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Stay safe! And for those of us who are, be greatful 

As I watch the coverage of Hurricane Irma, and the aftermath of Harvey, I’m overcome with sadness, fear, despair and gratitude.

I’m so sad and scared for those being affected by these disasters. The idea of having to rebuild my life, possibly literally brick by brick, is horrific – frankly I can’t fully begin to image it.

The desperation is a result of knowing I really can’t do anything to help those affected. Sure, I can donate to relief efforts, and have, but that just eases my conscious – I still feel like I’m doing nothing. I wish we could all do more.

One thing I can tell you is how incredibly greatful I am that my family and friends are safe. Knowing my kids will be sleeping in their own beds, warm, safe and dry is not something I take for granted, nor should you.

Love and prayers to our friends down south. 

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Nosey ass neighbours

Can you please give good parents a f#@king break??

I grew up playing in the park with my friends with no parents watching, riding bikes on our own, walking to nearby friends – christ, my mother should probably be jailed according this nosey neighbour.

Don’t get me wrong, the times have changed, I likely wouldn’t do some of the things my parents did, but playing in their own fenced in backyard is now grounds for calling child services? WTF?! looks like I’m likely gonna end up in jail too…

Stay the hell out of parents’ child rearing, unless you’ve got a damn good, JUSTIFIABLE reason not to.

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When you’re first date is at a busy coffee shop…

When you have your first date in a very busy coffee shop beside a blogger who wears headphones only to keep people from talking to him, you get this gem…

Him: “So how to you like me so far?”

Her: “Not sure… We just met.”

Him: “yeah but we’ve been talking for a few minutes, plus you can see me!”

Her: “Yeah, I can see you.”

Him: “…and…”

Her: “Well… You called me racist, stupid and ignorant…”

Him: “So not off to a great start?  I think there is great potential!”

Her: “Potential?!?  You mean for more that that!”

Him: “Come on!  I’m not that bad. You just don’t know me yet!

Her: “I think I do… You’re embarrassing me!”

Him: (raising voice) “I’m embarrassing you!!!”

Her: “Yes.  Someone might think we’re together!”

Him: “So what?!?  If I were a piece of garbage laying in the street, you would just walk right by me… Without looking twice… Like garbage too filthy to pick up and even put in the garbage?!?”

Her: “Excuse me… I have to go to the washroom!”

And with that she walked right out of the coffee shop.
25 minutes later I said to him, “she’s not coming back, eh!  She left 1/2 hour ago.”

Him: “I’ve only been here for 1/2 hour!”

Me: “Yup… You lost her right away.”
Then he drank her drink, left them on the table and walked out…

… Leaving his umbrella under the table…

10 minutes later it poured. 


Wet trash. 

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If I Ever Run For Toronto Mayor, I Want To Run As A NDP!

I watched the Toronto Mayoral debate forum, between Olivia Chow, David Soknacki and John Tory and I had an epiphany.  If I ever decide to run for Toronto Mayor, I want to be just like Olivia Chow.

Are you shocked?

I’m a fiscal conservative who would prefer to find efficiencies, reduce costs, tax less, and find ways to help everyone who needs help but as we have seen here in Toronto over the past 4-years with Rob Ford as Mayor, if you dare even make mention of cutting anything, look out.

When the Mayor commented about fact that there are a lot of libraries close together – some used much more than others – and some rarely used, he was branded a Neanderthal who couldn’t read and this fiasco even resulted in author Margaret Atwood being brought into the fray with jokes that she would be a better mayor.

If you cut, you must hate.  At least that is what the left will tell everyone.  Public service too large?  You hate unions.  Want to find cheaper ways to clean TTC busses? You hate transit.  Want to not pay for things on the backs of the property taxes? You’re rich and entitled.

Who wants all that crap!

I would want to be just like Olivia.  She was great in the debate.

Want better transit?  “Invest”.

Want to build lots of transit lines? “Invest” and “No more studies!”

Want to engage the youth? “Invest”.

Want to fight global warming?  “Invest”.

Olivia has all the answers, and at times, she had a very coy smile because she knew no matter what she said, there are around 28% of the population of Toronto who are going to vote for this modern-day Santa Claus.

You want transit?  You have to pay for it.  All Olivia needs to do is add a 1% how dare you be rich taxto the land transfer tax for every house over $2-million.  That will get me enough money to pay for whatever she wants.

Want more social programs?  Sure!  Once she adds that 1% “levy” (read: tax) on those nasty, horrible rich people (insert booing here) who dared to work hard and earn lots of money, and viola, there is money for social programs.

The debate, er, forum, went along like this through each and every question.  Screw balancing the budget.  Go away, you terrible rich folks.  Whatever you want, Santa Chow is going to get it for you.  Someone will pay for it, but let’s not let the details get in the way.  With that 1% she’ll have enough money to have studies needed to build more transit (her words last night and yes the same studies she criticized John Tory for wanting to undertake instead of just building now!)

It makes no sense.

She makes no sense.

But honestly, when nobody is listening to the message, it’s easy to be generous with your promises and critical of others who don’t want to have to raise taxes in order to fulfill unrealistic promises.  Where is the money going to come from to fulfill ALL her promises if the “rich” do not sell their houses or if they all move outside of the GTA?

My favourite exchange from the forum went something like this (paraphrased of course);

Q1: How would you get Toronto moving?”

A1: “More transit.  Invest in Transit.  Pay for it NOW.  Get started NOW.”

Q2: “Google is trying unmanned transit in San Francisco.  Would Toronto?”

A2: “Absolutely!!  We need transit moving on all the lines.  We’ll invest in that technology.”

Q3: “Unicorns.  I think Toronto needs more unicorns.  If elected Mayor, will you get us more unicorns?”unicorn tower

A3: “I’ll get those too!  I got free dental for seniors.  Subsidized metropasses for students and I love giving away stuff.  I can always raise taxes on the rich. I’m progressive.  Buy now, tax now.  The other candidates want to pay for studies.  I say forget the studies and invest in unicorns.  Why wait 10-years.  Get them here now!”

Toronto may not need unicorns, but if more than one-quarter of the city blindly support Olivia Chow’s platform, maybe after the 1% land transfer tax levy, they should all be next.

Who needs fiscal restraint when you’re spending other people’s money, anyways.

This modern-day Robin Hood has it all figured out.  Steal from the rich to give to the poor.

Psst… Want more trees too?


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Rock Win! Rock Win!

I just posted this on my sports blog,  Thought I would re-post it here because I’m just so thrilled that the Toronto Rock lacrosse team won the game tonight against the Buffalo Bandits down at the Air Canada Centre.

Here is my post;

Rock Win!  Rock Win!!

Whew!  What a game!!!

I finally made it down to a Toronto Rock lacrosse game this year – it was tonight – and it was the Rock’s first playoff game against the yucky, hated Buffalo Bandits. 

Needless to say, those with season’s seats around my seats were shocked that I made it down after missing all 8 regular season games.  I explained that with a newborn and 2 other kids it would be unfair (read: grounds for divorce) to leave my wife with all three of them while I enjoy the hitting, fighting, loud music and scoring that is a Toronto Rock lacrosse game.

But I made it.  Me and K-Hof.

The game:

Toronto managed to jump (err, crawl) out to a 5-0 deficit by the end of the 1st quarter and by that time there were some eyes looking my way and some mumbling about me being a jinx or something like that.  “If the Rock don’t score by the 4th quarter, I will leave”, I said.



6-3 by half time.

By half time when I run to get my large double double from Tim Hortons, I had been given a beer, on the house, by the server (I don’t drink beer but I guzzled this one back!) and high-fived the attendant.  K-Hof, in his first lacrosse game was finally getting into it.  The buffalo fans had stopped their chant of we want 7, and the 3 Buffalo fans in the platinum seats in front of my gold seats, with “SOAP” on the back of their jerseys had stopped being asses.  The rock MUST score.



But the 3rd quarter usually belongs to the Rock and tonight was no different.  By the end of the 3rd quarter it was 11-9 Buffalo.

Queue the comeback…

Game over.  13-11 Rock.  The place was electric and I literally jumped out of my seat, straight up in the air with my arms raised as the Rock tied the game.  The whole arena stood for the last minute of the game.


One for the memory book.

The free popcorn on the way out was a nice touch.

This is why I will continue to keep my season’s seat to the Toronto Rock.  The sport is awesome and the Rock are Toronto’s on playoff team.  And while I know the Rock outdraw the Toronto Blue Jays early in the blue birds season, the lacrosse crowd is second to none for noise and participation.  Rock games are a spectacle.

Go Rock Go!

Round 2 is coming up!!!

And I just figured out why there were a LOT of freaks downtown today.  The pot rally was today, so all the vampires and stones have crept out of the woodwork…  Oddly enough, even though I have never smoked pot, I do feel it should be legalized.  Legalized not so that kids can smoke up in the park at night before they spray paint the town, but because I want the tax money on the cigs to go into the government’s coffers.  Tax cigarettes, tax pot, tax alcohol.