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Aptly billed as providing “EXPERT ADVICE FOR FABULOUS MOMS & SAVVY DADS”, Pink & Blue Baby is an online magazine that is unique because it is the first online magazine to feature experts who interacts with parents and parents-to-be by sharing information and advice.

When you check out the magazine you will see that it features experts in their fields on a variety of topics such as; music classes, prenatal, postnatal, nutrition, recipes, child care options, advice from Doctors of all kinds,   holistic remedies, baby names, charity, coupons & deals, sleep, registries, breast-feeding, financial topics, local events, family fun, birthday party ideas and gifts and anything else related to making parents’ fabulous with expert advice and bloggers, and you can write in and ask questions to our experts and ask “Miss Pink & Mr. Blue” all the questions you are curious about.  No boundaries.

The site also has been doing product give aways – which is a bonus – so as a reader you also have an opportunity to win some great swag while getting the inside goods.

Check out the Facebook group, hit them up on Twitter or follow the URL and come say hello. 

So how did this magazine start, you ask?

The concept came about to fill a niche in the Mommy / Daddy marketplace for those of us who have not always had that group of friends since school who we could turn to in order to ask questions, get advice and seek support.  When you’re a new parent or a 3-time parent such as myself, having support, a network, or someone to turn to is critical to raising sane children (or to stay sane as a parent).  In the case of this magazine, one of the sites creators, Nicole Bloomberg, had a baby girl and moved from Florida to Toronto and wanted to have a network to connect with local mothers and help other mothers connect. Since one did not exist, she created one with Robyn Zeldin, the owner of Wee Care & In a Pinch – which happens to be our nanny agency of choice, I might throw in). 

Viola, out came Pink and Blue Baby.

Here are some links to the rest of the site;

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Happy 2nd Birthday to the cutest little girl in the world

Today, I want to wish my daughter, Berry, a very happy 2nd birthday.

Only 2, eh?  You seem so much older with that crazy vocabulary you have had for the past 6 months.  You’ve called me a “dumb dumb”, a “dumbass”, you have asked for things “right NOW”, and you call berries “bey beys”.  Straw-bey-bey’s, rasp-bey-bey’s… He he.

I love the way you say “Oh, my goodness” like you are imitating me in that deep, raspy hockey announcers voice. 

When you’re older I will tell you how we planned on having you at home, but had you in the hospital instead and how we had your grandparents go get your brothers for the birth.  After they arrived, while they were eating cookies and popsicles (after 10:30pm), you were born and Stewie looked at me and said, “Is that it?  Can I go home to sleep now?”… Ahhh Stewie. 

Because of you, we’re done having kids, and where on earth did you get that crazy curly hair?!?  Seriously!

You are quite a party in a package, like Stewie, but you’re a little goofy like Linus. 

You love Hello Kitty (or Hi Kitty, as you call her), and you know the names of all your dolls.  Hmmm. 

You look like your mummy did at that age, and really, after seeing a picture of mummy you thought it was you.  Thankfully, you and the boys all get your looks from your mother! 

Well, now you are two, people will actually believe us when we say that, as opposed to when you were one and people didn’t believe such a friendly, talkative little girl with so much hair could be one year old. 

Happy birthday sweet heart.


You are 8 months old today!

Happy 8 months to my little girl.

You are so different from your big brothers… You can sit on the bed, happily and play for around an hour. You love to happily warble away, while yanking at your feet, rolling front-to-back, then back-to-front, clapping your hands, or on your hands and knees rocking back and forth. You never stop… Like your big brother, Stewie.

Now you love to try and stand up (holding on to me very tightly, of course. You are so proud of yourself.  The world looks so different when you are standng, eh?

You toy with me when I feed you, pretending to sign the word, “more”, while saying it only to me, never to mummy.

You have that one little tooth on the bottom left of your mouth and have bitten me and mummy, although where you bite mummy hurts way more than me!

You love your brothers and your dolly (and bunny your brother bought you, and the ball we’ve passed from brother to brother to you, and your links…)

Your face lights up when you see your nanny, and her sister. You hated the cat, but are now becoming buds.

You are my princes. But not Ariel, or Cinderella… Princess Leia. You get to carry a blaster!

Happy 8th month birthday, sweetie. And thank you for finally showing signs of wanting to sleep through the night!

Happy Father’s Day!

I updated my status message on Facebook a few house ago and wished all my daddy friends a happy father’s day. I really feel that being a dad, makes us guys very lucky… For most of us, pretty much every day is father’s day. It all begins at conceptions. We don’t have to grow the child, carry it for 9 months, and birth it. And, if the child is breastfed only, we can’t help with that either. We kind of get off easy, I think. Plus, if you love being a dad like I do, then it’s even better getting to help out in every way possible… I wish I could be the stay-at-home Dad…

Regarding father’s day, I don’t need any fancy gifts from my kids – a hand made card is more than enough. I don’t really need anything substantial from my wife, as I think she’s already contributed the most to our family and is the reason I’m a father. I have never be 100% certain as to who gets and gives gifts for father’s day. We gave to my father-in-law and wife’s grandfather, and I received from my mother and sister… See how it’s odd?!? But all in all, hanging out with my entire family – wife and kids made the day super-special.

Sure there are BBQ’s and some gifts exchanged, but it’s just not the same as say mother’s day. If you miss that holiday… Look out. For us Dad’s… We go with the flow.

Take my weekend, for example…


I made the kids breakfast in the morning and we were going to have a nie healthy bowl of organic fresh oatmeal, until I was attacked by my family with great gifts, beautiful cards and a lot of love! My 3-yea-old, for example made a card for me in school where he has to fill in the blanks. So the first question was, “My Dad is ___ old”. He put 60. The next one was; “My Dad’s job is ____”. He put “Peeling apples”. The next one; “My Dad weighs ____”. He put “2000 pounds”. And there were more. LOL. I got an awesome book in gardening in small spaces. I CAN’T wait to read this book. It’s perfect! and my 6 custom tailored dress shirts from Maxwell the tailor showed up and my wife graciously paid the duty and included them in my gift. The shirts are… Interesting… 3 of them I love. One looks like a table cloth, one like wrapping paper and one… well… she said I need to keep 2 buttons open, hang big gold chains and put a ghetto blaster on my shoulder. It’s a little bit shiny… OK a LOT shiny.

After breakfast and lots of hugs and kisses, we set off to do some organic strawberry picking / strawberry buffet (fresh peas too) with our very cool cousins. We had a blast. We picked, ate and picked some more. I love strawberries!!!

After getting all covered in berries we went to have some yummy veggie Dim Sum for lunch at the Lotus Pond. We’ve been going there for years.

We headed home around 3pm so our 5-year-old, Linus, would have some rest before a 4pm birthday party.

After the party, it was a quick dinner, some packing and moving of boxes in the garage, then bed.


Sunday’s breakfast was yummy and simple, as we all ate Cheerios with fresh picked berries in it. Loved the way the milk turned pink and the sweet berries.
Then off to karate when both kids had awesome classes today. We dragged mummy and Berry (6-month old baby girl) along to see Stewie try for his yellow advanced belt. He got it! He was SO excited. That kid is all focus.

I also like Sunday morning karate because I get to hang with Supernova Elliott for an hour, drink an XL double double Tim Horton’s coffee and talk about being Dad’s to 3 kids. We also talk music, about why our wives won’t eat red meat, and our frustration with hate mongers.

After karate we hit up a high-end men’s store in Toronto called the Coop for a present for my FIL, and after that myself and the boys walked down to the flower / plant sore for some tomato plants, flowers and a ficus benjamina for my wife. The kids love flowers!!!

We came home, cleaned the garage for a couple hours – packed more boxes – then set off to my inlaws for a BBQ. We had 4 generations of her family there. It was pretty amazing.

Then home ,and bed.

Before long it will be Monday and I get to witness the impact of the G20 firsthand… Can’t wait!

What it means to be a working father of three.

This past weekend definitely a trying weekend for me in my efforts to be a great father.

I was on edge all weekend, probably because this would be the 3rd week in a row I’ve been suffering with my allergies.  I have been unable to wear my contact lenses. My eyes are very red and quite itchy, and my nose and throat have started to itch this week… UGH. I look like I’m on drugs… Not a great look for an office, eh?

I keep forgetting that I should be investing in allergy medication, as all this allergy action has come in the last 5 or 6 years only. I never had allergies as a child.

I am also a bit on edge because our little baby girl, Berry, has been up every 2-3 hours (shades of Stewie) every single night.  While I do not get up everytime the baby does – thank you honey – because this time around, for child #3 I actually have to work.

With child #1, Linus, I took 9 months off paid paternity. With child #2, Stewie, I was off for 4 months on paid paternity (2 of those months were spent laid up with a herniated disc in my lower pack) and with #3, Berry… 1 day at home. It was tax season and I needed to be at the office.

But there are some nights where I am feeling very good and as a result, I have been getting up so urban mummy does not have to, even if that means staying up with the baby past midnight hoping she’ll have that great night’s sleep she needs to stay rejuviated and the baby will tire out and sleep an nour or two more.

Neither of them do…

And to top matters off… the boys have been waking up at at 6am to play, waking me up in the process. 

So allergies, and exhaustion, coupled with 2 rowdy boys and an over-tired wife and look out!

As a result, every little thing drove me crazy this weekend.  Watching the boys play tug-of-war with their expensive throwpillow – with their teeth – drove me batty.  As did walking in the kitchen on cooked rice that the boys dumped on the floor.  Grrr.

I know this is what being a Dad is all about and I know that all I need is one good night’s sleep to get me back on track.

But until them… Look out!