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Essay Writing Contest (Closing October 16th, 2018). Grade 12 Canadian Students – You can win $500-$5,000.

The Urban Daddy is a HUGE fan of teaching Canadians about finances, taxes and debt, and finding solutions to get out of debt and stay out of debt.

I came across an essay writing competition for Grade 12 Students, sponsored by an organization that I have worked with in the past and strongly respect.


Grade 12 students across Canada are invited to confess their financial misfortune story by submitting an essay to the Credit Education Week 2018 Essay Contest.

Prizes range from $500 to $5000, with over 20 prizes to be won.

Entries must be written in English or French and must not exceed 1000 words.  Essays must be submitted between now and Oct. 9, 2018. EXTENDED: October 16th, 2018.

For full contest rules, see the essay submission page.


Here is a note from a winner last year (name redacted)

“As it has almost been a year since I participated I thought I should give Credit Canada an update. I was able to accept a position at my first choice school in the Law and Society program (minoring in Criminology). I was accepted into a residence community that allows me to participate, volunteer and plan community events to better the quality of life in town. I’ve also been accepted into numerous campus leadership positions. Overall, I’m working hard as a student and as a citizen here in university. Now, this email may seem random but I wanted to sincerely thank everyone involved with Credit Education Week. Though a scholarship in this amount may not seem like a lot of money to a large company, it makes a gigantic difference to students like me. Rather than spending my nights picking up extra shifts at work, I am participating in my school and studying hard with a chance to thrive. I cannot thank you and everyone else who participates in this program enough.”

Credit Canada, the sponsor of this competition, is a non-profit and charitable organization providing free and confidential credit counselling, personal debt consolidation and resolutions, as well as preventative counselling, educational seminars, and tips and tools in the areas of budgeting, money management, and financial goal-setting.

Credit Canada is Canada’s longest-standing credit counselling agency, helping Canadians manage their debt since 1966.

For more information, please visit

You can also interact with others on Twitter using this hashtag, #CEWC2018

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How Cursive is Better than Cursing!

There are times when I feel that my wife and I are the cool kids in town and that everyone else either sucks or do not understand us or our children.  I mean, come on… tax, science… Who wouldn’t want to hang out with us to discuss those thrilling topics?!?

Then I think about our kids, and how they will view us when they are older and know better, or how others view them and their quirks and oddities… I hope others will find their quirkiness playful and fun, and now strange or odd.  Then again, I hope my kids are comfortable enough in their own skin to not care what others think.

So where is this going?

Ah, yes…

How we’re so cool.  lol.

Well, we had 2 great families over for Shabbat dinner Friday night and after eating, drinking, laughing and talking, we moved from the kitchen over to the family room to continue with the great conversation, while the kids practiced their cursive writing.


The kids practiced their cursive writing… On their own.  For fun… Together… 6 of the 7 children present.


I know!

What got the cursive kick started in our household is the fact that cursive writing is part of the grade 3 curriculum in Ontario, so with Stewie in Grade 3, it only made sense that he would be eager to practice every waking moment, right?  Well not only does he practice his cursive writing, but he also created a cursive writing book for his (just turned 5-year-old) little sister.  This book has the letters in the same way he learned them, however, he also added some fun cursive-games which are completely age appropriate.

More so, having looked through this book, I can say that it is quite amazing what this little girl has managed to produce and if she keeps it up, her Senior kindergarten teachers will be quite impressed.

So now imagine, 6 adults driving coffee and chatting about life, love, liberty and the pursuit of happiness while my son leads the other children through the cursive Olympics…

That’s cool, no?

It’s certainly better than cursing.  🙂

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I’m not sure how this happened, but I’m doing “NaBloPoMo”

NaBloPoMo: Glorious Madness
NaBloPoMo (Photo credit: cizauskas)

The other day I was checking out my statistics on the WordPress dashboard, trying to figure out why my readership has doubled, beginning 3 weeks ago.

I began to think that maybe it was because I was trying to write shorter posts, or that I’ve been trying to put a little more effort into editing them which I’m sure you all know is not an easy task when the time you set aside to write and edit the posts is between 11-3 in the morning.  Like this post, for example, I’m doing my 4th re-write and each time I save it I am sure that it is fantastic and ready to be posted but upon further inspection, the draft was terrible and this one might be too.  LOL.    #ZombieDad.

So, after shaking that nonsense out of my head I kept looking and noticed that here I was on November 12th and I have actually  posted a fresh, new post each and every day so far this month.

How did that happen?

It is convenient, mind you that for the first time ever I have completed a post-a-day and it is November because every November in the blogosphere there is a challenge known for “NaBloPoMo”.  NaBloPoMo stands for “National Blogging Post Month and during the month of November the challenge is to publish a post a day.  I have never taken up the challenge, or even considered that kind of obligation to be honest.  I’m in a long-term relationship already.  It’s called marriage.  Oh, and being a dad, son, brother, friend, employee, volunteer… Whew.   Blogging every day for the sake of typing “NaBloPoMo” in an article just never appealed to me.

But here I am.  Almost 1/2 way through this challenge and now my competitive juices are starting to kick in.  I think I want to try to do it.  I don’t think I will, to be honest, but I’m going to give it a shot.  How hard can it be now?  I just need 18 more posts for the month that are meaningful, tied to the theme of my blog and longer than a sentence. 


I’ll never complete this.

Heck, seeing that the first 12 days are covered in the calendar on the right side of my blog is cool enough already.  So what if the rest of the month is blank…

Thank goodness for the WordPress Daily prompt…  One of the first prompts I found there was a challenge to write a letter to yourself as if you were a 14-year-old boy.  Whew.  That would be a very short post for me.  When I was 14-years-old, I was a yucky, smelly boy who loved sports.  My message would be something like this;

“Hi.  14-year-old boy.  No body likes boys who don’t shower.  Go shower.  And take off your baseball hat sometimes, but your yucky hair, quit eating junky food and if you cannot figure out that light-blue rugby pants from the Sears catalogue are not going to make you popular, just fill your closet with blue jeans and black t-shirts.  That’s it.  Blend in a little more and stay clean.  Oh, and sign up for a baseball team, dumb ass.  If you’re already throwing a baseball in the high-70’s, low-80’s with pinpoint accuracy, and being left-handed, you might actually be able to make something of yourself in the game instead of being 41 and wondering what if.”

Hey, that was fun!

Are you doing NaBloPoMo?  Why or why not?

…and what advice would you give the 14-year-old you?