Toilet Humour from a 2-Year-Old

My 2-year-old daughter Berry has quite the personality and being the third child, she seems to have picked up the seriousness of Stewie, and the goofiness of Linus.  This was her conversation with a member of this urban family today when she whipped open the bathroom door and found them on the toilet. Berry: “Are […]

How did you spend your weekend?

Holy! It’s Monday.  Man that weekend went so fast!  With kids programs, and putting together all the Ikea shelving we bought last week, there was no time to rest, relax or blog. There is so much to catch up on, I don’t even know where to start.  So I’ll start with bullet points and expand where necessary; So Libya […]

Thursday Thirteen – a little late.

Guest blogger Elliott Hurst, CEO of interactive music technology company Supernova ( strikes again with a surprise Thursday thirteen. Here is @supernovelliott   As the owner of a growing business, we frequently talk about how to not only build the business, but build the brand of the business as well.  A brand is a promise.  […]