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Repost from June 13th, 2006. Someone took credit for my work… Now what?

It’s not like I’m new in the workforce or new to the organization… I work for the Canadian Revenue Agency and I’ve been here for 8 years. I am also 2 years into my MBA so I understand how organizations work, especially how to get the most out of people.

This situation happened to me today and it blew me away. I let it go, because I’m a team player and to be honest I don’t need to toot my own horn… My work does that on a daily basis. But today, after spending quite a bit of time discussing a complex matter with a team leader I when I came across them later in the day they were explaining to a group of people how to solve the problem but instead of saying where the solution came from, I heard this TL use “I” a lot… Too much actually.

This TL took pretty much everything I said and used it to take credit for solving this problem. He even went as far as to indicate that the problem was fixed by him too and that he reviewed it, researched it them solved it…


What I found most odd, was that he didn’t know I was there and when I corrected him on a misrepresentation of the facts – you would think he would stop now, but no, he just kept on embellishing the story to make it sound even more impressive.

I wanted to speak up, but I had to leave.

If you have to depend on someone else’s thoughts, words or writings to make your own life interesting that’s fine, just give credit where credit is due or you sound like a giant asshole.

What would you have done? Remember this is a unionized environment…