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Toronto Event: July 28th Paella Party


Turn Up The Heat With Patria & Weslodge’s Paella Party

WHAT:    Experience the taste of Spain in the heart of King West! Patria and Weslodge have joined forces to throw the ultimate paella party on Saturday, July 28th for guests in the neighbourhood.

In partnership with Aperol, you can enjoy $5 aperol spritz from Weslodge as well as $5 paella from Patria on Weslodge’s patio

WHO:         Patria and Weslodge

WHEN:       Saturday, July 28th, 2018

Time:  11:30am to 3:30pm       

WHERE:    Weslodge Patio @ 480 King Street West. Toronto.  M5V 1L7.


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Holy Hell! Please Tell Me Today is NOT Monday!

I woke up this morning at 6am with a feeling of dread that today might actually be Monday…

I turned to my wife who was already awake and I asked her, “Is it Monday?”

“Yup”, she responded with a sigh.

It’s not that we hate our jobs, or that we had something to do today which we were dreading, but today came way too soon.

For those of you with multiple children – especially those of you with children in activities – know that this is one hectic time of year.

Programs are ending, programs and starting, and that means 8am-10pm programming and with 3 children and 2 parents, it means a whole lot of juggling and lots of mileage on the car!

Take Sunday for example.  My oldest boy umpires baseball, and as his baseball season came to an end yesterday, he found umpiring work at the Toronto Girls Baseball League, an upstart league created by Dana Bookman, which has taken the city by storm.  Very well run, extremely well-organized, and extremely well supported it’s been a huge success and is growing by leaps and bounds.  Our daughter has played in the league and would play more if it didn’t conflict with her dance classes.

As the oldest, and considering the park was close enough to home, he was the lucky one who had to make his own way to and from the games.  He gathered his umpire gear, made sure he found his bike lock, and set out his water bottle, snack and sun screen the night before.

His younger brother had Sunday school in the morning, followed by his Select hockey practice, followed right after by his baseball playoff game.  He made muffins in the morning which made him happy, and he loved his select practice and his baseball team won (even though he wanted to pitch and his coach wouldn’t let him pitch – which made him grumpy).

As an aside, he’s an outstanding kid – all about fairness and equality for everyone – he knows that he has pitched the least out of all the kids and out of frustration he declared that he’s not playing baseball next year.  Never ever again.  All of this because he’s had the same coach 2 years in a row and he feels that he’s going to get the same coach next season and that coach will not let him pitch.  It’s NOT fair.

Our daughter, fresh off a Saturday afternoon dancing at half-time of the Toronto Argonauts football game, had her day filled with another dancing gig at the Girl Expo Canada, which coincidentally was created and run by Dana Bookman along with Alison Cepler.

After that event, she headed downtown to synchronized swimming practice where 2 hours in the pool tuckered her out.

Back at home, the oldest had a play date with a former school mate, and by the time we all settled in together, it was 8pm and I left my equally exhausted wife with 3 hungry, tired children while I raced out to a 8:30pm business meeting.

I finally returned just before 11pm to find my wife laying in bed – too tired to sleep – but so tired she needed to sleep.  We planned Monday’s responsibilities and I headed down to the kitchen to clean up from dinner, and take care of the load of laundry she ran.

Midnight came very quickly.

She was still awake.

I was wide awake.

“You know, we’re going to close our eyes and it will feel like seconds before it’s Monday morning.”

With that thought, we closed our eyes…


(For those of you who are thinking about commenting that it’s our fault for having 3 kids, and for programming 3 kids and that we’re just being whiny for complaining… Yup.  Saved you from having to enter that comment.)

Just thinking about myself as a kid – my parents put me in the one program that they thought I should have been in – and that was the way it was done.  I want my kids to experience plenty of things – we’re smart enough to plan the schedules accordingly, but when programs overlap… So not cool.



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Urban Daddy Digest: 30 things I should not have needed to say to my children this weekend.

I feel like I could remove myself from the family and be replaced with a giant robot with my voice to repeat over and over gain the same statements / rhetorical questions as I did this weekend, and probably have every other weekend.  As a parent, you get it.

How many did you use this weekend?

1) “Stop fighting!” when breaking up a 3-way fights between the 2 boys and the girl when the girl is kicking their asses with her shrieking and bossyness.

2) “Get your finger out of your nose” or “get your fingers out of your mouth” followed by “Go wash your hands… again”, over and over again

3) “We’re in a restaurant / store and you have to behave.”  But behave like you have to in one of these locations where others will look at me and I will be ambarrassed by your behaviour.  Shouldn’t this just be common sense now?

4) First the story: Friday was Urban Mummy’s birthday and the kids and I bought her this magnificant glass necklace from the Petroff Gallery on Eglinton Avenue ( and a glass wine stopper.  The Gallery had a lot of beautiful stuff there.  After that purchase, we went to our favourite Indian restaurant, Indus Tavern, to pick up Indian food for dinner, over to Pharma Plus for chocolate and then on to Pizza Pizza for the kids dinner before heading over to Baskin Robbins for an ice cream cake.  The cake was all the kids wanted.  As a result, I must have said 40 times this weekend; “No, you cannot have cake”.

5) “Don’t hit your brother”

6) “Don’t hit your sister”

7) “No, you cannot stay up until the morning comes.”

8) “What do you say?” (after you have burped or farted – and the answer is “excuse me” sans giggles)

9) “Can you please stop banging your spoon on the table… You’re going to be a bad influence on your sister”

10) “Now go wash your hands again.”

11) “We don’t use those words.” (Used by 5-year-old Stewie to describe 7-year-old Linus.  “He’s an ASS”.)

12) “Go to your room until you have clamed down, please.”

13) “Can you keep it down, please”

14) “Turn down the music.”

15) “Can you please put the food back in the fridge”

16) “Where do your dirty dishes go?”

17) “He’s not trying to “kill you”

18) “For the last time, can you please clean up your toys”

19) “Are you sure there is no laundry under your bed?”

20) “Did you pick up all the Cheerios off the floor?”

21) “Please stop clucking in my house!”

22) “Do you really think you should be making that noise at 7 in the morning?”

23) “Please go back to your room until I come get you!” (It’s only 5:30 in the morning!!!)

24) “No, we cannot go to the park now.” (It’s 6am or it’s 7pm or it’s pouring outside)

25) “No, you cannot watch TV”

26) “No you cannot have your iPad.”

27) “No, you cannot use the treadmill.”

28) “Please stop bouncing on the couches.”

29) “Is that a ball in your light fixture?”

30) Did you empty that entire bottle of organic shampoo into the bathtub?  That is a $15 bottle!”

My personal favourites:

“Please start acting your age!”

“Don’t make me get up!”


“You want something to cry over!!”

OMG.  I’ve become my parents!!!

I’m telling you this list could have gone on for 300 more.

Which are in your most popular list?

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Shuffled off to Buffalo

Ahh, Buffalo.  I’ve heard so much about you… Fires, snow, dirt, dilapidated, boring. 

Sure I have driven through Buffalo on my way to New York city, even stayed in Grand Island as a kid, but as an adult I have never had the opportunity to spend time there… Until this past long weekend, and I can tell you none of the above are true.

I found Buffalo to be relatively clean, the people friendly (not the drivers!  They are angry, and aggressive and I think flipping the middle finger out is a requirement for learning to drive there), sure there was snow but the streets were salted / sanded and clean (pay attention City of Toronto!) and yes there were parts of the city which should be bulldozed because boarded up buildings are an eyesore and grass should be put down so people can play.

But all in all, we had a wonderful time there – my wife, myself and our 3 kids, ages 5, 3 and 3 months.

Here are some of the highlights;

  • This was out first family driving trip with the 5 of us.  We have a 2009 Toyota Highlander Hybrid and squeezing 3 kids across in the middle row was challenging since we have a car seat installed, and a bucket seat installed, with my oldest squeezing his booster seat into the middle.  That part was the most frustrating!
  • Stupidly we left our house at 3:30pm on a friday – so rush hour in TO, and ended up stopping in Winona at 5:30pm because the boys had to pee (RIGHT NOW!).  We went into this tiny boutique after peeing in the stone parking lot beside the car, and bought a packet of pumpkin seeds while my wife fed the baby.
  • At 6pm we stopped again for “dinner”.  That meant Tim Horton’s Wendy’s and KFC.
  • Crossed the border at had the border guard snicker at me when he asked me where we were going.  “Buffalo”, I said.  “Why?” he asked.  “Sightseeing”, I replied.  Then he snickered.
  • 8pm we entered the Homewood Suites in Buffalo.  Really, really nice!  Staff were awesome friendly, there was coffee always on, and it was really clean and quiet.  The breakfasts were a little on the say, greasy and unhealthy side, but there was variety for everyone.
  • We dropped our goods and headed over to Wegman’s Grocery… Odd place… Lots of organic foods, way too much prepared food (means lots of sodium), very little produce!, 3 aisles of soda, 3 aisles of alcohol and you can buy a “ton of chocolate for $7.77”.  Why?!?
  • By 9pm the kids were on the bed in their sleeping bags (it’s what they wanted) – and remember their bedtime is 7-7:15pm at home.  So by 9:05 they were fighting.  Back to sleep at 9:45, fighting at 9:50.  By 10pm, my wife was sleeping between them… Within seconds my 3 year old was out cold.  We got the baby to sleep at 10:15. 
  • We watched the Olympic opening ceremonies and were asleep by 11pm.
  • We woke up and headed to the Buffalo aquarium.  It was fantastic!  Spent a lot of time there and could have stayed longer. 
  • Had a hard time getting lunch for the boys…  The Denny’s didn’t have enough staff and the manager was not there.  Idiot… On a long weekend!
  • Target, hotel, outlet mall, bath for all three and bed
  • Woke up Sunday – Valentine’s Day.  Went to the Galleria mall.  Kids bought mummy chocolates.  She loves dark chocolate with orange.  She got way more than she could ever want.  Realized you can but 10 Lindt chocolate bars for $12… Why?!?
  • Found some high-end stores clearing out trendy baby clothes, like cool sweaters which were $65, selling for $12.   Also in every store we entered, my 5-year-old would find money.  He left with $26 cents after the afternoon, most found near the cash.  LOL.  Bought a Paderna bracelet for my honey for V-day at the Paderna store.
  • Found that a Tim Horton’s Large double, double in the US is WAY bigger than the large double double here.  The XL there is massive.  Why?!?
  • Monday – drove to this tiny little town, East Aurora, I believe to this kids museum and should have come there earlier.  There was a lot for the kids to do there. 
  • On the way home we stupidly let the GPS take us to the bridge and it took us to the last bridge and the 2 hour wait.  After 2 plus hours, we were 6 cars from the border when some asshole hit us from behind.  He got out and said, “I didn’t do it”.  He woke up all 3 kids and gave us quiet a scare.  The car beside us rolled down their window to tell us that he did hit us (seriously folks, it was bumper to bumper for 2 miles.  There was only one car that could have hit us and it was the guy beside us.  I told the border guard hoping he would detain them.
  • Crossed, pee’d, drove home.
  • Arrived back home at 1am.
  • Went to work the next day.

Can’t wait for a summer driving trip!