made his son apologize.  The boy apologized with a massive smile on his face, and when the injured player refused to accept the apology, the boy broke out in laughter and said to his dad – the coach – “HA!  See I told you it was a waste of time!”

Then they left the arena.

The injured boy and a bunch of other kids were still there – thankfully I was there – because someone had to explain to this boys parents what happened in case there were concussion issues or worse.

If that were my kid, I would want to know.  Wouldn’t you?

As the finals began, the convenor of the league contacted us and said that if our son wanted to come play, he “guaranteed” that he would play… A lot.

We never received a note from the coach or the manager.  They never reached out to apologize for what happened at the game, to at least have an opportunity to explain that it was not intentional but they did not.  They never asked him to come to the games.  He would  not go without being asked.  That was what the coach told him before the playoffs.  If he were needed / wanted, they would let him know.

He didn’t go.

The team won.

In the final game, one of the kids who barely played in the playoffs was given a regular shift and was the player of the game.  I’m sure the coach was shocked because in his eyes, certain players just don’t have it – how he would know this without playing the kids is a mystery to me.

Then nothing.

No trophy.

No “Champs” hat, that everyone else got.


The convenor wanted to sweep this under the rug, and did.

Then we received an email from the manager offering us $500 back off our league fee because they had to.  They told the league that our son was an alternate, and that they could not play him, however, they charged him the full fee, he came to every game he could attend – there was no question that he was a regular member of the team – and the overriding league did not have him listed as an alternate, but as a regular member of the team.  But they figured they could get away with telling him to stay home, pulling in the alternate card, and get away with it, because they have before.

That offer did not come with an apology.

We accepted it and let them know that without an apology it is meaningless, however we were going to donate that money to a charity for kids who want to play hockey but cannot afford it.  2 days later that money was donated.

I think the coach, manager, and convenor think this is over, and that a refund is enough to stop this duo from mistreating the players who they are volunteering to develop, train, and lead.

It’s not over.

We are clearly not going back to that team, that coach and that manager next season.  The team had a skills coach / assistant coach assigned to them, and upon learning of the situation, he was fired.

I can’t let it go because of the 5 kids on that team who never play, are never developed and who the team happily accepts their money but won’t put any effort into their development.

And for the other kid who stood on the bench all playoffs but his family quietly removed him from the team in the semi-finals because their son was upset – the coach called him horrible.  The assistant coach called him a “fucking pussy”.

And because just hours before calling my son to play and not playing him a single shift, the coach was on the phone with that family, telling them that he was wrong to have not developed their son, and it was wrong for him to have made him stand on the bench for 5 games without playing him a shift…

Then he does it to another kid.

He lies.

The team lies.

The league swept it under the rug.

It’s not about the money.  It’s not about winning or losing. It’s about doing what’s right, and when you take on the role of a coach, that you do what is asked of you, and treating all the kids equally, with respect.

This team is broken.

The way the team is run is broken.

The league is broken.

So what is wrong with hockey?  A lot!

Teams being carried year over year.  Coaches with bad intentions.  Coaches who cheat.  Coaches who lie. Leagues that don’t care. Organizations that don’t care.  All of this is clouded with the unwritten rule that you don’t speak out or the coach will bench your kid or cut him from the team.

It’s a game.  A sport.  It should be fun, and everyone should get the opportunity to learn and develop.  We pay money to have volunteer coaches help our kids learn to play this game better on their own and within a team environment.

So where do I get my opinions on hockey from?

As I mentioned, I have coached hockey for 6-years, and coached a ball hockey team for 25-years.  One year coaching house league hockey we made the finals against the team that had the convenors son on it.  They had 5 select players and we had 2 and of our two, one had a really poor attitude and the other couldn’t skate.  He was one of the weakest players on the team – but had a new player who could not skate.  This boy was a delight in the dressing room, but he and his parents knew that he might have been the weakest player in the league.

League rules required that we rolled the lines every shift as required, so we gave him a role, had players on his line to support him, and did the best we could to get the most out of him.

In the finals, with the game nearing an end and the score 0-0, this boy’s father came to ask me if he wanted me to take his son from the game so we could play someone stronger for our last shift – he would tell the convenor that his son was sick, or hurt.

“Absolutely not!”, I said.  “You win as a team and you lose as a team.”

So on this last shift, as the play was leaving the oppositions end, and as our weakest play was trying so hard to get into the play, the puck was turned over, and suddenly, this player is at their blue line with the puck, and the other 9-players on the ice are at our blue line.

Needless to say, on the breakaway our player was so scared that they would catch him that he fanned on his shot – caught the puck with the heel of his stick – which surprised the goalie and the puck trickled between the goalies legs and into the net.

Game over.

1-0 win.

In tears, the father said to me that this was his son’s greatest moment in his life, and he was going to give up hockey because he knew he wasn’t good at it, and he would never be able to top that moment.

I told the father to keep his son skating and get him ready for next year.

Everybody deserves the chance to be a hero.

Everybody deserves to be a part of the team, no matter how good, or bad, or who their parent may or may not be.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the first game or last game, the first minute or the last minute.

If this was my son’s select coach, that boy would not have come to the game or would not have played, and we might have lost the game.

Where ever that boy is now in his life, some 20-years later, he can always draw on that experience of fairness to help him in similar situations.

I can’t say that lesson was taught to any of the kids on this year’s team.

And that I have a problem with!



WTF is Going on? 13 WTF Events from The Urban Daddy: Thursday 13.

This has been a WTF kind of week!  I had so much going on that I had to take all my notes and throw them into a Thursday 13 list, of 13 WTF Moments.

  1. North and South Korea peace – WTF?  Does anyone believe that peace is going to change the way poor North Koreans live?  This guy in North Korea had his brother poisoned…

  2. Now I’m CERTAIN that Donald Trump is going to take credit for North Korea coming into the fold and agreeing to de-militarize, and seek peace with South Korea.

  3. Bill Cosby – Guilty – WTF took so long?  He was a great role model and changed the way TV portrayed African Americans, however, he drugged women and raped them.  That cannot be forgiven.

10.  Am I the only person who works out of coffee shops when meeting clients and who always checks his earphone when listening to something on the phone or computer to make sure it’s the earphones I am hearing, and that I’m not annoying the rest of the shop?  3 times this week patrons were listening to crap with their headphones on, and the sound was blaring out of their device.  They kept cranking up the volume until I had to notify them…

9.  I’m creating the Coffee Shop Police Etiquette Program

8.  Remember when a former Toronto Mayoral candidate threw a sexual harassment complaint against TVO host Steve Paikin, and instead of firing him, TVO hired an investigator to determine the legitimacy of the complaints?  Turns out no proof was found to substantiate the claim.  Good on TVO for getting on top of this right away (pardon the pun) and now what happens to the host, Paikin, and complainant, Thompson?

7.  Why do people bring food into coffee shops, then proceed to sit there – chow down their meal – then leave without buying anything?  More importantly, why does it always appear to me that these people have either really huge amounts of food, or are extremely messy and chew with their mouths open?  Is this a subtle way the coffee shop is trying to tell me to buy more food / drinks or leave?  They have this guy in the back and they sick him on patrons?  Better him, than the mouth-noise guy, the guy with the disgusting mouth noises, or the dancer who – no matter the weather – is wearing a tank top and just gets up and starts dancing…

6.  There is a “thing” for men who cannot get “laid”?  Is this real?  When I was growing up, if the girls didn’t look at you, you changed.  Your clothes, your hair, your weight, you got better educated, you learned to be a better person…  Clearly, for Millenials, this is WAY too much work, so it’s better to complain to others and then kill innocent people.  Enough already!

5.  With a Provincial election coming, FINALLY, in Ontario, and the Liberal government preparing for the crash, word comes out that a policy they created has come back to bite them in the ass.  LOL.  They created a policy where the Auditor General would review the books and records of the government prior to an election and confirm the amount of surplus or deficit the government has.  Well… The Liberals said the deficit would be only $2-3 billion dollars, but the AG said, nope.  It’s closer to $11-billion.  Thanks for the lies, deceit and for bankrupting this province!  See ya, Libs!

4.  I have a GREAT piece on minor hockey corruption coming shortly.  A must read!

3.  I agreed to coach my eldest son’s baseball team again this season, and I only had one request of the league… As a die-hard Toronto Blue Jays fan, please, please, please do not make us the Yankees again this year.  I cannot for the life of me say, “Go Yankees”.  I can’t.  Like the Fonz cannot apologize.  Guess what???  We’re the Spankees again this year.  UGH.

2.  A 23yo Quebec mother was charged with 2nd degree murder after her 2-year-old daughter was stabbed to death, then her body dumped in a garbage can.  I don’t know what to say about this other than what kind of a person takes a child’s body and dumps it in the trash… Words cannot describe…

… and the number One WTF Moment from this week…

  1. Toronto – my city, my home, streets from where I grew up, worked and where my family lives and works… The tragedy, the senseless violence.  Such and evil human being.  Thank goodness for the residents of Toronto who tried to stop this lunatic, or save the victims, or pull people out of the way… Toronto the good, overshadowed Toronto the sad.



Terror in Toronto – April 23rd, 2018.

Dbg_PgeWAAES_ggYesterday was a very sad day in the City of Toronto.  My hometown.  My City.  The 5th largest city in North America, and it happened on Yonge Street, the longest street in the world which connect Lake Ontario to Lake Simcoe.

The section of Yonge Street that this occurred on was from Finch Avenue to Sheppard Avenue.  I grew up, and lived at Yonge and Finch for almost 29-years.  I worked just north of Yonge and Sheppard for the Canada Revenue Agency for almost 11-years, and my mother and sister both live at Yonge and Sheppard – my sister works on Yonge Street as well.  This area I know very, very well.  It currently is predominately a hotspot for Korean and Persian residents and businesses.

Yesterday, for whatever reason, a 25-year-old male from North of Toronto, decided to rent a cube van and drive on the sidewalk down Yonge Street running over innocent people, as well as mailboxes, fire hydrants, lamp posts and anything else that was in his way.

As of the time I am writing this, 10 innocent Torontonians have lost their lives, and another 10-15 are in hospital fighting for their lives / receiving treatment.

If you have seen the video of the arrest of the driver of the van, you will understand what makes Toronto so amazing, and why our police are the best.  The unknown officer approached the driver, who whipped out his cell phone as if it were a gun and pointed it at the officer.  The officer did not flinch, but kept approaching the driver.

The officer yelled to the driver, “Get down”.

The driver yelled to the officer, “Shoot me.  Kill me.  I have a gun in my pocket.”

The officer kept approaching the driver, slowly, gun drawn and yelling, “Get down.  You’re going to get shot. Get down.”

The driver dropped his phone and was arrested.

He did not have a gun.  Guns are not allowed in Canada.

Amazing, caught on video footage of an incredibly brave officer!  Toronto Proud!

What else made me very proud of this city, and the people who live here is the countless stories of people rushing to the aid of the victims within seconds of the incident (which occurred over a period of 25-minutes) and administering CPR, and comforting the people as they lay in the streets badly wounded or dying.

Residents handed out water, supported each other, hugged those who needed to be held, and helped others to safety.

Any amazing reaction by an amazing community in an amazing city.  It brings tears to my eyes to know that in a time of crisis and unknown that people from all walks of life, of all ethnic backgrounds, of all ages, sexes, and from all races, religions, etc., realized that Canadians are special people and we need to support each other.

That is what makes Canada great.

That is what makes Toronto great.

Growing up in such a multi-cultural city is a blessing as it allows you the opportunity to look at people for what they are… people.  They are your neighbours, your friends, your colleagues, and your community.

Our city was under siege and our citizens reacted.

First responders, hospital staff, and police were incredible as usual, and everyone held their breath expecting news of this attack being a terrorist attack which would be adding to a horrific event, but it appears it was not terrorism.

News unfolding today reveals a man who was uncomfortable around women, who needed extra help in school and was unable to adjust to life as an adult.  Without confirmation, it tells a story of a man who was rejected by women and who felt the best way to deal with it was not to get help, but to inflict terror on innocent people.

I’m sick.

Words cannot express the sadness I am feeling for the families of the 10-people who will not be coming home from work today, or from their stroll on a beautiful sunny day.  Their lives will be changed forever as will the witnesses, the first responders and anyone who saw the footage on TV or the Net.

How do we prevent these from happening again?

I don’t know.

I feel that this man’s parents should have gotten him help.

I feel like they should have known he was dealing with these issues and they should have worked with professionals to address his feelings, his anger issues, and his rage.

Canada has socialized medicine.  It’s not like it would have costs the family a lot of money in appointments or medication…

Parents, it’s our responsibility, is it not, to help our children develop and contribute to society, not destroy it?

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims, and to those in hospital, we wish a speedy recovery.

Yesterday my city was under attack, and the people of this city made me so proud to be a Torontonian!

UPDATE: The drive has been charged with 10 counts of murder and 13 counts of attempted murder.

It’s All My Fault!

canadian iglooIt’s all my fault.

Not the fault of the many who removed their snow tires, or put away their shovels, but my fault that it’s snowing in Toronto on April 4th.

And for that, I’m sorry.

You see we have family just south of the border in The United States of Donald Trump, and for what seems like the past couple of weeks, that area has been pounded by snow.


I know, crazy, eh?

Since it is my long-lasting belief that most Americans believe that north of the boarder Canada is always covered in snow, I mockingly sent a Facebook message to said relatives telling them that they needed to move to Toronto, not the Southern US because it was plus 8 here and we hadn’t seen snow in quite a while.

I mean really…

Spring weather in Toronto.

Snow in the US…

In April.


Clearly Trump saw my message and commended Mother Nature to sick light snow flakes on the City along with 90 km/h winds.


Heck… I’ll take the little bit of snow and I’m okay that Americans generally think we live in igloos in exchange for not having to arm our school teachers with guns, and not electing incompetent leaders…


Disregard the leader comment, and let’s stick with no guns!


Readers Chime in! Ontario Provincial Election Primer.

I received a lengthy, detailed email from a reader regarding the upcoming Ontario Provincial Election.  I’m going to post the entire essay / letter / email, but it is long, and if you are undecided as to who would make the best Premier in Ontario, you will know for sure at the end.

(I left the article, however, tweaked a couple of points which were in error and took about a few run-on points to knock it back from 15-pages)


What kind of a leader do you want?

Since we never know what Kathleen Wynne’s government will do next, we should seriously think how we can find a leader that will deliver what he or she promises without changing his/her mind as often as his/her underwear.

With the Ontario budget on March 28, we will face a $8 billion deficit instead of a balanced budget for the next 5 years we were promised.

So what would we really look for in a leader?

Why is finding a great leader so difficult?

Most people qualified to be great leaders wouldn’t waste time on a job that should pay five times as much and most of them wouldn’t like to subject themselves to the abuses they can expect from today’s daily communist or NDP newspapers controlled by the Liberal or NDP unions.

Nor would they like the abuses by fake anti-poverty union fronts or the TTC riders (Warren: Hey!  I take the TTC).

Would you like a job where a nasty critic is hiding under every rock ready to pounce every time you use the wrong handkerchief to blow your nose?

That’s how we fall for a fast talker who offers all of our money and that of your grandchildren and great grandchildren.  It’s a good bet that we end up with another professional liar with a heart made of horse manure, and with that you can count on someone with more needy, fake relatives on her payroll – once elected  – than a Federal or Ontario Liberal.

No wonder we end up with so many brain-dead cabinet members or Toronto city councillors going on vacation on our dime whenever they feel like it, who give money away by the barrels to all their friends and hangers-on at their future travel destinations.

Don’t we deserve a Prime Minister (PM) who stays in Canada at least 1 or 2 days every month to run the country (and to make the vacation plans for his ministers and design their costumes for all the different countries they plan to vacation in?)

We’d like to think we could find some intelligent, well-educated leaders, but don’t confuse intelligence with education.

Here is what Bill Bonner’s book ‘Hormegeddon’ says about people who call themselves educated: “Educated people my ass.”

Some interesting tidbits from Bill Bonner’s book ‘Hormegeddon’ page 30:
The late Austrian Economist Friedrich Hayek (1899 – 1992) made the point on numerous occasions that the more a person has been educated, the greater the likelihood he is an idiot, and while that insight may not be true of those who spent their school years in engineering and science; it is certainly true for those who studied economics (and city planning???).

The more they have learned, the dumber they get (taking their advice from the dead). The higher up the economic slope he or she goes, the more the common sense drains out of him/her.

The trouble with the Economist, the Financial Times, the US congress and most mainstream economists is not that they don’t know what’s going on, but that they don’t want to know.

It would be counterproductive.

Nobody gets elected by promising to do nothing. Nobody gets a Nobel Prize for letting the chips fall where they may. Nobody attracts readers or speaking fees by telling the world there is nothing that can be done.

But don’t worry, we are not the first nation to have that problem. If you read biographies going right back to the famous Benjamin Franklin or Alexander Hamilton, you will find that the now generation does not have a monopoly on stupidity, intrigue, or on politicians with fake birth certificates.

Lack of Common Sense or just can’t make up your mind for over 100 years… Do we have any politicians with common sense?

In 1910 Toronto City Council could have built a subway on Queen Street for only $3 million. Ever since then they knew that the subway is absolutely the best way for fast transportation.

Toronto got rid of the streetcars on Kingston Road and St. Clair Avenue in 1936
and in 1968 they passed another resolution to get on streetcars. That resolution
didn’t go anywhere until David Miller decided to consult the dead and wanted to
bring them back.  Yes, he misled us by calling them ‘Rapid Transit’, but were 25 City
Councillors really 100 years behind the times by wanting to bring them back?

In 100 years of dilly-dallying around, the city of Toronto has made very small progress. The TTC’s own studies done a few years ago said streetcars create gridlock. It seems like the mayor is not able to reason with his NDP and communist councillors to make them vote for our best interests instead of theirs.

Then there is the suppressed Bob Leek fire department report that says the LRT right of way could prevent fire trucks to get to the scene of a large fire in good time or not at all. David Miller’s broom swept that one under the rug. LRTs continue killing businesses and the former Chairman of Metrolinx said “who cares about a few businesses, there will always be new ones springing up.” Toronto is spending a fortune on building an underground streetcar on Eglinton Avenue where they could have built a real subway for less. (you have to dig a larger tunnel for LRTs due to the overhead wires required.

Also, businesses on Eglinton Avenue are disappearing like those on St. Clair did.  Residents in both areas have to pay very high property taxes while losing anywhere local to walk to, horrid road conditions, many road closures and traffic rolling through their area, while the unions take their sweet time completing a 2-year project in 6-years.

Our city fathers have voted nine times whether to build a Scarborough Subway
from Kennedy Station to the Scarborough Town Centre. Our leadership has never
made it a requirement that any of them must visit and ride the disaster on St. Clair Avenue, because if they knew, it would not have taken 9 votes and still no decision.

How do city councillors make their decisions?

You would think that it is their duty to vote in the best interest of the public, don’t you? Some city councillors who were in favor of subways, voted for LRTs against the Mayor because they were overlooked for a job. They continuously make decision on what they stubbornly think is the right solution without taking the time to learn the facts. To get some insight into how city councillors think and one Mayor gets them all to do nothing, here is what Christie Blatchford wrote in the Globe and Mail in 2010 about how our city operates:

Christie Blatchford about what’s wrong with Miller’s regime!
Published on Saturday, Jan. 30, 2010 12:00AM

The brouhaha over ice time at Toronto City Hall is a metaphor for all that is wrong with big government – probably all of them, but certainly Mayor David Miller’s Toronto.

The mantras of Mr. Miller’s government go roughly like this: Let us fix what is not broken and ruin what is working well; let us contrive to create a crisis where none exists; let us engage in a bogus “consultation” process when the fix is in; let us decry a lack of transparency in the enemy while working behind the scenes ourselves and, above all, let us give nary a thought to the poor, beleaguered taxpayer.

Kathleen Wynne’s Anti-Business Attitude

The public along with most politicians still think businesses are the bad guys and must be punished right out of business – that all businesses are loaded with cash. Few people realize that many business people scrimped and saved many years to raise enough money to start a business and then fail miserably, because they lack the experience.

Over 90% of new businesses fail! It often takes 2 – 3 years for a business to turn a profit, and it’s getting harder and harder to do that, because governments take more and more of their cash with new taxes and regulations which make no sense whatsoever.

Small business owners are besieged with redundant government forms, tax returns for umpteen different taxes and then payroll taxes.  While businesses look like a goldmine on some weekends, we forget that the business has to pay employees all week when the stores are empty and has to pay to heat or cool the place seven days a week even on Holidays or vacations, not just when they are busy!  Those taxes have all increased.

Profits are not a dirty word – Profits are essential for the success of all – because with profit comes consumption, hiring of employees and the economy moves.

Governments should treat businesses much better if they want them to continue to provide new jobs instead of begrudging them the profits they make. Businesses are the only ones that create jobs that pay taxes. Government jobs are paid from those taxes.

It has been said that Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne have created more new jobs in China, India, Bangladesh, and Korea than anyone else in Ontario. Money goes where it is treated best, and the public should learn to accept that instead of calling these  companies thieves.

Many towns south of the border roll out the welcome mat for our businesses with huge incentives and now Donald Trump with great tax breaks for businesses creating prosperity and well-paying jobs instead of welfare. Here we get taxed to death and bombarded with useless regulations.  No prosperous country can afford a government which is hostile to business.

The $50 Lesson
Recently, while working in my front yard, my neighbours stopped to chat as they returned from walking their dog and during our conversation, I asked their little girl what she wanted to be when she grew up.  She said she wanted to be Prime Minister.

I asked her what would be the first thing she would do as PM?

She said, “I would give food and houses to all the homeless people.”

Her parents – Liberal Party members – beamed with pride!

“Wow! What a worthy goal”, I said. “But you don’t have to wait until you’re the PM to do that.  You can come over to my house, mow the lawn, pull the weeds and trim the hedges.  I will give you $50 for that.  You can take your $50, and go to the grocery store where some homeless people hang out, and you can give them the $50 so they can use that towards buying food or rent.”

She thought that over for a few seconds, then looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Why doesn’t the homeless guy come over and do the work, and you can just pay him
the $50?”

I said, “Welcome to the Conservative Party.”

Her parents no longer speak to me.

We should think of businesses as the most precious assets to the community.  Who else provides jobs and convenient services like food and drinks within easy reach of their homes. Many of the proprietors of these businesses work long hours for small profits that, if divided into the number of hours these business owners put in, would amount to much less than minimum wage. Without these business owners taking all these risks, we would have no coffee shops, no pubs, and you might have to drive a long way to get your groceries.

Our politicians should help businesses instead of punishing them with higher taxes, more and more regulations and by erecting barriers like streetcars in front of them, which take forever to build and prevent cars from parking to visit the businesses.

As long as Politicians are in bed with the unions our taxes will climb and businesses will die.  Kathleen Wynne has been paying millions to Labor unions (to ensure that they
show up to receive new contracts with huge raises and bonuses). Remember after the public school strike the Wynne government paid $1-million dollars to the union for “pizza and lodging”.  Turns out that was a payoff for “negotiating”.  How that didn’t get the Liberals turfed out right away says a lot about how apathetic Ontarians have become.

Apathetic, or pathetic…

It’s no secret now that a large number of city councillors, and Liberal and NDP MPPs are beholden to the large labor unions which spend millions of dollars and manpower to help get them elected and to influence the voters with expensive newspaper and TV ads so that politicians will approve their high wages and perks galore.  as a result, these unions dictate to the politicians what they must do. No sane city councillor would vote for business-killing streetcars promoted as ‘rapid transportation’ LRTs, if it weren’t for the influence of the unions. Especially when most of them admit that subways are much better.

Unions should not be allowed to spend money to promote politicians or their parties.

What else did McGuinty’s, and now Wynne’s government do that is anti-business and why we should get rid of the Liberals?

Some of our Liberal MPPs sent out beautifully and professionally designed pieces
of election puff material before the last election, disguised as community
newsletters on expensive, glossy paper in full colour.  These pamphlets pretty well
admit that their government didn’t deliver what it promised, and guess who paid for this propaganda?  We did.  The taxpayers in Ontario.

The materials which came that was not taxpayer funded, came from various unions under names like ‘working families’ etc. most of them from the same address and they
can spend millions without spending limits like politicians.

Justin Trudeau and Kathleen Wynne claim to support jobs – but they do exactly
the opposite – they are anti-business., anti-car, and spend on their friends, then increase taxes to cover the costs.

The Liberals hamstring business with hundreds of useless regulations designed by
brain-impaired bureaucrats which cost businesses millions of dollars, claim the regulations will benefit business when result is higher taxes, or cap and trade or some other tax-in-disguise gimmick.

The Ontario business climate is now so hostile that hundreds of companies have folded or left for greener pastures south of the border or have their goods manufactured in Bangladesh at a third of the cost.

What’s wrong with Metrolinx?
Metrolinx is a provincial agency created by the Liberal government to improve transportation in Ontario and they are doing exactly the opposite.

With their ‘Big Move’ they are making traffic worse and have no plans to improve our network of roads. With construction 4-years in (2-3 to go) on the Eglinton LRT, traffic has been a nightmare the past five years – worse than St. Clair Avenue ever was.

Our Mayor’s band aid solutions to reduce gridlock is no match for Metrolinx’ amateur trains and Metrolinx became just another link in the other collection of Liberal boondoggle freak shows along with:

  • E-health
  • Ornge
  • MARS
  • The failed Green Energy scams
  • The 300,000 lost manufacturing jobs during the McGuinty/Wynne reign
  • The $1 billion power plant shuffle.

Metrolinx has ignored all the TTC’s own studies that say LRTs will create too much gridlock in all directions.  The LRTs and the Bus right of way on Hwy 7 in Markham also violate the “Ontario Access for people with disabilities Act” because they deny people on the opposite side of the road access to your business when they can’t make left turns to reach your business. The Act requires businesses to make it easier to reach them despite the Liberal government doing the opposite.

Just another example of how the Liberals ignore rules when is best suits them…

Metrolinx has clearly learned absolutely nothing from the St. Clair Avenue fiasco. They
are not listening, and according to the response the Scarborough Church received, they are downright hostile!   Metrolinx still wants to re-visit the same disaster model on much
larger areas of the City, like Finch Avenue! Wake up people of Toronto and people in Ontario!

We were hoping that premier Kathleen Wynne may be a trifle smarter than Dalton McGuinty or Bob Chiarelli? (you must be kidding) but we were wrong. She continues the same BS on a larger scale.

Transportation plans should be left to transportation experts and not to politicians or former Liberal hacks parked on Wynne’s Metrolinx Sunshine list or brain-dead morons with closed minds.

If we ever want to rid Toronto of gridlock, the Province must work with the cities and with transportation experts to tackle the problem. David Miller’s hastily put together Transit City plan was a disaster as he ignored the demands of the businesses on St. Clair Ave, and Metrolinx is no help by adopting a new version which failed to show any vision for a progressive city or provide an acceptable solution for transportation which includes cars.

Doesn’t anyone wonder how the New York subway system was built in just 2 years, in a time before trucks and bulldozers were available, while Toronto takes 7 years to build a 7km subway to Vaughan with all the modern tools?

A smart government would have put their trust in some expert planners and engineers with a great, all around, balanced transportation plan for Toronto instead of a plan put together over a couple of weeks on the back of a napkin by NDP politicians or so-called planning experts who were required to study dead rabble-rousers like Jane Jacobs.

It might also help to stop hiring transportation managers who were fired in other

Metrolinx’s Report Card

Vision on Transportation – a disaster – F

Eglinton LRT – More expensive and slower than subways – F

Completion of Vaughan extension – D (it finally finished).

Making it easier to drive in the City – F

Just a thought: To relieve gridlock, McGuinty could have donated the Province’s land (600
feet wide) in the Gatineau Hydro corridor  – which runs from the DVP at Don Mills Road out to Scarborough – to build a relatively inexpensive highway, or turned Black Creek Drive into a highway with a tunnel to Lakeshore.  Toronto has not built a new road in forty years and needs some of the Province’s land and permission to build more, but they’ll take away lanes on the roads for bikes even though there it’s Toronto, it’s cold, and more people move in cars than bikes.

Bike trails, for example, are great in areas like downtown where there are lots of bike riders, but in other places of the city where you never see a bike, McGuinty connived
with David Miller to use the hydro corridor for a $6 million bicycle path that only
Glenn De Baeremaeker uses, thus letting all that land go to waste other than to
hold up power lines.  The irony here is that there is no winter maintenance on these trails, yet automobiles have to stop at all their expensive traffic lights all year round.

Our Mayor together with a majority of Dinosaur councillors are crippling our city with bike trails by stealing all the parking from businesses and eliminating many lanes for cars, to further wage their war on cars and on businesses.

Why did the Federal Liberal government pay a terrorist 10.5 million?

Is it legal that the Trudeau clan spends so much money that our great-grandchildren who are not even born are obliged to pay for his grandesse?  Is it legal for our prime-minister to take six cabinet ministers and 13 MPs on a one week vacation trip to India without conducting any real business, and having taxpayers pay for an exotic wardrobe costing as much as your house?  Shouldn’t there be a limit how much money Mr. Trudeau can waste on luxuries for his family vacations and those of his friends?

As well, if people who have immigrated to Canada with illegal papers or lack of birth
certificates are generally sent back to their countries, how is it that a Liberal-supporter, turned Cabinet Minister was not?  That doesn’t seem fair… Or legal.

Carbon Taxes
Ontarians need a leader who won’t charge us carbon taxes.  Wynne’s Liberals will.  Trudeau will if Wynne won’t.  Carbon Taxes are a cash grab and do absolutely nothing to reduce pollution.

The carbon emissions are supposedly responsible for:

  • Teenage drinking
  • Raccoons
  • Stray cats
  • Poison ivy
  • Donald Trump
  • Joe Mihevic still being in office
  • Hurricane Katrina
  • The crisis in Darfur
  • Impoverished fashion houses
  • Summer frost in Africa
  • Contaminates transfusion blood
  • Landslides
  • Earthquakes
  • Kidney Stones
  • The death of Ontario

Most frightening of all, there will be an increase in the number of lawyers (to profit from
all of it).

Free Speech
We need a leader who won’t pass all kinds of legislation to discourage free speech at our schools and Universities about several topics not just abortion.  Wouldn’t it be great for a child to be educated without being indoctrinated about how great the NDP is and how horrible Conservatism is.

Here is what our champion of free speech, Professor Jordan Peterson said of Wynne:
“When it was suggested to him that Wynne is generally viewed as a nice person, even a
grandmotherly type, Peterson quoted Shakespeare: “One (may) smile and smile and smile and still be a villain.  Everyone in Ontario is not her grandchild. We’re not infants.  We don’t need that much compassion and her insistence on identity politics is unacceptable. The things that have happened under her watch at the universities are unacceptable, they’re way worse than people think.”

Green Energy Act

McGuinty’s Green Energy Act (the role of the PM is now being played by Kathleen Wynne) is a much bigger failure than E-Health – the largest tax grab in the history of Ontario – was.

Time of use rates, LED’s, and Ontarians doing everything in their power to conserve energy and reduce costs, while the Liberals do everything in their power to stick it to Ontarians and charge them money.

While doing things to improve our environment is a great idea, the Liberals green energy projects have turned out to be much bigger failures than the $1 billion E-Health scandal – roughly 18 billion of your taxpayer dollars wasted thus far.

The worst part, is that some is that money went to enrich Dalton’s friends.

Why are our Liberal Premiers so adamant about spending $18 billion on Wind
Turbines that don’t work?

There appears to be only one good answer. A large part of that money will be going to Dalton’s friends like Mike Crawley, former president of the Liberal Party and CEO of AIM PowerGen (now International Power Canada) who was awarded a guaranteed 20-year, $66,000.00 a day Ontario ($475 million) government contract to supply Ontario with electricity at a fixed price 60% higher than the fixed price consumers pay!

This is the same Mike Crawley who sent out e-mails to various parties in the midst of the bidding process for this contract encouraging their attendance at the energy minister’s fundraiser at $5,000.00 a pop.

Details found here: (the Hansard is the official government of Ontario record)

Sex Education
The primary purpose of Kathleen Wynne’s sex education seems to be to make
LGBT more acceptable. That’s a far cry from Papa Pierre Trudeau’s doctrine “The
government has no business in the bedrooms of the Nation.”

Wynne’s Books cannot be trusted.

Take a look at this story from the Toronto Sun financial-officers- say-wynne-governments-books- cant-be- trusted

How to save Ontario
An excellent article by Jack M. Mintz appeared in the National Post congrats-doug- ford-you- might-get- to-fix-ontarios-economic- trainwreck

Dr. Jack M. Mintz was appointed the Palmer Chair in Public Policy at the University of Calgary in January 2008 and Director of The School of Public Policy. Widely published in the field of public economics, he was touted in a 2004 UK magazine publication as one of the world’s most influential tax experts.

If you want one more reason to get rid of Kathleen Wynne now, just look at the large number of her own cabinet ministers who resigned, or worse, the recent cabinet shuffle so she could place more of her inner circle into ministerial positions so they can max their pensions…

They don’t trust her anymore and are tired of backing up her deceitful ways of screwing the  taxpayers. They know they would go down to defeat with Kathleen as their leader.

To really save Ontario, forward this story to as many of your friends as possible, and voting for the NDP would be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Don’t let Andrea’s smile fool you. Don’t let us imitate Alberta (and their NDP fiasco)…  Doug Ford is our only salvation now.