What is on your radar?

Here are some items on my radar right now which may or may not make their way into a real blog post down the road;

1. I understand there was a shooting at the Caribbean Carnival (formerly Caribana). Some idiot shot one of the dancers then fired into the crowd while ignoring the police telling him to drop his gun so they shot him.


I think he set back the carnival 10 years.

I’m not sure if the police killed him or not, but if they didn’t he should pay the organizers a lot of money for ruining what looked like a great event.

2. Rob Ford went to this event. He didn’t go to the Gay Pride parade but he came here. Oh boy… This is going to be a wonderful Ford-bashing week by the lefties.

3. Roberto Alomar was elected into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame last weekend and today in Toronto at the Blue Jays game the team held an on-field celebration to honour him.  I remember Alomar for the game-tying home run in the playoffs off of Oakland A’s ace relief pitcher and a player I detested growing up, Dennis Eckersly. I also remember Alomar for spitting in the face of an umpire. What I didn’t remember was that he was only a Blue Jay for 5 years. I thought it was much longer and when I searched his stats on the net I was surprised to know that he played for the Orioles for 4 years with Cal Ripken Jr, and then with the Indians, Mets, White Sox and finally retiring after signing with the D’Bax. I knew he came from the Padres to the Jays but the rest I could not recall. Odd.

4. Is it just me or do watermelons suck this year? I recall reading and blogging about a field of exploding watermelons from China – the result of too much water and genetically modified melons with thinner rinds – and I think about every melon we’ve had this year which has been over ripe and lacking of any real flavour. Maybe the melon farmers should go back to the real melon seeds and sell a tasty product and not mass produce garbage.

If I took back every crappy melon to the store I bought it, I would not have paid for any this year.

5.  Hey, look at that!  It’s August 1st today, and that means we’re in the stretch run for back to school… Already. Man do Toronto summers go fast, especially when the first month is all rain, and the previous month no rain and a ton of heat. 

With the fall coming that tells me it’s time for;

  • vacation
  • taking the kids apple picking
  • taking the family to see beautiful fall colours
  • back to school shopping
  • the CNE!

6.  In what I feel is a mistake that could happen in Toronto if the “Downtown Elite” got their way, the President of the US agreed to raise the debt ceiling for the states.  What that means???  It means they are prepared to take on more debt without going bankrupt.  This ostrich like behaviour is going to come back and bite them in the ass big time and will for sure prolong the recession. 

Until both the republicans and the democrats agree that lavish spending and ridiculous compensation for CEO’s and professional athletes are brought back down to earth, the recession will not end.  Since a recession is essentially a view of public confidence in the economy the government has to appear to be doing something to equal the playing field before we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Case in point… HSBC.  Last week they cut 10,000 jobs, and this week 25,000 more.  I can’t see a company as well run as that shedding 35,000 jobs and then suffering, so that tells me they have 35,000 more positions than they needed.  WOW.  That’s a huge hit to the workforce no matter where the jobs are located.  And this is just one example.

7.   Ford recalled 1 million trucks due to faulty gas tanks and socialists everywhere are prepared to descend on Toronto City Hall looking to blame either Rob or Doug…


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