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Pick a Urinal… Any Urinal: Just wash your hands and stay out of pee

Caution: Blog Post about Pee.

I found this half written blog post in my draft folder and wanted to finish it off and post it because it’s a gem. A real classic. Or a giant waste of time, but it’s about pee, so it should get some reaction aside from giggle children).

Apparently there was a major study perform a few years ago surrounding the urinal that men (and boys) subconsciously choose when entering a restroom. Who knew?

A lot of it has to do with positioning of urinals, the number of urinals and whether any of said urinals were occupied at the time – according to experts. I recalled that study and remember walking into restrooms for the next, I don’t know, 5-years, trying to see what made me choose the urinal for wet waste disposal, and which urinals I directed my boys to.

It’s taken me wayyyy to long, but I can say now with certainty that there are other, much more significant factors which were taken into consideration, such as the size of puddle on the floor – can we straddle it, or would we have to stand right on it – which spots are available, and how close we would be to people. From there, we quickly size up the people to see if we want to pee beside them. Will they mind their business or do they peek – do they stand 5 feet away from the urinal and splatter or do they talk to themselves. Do they look like they might live in one of the stalls or do they look as uncomfortable and weirded out as the rest of us.

These are all important traits to teach out kids as they begin going into bathrooms on their own.

I’d much rather my kids go to the spot they feel safest than to make them feel that tehy should avoid the first stall because that stall is the most commonly used, so they should use the second one, or maybe the 5th one because men don’t often use the 5th one…

All I can say is this…

Try not to stand in pee.

Try not to splash others pee back on you.

Always flush the urinal if its not automatic.

Always wash your hands thoroughly, especially if you’re the type of kid who is going to have you fingers near your face, or in your mouth at any point in the next day.

Please don’t look at other people – stare at the wall if you have to.

If someone is looking at you, finish up as quickly as possible and then tell someone. But always wash your hands.


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Children’s Drawing Contest: RESP Contribution Prize!

As schools partially reopened in parts of Canada, and as summer vacation closes in, children may (still) have some extra time on their hands.
Square One Insurance – serving BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario – have launched a children’s drawing contest where the winners will receive an RESP contribution of up to $1,500. 
RESP’s are great for many reasons, some being;
  • The federal government adds roughly 20% to RESP savings each year through the Canada Education Savings Grant (up to a lifetime max of $7200)
  • RESP savings grow tax free. You don’t have to pay tax on it
  • EAPs are taxable in the hands of the student – who should have much lower income
  • Friends and family can contribute to the RESP too

Contest Details

My Future Home Contest
It goes without saying, our children are the future. So, we’d like to see drawings of their dream future homes. The drawings can be as creative as possible; they don’t need to conform to current home standards.
Here’s how the contest works:
  1. Submit a drawing (with descriptions) to by July 13th, 2020;
  2. 10 drawings will be selected and converted into professional illustrations by a graphic designer; then,
  3. The public will vote on the 10 drawings to decide the winners


The 10 children whose drawings are selected will each receive $100 and a framed copy of their drawing converted into a professional illustration. The top three drawings as voted by the public will receive the following RESP contributions:
  • First place: $1,500
  • Second place: $500
  • Third place: $250
Full contest details can be found here;
Terms of the contest can be found here, and include some of the following information:
The contest began June 22nd, 2020 and ends on Monday August 17th, 2020 at 11:59pm PST.

No purchase is necessary. Purchasing a home insurance policy from Square One does not increase the chances of winning.

Participants aged thirteen (13) and under on December 31, 2020 are eligible to enter.

The Contest is open to residents of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, or Saskatchewan.

Before being selected as a Finalist, consent by a legal guardian (“Guardian”) is required.

No family member of a Sponsor employee is eligible for entry.


Read the rest of the rules and regulations so that you’re child doesn’t submit a drawing which is not eligible for the contest. It’s NEVER too early to get a RESP started.

Get drawing and good luck!

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Father’s Day is Here (Father’s Day is every day!)

Father’s day makes me realize a few things.

  1. I Love being a father
  2. I miss my father – he would have loved my kids – had he been alive to meet them – and they would have loved him.
  3. Considering the traditional role that mother’s play in the raising of children, I believe in being an involved father, being there as much as possible – supporting your children, and you wife, girlfriend, partner, baby-mother, etc. It’s nice to have a day to recognize what it means to be a father, but every day is father’s day… Or should be.

If you’re a father and not involved with your kids by your choice, then snap into it and realize that it’s not about you. It’s about the way your kids grow up, treat others and expect from adults. You’re setting them up for potential failure. Having a relationship with your children is a privilege and to stubbornly walk away from them because you’re feelings are hurt is a reflection on your character – which your kids pay the price for – and will have to deal with long after you’re gone.

That being said, my friends at Dad Things Social, have provided me with this cool infographic for Father’s Day.

You can follow Dad Things Social, here;

And their blog:

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Unique Canadian Father’s Day Gift Suggestions

A Canadian company offering a fairly unique take on a traditional product caught my attention and seeing as it’s Father’s Day right around the corner, and graduation-season, I thought I would make a post about it.

The company is called, Solios, and they are a Canadian company which developed a solar-powered watch that combines style and responsibility for the environment. For men and women.

How, you might ask?

The watches are stylish, high quality, sustainability sourced, and Canadian. What more could you want.

How did Solios come to be?

As consumers, we are continuously pushed to buy a new version of what we already have and this practice has unfortunately, had a huge impact on our water, air, resources and for all species, including humans.

Fed up with the old fashion industry model that values low quality, short term ephemeral products, the founders of Solios wanted to give consumers the option to consume sustainable goods without having to sacrifice on design, attractive price or durable quality.

Their solar timepiece is their way to show the world their desire to disrupt an old industry.

About the Founders

Alexandre Desabrais and Samuel Leroux – The location – Montreal.

“Montreal is the perfect way to represent our brand: young, energetic, artistic, inclusive, sustainable and innovative. Our city is our greatest inspiration.”

Fun Facts:

These watches can run for 6 months off of 2 hours of sunlight.

Their website is fantastic.

Solios has provided a couple of codes for us to share with our readers:

1. Turn your 1% donation to 5% : Savetherainforest
2. Extra Strap: ExtraStrap

*One quick note – For the extra strap, people will see the amount changing in the cart at the checkout process. As for the donation, an additional email will be sent to people who use it to confirm their increased donation.

You can find Solios through the links embedded in the article or here;

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Overheard on a Train – Summer Vacation 2016

There is nothing that I enjoy more than finding hidden gems in my email. In effort to finally get organized – or at least working towards getting organized until my ADHD brain takes me somewhere else…

Nonetheless, I found an email dated August 12, 2016, and at this point in time, we were likely on a train heading somewhere in France, or possibly we were in Holland heading out to see some windmills.

Travelling as a family usually means we have plenty to do together on trains, whether it be playing cards, playing games, looking out the window and watching the world go by or taking a nap. On this trip, it was my oldest child, Linus, who overheard a conversation coming from the men in front of us which seemed very scattered and unusual, so we stayed as quiet as we could and jotted down some gems, which I apparently emailed to myself at 5:13 in the morning.

Here was the conversation;

“We’re roughing it man, like hiking… These trains… They’re really roughing it. I mean in these days no body is doing what we’re doin. No body takes trains. That’s rough. Like really rough. And nobody hikes. Hiking is what the olden days people do. Not today’s generation. Today’s generation… They’re not roughing it like we are. Really rough.

In the future scientists will solve this anti gravity thing and all cities will be in the sky. People will take air trains to each city. And you know what, we’ll still be doing that because that’s what defines roughing it. Travelling on sky trains. Nobody uses skytrains, or will in the future. That will be what roughing it is in the future.

(Other guy) That’s a bit far fetched, man…

(Back to first guy) It’s true. It’s from a German scientist who time traveled to the future instead of backwards like everyone else. He saw it. He went to the future and he took notes of what he saw.

(Other guy) Dude, stop… How did he get back then?

(First guy) Oh, man, you should know that. But you’re not from the future. In the future, they all have time machines. They can travel to any time, anytime.

Giant pause…

(Other guy) Whoa.

(First guy) I know right… Like if someone travels to the past and like kills you, then you would suddenly disappear from the future and I would be here all by myself talking to myself. People would think that I’m crazy, but I would know the truth…

(Other guy) Why would someone go back and kill me? Why wouldn’t they go back in time and kill you?

(First guy) Whoa.

(Second guy) Whoa.

My son – smacks hand on forehead…