Oh My! Woman Sues Jelly Belly. Didn’t Know They Contained Sugar…

The link to the original article is below, but I had to post this news item about a woman in California suing Jelly belly because she had bought a package of Jelly Belly Sport jelly beans and the product did NOT state that there was sugar in the product.

Evaporated Cane juice, yes, but sugar no.

Apparently, the marketing team at Jelly Belly really confused her by using  “fancy words” to mislead her into thinking that she was eating a sugar-free product.

Oh my.

She was so mad / embarrassed / that she decided to sue, and is bringing a class action suit against the makers of Jelly Belly just in case anyone else was duped too…

Stay tuned!





What Exactly Will You (They) Be Suing For?

As Canadians, I’ve always been told that we are much less litigious than our neighbours to the south, which means we don’t use the expression, “I’ll sue you” all that often.

To be honest, I think we are more likely as a society to apologize, take responsibility for the situation and then come to a common resolution than to add fuel to a situation, find a lawyer and haul everyone off to court.

So, as parents, it’s not all that common to hear any conversation including the words, “sue” or “sued” or “suing” or even the expression “suing their asses off”. (I’m not sure if that’s a real expression but if I were suing someone, I’d want them to know that I was going to sue their ass off!”

Yet I swear I heard my kids trying to figure out if they combined their allowances, if they had enough money to hire a lawyer…


Should I now put down some retainer funds on a lawyer?  I would if I knew that they were going to sue for, if it was even us, and where their grievances lie… Not enough treats?  Maybe they don’t like our “no electronics on school nights” rule, or maybe they want to stay up later than 7, 8 and 9 respectively.

Or maybe we just need to stop giving them allowance, or give them opportunity to buy more things with their money.

Got to love parenting!

No surprises from this government…

I remember, as if it were yesterday, asking my former Section Manager if I was under investigation as he was grilling me with question after question regarding something someone told him.  I had done nothing wrong, but based on the anonymous writing of this idiot, I was being treated as a criminal.

“No, you are not under investigation” he replied to me in front of union representation and my former team leader.


Turns out he lied to my face…

I requested a report much along the line of the freedom to information act to see what had been written, emailed, or communicated about me in the year and a bit since I had been gone.  Anyone can request one.  It’s the same way the story of the 2 senior CRA employees stealing from taxpayers came out.  Go google ATIP – Access to Information.

What I found was very interesting. 

Not only did I find that those idiots had launched an investigation, I also read the communications between the Director of Internal Audit in Ottawa and the senior management team due to this investigation.  All the accounts I had accessed in 2007 were investigated, 154 page audit, and nothing odd was found, not one instance and this covered about 2300 accounts.  HA!.  The audit head, none too pleased, communicated this to senior management especially after the government managers tried to shut down this “investigation” after seeing no issues and trying to save face.  The audit head chastised them for hurrying up this critically important audit (?) surrounding the allegations of this idiot and her anonymous “tip”. 

I’m shaking my head.

Other things turned up in my request was a memo from the Head of Employee Relations criticizing my former managers for telling me that I could not seek employment while on leave – since it said so in the collective agreement which I sited to them about a thousand times…  Also interesting was a referral from a former team leader of mine for about 2 weeks about how I was not suited to be a team leader… She was promoted because she is bilingual, not necessarily competent.  

So I was not “qualified” to be a team leader in the government – with 10 years’ experience and a MBA – But somehow able to do so much more in the private sector.  

This former team leader clearly prejudiced herself at the request of her friends and I have to say if I saw her today I’d probably have to be refrained from spitting in her face…

Anyways, it’s been a year since I started my new gig… Love it!  Glad to be out of that place, and will NEVER go back.  🙂

Oh, and the other information I learned in the 952 pages sent to me, about me, over the past year and a bit…

I should write a book.  🙂

Or sue for constructive dismissal…