Thursday Thirteen – My 13 Most Memorable Posts of my first 900 Posts.

So this is my 900th blog post here at The Urban Daddy.  

A lot has happened in the time it has taken me to write 900 posts here.  3 children, 8 years of marriage, a lot of education and thankfully, my writing has improved too.  I’ve noticed that people actually read stuff I have written and I’ve started a professional tax / management / social media blog which has just over 100 posts on it, so I won’t bore all of you with that kind of yucky stuff here.

This post was actually ready last Monday, but I decided to wait until Thursday so I could capitalize on the Thursday Thirteen theme, but along the way I got my ass thoroughly kicked by a flu which has been slowly rolling through our household.  My son Stewie started with it – received an anti-biotic – and still 5 weeks later coughs like a chain-smoker.  Then my wife and daughter got hit around the same time, Boo had horribly goopy and runny eyes and had trouble sleeping at night.  My wife, the woman who laughs off strep throat, had it and tried to rest where possible but both of them still cough and sniffle 4 weeks later.  

As for me… It killed me.  I’m on day 8, 5 of those days without a voice which has never happened to me before, and for three of those days my head is stuffed and I cannot hear out of my left ear.  It throws off my balance.  But the coughing is the worst and at times I felt like I was going to herniate another disc in my back.  I think my abs might be in better shape after this, to be honest, but I’ve been pretty useless for over a week – fever, chills, sweats, exhausted… I’m so done with being sick.

So instead of letting another day fly by, I am tossing up this post, which is a list of the 13 most memorable posts to me, on this blog.  I hope you will take some time and check back to some of the earlier ones to see how much has changed along the way.

So please sit back, turn the calendar back to 2004, and be prepared to read the 13 most memorable posts to this Urban Daddy of his first 900 posts.

1) This is my first post on this blog.  Have to start somewhere, right.

2) Linus was born and we missed a major world tragedy in the process.  Had to write about it.

3)  The re-birth of my blog and my first angry rant at the TTC and other stupidities.  I got great feedback on this post and it gave me confidence to be myself online, to blog smartly and continue to point out how much I detest stupidity.

4) My first Thursday Thirteen from way back in 2006.  (Loved the templates back then).

5) Owie!!!  Our kitten arrived and back then it seemed like a great introduction to the family.  Now my kids look at that kitten, then look over at the adult-sized cat on the couch and wonder how that happened.  “Did Owie eat that little kitten?”

6) I reposted this speech from the United Nations, an organization I believe is corrupt, useless and anti-Israel and by doing this I pretty much came out as being Jewish – something I had not really done before just because I didn’t feel like fielding comments from bigots and racists.  Since that powerful post, and I hope that you do read this post, I have posted more and more as a means to educate people and to continue to stand up for what is right, just and fair.

7) Child #2 Arrives!  Hello Stewie.

8) First post about me…  I guess in always hiding behind a name, it was easy to never post about myself, but this post changed everything.  Since this post, I even got a name; Warren.

9) I posted about the day I completed my graduate school for my MBA which I started 3 days after Linus was born.  Work… School… Children.  Exhaustion.  It was a great ride, a ton of work and an opportunity to finally leave the government for the private sector.  I owe my wife and family a ton of gratitude for putting up with me studying while at the cottage, late nights at the kitchen table and for being downright cranky and surely during the process.  I also got a ton of A’s and a couple A+’s which I had never achieved before so that was sweet too.

10) This was my first “overheard on a Monday” post where I realized after a couple years that if I arrived at the office before 7:30am, that I could listen to my two neighbours talk about their weekends.  I used to tune them out and get right to work until one day I realized they were talking nonsense, something about double-reverse osmosis, so I called them on it – brought in my wife the chemistry teacher to back me up, and from there I had gems for my blog like no one else.  These are must read posts, as well.

11) The First Urban Daddy Official Canadian Coffee Shop Rankings.  I’m on year 4 currently and have received feedback and Twitter love from all the main chains, Country Style, Starbucks Canada, Java Joes, Tim Hortons and Timothy’s.

12) Boo is born!  Insert huge sigh of relief that this one is a girl, and please book the vasectomy appointment…

13) My absolutely most popular post ever.  On the Ontario election.  My views on this post were 10000% more than any other post, and some of my comments were tweeted along the live election feed of CP24.  I felt engaged.  Now, however, that total mocks me, as I get closer and closer to it, but it will be a long time before I can reach it again.

Thank you for being along for the first 900, and I look forward to many more posts and some great comments and contributions from all of you.

Honourable mentions:

My many posts on the Canadian Live-in Caregiver Program.

My series of posts on IVF, highlighted below for their critical importance in this day and age;

Thursday Thirteen: 13 most exhausting things for me today

I had a really exhausting day today, so as a result, I have decided to post my Thursday thirteen about the 13 most tiring things that happened to me today.
Starting… now!

13.  The line-up at Tim Horton’s drive through this morning was insane.  There were over 20 cars in line and although I normally jump into the store instead of lining up, it was pouring rain and I was listening to the FAN590 piece on Zdeno Chara trying to kill Max Pacioretty.  Cars were backing up and turning around to leave, which I contemplated until I was able to see the hold up.  Some pick-up tuck was ordering enough coffee for the boys. I saw 2 boxes of coffees and food being passed to the truck. Why the servers didn’t ask the truck to sit aside so they could put together the order and still serve others, I do not know.

12. Today was the last day of one of my employees, who had been with my company for 10 years.  I totally get her desire for change as I left my job after 10 years there. I got up one Thursday, booked off the rest of the afternoon, headed home, booked off the Friday, was on vacation the following week and never went back. 

11.  While standing in line holding a half-slab cake (a very heavy half-slab cake) at the self check out, the woman in front of me was paying for her $13.00 of groceries in dimes.  She would put in 3 or 4 dimes, check the balance on the machine, then reach back into her giant bag of time wasting to pull out 3 or 4 more. What frosted my ass, was that she would periodically stop her complete disregard for the rest of the shoppers in line and pull the rejected coins out of the return tray to feed them back in to the top… over and over again… the same friggin coins… over and over again… After what seemed like 15 minutes, I was on the verge of a breakdown when a different cash came open and I was sent there by a store employee who thought I was going to lose it.

10.  I’m tired, therefore I had no patience today for complainers or people who take food that does not belong to them.

9.  Standing in line at Tim Horton’s for an afternoon coffee behind a guy who was standing practically on top of me. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. Gross.

8.  When I arrived at home in the evening, I realized we were out of milk and went to get some, in the rain, stepping in the biggest puddle in all of Toronto that resembled a lake, soaking my pants, socks and shoes. I almost caught a fish in there too…

7.  Speaking of headaches – The US government is taking over three Tylenol plants following a blizzard of drug recalls and a Food and Drug Administration criminal investigation into safety issues at the factories… I could use some tylenol.

6.  I REALLY need to drink until I cannot remember my name. Problem is I don’t drink and I have household and office responsibilities which will keep me up until 2am at the earliest.

5.  For YEARS, I wanted to go into politics, but never had the balls to actually run. I enjoyed being behind the scenes. Yesterday, a long-time friend of mine, Michael Yen, who ran municipally in the last Toronto election will soon be running Provincially for the Conservatives, reached out to me to see if I was interested in running in my ward, ward 21. Apparently there was an event the night before and there were a lot of powerful Tories in the house, and Mike suggested he may know someone keenly interested. If it were 3 years ago, I’d be all over this, but I love my job right now and wouldn’t make that change.

4.  I finished the latest Dan Brown book called The Lost Symbol and I have to tell you the book was great for the first 50 pages, awesome for the next 250 pages, incredible for the following 150 pages then the ending fell flat on it’s face as if Brown had a deadline and gave up. I’m very disappointed!

3.  I don’t like being fat, especially as I’m trying to heal up my sore foot – which is keeping me from exercising – but my day was filled with temptation; donuts, cake, coffee, chocolates… Damn you temptation. Obviously I gave in… often.

2.  Anyone want to know how to look like Harry Potter? Bend down in your kitchen to pick up the cats water bowl while your wife opens the cupboard above you and leaves the door open so when you stand up you destroy your forehead on the bottom corner of the door. That, my friends, is how you get to look like Harry Potter.

1.  Have I mentioned it’s still tax season and since December 1st it’s been 24/7. I’m beyond tired… I cannot see straight and I’m relying on tons of coffee to get through the day. With all that being said, I love doing what I’m doing but I needed a break so much, I ate a Kit Kat.

So that is why this day was capital “F” frustrating.

Here is hoping Friday is better!

Parenting stuff; Kids, Coffee and Imagination.

I finally won my first treat on Tim Horton’s Roll up the rim to win contest, on Monday, when I won a donut followed up yesterday with a free coffee win.

My record is 23 winners, none more than the coffee / donut prize.

My 6-year-old intervened in a conversation my wife and I were having, by snapping his fingers at me and saying; “Turn on your brain, Daddy”.

My 4-year-old explained to me this morning that the reason his room light was on at 6am was because he and his stuffed animals were “preparing” for the “show”. They needed to practice. Slave-driving animals! Don’t they know a 4-year-old needed to sleep…

Things I hate today:

BMW’s – yes, still.
Coffee cup lids that flip back when you clip it to the top of the cup, usually throwing coffee back at me, usually when I’m wearing a white shirt.

The bathroom guillotine – men you know what I’m talking about. When you have to pee, and you pull down your underwear and they snap back up pinning you between the underwear band and the top of the zipper. With the potential for flying fluids, and the excruciating pain, it can be a very frustrating experience.

I don’t like ordering a coffee and getting to drink it and finding it either the wrong mix ie/ regular instead of double double, or not stirred, so sitting on the bottom waiting for my last swig of coffee is all the sugar.

Sometimes I hate my GPS. Take for example 2 weeks ago when I was trying to clean up the old destinations – you know, so it will stop thinking home is our old address – and instead I somehow managed to set the course for a mystery location somewhere in the world, based on its longitude and latitude.

Needless to say, when I went to take Linus’ friend home – who lives really close to us – the GPS was sending me somewhere 8344kms away.

It took me a week to make that destination go away, but in doing that I have managed to turn off all the guidance systems… Geez. At least it’s better than maps and getting lost.

Last story:

My 4-year-old wanted an apple before bed. He referred to it as a “Ta-poo-ach”, which is apple in Hebrew.

Then he said it again, and again and again, so that I was forced to cut him off by singing, “Ta-poo-ach, ta-poo-ach, ta-poo-achhhhhhh”.

He stopped my and said, “Daddy, do you know G-d can hear you?”

“Yes, I know”, I replied rolling my eyes.

“He can see that too, Daddy. G-d is everywhere”.

“How do you know that?” I questioned, “You go to public school, it’s your brother than goes to private school?!?”

“My animals told me!” He shot back.

“They know everything!”.

Is it wrong that my kids entertain the hell out of me???

Thoughts and musings of a run-down daddy, after a weekend of unpacking and organizing

In today’s post, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. I’ve been out of it lately, under the weather for most of the month of June with a nasty sinus infection and now feeling very run down.

I was chatting with my wife and she recalled how she was always the one getting sick and I was the healthy one, but recently it’s been the complete opposite. I don’t like being sick. Not sure people “like” being sick, but I detest it!

So in order to get back on track I am taking a few draft posts and throwing them into this one big post to get this stuff off my back and into my blog.

Here are my random thoughts for the past week…

(Monday) I’m not sure if I can drink my large double, double from Tim Horton’s so long as they have a picture of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats logo on it. Double Blue, man!!!

(Weekend) So LeBron James speaks… First he holds a press conference and tells the world how great he is – in the middle of prime time TV slot, with the interview taking place in a boys and girls club.

Then he shuns his former team by saying how much he did for them.

I’m thinking he’s the biggest asshole in the world.


He goes on Larry King live – interviewed in the courtyard of his palatial estate in front of the waterfall, and tells Larry how great he is.

I’m thinking, now I know he’s an asshole.


He talks about his mom. Having him when she was 16 and how he doesn’t know how she did it, and that everything he does is for her.


While I still want the Heat to lose every game, I’m softening my stance on the whole LBJ thing.

I’m also softening my stance on the collusion aspect where other league execs are calling on the NBA to investigate how the Heat could re-sign Wade, and sigh Bosh and James.

I mean come on. The Heat must have arranged this over a year ago for the Heat to draw up and execute their plan to dump contracts and make room for these guys. If Bosh, Wade and James go elsewhere, the Heat have 4 guys signed for the 2010/2011 campaign.

While that did seem suspicious, the Knicks and Nets pretty much did the same thing. I’m also sure the Bulls had room.

But how much would I have laughed if LBJ announced that he was joining the Toronto Raptors… We have a monarchy in Canada, so “King James” could have met Queen Elizabeth who is on tour right now in Toronto.

(Tuesday) If you help someone get their career started, what do they owe you, if anything?

(Sunday) So I’m coaching both my boys soccer teams and after the first games end the convener / referee comes to me and tells me that each kid on the team requires shin pads and soccer cleats or they cannot play.


My kids don’t have those…

So last night before bed, I take out my sons soccer uniform (my 3-year-old plays on Brazil, the 5-year-old on Portugal) when my 5-year-old tells me to put the uniform back in the drawer because he cannot play.

“Why?”, I ask…

“Because I don’t have soccer shoes”, he replies.


So off I run on Monday looking for them. Wal-Mart, nope. National Sports, nope. Canadian Tire… BINGO.

But I don’t know what size the boys wear so I bought sizes 11, 12 and 13.

OY. I guarantee one of the kids will completely melt-down upon trying on their cleats or shin pads…

Update: Linus completely melted-down last night. Then, once I got him calm enough to play and stop holding hands of the female coach, he was dilly-dallying on the field, not paying attention to the ball or the play and the referee stepped on his ankle sending him wailing to the sidelines. Real big tears flying off his face. At first I thought we was just selling it in order to not have to play but once we got home and he took off his sock, I saw a scratch. Poor kid.