Give me strength…

To make it through this weekend…

I’m melting. I really am. I’m melting down. I can see that UrbanMummy is almost totally wiped out. I’m well on my way.

You see, I have an assignment for my Organizational Behaviour course that was due last week. I got an extension. I have a group assignment due for my Human Resources Management course that is due Monday, but for some reason I am the only member of my group that has actually done any work on this project. Each day I check my email and nothing comes in from my team members. To make matters worse, I am presenting to my HRM class Monday night and I have not even looked at that chapter I am covering. It’s going to be tight.

But here is where the problem lies. I promised yummy UrbanMummy that I would not do school work at night after the kids went to bed unless a) she was working on her course too, b) I had a class, or c) it was absolutely necessary. So I wait until she goes to bed and I begin my work on house stuff and my classes, which means that this week, I have been getting to be between 1-3am. Not bad eh, for someone who gets up between 5-7am when the baby wakes up.

Yes, that baby, the Weed, who doesn’t sleep, but naps in 2-3 hour stints all night. He could be up at 12, 1, 2, 3… you get the point. But once he wakes up after 5am, he’s up for good. It’s play time. So this morning when he woke up at 3:30 with tummy troubles, I cursed him as I trekked into bed at 1:45. I managed to get him back to sleep at 6am, and I plopped down and snoozed away for another hour and a half until 7:30 which is exactly 15 minutes after I should have left.

I dropped the Weed into the nanny’s hands, couldn’t use the shower (it was re-caulked before it destroys our family room ceiling) so I skipped breakfast, grabbed my iPod and hit the road at 8am. Listened to Bang your Head by Quiet Riot, Heaven by Bryan Adams (our wedding song), Heaven’s on Fire by Kiss and I Want to Know by the Information Society. I also listened to a few WWE theme songs.

Then the day begins…

I hope UrbanMummy naps. I hope she also figures out what she has to do for her assignemtn, now very overdue.

The day will end with a dinner at our synagogue, and for me, more school work and some more house cleaning before bed.

Saturday is chalk full of events for the kiddies like a play date, returning some stuff to the mall, and going to see the Leafs play the Sabres Saturday night. A BIG game for the Leafs to say the least.

Sunday, I believe, sees the beginning of some programming for the kids, and then as the day progresses, I see a birthday party, a much needed haircut for the Happy Boy, and the retrival our our second car (that has been in storage since we moved) to our house where it can be cleaned up and put for sale.

Like I said in the subject title…I need strength to make it through the weekend!


4 thoughts on “Give me strength…

  1. Laural Dawn March 28, 2007 / 6:11 pm

    You know … I love parenting and I love weekends, but I have to admit that I sometimes go back to work for a break from the busyness that is the weekend.
    Yours sounds much like our weekends (except we have one less child). Still … the crazyness.


  2. SpeakEasy March 27, 2007 / 3:30 pm

    Haley – Thanks. Was thinking about you too. Morning sickness and all. I think I’d prefer the lack of sleep.

    Shroomie – You don’t know music, babe. LOL.


  3. Shroom Monkey March 25, 2007 / 11:26 pm

    you listen to some really crappy music luv, perhaps that is your prob…


  4. Haley-O March 25, 2007 / 12:01 am

    Sending strength your way….Hope the weekend’s going well. Good luck with it all!


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