Belinda Stronach is not seeking re-election in the next election. HA HA HA. I knew (and probably blogged) that once she became a traitor and left the conservative party, crossing the floor to join the corrupt liberals for a cabinet post, that she would be going nowhere in politics. Clearly I was incorrect. She is going somewhere… out! Bye bye Belinda, you turncoat, and take Tie with you. His segment “Win, Lose and Tie” on TSN is brutal. I turn the channel when it comes on.

It looks like rain outside… I don’t have an umbrella.

I’m really jacked that the Raptors are in the playoffs – but I hate that they are playing Vince Carter and the NJ Nets because I’ll be REALLY upset if we lose to “them”.

Got my marks for my 2 most recent Grad school classes… both A’s. Only 4 more classes to go. YAY.

We have something in common – my wife and I – besides our kids, marriage, house, etc. I love to garden and UrbanMummy is good at it too. We have seedlings now sitting in the living room soon to be headed in the garden, of all these funky heirloom fruits and veggies. She picked them, she planted the seeds, we watch them grow. Fun, fun, fun!

Need sleep… am painting… had to happen sooner or later. Which one??? Both, or is that either. 🙂


Of Poo, Sleep and Excess…

This morning on my wonderful walk to the subway I passed, not 1, not 2, but 3 Porsche SUV’s either driving or parked in my area. Everytime I look at one of those cars it makes me scratch my head that people would actually buy these things. Firstly, what message does it give to your children… “Don’t worry kiddies, we are superficial and you will be too. It’s all about the name”. Secondly, gas is over $1.00 a litre and with all this crap in the Middle East over oil, it’s about time more of these Porsche SUV owners get out of their cars and do what I do every day… Walk to the subway.

Worse, its that some of these SUV’s are 2 blocks from the Yonge subway. 2 blocks!  Thirdly, and I had to look this one up – while the price of the 2007 SUV ranges from $5oK – $93K (USD) does the world need more of these cars, or Hummer’s or that friggin huge Cadillac Escalade. Can you see around that thing when you drive? These things start at $56K and seat 24. They are excess x10.
From that crap, to the other crap…

As parents, once our kids hit that special age we decide we want them to start using the potty for poo and pee, and we run out and buy a little potty, sit it on the floor – usually in the bathroom – and expect a child to use it.  I have observed in The Urban Daddy household that our son walked by it for months looking suspiciously at it as if it was going to chase him down and bite his leg.  He was not curious, did not want to try that or even figure out what it was.

So I was more than a little surprised yesterday morning when my little boy – who not 3 weeks ago gave up his crib and pacifier within 3 days of each other, came into our bedroom and announced that he wanted to go poo AND pee in the potty so he could get that firetruck we’ve been offering him for 2 weeks.  He ran to the bathroom, took off his pj’s, his diaper and sat down with a truck and book and waited for us to come and sit with him. It was cute. He does sit there every now and then, usually at our prompting… well, always at our prompting.

But then there was poo… a LOT of poo. I mean a LOT. Neither of us wanted to go near it. UGH. I think at that moment, while he was jumping up and down, clapping and smiling, pointing at the poo, saying “I did it!!!” I was wishing he had done that in a diaper.  LOL.

There must be a better way!

Sleep: Got almost 7 hours last night! 7 hours! That is 2 nights sleep, in ONE night! I’m practically giddy.

Best Parenting Blog Nomination – Blogger Choice Awards 2007.

My site was nominated under the Best Parent Blog category on the Bloggers Choice Awards.

How nice.  I wonder which one of my readers nominated me.  😉

I’ve always wondered what others think when they look at my blog compared to real blogs, written by actual journalists, or English majors, or people who spell check their blogs…


I take that back.  I don”t want to know.  🙂


Happy to be nominated and not to have needed to do it myself.


My site was nominated for Best Parenting Blog!


I love the Raptors. A Toronto sports team not named the Rock who are having success. GO RAPS!

As hockey season winds down, my interest in the Jays heats up.

Brittney Spears is blameing Paris Hilton and her manager for her post partum depression, shaved head, excessive partying, drug addiction, for her becoming a horrible role model for even inmates, and apparently for invading Iraq and the Suez crisis. No word if she blames them for the extinction of the dinosaur. Brit… GO AWAY.

Some jackass killed 32 people and them himself in the ultimate act of cowardess. See suicide bombers… If your life is that fucked up that you want to do this to yourself go right ahead. Take 1000 pills, or jump off a bridge, but to take an innocent person who wants to live life with you is so fucking cowardly. You are an embarassment to yourself and your family. I hope you rot in hell. Asshole.