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More random crap falling from my head…

I just saw a CBC news news report on the National where they searched for Liberal leader “Michael  Ignatief” online to see what shows up for an address or phone number, yet alas, nothing came up.


Monday April 18th makes the beginning of Sun TV’s “right wing” news station.  I can’t wait!  It will be nice to hear the news without having to wade through the bias.

I just realized that Prince William has pretty much the exact same hairline as I do.  The similarities end right there.

Michael Ignatieff’s last name has 2 “f’s” in it… Damn.  Now I’m totally NOT voting for him.  LOL.  Like I’d ever vote Liberal…

I lied to my wife today… I told her the Canadian band Chilliwack was actually from Chilliwack, BC.  They sang a couple songs every Canadian will know, “My Girl (Gone Gone Gone, she been gone so long)” and “What’cha Gonna Do When I’m Gone”.

Well, they are actually from Vancouver, BC.  So close to Chilliwack, but not Chilliwack.  Damn.  Maybe I could just change Wikipedia…

Does it matter to you that Michael Ignatieff has only been back in Canada for 5 years?  Does his experience in the US make him more or less likely to succeed if elected Prime Minister of Canada?  Personally I don’t care either way but when he criticizes Stephen Harper for being American is he not casting the baby out with the bath water…

I also see that Subway sandwiches is reducing the salt in some of their sandwiches to which I say great… but why now?  This move strikes me as being done as a result of low sandwich sales and not as a result of some sudden care for the health of their customers…

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The Toronto Maple Leafs, Elizabeth Taylor, why will there be a May Federal election, new Toronto revenue streams and odd clothing on the subway

So how can you tell when Idon’t blog for a long time? Easily. When I throw together a post with a ton of topics all too small for their own post, or the post contains disjointed thoughts thrownup on the screen. So like this post.

Have I mentioned yet that am craving fish and chips and clam chowder?!? No idea why, but I am.

So here are 5 posts all in one.

Firstly, why was there a guy on the subway Friday morning in a pristine blue suit – looked brand new – yet he was wearing a dirty white baseball hat covering some long, greasy hair? I don’t understand this “look”.  To compliment this disaster, his dress pants were also too long – he was walking on the bottom of the pant much in the same way we walk in the back cuff of our blue jeans…Why?

Where was he going?

Was he trying to make a statement?

Look at me, I’m cool. I have a new blue, un-tailored suit – and I’m hanging out in it – going downtown – and to be cool, I have my lucky baseball cap on.

What do YOU think is the story here?

Next. Elizabeth Taylor died on Wednesday at the age of 79. I knew she was sick – I’ve seen picture upon picture of her for as long as I can remember in a wheel chair, walking with a cane, thin, fat, all with jet black spikey hair… I thought she was WAY older than 79. And to be honest, upon her death, I started ot read up on her because I really didn’t know she was an actress. I’m not really a movie guy, so I’m sure I would not have seen any movie she was in.

So why was she so popular?

I needed only to look at the first line of every obituary I read. She might have been most famous for being married 7 times and for fighting the stigmas that came with HIV/AIDS, as she was for hanging around with Michael Jackson. I wonder if we have any modern day Liz Taylors walking around Hollywood? Not like a Kardashian, or a Lohan, or a Hilton as they are not actresses – save Lohan – but they have not done any good for the greater public, only for themselves.

For those of you interested in Canadian politics, it looks like we are headed for a Federal election in May as the Liberals and NDP and the Bloc have all made overtures towards voting down the Federal budget.

I can’t help but feel that Liberal leader and Toronto Rock mascot Michael Ignatief (Iggy) and NDP leader Jack Layton are deadset on calling their 5th election in 7 years because their time is running out to be leaders of this country. I get the feeling that it is all about their egos and not about what is right for Canadians. $300 million dollars per election. I don’t think, with all the great work the Conservatives have put into this country during the recession, that we are going to see a change in government – maybe another minority government.

I think the key catch-phrase that will define this election came from Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty this morning on AM640, when he said, “It’s come to a time when they [Liberals, NDP and Bloc leaders] don’t even read the budget, they just vote against it.”

When you consider all the fluff surrounding Michael Ignatief, who brought his family into the election by writing about them being wealthy, and they telling people they were poor. The Liberal machine seems hellbent on portraying Stephen Harper as being “untrustworthy”. “Would you want this man running your country”, yet Ignatief has clearly either lied in his book HE wrote, or he lied to the general public.

Pot meet kettle.

The Conservatives need to save Canada from the AdScam Liberal machine and the Soundbite NDP.

And speaking about Canadiens… Thanks to those idiot Habs for losing to the Sabres last night and to those loser Senators for tanking it to the Hurricanes. Anything to keep the Leafs out of the playoffs, eh? And to think when these other Canadian teams made the post season I actually rooted for them. I wonder if these 2 teams are going to roll over and play dead for the Leafs in the last 2 Saturday match-ups of the regular season like they did last night? Doubt it, eh?

The Leafs, went 5-5 in October, 3-10 in November and 5-8 in December all but spelling the end of the Monster in Toronto, and then 6-7 in January, 8-6 in February and so far in March they are 6-5. Thank goodness for James Reimer! I thought they were playing better but competing for a playoff spot is fantastic 2 years into this rebuild.

And finally, if Toronto City Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti gets his way, Toronto will have two new sources of revenue and tourism.

For one he will place a casino where Ontario Place is – a brilliant idea, in my honest opinion. I have always felt that the CNE grounds would be better used if there was a way to enclose the exhibition and keep it open more than 3 weeks a year to draw tourists. His other idea was to turn on of the Toronto Island’s, the one with the nude beach into a red light district.

While I’m not sure where I stand on a red light district, per se, I do think that taking all this “illegal” behaviour and putting it somewhere where the girls profit and not the pimps, where girls are tested and clean and the users are tested and clean, and where it’s away from the general public (hello Jarvis, or above the stores on Eglinton) is a step in the right direction.

So laugh at Giorgio, like you did at Rocco Rossi for wanting a tunnel to extend Allen Road. I think all ideas have merit and should be studied.

And with that comment, I empty my head of thoughts today…

Your thoughts on any or all of these items is greatly appreciated.

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Where are the Rob Ford haters now?

As 2011 rolls along (project 365, as someone called it) I’m wondering where all the Rob Ford haters are right now. They sure have been quiet since the kerfuffle over Don Cherry calling them “pinkos”. I hope they were not actually offended?!?

I gather they are quiet because since Ford took power he has;

Made the TTC an essential service.
Put Councillor (future mayor and my old City Councillor) Karen Stintz in charge of the TTC
Removed the $60.00 “fee” (I prefer to call it a tax) on registering a vehicle in Toronto
Moving to remove the Land Transfer Tax
Announced he is moving to remove the bag tax of $0.05 for plastic bags purchased in Toronto (if council wants to)
Stopped sending our garbage to Michigan.
Cut Councillors expense accounts from $52,000 a year to $30,000 a year(the taxpayers money councillors spend on stuff)

And he announced that he is not anti-bike and will be unveiling more and safer bike routes for the biking community in Toronto.
He is not done considering a light-rail / subway for Eglinton connecting Scarborough to the airport
and his resolution for 2011 is to lose sme weight.

Not bad.
Saving us taxpayers some money and removing stupid hidden taxes put in place by David Miller.
How awful of him…
I remember the night of his election people tweeting that they were going to move out of Toronto because this was going to destroy the city… Yup.

So I’m going to take a moment and put on my left-wing hat, and figure out how I would reply to this post.
I would probably reply with this comment, saving you all the time to have to type it for yourself;

“Yes Urban Daddy, you right-wing capitalist bastard, he’s cutting taxes but how is he going to pay for services? I’ll tell you… He’s going to cut services and apply userfees!”

Well, Lefties (and I am left-handed so do be offended) I would like present this case in my defense of not wanting to tax the rich to give to the poor… Your hero, David Miller put in place all these taxes and fees because he wanted to point out how poorly the previous mayor treated the city and to pay for all his giving to make every Torontonion equal… Then upon stepping down from being mayor, in order to preserve his “legacy” he announced that he left the city better than it was when he took over, with a surplus! Pardon me.
surplus would mean his additional taxes needed to run the city were either a cruel joke or a huge miscalculation of the debits and credits at City Hall.

That’s like me running a free swimming pool, then suddenly charging users $10.00 a visit because without it the pool will have to close, then after doing this for 5 years saying, Look everyone, I have $2 million extra dollars in the bank”… Not nice!

So I for one am happy that for dinner last night there was no gravy. Staying away from that stuff can help me shed some pounds… That and not wearing pink!


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Winter Break… At least it was for someone…

Let me begin with a wish for a very Happy New Year for you and your family.  May 2011 bring you health, happiness, patience, peace on earth and goodwill towards everyone.

That being said, I have not been a good blogger these past couple weeks.  It’s a super-busy time of year for me generally but even crazier this year because of some new IRS regulations which made my tax season preparation even more difficult and time-consuming.  

While I was working, or reading up on new regs, my wife was taking care of the kids during the 2 weeks (was it only that short?) they were off school.   She managed to do a lot of cool stuff with them and for them, like setting up daily playdates for all 3 of them, and taking them places.  It must have been a lot of work for my wife, but the kids loved spending time with her and doing fun and exciting things on a daily basis. 

Some of the things they did, or she did, were memorable for the kids and I wanted to highlight the activities and my kids thoughts here.

For example.

The boys had a tea party.  They used Berry’s dishes she received for her 1st birthday and in attendence at this event was, Linus’ animals and Stewie’s animals, including; squeaky-bear, mousey housey, kitty, beary, Poppy, Doobie doo’s, etc.  The boys served “coffee and tea.  Chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream.”

On one day last week, Stewie was barred from his room for a day because there was a “show” going on in there, and “they” wouldn’t let him in.  The “they” were all the stuffed “friends” who were in attendence at the tea party.  Granted, Linus and Stewie spent the better part of a day practicing the show but they were not allowed in the room, it was animal only.  It was so funny that when we tried to get Stewie up to his room for a nap, he agreed, then went up only to come down again to tell us that the show was still going on and as a result, he was not allowed in his room…

The boys also went with Mummy to see Yogi Bear in 3D – they thought it was “funny, scary, weird and had yummy, yummy popcorn.  There was juice there too.”  For some reason there were 25 minutes of previews prior to this show which seems a bit excessive, no?

The boys and their Mummy Kids also went to see a play called A Year with Frog and Toad.  I asked the kids for their feedback on the show and this was what came back.  Keep in mind, I did not attend the show so I can not confirm or deny any of it.  “Toad was funny in a bathing suit.  Even frog looked funny in a bathing suit.”

This was a very special day for the boys as my wife took them downtown on the subway, and over to the threatre via street car – it was their first time on a streetcard (theirs, not hers) and they LOVED it.  After the show the boys and my wife went over to St. Lawrence market and they boys did some sightseeing and had “vanilla and chocolate gingerbread cookie men”.

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Random musings about my kids… Please share yours too…

One day I heard on the radio a song called “Godzilla” by Blue Oyster Cult.  I liked is so I looked it up on YouTube.  The video was old and cheesy.

I guess I was walking around the house singing part of the song; “Oh no.  There goes Tokyo.  Oh no Godzilla.

After a week my kids insisted I show them the video which I did with a little trepidation knowing it might scare them. 

It didn’t.

They loved the song but my middle child was staring at Godzilla as he shot a flame ball out of his mouth while he was swatting at airplanes.  “Daddy”, he asked.  “What is that?” he said pointing at Godzilla.  “What does it look like?” I responded.  “A man in a dinosaur costume”, he replied.   

So today, as we were singing it together in the car, my middle child – oh, how creative is he, fired out this line; “Oh no / Tokyo / There goes Joe Mihevc.”

Joe Mihevc is our city councillor.

I may have told Stewie during the election in Toronto that we we not going to vote for Joe because he wanted to put a streetcar on Eglinton like he did on St. Clair and if that were to happen they would have to remove hi favourite places on Eglinton, namely, Baskin Robbins, Big Bite Burger and the Thirsty Fox Pub.  He never forgot that and I would catch him passing along this information to anyone and everyone who would listen. 

So cute.

And yes, I corrected him once I found out that was not true about Joe.  He has not asked me in a worried manner about his “favourite” places since.  🙂

Also in this urban daddy’s household comes the latest expression from Linus whenever we catch him doing something to torment his younger brother, and send him to his room.

“You just ruined my best day!” is what he blurts out to us.


maybe he should have thought about that before he;

1) calls his brother a baby
2) pinches his brother
3) pushes his brother from behind
4) tries to tip his brother off his stool
5) yell at the nanny
457) act goofy
458) say “poo” as every third word
459) write the word “boobies” on the shopping list
460) throw food at his brother

Needless to say, he is our first child and sometimes I feel we are making an example of him, but we ruin his best day, a LOT.