Quick Random Thoughts on a Late Night

I see that Wendy’s has added a “Double Cheddar Baconator” to their menu… Why?  Are they trying to kill off a generation with heart disease?  The Double Baconator, according to Wendy’s “nutrition” section on their website has 930 calories of which 520 are from fat.  25 grams of fat, 2.5 grams of trans fat, 195mg of Cholesterol, 1890mg of sodium, 41g of carbohydrates, 10g of sugar, 1g of fiber, and 59g of protein.  WOW.   Now… Add 2 slices of cheddar cheese.

I guess if this is your only meal for the day you’re pretty much okay, right?  Just drink a LOT of water.


Recently I bought a pair of prescription Ray Ban sunglasses.  Okay, I admit it, I’m a loser because I had no idea what they were.  But these things come with an instruction guide and in inner-geek in me forced me to read it.  I wanted share the warnings.

“Warnings – This product is not suitable for direct viewing of the sun and for exposure to UV radiation produced by artificial sources,  It is not suitable for nocturnal use or in poor visibility.”

So for those of you who own a pair of Ray Ban’s, please do not stare at the sun, wear them in a tanning bed, in the dark or in the fog.  They won’t work.  (Shakes head).


Last night we ate dinner at Tokyo Sushi on Eglinton Avenue in mid-town Toronto.  First time I ever ate real crab sashimi, and scallop sashimi.  It was incredible!  Just before dinner my sister gave me a gift; Mint chocolate M&M’s.  SUPER YUM.  My 4-year-old saw them and said, “Daddy, can I please have one”.

“Sure”, I replied, “but not before dinner.  I have not opened them yet”.

“But I want one NOW!”, he replied.  “If not, I’m going to take off your glasses and break them”.

Shocked and quite annoyed, I looked at him and repeated, “You may have one, WHEN I open the package, but I am NOT opening it now, AND you have NOT had your dinner yet”.

He glared at me further.

I continued, “… And if you threaten me, you will not only NEVER get to eat one, but I will eat them in FRONT OF YOUR FACE and you can watch me enjoy them.  Get it?!?”

To which he looked at me, his demeanor lightened and he said, “Okay Daddy, Sorry.  Can I please have one now”.


So I put the package under the stroller and out of sight.

Man, these full day camp days are throwing this kid off.  If only he would sleep past 6am… He might be civil.

One thought on “Quick Random Thoughts on a Late Night

  1. Rachel August 6, 2011 / 5:47 pm

    When you do open them you’ll have to let me know if they’re any good. 🙂


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