Pet Peeve


Another Pet Peeve of mine occurred this morning while waiting in line at Tim Horton’s, for my large double-double.

The very long line had a 4 person break in it because there was a girl talking to her friend and not paying attention, but that was not my pet peeve, because quite frankly, had she moved the extra 5 feet, it would not have changed anything.

What really got me steamed was the dude behind me who was standing so close to me that his chest was touching my shoulder – still not a huge problem, until… He took a deep breath and let out a giant sigh… Right into the side of my face!  UGH.  I could feel his breath enter my friggin ear.



I wanted to spin towards him and say something like; Dude!!!  If you can breath into my ear, you’re to fucking close!!!”

I didn’t.

I said, “uck” and took a step forward, turning my back towards him.

Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!  I feel dirty.


Grey Tooth update

Not sure if you remember but I posted not too long ago about my son’s front right tooth that I accidentally smacked into the coffee table, causing it to turn grey (almost black). His mouth hit the table in late July / Early August, and it finally started to darken a week before school. I thought it was going to go black or have to be pulled…


An update: On Friday I looked into his mouth and to my surprise, his tooth was almost white again.

I know when I took him to the dentist the x-rays showed no nerve damage and there was no swelling, so unless either of those occurred it was not going to get fall out or have to be pulled, but I never expected it to heal.

Insert giant “whew” here.

Why I ALWAYS wanted a metal detector as a kid…

LONDON — An unemployed metal detectorist has unearthed the biggest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver ever found in a country field, archaeologists said on Thursday.

The trove of at least 1,350 items, including five kilos (11 pounds) of gold and a smaller amount of silver, was found in July by 55-year-old Terry Herbert with a metal detector near his home in Burntwood, some 15 miles north of Birmingham.

The haul, which is potentially worth a fortune, was officially declared ‘treasure’ on Thursday by a coroner, who has the legal right to decide the status of such finds.

It is believed to date from the seventh century AD, and may have belonged to Saxon royalty. The treasure includes sword hilt fittings inlaid with precious stones, helmets, crosses and a strip of gold bearing a Biblical inscription in Latin.

Toronto Mayor David Miller ready to leave Toronto… :)

What a legacy this guy leaves for the City he claims to love? He bends over for the union, watches as the garbage men hold the city hostage for 2 months during the summer, gives them a whopping pay raise, OT and double-time, caters to his left-wing socialist buddies, then with no viable candidate within miles, announces he’s not running for Mayor again.

He actually said this in the paper, “While it’s been a difficult decision, I feel secure in my priorities, proud of my record and confident in my vision for the city I love,” Miller said, noting he had made the decision privately after his 2006 mayoral win.

“When I was a councillor, the demands on me and my family were significant. After my election as Mayor, the pressures on me as a father and as a husband became immense, and I realized then were I to be re-elected in 2010, and serve until 2014, my daughter would be in university and my son would be about to graduate from high school.”

Miller’s announcement comes on the heels of a 39-day civic strike this summer. His handling of the negotiations made him a target in the media and polls showed his declining popularity.

As recently as yesterday Miller was having to fend off questions about not revealing the full amount of the city’s sick bank liability which is about $200 million more than he disclosed.

His legacy for the city? Increase pay of unionized workers, freeze the pay of non-unionized workers and almost bankrupt the City.

Why wait?

Please Mayor Miller… Go NOW!!!

I guess he’s hoping that the next Mayor will suck worse than him… Chances are he cannot unless he’s another left-winger like Jack Layton or Bob (I’m a Liberal now) Rae. 

That makes me sick!

I cut off his finger?!?

Stewie woke up at 3:30 this morning crying.

I sauntered into his room and was greeted by an angry almost 3 year old, sitting up in his bed with his blankie tucked under his arm.  Through tears he said; “You cut off my finger!”

I rubbed his head, layed him back in bed and said, “No I didn’t, go back to sleep”.

He sat right back up and said louder, “YOU CUT OFF MY FINGER!”

I sat on his bed, layed him back down, then took his hand and counted his fingers to him beginning with his right hand.

“Oh” he said, and I sat there as he dozed off to sleep within seconds.

Nightmares… Joy.

When he awoke in the morning, he ran into his Mummy’s room to tell her that I cut his finger off.  She looked at his hand and counted the fingers as I did earlier.

Then, he pointed to the space between his first finger and thumb.  “There!” he proclaimed… There was my finger…

Apparently my son had 6 fingers…