Parenting News: Head North (Ontario) This Holiday Season

Now is the perfect time to book your holiday getaway up north.

Make this Christmas and New Year’s Eve the most memorable one yet – surrounded by a picturesque country setting with great shows, fine dining, soothing spa treatments, outdoor adventures and spectacular accommodations.

There are many events and family activities to choose from:

  • Enjoy the play Twas The Night Before Christmas presented by the Huntsville Theatre Company until December 19th;

  • Take the kids for a magical ride to visit Santa on an antique stream train;

  • Experience the pride and joy of Muskoka Heritage Place as this historic treasure chugs merrily along through winter wonderland;

  • Travel to Santa’s Village in Bracebridge, Muskoka, during SantaFest Dec. 19-22, with sleigh rides, petting zoo, marshmallow roasts and more;

  • Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area presents its annual Christmas Eve Torchlight Parade from 5pm on December 24th; and

  • Visit Arrowhead Provincial Park’s famed Ice Skating Trail, opening towards the end of December.

Take some time to visit the region’s craft breweries and wineries including Muskoka Lakes Winery, Lake of Bays Brewing, and Highlander Brew, among others; all offering tours and tastings, even during the holidays. Work off the holiday calories with some epic outdoor adventures such as dog sledding, snowshoeing, downhill skiing, and more, or perhaps just stay warm and enjoy the wellness and pampering at one of the relaxing spas in the region.

Dine, dance and delight at all there is to enjoy this New Year’s Eve, including:

  • The hundreds of outstanding dining establishments open year-round, including Inn at the Falls in Bracebridge and Sherwood Inn near Port Carling;

  • Hidden Valley Resort in Huntsville, Muskoka is offering a great package that includes a one-night stay, fabulous buffet plus a DJ party with balloon drop and champagne at the stroke of 2016;

  • For a rocking New Year’s Eve in the style of Creedence Clearwater Revival, get your tickets for Peter’s Players in Gravenhurst, Muskoka for the incredible tribute band; and

  • Attend the Cottage Country Comedy Festival at the Gravenhurst Opera House. Headliners include Jim Nasiopoulos, Mike Rita & Adrian Cronk. After-party with live music by WinnieBrave.

For more information, please visit Explorer’s Edge.

What is Donald Trump and other thoughts to get you through the day…

Donald Trump is everywhere!

You would think he’s the only candidate for President of the United States… He’s getting more press than the current President.

Trump is racist, fascist, arrogant, ugly, dumb, hates Muslims, hates Mexicans, heck if he would get the attention, he would hate Canadians.

Well I’ll tell you what Donald Trump is…

He’s brilliant.

I can’t say whether I agree or disagree with his platform because I have not heard it yet.  All I have heard is what the press have made of his comments.

Trump has made a lot of money and he’s been bankrupt a few times.  He’s brash, arrogant, and has really odd hair, but he wants to remain relevant and he knows he cannot please everyone so he’s picking his spots right now which appears to be everyone, everywhere… Today he blasted Time Magazine for naming Angela Merkel as Person of the Year instead of him.  He even took to Twitter to comment that she “ruined Germany”.

I will tell you this, however… His Trump Tower in downtown Toronto is falling apart and dropping windows onto the street.  It’s a hazard.  I won’t walk under it.

Additionally I do NOT agree at all with the thought of banning followers of a religion from entering the United States because it brings me back to stories of my grandparents who fled Poland and Russia during the Holocaust only to find countries had closed their borders (Hi, Canada).  That fear mongering paints people in a negative way and it’s completely unfair and unjust.

Plus, the last few horrific events in the US were done by Americans with access to weapons that no one should have access to.  Has he targeted the availability of guns?

But with all of that being said, Trump is appealing to the average American with his “Let’s make America better” slogan and all of his “rah rah, look at me, I’m an idiot and I’m still going to be President” talk.  It appeals to people who don’t spend their lives trying to solve the problems of the world.

Want to “stop” Trump… Ignore him.

Oh, and are there other candidates???


Taxicabs in Toronto today are screwing up traffic for Torontonians while “protesting” that Uber has gained ground on their turf.  The net result… Negative attention for taxi cabs.  More business for Uber drivers.



16-days until Christmas, eh?

I’m afraid to go to the mall, but people sure are getting happier… It’s my favourite time of the year, plus I really need a break.  Exhaustion set in earlier this year…  In September.



It IS better to give than receive!  Go find a blog with a positive message and post a positive comment on it.  Make their day.  Don’t comment on anything negative and let kindness rule the day!

THIS is What Weighs on the Minds of the Youth of Today…

I wish that I could get into the head of my children!

It seems to be WAY more fun in there, than in the “real” world and sometimes you can just tell when you look at them that they are off in their own world probably having a great time.

Sometime I forget that children possess a combination of curiosity, and I-don’t-care in the way they look at life and when you take into account their naivety, and their innocence, its no wonder they want to be in their own little world.

But to hear what they are thinking about can come at an unexpected time and can often be refreshing and hilarious, take for example the comment blurted out in the car by my son Stewie;

“By the time I am ready to buy a car there won’t be any good license plates left…”


Yes, that might be the case, my wife and I struck with silence and as processed this odd comment, and of course, he was not finished, so he completed his thought with this;

“I’ll get stuck with a sucky license plate like Poop-so.”

So not only was he concerned that all of the good license plates will have been taken in, what, 10-15 years when he will have his own car,  but he has actually given thought to what that license plate he will be stuck with, will say.


Well, son, Poop-so is a pretty cool license plate.


Wednesday News Catch Up (On a Friday)

I’m going to use this post as an excuse to empty my brain of random events which occurred in my life over the past week (and a bit).

Try to follow along…


  1. While travelling between programs with my children last night, a new song popped onto the radio which sounded like someone we knew.

“It sounds like Justin… Justin Beiber”, Stewie said.

“Ohhh”, blurted out Boo, while laughing… “I thought you were going to say Justin Trudeau!”.

How the times have changed!

Should a 5-year-old know this?!?


2.  I heard the City of Toronto is going to re-name Eglinton West Station to Cedarvale Station to better reflect the Cedarvale community.   While I am still not over the stupid decision to rename the Yonge and University lines “line 1” and “line 2”, I kind of like this change.

I mean maybe now tourists coming to the city won’t wind up at Eglinton West station when they really want Yonge and Eglinton.  The 45-minute walk between stations can be quite traumatic in the frigid winter.

Here is what gets me…

Apparently City Councillor Joe Mihevc asked residents around the station to have their say on the new name…  I’m a resident near the station.  I had no idea this was being done… Is it because I didn’t vote for Joe?!?

Worse, of the 43 respondents, 22 wanted “Cedarvale” while 21 wanted “Allen Road”.  Since the Eglinton West Station is at Allen Road and Eglinton, it would likely have been a much better identifier than “Cedarvale”.  I didn’t even know where Cedarvale was until I moved into the community.

I’ll bet anyone who has walked north from, say, the Air Canada Centre up University Avenue didn’t know that at a point the subway stations start moving West, and fast as you go.  So once you miss the last station on University, the next one over is Spadina, then Bathurst(ish) then Allen Road.


3.  I hate the “punch buggy” game.  Especially now that there are other cars with the same shape (from the front) as a VW Beetle.  Fortunately, a neighbour told my kids that the game only works if said car is actually moving.  Personally, I prefer if they play the game only upon finding an actual punch buggy and not the new ones…


4.  It’s December… Shouldn’t it be cold?!?  Doesn’t it snow in December?















Sinead O’Connor’s Facebook Account Shut Down

Anyone watching the drama surrounding Sinead O’Connor, the “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer who is either in mid-meltdown, is on a suicide watch (again), suffers from mental illness or is playing everyone.

Well her Facebook page has been shut down after the singer made another threat of suicide from her hospital bed.  On Sunday, she wrote a scathing message on her Facebook page directed at a variety of people including her sons, their spouses, her ex-husband and others – by stating that she couldn’t take it anymore, and that she had overdosed in a hotel room in Ireland.

She was found by authorities and taken to a hospital for treatment, and she has since been using her Facebook page to blast family members and accuse them of abandoning her.

Today, December 2nd, Sinead posted this,”If a woman doesn’t first succeed… She’ll try, try again… iWantMyRightToDieAndIWillClaimIt.” on her Facebook page which prompted Facebook to suspend her account.

Her page simply states: “Sorry, this content isn’t available at the moment.”

I worry about her mental health, and about her determination to end her life while she feels this way.  I don’t foresee a happy ending here but I hope I am wrong.