“Super”Bowl Thoughts from my Kids

We watched most of the Super Bowl yesterday which would represent a first for my middle and suddenly sporty son.  He has had zero interest in football prior to yesterday – and to be honest – he watched it because of the commercials and the Lady Gaga half-time show.

Here are his thoughts of the game;

  1. Why don’t they show the commercials here in Canada?  What a scam!
  2. If the NFL is worried about concussions, why do they allow players to hit someone head first.  If they were really concerned, they would toss all players who hit with their heads, or hit someone in the head.
  3. NFL does not stand for “No Farting League” as I told his sister.  I suggested “No Farting Ladies” but my wise 7-year-old countered with “No Farting Lads”!
  4. When asked who would win, he said “New Zealand”.
  5. When asked which state Boston is in, he said “New York”.
  6. After realizing that Ottawa was in Ontario, he wondered out loud if Canada consisted of Ontario and Quebec – to which I said; “And that is why Western Canada hates Toronto, my son!”  Plus we’ve all been to the East Coast of Canada.
  7. Why is Tom Brady’s wife cheering into her cell phone – taking selfies instead of celebrating with the rest of the people in the press box?
  8. Lady Gaga was incredible!  On the roof, jumping from the roof, singing, not singing, all in those high-heels.  She totally rocked and was a true highlight of the night.
  9. He felt because the game was played in a neutral location (Texas) the sounds from the stands sounded canned and phony.  He said they might as well have played the game in an empty stadium and played a cheering sound track along with the game.
  10. Why does the NFL need their championship trophy to be “Super”?  Why is the Stanley Cup not named the Super Cup and why does the winning team receive the Vince Lombardi trophy when they win???  Where is the bowl???
  11. Why isn’t there a team in Toronto?
  12. Since no team had even overcome a 10-point deficit and there had been no overtime games in the league’s 51-year history, and with New England (or New Zealand, New York) losing 28-3 at half-time – my kids assumed it was over for the Pats.  Upon learning of the Falcon loss, my son’s response was the always classic, “Whoa!”.
  13. Upon hearing that Tom Brady was being regarded as the best quarterback in the history of the NFL, my son quipped; “I think he is, because he’s the only quarterback I know, and he won the game.”
  14. Where are the damn commercials???


So I think this was a success, and even though he doesn’t know all the rules, or where the teams play, him, his sister and their older brother enjoyed the half-time show more than anything.

“Can you take me to a concert?” was the post-game cry from the kids…

… and sign me up for lacrosse.

Only in Canada, eh?


Tell it like it is… To a 6 year old…

I had the pleasure of picking up 3 boys from a birthday party this afternoon – one of which was my son from a birthday party.  The boys had been running around all afternoon and had wet hair and very red cheeks.  They were also all hyped up on sugar, so it took me a while to get them dressed and into the car.  In fact, 30 minutes later, they were in the car, the sugar high wearing off, when one of the boys piped up with the following comment; “I have to get home soon because my Dad and I are watching the Super Bowl and ordering pizza.  We’re even eating it on the couch.”

The other 2 boys liked that… Eating pizza on the couch – not the football reference – so I invited myself over.  🙂

“Who is playing?” asked one the kids.

“Steelers against Green Bay” said the boy.

“Who are you voting for?” I asked.

“I don’t know” he said.

So I used this opportunity to school the boys.  Here is the crap that came out of my mouth.

“Well… You can vote for the Steelers, but why would you cheer for a team that likes to Steal?  Stealing is bad. so don’t ever steal.  But really, steal means to take something that does not belong to you and then you get caught and go to jail, whereas steel is the material used in building buildings.  So Steelers is named that way because they make a lot of steel in Pittsburgh.  Now Green Bay, on the other hand, their team is called the Packers – I don’t know why, but people wear cheese on their heads so it must have something to do with that.  And while Pittsburgh is known for steel, Toronto is known for crappy sports teams, like the Toronto Maple Leafs – people call them the Buds, but they should be called the Bads, and also bad are the Soccer club, the TFC, and the Toronto Raptors.  UGH.”

Then I looked in the mirror and all three boys were looking at me puzzled.

Then the boy who was watching the game with his Dad spoke up, “Well, maybe Toronto just has teams that are not as well put together as teams in all the other cities.”

“Son”, I said…

I’ve been a Toronto sports fan my whole life – which is coming up on 40 years – and besides the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Rock, I have been VERY disappointed in these team.  Get used to it!

Man that brought me down.

Toronto sports does suck right now.  Except the Toronto Rock.

Thank you Toronto Rock.

Oh, and vote for the Packers.  I’m predicting a 31-28 victory.

An urban daddy public service announcement for Super Bowl Sunday

As most of you know, Super Bowl Sunday is this Sunday and no matter where in the world you are, there is a good chance that you, or someone you know will be having a Super Bowl party.

In the past few weeks a report came out in Canada stating that at sporting events there are a lot of fans who leave stadiums and arenas intoxicated, and these same people hop into their cars and drive on our roads, streets and highways.

This problem not only comes to light at live events, but also this time of year at Super Bowl time. I mean imagine it… The big game on a large TV, your buddies around, chili, beer, chips…

In order to bring awareness to people, the folks at SYLVANIA flipped me some statistics to help me with this post.

Since I drive to and from the office each day, I really have no patience for distracted, agressive or impared driving.  Being behind the wheel of a vehicle is a privelage, not a right, and some people feel they can break the rules and everything will be fine.

So please check out these figures; 

The New England Journal of Medicine reported a relative 41% increase in the number of casualties over the course of 27 Super Bowl Sundays compared with other Sundays and comparing the time periods before and during the game. That number exceeds the relative increase in casualties on New Year’s Eve over the last two decades

The increase in accidents amounted to:

  • 1,300 more car crashes
  • 600 more injuries
  • Seven more deaths nationwide  


Because you are more likely to attend a party in your area – around children – I have some Super Bowl Driving Safety tips:

1. It seems obvious, but don’t drink and drive. It may be shocking, but during Super Bowl Sunday, 48% of all U.S. traffic fatalities are alcohol-related according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That is almost half of all accidents.  Think about those driving drunk who do not kill someone but are on the road… Please have a designated driver.

2. Be visible – Higher performing lighting provides whiter and brighter lights, which allows drivers to see obstacles and hazards sooner—and as importantly, be seen.

According to SYLVANIA, a leader in automotive lighting, a car going 65 MPH is traveling 95 feet per second.  A premium headlight may translate into an additional 100 feet or more of visibility and an additional second of reaction time. This could make the difference between safely avoiding a hazard or having an accident.   Pedestrians also need to be smart and be seen.  Give these headlights a fighting chance. 

Common sense must also come in to play. If you are wearing black do not cross in the middle of the road, or wear an ipod while walking.  Buy some light coloured, or reflective clothes, and be aware at all times.

3. Eliminate distractions like loud radios, cell phone calls and texting.  Researchers at Virginia Tech found drivers who were involved in a crash while using their cell phones had typically been looking at the devices for five seconds. That’s enough time for a vehicle to travel 29 car lengths while traveling at 70 MPH.

So be smart.  For your safety, and the safety of others on the road and our kids / your children… If you plan on having some drinks at a Super Bowl party, make sure you have a designated driver, or ask the host if you can crash there on the couch until the buzz wears off.  Heck, if they let you stay, be nice and make them breakfast! 

Just don’t drink and drive!!!