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Can This Eglinton LRT Be Built Any Sooner?!?

Apparently the Eglinton Light Rapid Transit (LRT) aka should have been a subway, can be built faster, but in doing so, it’s found an even newer way to inconvenience the residents who live so close to it.

Forgetting the fact that they started this thing in 1971, okay, it started in summer of 2013, and that residents near the construction have been besieged by dust, noise, a significant increase in street traffic and near death experiences trying to drive, or walk in the community, but the roads themselves are falling apart.  Not only are the roads full of potholes, and one-way streets, speed limits and stop signs all “optional”, but as a resident, trying to get out to Eglinton Avenue or Bathurst Street has become nearly impossible.

Well, now that’s going to get even better!

This morning I received this lovely email letting me know that Bathurst Street north of Eglinton is going to be closed for 7-months!!!

GASP… Or is that GULP.

You see, the Cedervale community and to some extent, the Forest Hill community, have very few options when it comes to getting to Bathurst Street or even Eglinton Avenue.  For the past 5-years, we have given up on getting to Allen Road, because that is a 20 minute endeavor in stress and frustration.

The only street going north which has a traffic light, Glen Cedar Avenue, is backed up all the time and doesn’t allow cars to go straight or left in morning or evening rush hour.  Even if that changed, Eglinton Avenue heading towards Allen Road cannot handle all the cars so Glen Cedar would become a parking lot.

The other street that heads north is Hilltop road, which is steep, narrow, and when the Kings and Queens in the community stop to get their Starbucks and leave their vehicles on the road, it renders that road undriveable.

Not that getting out to Bathurst and waiting in that traffic is a boatload of fun either, but it means all the cars who can’t go north on Bathurst will swoop into Cedarvale and race through this community ignoring all traffic laws and the fact that there are a LOT of children walking to and from school.

This closure could start next week.


I can’t wait until it’s completed, to be so perfectly honest.

I’ve have 7 flat tires, lost 2 rims, and the traffic delays have brought in “people” who stand where the traffic crawls to go car to car seeking handouts.

I just hope at the end of the day it’s worth it, and that traffic on Eglinton doesn’t suffer the way it does on St.Clair Avenue (one major intersection south) which is impossible to drive.

Here is the email:

 Bathurst Street Closure

Beginning in Mid-December 2018, Bathurst Street will be closed for one block between Eglinton Avenue West and Wembley Road to accelerate construction of Forest Hill Station.

By closing Bathurst Street for seven months, the duration of the construction in the roadway is nearly cut in half. The intersection will be back to normal by June 2019.

You’re invited to an upcoming Open House at Forest Hill United Church. Come out to speak with experts about station progress, construction methodology, and ask questions about the upcoming road closure.


Tuesday December 11, 2018
6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


Forest Hill United Church
2 Wembley Road, Toronto


Parking available at Hilltop Road Green P. 

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Monday Musings of The Urban Daddy: Toronto Traffic SUCKS!

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?  Have to drive anywhere in the City?  I did… It was not fun, and quite frustrating…

What the heck is going on in my City?

City Construction

This is the view from the stop light heading north from the downtown core.  The right lane, as you can see, is blocked.  The right lane has been blocked for a while, during the construction of this building, but the other northbound lane was closed so that stuff could be dropped off / picked up from the right lane.

It boggles my mind and makes me really angry that the City;

  1. Allows developers to take out an entire lane of traffic to help them with their construction for as long as they need to take.  The same annoyance is occurring at Bathurst Street, just south of St. Clair Avenue.
  2. Allow builders to build to the capacity where they cannot do so on their own space that they need to use City streets.
  3. With the addition of bike lanes, parking restrictions and general congestion, that this is even allowed to happen.

Yes, this rant is a real one, and comes from a resident of the City who pays taxes… Lots of taxes, and has to struggle to drive in the city because lanes are closed, construction is taking WAY too long, the Eglinton LRT is dragging along and the roads are AWFUL.

I’ve had 7 flat tires since the LRT construction has begun.

You want pot holes and shitty roads?

Forget the odd pothole that pops up here and there.  Try living around the LRT construction where your only access to the main streets are via roads which should have been torn up and paved over years ago.

In our area, for example, near Allen Road and Eglinton Avenue, the only ways out are Glen Cedar Road – which is an absolute disaster, or to the West, heading towards Oakwood, the roads are worse.

Where is the compensation coming from the developers for taking up our roads, so we can drive where we need to go?

Where is the compensation from the City for either picking terrible contractors, or for not doing their jobs and keeping our roads safe so I don’t have to keep repairing my tires from driving on these roads?  My dealership told me that if my car keeps driving on these roads for a couple more years, the car will be a write off.  The potholes, bumpy and buckling roads and vibrations from these horrid streets are shaking my car apart.

But hey, we’ve got bike lanes, one way streets, no cars on King Street and the Gardiner is falling apart.

Toronto City Council really messed this up… Big time.

Hey Council… You want to put a giant park over the railway tracks in the downtown core?  Before you do that, move the tracks, add a driving tunnel, add a subway or LRT, and then once you’ve used that space to the max, then bury it and put a park on top.  Then above the park, put a bicycle path – enclosed or covered or not – where bikes can shoot across the city and not interfere with traffic and visa versa.

It’s not rocket science…

It has to get done.

Speed it up, make it safe, and remember that there are cars who have to drive in the city.  By pretending that by adding a LRT line I’m going to stop using my car – that I pay lots of fees to the city for, if an exercise in nonsense.  I’m not going to all of a sudden pack my kids and their sports equipment and them and hop onto the subway to take them to their games and practices.

It’s not practical, and is never going to happen.


In other Toronto-news:

The Toronto Rock Lacrosse team is the BEST game in town that no one goes to see.  These games should be sold out!  Best game in town!  The Rock destroyed the 1st place New England Black Wolves 21-9 in front of just 9,125 fans at the Air Canada Centre.

As a LONG time season ticket holder, I’d like to see more fans venture down to the ACC to take advantage of a great event.   Coincidentally, the Rock play the Calgary Roughnecks Saturday February 3rd at 7pm at the ACC.


The Royal Rumble was last night.

The Grammys were last night.

The NHL All-Star game was yesterday.


Great time of year to be a fan.

As long as you’re not driving.


Oh, and we take the subway to the Rock games… Convenient, cheap and reliable.  Good thing the games are at the ACC, or we’d drive.




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Hey Rocco Rossi… You stole my idea for Allen Road!

Well, well, well…

Toronto Mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi has an idea… A GREAT idea, a BOLD idea, which he expects the City of Toronto to embrace and vault him to be the next mayor of this city.

Well, Mr. Rossi, I think the “boldest move of the mayor campaign” was actually my idea and I have plenty of passengers, friends and family that I have shared my idea with since I started driving south on Allen Road for the past 2-3 months.

Allen Road, you see, has always had a soft spot in my heart.  When my father was a child his family live on Everden which is the first street directly south of Eglinton – where Allen Road abruptly ends – and the government at that time expropriated the land for the “Spadina Expressway”, or continuation of Allen Road all the way down to Lake Ontario.

My Dad had always claimed that the decision to remove his family, especially his ill mother contributed to her death as she “loved” that house.  True or not (my dad was a die-hard Conservative), I had always wondered why the 7th largest City in North America has only one major highway down to the waterfront, but it was not until moving into the area that I wondered what, if anything could be done to prevent traffic from backing up at Lawrence as cars have to go East or West at Eglinton.  Plus, with all the side streets set at do not enter, cars must clog up Bathurst Street and Oakwood Avenue.  Makes for a LONG trek downtown…

So one day about 2 months ago, with my 2 carpool passengers in my hybrid, sitting for 45 minutes to get to Eglinton, I was staring at the subway which shoots underground at Eglinton going southbound and really began to consider whether it was possible or not to make the tunnel wider and have a giant express tunnel downtown to waterfront, or with a couple stops on the way to alleviate traffic congestion.  I also wondered about running ramps up from Allen to some of the side streets like Ridelle to allow for cars to get off of Allen Road should they need to feed through the side streets to get home.

Then alas, today, comes the report of Mr. Rossi’s brainchild.  (See article here).

If he fires out the brilliant idea of installing ramps to the side streets next, you will know for sure that something is up.

Personally, I’d like to see something new – with little disruption to people or parks – to move traffic along, but this idea alone won’t put Rossi back in the race.  Not while Rob Ford is offering up cutbacks to the “spend now-tax later” NDP way of running this City.

Besides, Rocco, I have other great ideas too…  Give me a call, or drop me a comment.

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Remind me again why I blog?

I am slowly approaching 500 posts covering almost 5 years of my life. I sit back sometimes wondering if that on it’s own makes me a blogger or if I really need to put some effort into my posts – like proof reading them – in order to for these posts to make sense. Someday I feel legit and some days I feel like a fraud. Some days I question why it is that I blog, and the answer to that questions is always found within myself whenever I see something or think of something that I must write about. 

I think deep down inside blogging allows me to put down my thoughts in case I need them in the future. 

Looking back, I have written some really good posts that I am really proud of, and some just horrible ones which have caused me grief from the second I pressed “publish”.  I have been nice, supportive and caring and I have been an asshole. But hey, it’s my blog and I can act how I want, correct?

One thing that has always puzzled me from the beginning is that I never really figured out how to attract readers to my blog other than the 20-30 who follow me on a regular basis.  I messed around with the tags and found readership would peak around them, but look funny days after with all the valleys.

For me, blogging changed the day 1980’s wrestling manager Captain Lou Albano died.  He was a manager in the WWE (then WWF) and he was good at what he did.  That was from my era, so I wrote a post.  To this day I get dozens of hits per day on that post alone.  At one point I had hundreds of hits per day, with the majority of them on the Captain.  

In messing with my tags, I also posted some comments around stuff I see on the net and used tags like, “penis”, “vagina”, “sex”, and the sort and that brought in hits of probably angry perverts in the 50’s to 100’s. 

Another odd success story for me was when I heard about a female bobsleigh whose pants ripped open and he black g-string was exposed, I commented on that at and that post gets me hundreds of hits per day.

So as I sit pondering life and how my belly button gets filled with fluff all the fucking time, I wonder if I should be trying to attract readers by taking my blog deeper into my inner-pervert – not so much like my friend and super-blogger Tanis @ the Redneck Mommy  and talk about dying my pubic hair (red: for Canada Tanis, not blue for the Toronto Maple Leafs) OR should I ride on the Captain Lou wave and post endless stories about 80’s wrestlers and the memories I have of them.


I keep posting interesting shit that matter to me only and if anyone else agrees, disagrees or wants me to shut the fuck up, they can comment.

P.S. I’ll be interested to see how many hits this post gets since I have touched a bunch of key points.  LOL.