You want her?!? She’s pregnant, remember…

Had lunch with a new friend of mine.  He’s older than me by about 14 years – he’s engaged to my wife friend and him and I have hit it off.  He works near me and we’ve had lunch or coffee together about 5-6 times in the past couple months.  We email each other, talk about how to grow tomatoes (he asks advice and checks in on the progress – or lack thereof – of my 40 + heirloom tomato plants grown from seed.

On Monday we met up and the conversation went something like this;

Him – Hey!  Do you want to go fishing with me?

Me – Errr, I’ll go to hang out with you but I don’t like fishing.

Him – It’s $99.00 and you get picked up, taken up north, fed, accomodations, licenses, fishing and brought back the next day.

Me – Errr, yeah.  Fished as a Boy Scout – sort of.  But, hey!  My wife loves fishing… You should take her!

Him – LOL.  Really.  What happens if we bond over fishing, get cozy at night and I bang her?!?

Me – Without missing a beat – Well you can’t get her pregnant… She already is!


Have you ever had a conversation like this with a buddy?  I’m glad he thinks she’s bangable… I certainly do.  😉


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