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Why I ate a warm banana tonight…

Tonight I ate a warm banana.

Why you ask?

Because my stubborn daughter, Berry would not go to sleep tonight.  She had a 1 1/2 hour nap with her nanny this afternoon and that meant she was not happy to be in bed at 8pm.  She cried, she yelled, she screamed… She wanted to “eat” which meant STALLING! 

Before bed she wants to eat or poo, both opportunities for her to not have to go to sleep even if she is exhausted as I suspected she was tonight.

The Leafs were playing the Penguins and I had the TV on.

I gave her a banana and she took one bite then she leaned her head on the side of the couch while I cleaned up.  I asked her if she was ready for bed but she said no and she took the world’s smallest nibble of this banana. 

I continued cleaning, checking on her every couple of minutes.

I left the room and came back in to find this;

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What it means to be a working father of three.

This past weekend definitely a trying weekend for me in my efforts to be a great father.

I was on edge all weekend, probably because this would be the 3rd week in a row I’ve been suffering with my allergies.  I have been unable to wear my contact lenses. My eyes are very red and quite itchy, and my nose and throat have started to itch this week… UGH. I look like I’m on drugs… Not a great look for an office, eh?

I keep forgetting that I should be investing in allergy medication, as all this allergy action has come in the last 5 or 6 years only. I never had allergies as a child.

I am also a bit on edge because our little baby girl, Berry, has been up every 2-3 hours (shades of Stewie) every single night.  While I do not get up everytime the baby does – thank you honey – because this time around, for child #3 I actually have to work.

With child #1, Linus, I took 9 months off paid paternity. With child #2, Stewie, I was off for 4 months on paid paternity (2 of those months were spent laid up with a herniated disc in my lower pack) and with #3, Berry… 1 day at home. It was tax season and I needed to be at the office.

But there are some nights where I am feeling very good and as a result, I have been getting up so urban mummy does not have to, even if that means staying up with the baby past midnight hoping she’ll have that great night’s sleep she needs to stay rejuviated and the baby will tire out and sleep an nour or two more.

Neither of them do…

And to top matters off… the boys have been waking up at at 6am to play, waking me up in the process. 

So allergies, and exhaustion, coupled with 2 rowdy boys and an over-tired wife and look out!

As a result, every little thing drove me crazy this weekend.  Watching the boys play tug-of-war with their expensive throwpillow – with their teeth – drove me batty.  As did walking in the kitchen on cooked rice that the boys dumped on the floor.  Grrr.

I know this is what being a Dad is all about and I know that all I need is one good night’s sleep to get me back on track.

But until them… Look out!


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How a Father of 2 Boys Spends a Weekend…

Before I go into details about our weekend and why I am always so tired and run down, this promotional message is brought to you by the numbers 7, 8 and 9.

Have you heard the new song by the Barenaked Ladies? The one called 7-8-9? In this song, the band counts to 10, but omit the number 9, and when asked about it, they sing, “Cause seven ate nine”… It’s actually quite cute. We listen to it a LOT in the car with the kids, especially when Stewie yells, “789. 789. 789” and won’t stop until we play it.

Well… it would explain why Stewie counted for me to 10, like this, “1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-10”. So I ask him, “Hey, what about 9?”. He just looks at me.

Now, the weekend… It is currently raining and my kids are dancing outside on the back deck. One has stripped naked, while the other still in PJ’s is getting wet. Me? I’m inside on the computer. My wife?!? I’m not really sure. She tells me she is “cleaning” and it sounds like she is cleaning, but nonetheless, she is missing quite a show!

So I brought the boys inside, ran them upstairs and threw them and UM in the bath for a family bubble bath. Linus loved it… Stewie hated it. That was fun for me as I had some quiet time!

Once the kids cleaned off, we got dressed, the rain stopped and I took the kids for a nice walk up and down the main street by our house, and in and out of the backyard to play with toys and check on the vegetables we are growing. We had some much fun, I figured Sunday might be more of the same, and it sure was.

On Sunday, Stewie – who won’t get out of bed on his own – woke up around 6am, calling, “Daddy… Poo potty… Poo coming… Daddy”. So in ran UrbanMummy to get him, but he had already pooed in his diaper. We changed him, gave him yummy-mummy-milk and hoped he would rest in bed with us, but after a few minutes of him trying to escape, I decided that we needed a different plan.

I didn’t want to wake Linus, so I got Stewie dressed quietly, and I was going to take him for a walk in his stroller, but his yelling work up Linus and then it was on for the day! Both boys were bouncing off the walls and finally at 7:45am I let them into the backyard where they began yelling and screaming, playing and eating raspberries from the plant in the corner of the yard. Thinking this might not be a good way to get your neighbours to like you, I wisked them inside, had UM help me get Linus dressed while I made pancakes, and after breakfast we went to the park.

At the park before 9am, we played in the sand, on the slide and with some of the other kids there, until UM showed up, and we walked to Starbucks for a Grande Americano and some chatting outside on the patio with our neighbours, then home to meet a friend and her son for more play time, this time in our back yard. It wound up being 5 boys in the backyard – which wound down slowly just past 2pm at which point we woke up Stewie from his nap and headed down to the park in midtown for our cousins 2nd birthday party.

At the party, we ate (pizza, cake and fruit), played on the jungle gym and got really dirty. We packed up and headed back uptown to Grandma and Grandpa’s for a BBQ with them and some friend they have known for over 40 years. We ate, played and ran inside as it poured just after dinner. The image of Stewie standing inside the door to the deck, dancing side-to-side, signing “rain, rain, go way. Come again ‘nother day”… over and over again. It was so funny.

Anyways, we got them home, fed them and got them into bed. I hoped to have been able to go to sleep tonight, like last night, laying in bed with UM, hand-in-hand, watching Law and Order, but instead I went for a run. Managed just under 30 minutes – was dead tired and legs were very tight from all the walking. I needed more water too. Ugh.

So after my run, I came home, showered, rambled through this post and went to bed. I’m SO beat. We spent like 3/4’rs of the day outside.

Yawn. Just another weekend in this urban daddy’s household with 2 active boys.

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It’s been WAY too long! Date night!!

English: unrecognized dessert.
English: unrecognized dessert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This very nice March evening, my wife and I stepped out of our kinder-jail for a couple of hours to see if we remember what it’s like to be adults again.  The plan was not to rush – no regular checking of our phones, no peeking at the watches, hopefully not too much yawning either.  We put the kids to bed, did not tell them we were going out, make sure the sitter was prepared and we left.


Dressed as adults.

For dinner.  Yeah, “dinner”.  LOL.  What do adults eat when they rarely get out of the house together?  Well that’s an easy one.  We went to Caffe Demitre’s, which for those of you who don’t know, is a dessert establishment known for their ice cream sundaes, waffles and crepes.

Man was it good.  And boy and I still wired!  Hence the blogging instead of, ahem, sleeping.

I didn’t get to bed until almost 2am and full of sugar, I cleaned up some of the house, did more research towards my grad school assignment (now 4 days past due – oops) and got working on my case study (due next week), but still it was worth it getting out and eating junk for dinner.

It was so much fun, I want to do it again. Going out with the wife. Not the dessert place. That place is NOT going to help my new healthier eating lifestyle.

I’m just not so sure when the next time out will be!

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Your baby cries in the middle of the night… Who gets the kid in your household?

This is one of the most discussed topics for all new parents and until you figure this one out, it can cause some stress in the relationship. Then once you sort things out, along comes baby number 2 and you have to re-think your plan and start again.

Scenario: It’s 3:30am and the baby cries. Who gets up to rock him or pick him up?

Right away, I would say the father, especially if there are 2 kids, because mommy needs her rest so she can take care of them during the day and so she will have enough breast milk so she can feed the baby without falling asleep.

So what happens if baby wakes up at 3:30am, then stays up until 5:30am, and daddy has to get up at 6am for work?

You have to talk to your spouse.

Now toss in the scenario that you, the daddy has to go to the office and mummy is sick and cannot get up in the night, or worse, once she is awaken, she cannot go back to sleep?

So as a newbie dad of now 2 boys, I asked this question; Who is better at calming the baby? Is there not a person that can be hired to do this? What do you do in a case where the baby gets up but both parents need to sleep? Take turns? I really don’t know.

What I do know is that for the past week or two, we’ve both been getting up and lately it’s been the UrbanMummy who has been taking care of the baby and letting me get my 5 hours sleep. She has been awesome for me in that way.

Not only has she been taking care of the night wake-ups but I came home from work today and found that she had, taken the kids to the doctor, taken Linus to a drama program, worked on her course, made dinner AND baked a banana bread. WOW. How impressive is all that.

Too often we neglect what our spouses do in a day for us, for our kids, and for thmselves especialy when you know they are as exhausted as we are.

I guess the real solution is to get that little ball of joy to sleep through the night. Yeah. Stewie you must sleep! Good luck. I’ll just try to get through the day on 3-5 hours sleep. I’ve been doing that for a couple years already since I began my MBA and Linus was born. What’s a few more months, right?


Excuse me, I feel tired.