Liberal Majority Government, Stephen Harper Resigns! I Hope the Tax Increases Are Worth It, Canadians!!

Well, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada are forming the next government of Canada – a Majority government, no less.

Stephen Harper has resigned as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

I cannot help but feel deep down inside that there was so much hatred directed at the Prime Minister and that people voted to remove him from office and chose the Liberals over the NDP to do so.

Unfortunately, the electing of the Liberal Party also brings with massive debt and after the spending spree the Liberals intend to go on, the deficit is going to increase at a rapid rate, and as we all know, the Liberals need money to pay for their promises and that money comes from you and I, the taxpayers of Canada.


I hope the desire to remove Harper is worth the headaches we’ll be suffering with Justin in command, and I’m not just talking about their out-of-control spending.

Here are some great Justin oops which hopefully will not be occurring as leader of the country;

Unlike Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne who has made MANY mistakes but covered them up with flat denial, avoidance and threats of lawsuits, Justin Trudeau has not appeared to understand the importance of thinking before he speaks.

During the controversy surrounding Bill C-51 – a bill where by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS), and 17 other government agencies are granted the authority to combat threats to Canada’s national security, preferably without infringing on Canadians’ Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Liberal leader who voted for the Bill, has now admitted that his support for the Conservatives Bill might have been a mistake…

During the Maclean’s Magazine leaders debate, Trudeau responded to the conversation around the Liberals’ support of C-51, with these four words: “Perhaps it was naive.”

Here is how he voted on the Bill;

To give Trudeau the benefit of doubt, it was a tough decision to make, I’m sure. I heard him stumble and bumble over the easy questions about which shampoo he uses and which Avenger was his favourite, so maybe this way just a difficult question for him to answer.

He does like to go (vote) with the crowd… He He knows legalizing pot is popular with the kiddies.

He knows taxing the “rich” or the “1%” is popular with the other 99% of Canadians, and he knows that increasing spending to get stuff done is super-popular… It’s Christmas in October and that pony you have always wanted?!? Guess what? Justin’s getting you one. Just vote for him and tell your friends!

Oh, and the 1%… Who are these awful rich people who get all the tax breaks according to Trudeau?!? In Canada the highest Federal tax paid is 29% for those making over $138K per year. Add that to the provincial rate, and in Ontario, for example, someone making over $138K can pay over 42% of their income in tax. ( Are these the people he will be targeting? Or, is Justin going after the REALLY rich people who based on very basic mathematics make the most money, but also pay the most back in taxes!

Trudeau believes small business owners create small businesses as a vehicle to hide their massive incomes. Doesn’t every 1%’er want to have to deal with the Canada Revenue Agency on a daily basis, be responsible for the income of their employees and paying taxes to keep the economy ticking so the Liberals can come in to power, increase taxes and call them frauds… Don’t think so.

I believe in discussing facts, so I went to the Liberal Party of Canada’s website, to the link for “My platform”, to make sure I presented his promises in a fair and reasonable manner. Unfortunately, because I was unwilling to click that I would be / or might be voting for Justin, I was not able to get in to the secret Liberals playground. Instead, I had the option to use a search option to add what I want from the Liberal Party.

I entered this; “Fiscal responsibility, Responsible spending, Respectful spending, Respect for Taxpayers money, Lower taxes, Do not raise taxes, accountability for words and actions.”

The search engine was not able to find a match for any of these items in the Liberal’s platform!

Oh my.

Deep down inside, I feel that the Liberals and their leader know that only in Ontario will citizens tolerate out of control spending and corruption by continuously voting in the same government which increased taxes, delisted services and has caused absolute chaos with teachers and soon doctors.

When Trudeau said, “The budget will balance itself”, he believed it.

He also has very poor judgement. He accepted Conservative hand-off Eve Adams, who was being dropped by the Conservative party, and who then lost her nomination bid to Marco Mendicino. Where was the questions surrounding his judgement as has happened to Stephen Harper regarding his appointment of Mike Duffy and Pamala Wallin to the Senate.

Trudeau also publicly mistook Russia’s opposition leader Boris Nemtsov (who was shot dead in Russia) with former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov (whom he had met with), in a press release.

Or when he called a Conservative member a “Piece of Shit”, then went on a potty mouthed tirade where you can see that he actually enjoyed it without thinking for a moment about the implications down the road (

So much like his Dad…

Or, when being interviewed on Les francs-tireurs, Trudeau said, “Canada isn’t doing well right now because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda.”

He also said Canada would be better served if there were more Quebecers than Albertans in charge.

Trudeau did apologize, and then tried to explain away his thoughtlessness by saying he didn’t hate Albertans but that his comments were directed the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, who rose to power as an MP from Calgary, which he really thinks makes it all okay…

But he doesn’t just hate Alberta… He hates all of Canada, except Quebec. As a MP, Trudeau told Radio Canada; “I always say, if there came a point where I thought Canada really was Stephen Harper’s Canada … maybe I’d consider making Quebec a country. Oh yes. Absolutely. I know my values very well even if I no longer recognized Canada.”


There is even a story – recently removed from the Internet – where Justin Trudeau declared that if aliens came from outer space, they would have the same rights as human beings, and would be granted Canadian citizenship…

Now I’m sure that the puppeteers pulling the strings of Trudeau are in full spin control, teaching Justin how to correct his oopsys and explain that clearly each and every comment has been taken out of context or manipulated by the evil Right-Wing media in Canada – wait, we don’t have that option so much anymore – then it must be Stephen Harper’s fault for forcing Justin to speak this way.

He’s young… ish.

He’s hip… ish.

He’s trying to keep up with the success of Ben Mulroney, but he’s just going tp promise himself into a corner and ask every Canadian to Ben Dover.

On October 19th the Canadian public have made a choice, and I have a few words for voters in Canada… Cavete Emptor. Let the buyer beware!

(Geez, even Stephen Dion was elected!)


If being left-handed is now fully accepted by society, why is being right-wing politically still frowned up?


I am not just an urban daddy, I am “the” urban daddy. The one you enjoy reading about in private because you never comment, and hopefully one day we’ll get a chance to see me in person so I can thank you for the continued support and so you can see that I’m a pretty cool guy. I’m a husband and a father. I have opinions and I try to make my point(s) known without upsetting people. Truth be told, I detest confrontation. 

I’m also left-handed.

Growing up, being left-handed was… different. I couldn’t get anyone to teach me to tie my shoe laces until I was almost 7. I hold my pen / pencil oddly and I can throw a baseball with pinpoint accuracy.  I’m about as much of a lefty as one can be.  My left leg is my dominant leg, I use my right eye to look through holes even though I need to use my right hand to operate my mouse or a joystick from one of those old style video game machines.

When in University I embraced my left-ness and set up a club there for left-handed students. Received official club status, an office, some funding and we had a cause.  Did you know the left-handed seats are on the far left side of most lecture halls. Too bad if you want to sit in the middle or in the front, because if you do, you have to contort yourself awkwardly and write across your body.

Over the years, however, we, as lefties have adapted. We have become accustomed to using your right-handed scissors and we have gotten used to opening doors with our right hands. You wonder why lefties are more injury prone… That’s why.  We’re constantly going against the norms numerous times a day, each and every day.

So what’s up with the stigma of being right-wing in my political views???

That is still taboo… VERY taboo, actually.

Support Prime Minister Stephen Harper, or Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and you’re seen as satan. I suspect, folks on the left look at us as being far right extremists, who deny women their basic rights, hate homosexuals and want to send immigrants back to their “homes”. but that line of thought is as outdated at the one saying left-handedness is akin to being a devil worshipper.

Do I assume all left-wing supporters love unions… Well, yes, actually I do. You do, don’t you?

My view to the right has always been purely market driven. Business and wealth begets more wealth, and if you want to be wealthy – the American dream – you need to earn it! Educate yourself, create something, or earn it working one job, 2 jobs… Whatever it takes. No one is going to give it to you, so don’t expect it.  No jobs for life here.

As for the typical left-wing propaganda that right-wing political views favour “traditional” marriage, do not agree with homosexuality, or are pro-life only, etc. Who are I, to tell someone who they can or cannot marry and who they can and cannot love. Who created the concept of marriage anyways?!? and why do we all need to follow it?  When I wake up in the morning I look at my family and myself and I’m way to busy to care about what others do, a sentiment among my fellow right-wing supporters. 

So what I’m getting at, is that the view that every right-wing person is an extremist, hating on others, is outdated. It should be okay to have views that lean this way, much as we, as Canadians, have tolerated the left-wing view only life to become the norm. Professors in Universities, unions, CBC and the Toronto Star. All these media sources lean very far to the left and detest those on the right not for what is being discussed but for the fact the views are not left-wing.

I worked in a union for over 10 years. I get it. I see the way unions work – not the people themselves, but the big union machine, the way they get out the message, the us vs them mentality. I see the way the unions tried to hijack the Occupy movement in order to stay relevent. I see their threats to strike, to hold the city hostage to keep their way of thinking as if it’s the only one.  I’m a firm believer that union support and union backing turns workers in non-workers for fear that they work too hard and give their “brothers and sisters” a bad name.  It’s true, and it’s garbage.

Recently I came across some blogs based on local Toronto politics and as much as I enjoy reading them, I found the majority of the posts annoyed the crap out of me. Rob Ford this, Rob Ford that… He’s cutting stuff. He was going to cut stuff… He’s a liar… He’s fat… and so it goes on. This group talks about how easy it is to run a City the size of Toronto (errr, 7th largest City in North America, folks!) and they refer back to how gret David Miller was. When I mention how horrible I thought Miller was for Toronto, they gasp and look at me like… Like I’m left-handed and it’s 35 years ago.  Like I am asking for a left-handed desk in the front or middle of the lecture hall.

The war in Toronto against the unions is not a war on socialism and it comes as no surprise to those on the right that it was gearing up this way.  We saw it in Greece and we see it happening all over the world where someone has to pay for the benefits being handed out to the citizens and with government debts and deficits growing faster and faster, instead of foregoing those benefits there is some expectation that the “rich” or the businesses will come to the rescue with their hard-earned money.

In this case, I’m not asking all left-wing take-from-the-rich-and-give-to-the-poor sympathizers to agree that this option is no longer feasible but I am asking for them to come to the table and acknowledge this is actually a problem.  I would be curious to see what they feel is the answer.

You see when I stood in the middle of the University with a petition asking for some left-handed seats to be sprinkled in the midst of the sea of right-handed seats I received full-support from almost all left-handed students and upon explaining the issue – which almost all right-handed students were not aware of – I received a ton of support from them too.  All in all, over a week, I presented over 1200 signatures.

I think the right-handed students were shocked to believe that us lefties were cast to the side and not given any choices.  Much in the same way Toronto has allowed its views on politics to be governed by the left too much, not even considering that there is a view on the right.

So I take to my soapbox again, not with the view to change the world, but just to make Torontonians aware that the news in Toronto is VERY slanted to the left and as such don’t always believe what you read.  Keep an open mind…

Wacky, Wild, WTF Wednesday…

I think I need to get a whole lot of random stuff out of my brain and to do so I need to have a Wacky, Wild, WTF Wednesday.

Sit tight because here goes;

1) The absolute best album (do we still say that, or does that me sound old?) for 2010 and into 2011 has to be Slash. Song after song, person after person they get better and better and no matter how many times you listen to the songs, they never get old. But what I really like about it, is that the songs cover pretty much all music genres so some songs are played on contemporary music, while some on the hard rock stations.

2) For the first time in my life, I was driving beside an elderly woman on Allen Road yesterday who was – get this – plucking her chin hairs with tweezers and the sun visor down – mirror open – WHILE DRIVING!!!

3) Edge retired from the WWE on Monday night. A Toronto product and a year or two older than me, he was an awesome performer who overcame neck fusion surgery, a ruptured achilles and numerous other injuries to perform for all the WWE and wrestling fans. I have a tribute article going up on my sports blog; at some point soon.

4) I watched the Federal leaders debate last night on CP24 and I came away with the following thoughts and observations!

Why was TVO’s Steve Paikin facilitating the debate?

Why was Gilles Duiceppe there? He’s basically a provincial leader who doesn’t care about the country. He wants it to be broken apart. That’s along the lines of having Hamas run for the Israeli government… You know they want the country to be changed in both cases, Quebec without the violence…

Why wasn’t Elizabeth May of the Green Party there instead? She’s articulate and having another “leader” gang up on Prime Minister Harper would have been fun. Plus her platform, taken from the Marijuana party could attract more fringe votes and take away from the NDP.

Speaking of the NDP… Jack Layton was very smug – as usual – and had the quips coming each and every moment (hashtag fail… Really Jack?), but even he had to know before Michael Ignatief said so, that he has no chance of being elected, let alone leader of the opposition unless he forms a coalition with the Liberals. With that being said, why did he point out to the world that Ignatief had missed 70% of the federal votes in parliament? I didn’t know that. I wouldn’t my PM to be too busy to attend parliament, since that is what he would have been hired for. How he remains Liberal leader is beyond me – especially after the controversy over his poor / rich father.

And as for Iggy, I heard there were concerns about his out of control eyebrows, which frankly I didn’t even notice, and for a point in time during the debate I actually thought he was doing well, but then there were moments where he looked completely disinterested and I caught him flapping his arm in anticipation of speaking – but it looked really spasmodic.   I did give Iggy (the politician, not the Toronto Rock’s dumb mascot) major props for his comment to NDP leader Jack Layton which basically was Iggy’s verbal dismissal of Layton’s jokes when he told him that he neither was, nor would ever be the leader of the opposition… BURN.  Then in closing summation Iggy said to the camera, “Folks it really is a between us – the Liberals – and the Conservatives”.  BURN x2.

But it was Harper at the end who ruled the debate.  Yes I found his perfectly coiffed detachable silver dome – aka hair – scary and quite disturbing, and yes I found him always looking into the camera peculiar especially when the other leaders were talking to him. 
But when he closed by reiterating that Canada is the #1 nation heading out of the recession as a result of the Conservative government policies, seriously folks… He may look creepy, but at this point in time, we need his government and his policies in place to protect Canadians and Canadian interests around the world.  I actually thought the Harper Stare was starting to get to Iggy, almost like the WWE Star Undertaker does against his opponents…

I hope he gets as majority government, but he won’t.

Why dirty politics never works

I’m not going to surprise many people when I say that my political leanings are to the right – always have been.  My dad was PC and he always yelled at the TV in a right-leaning manner, how could I not pick it up.  However, it wasn’t until one day in my first year at University in my PolySci 101 class that someone asked me about my ideologies.  I had no idea what he meant.

No being afraid to admit when I have no clue, this guy and I went for coffee and talk about what really makes one a Liberal, a Socialist or a Conservative.  It was after that lunch that I realized I too was a Conservative, but a social one.  It was nice to finally have a place.

But what I really liked was politics as a whole.  I liked the campaigning, the strategy and the ability to garner votes from the public for taking a stand.  I continued in political science and math at University until switching over to Public Policy and Administration – which was the degree I graduated with.

I remember many a class speaking about election reform – how to win and lose elections and trying to defend my views in the institution of higher leaning which leaned very far to the left and probably still does.

So why the preamble?

Because I want to talk about diry politics.  I hate it.

I don’t want to turn on my TV and see each and every commercial an attack on the opposition.  It generates sympathy for them.  I mean it was the Conservatives who poked fun and then Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien’s bells palse which resulted in one side of his face being paralyzed.  I know all about that disaese as I had it in grade 5.  Point is, by poking fun at him, it helped him resonate with the general public and he played right into in.

So why then does every Tory ad have an attack on Michael Ignatief?  To be honest. I think by featuring him in the ads – he’s not a bad looking guy – they are in fact helping to build up his image to the undecided voters. 

Instead, the Conservatives need to just use the Liberal record Federally against them;


Red book

Ad Scam

National healthcare

and more recently the fact that Iggy and his big red machine (no dispespect Kane) have been all over Harper and the Conservatives for checking the facebook pages of those pre=registering for events.  Iggy said Harper should instead spend more time keeping an eye on his own staff.  Iggy kept this one alive for quite a few days, however, that was until today when someone running for a Liberal seat in Quebec was exposed as being a giant racist.  Now Iggy, to his credit, has said there is no room in the Liberal party for a racist and after the investigation – if true – will be turfed. 

This I commend.

But what this does tell me is that the leaders need to stop picking on each other and battle over the isses.  I mean, Iggy.  We’re not stupid.  The Conservative platform is not all about fighter jets an corporate tax cuts.  Just as your campaign cannot totally be about the “Family Plan”.  As a fan of politics and someone who saw your party wave about the red book and claim to kill the GST once elected, I see your plan, I read your plan but I don’t believe you can implement it.

And as for taxes, your strategist claimed that you would “for sure” be raising taxes.  You’ll also raise the Corporate Tax rate.  Have to make sure you get the people and the Corporations, eh?

So while I wait for a town hall in my area, I watch the TV and hope to see an ad that will put PM Harper in a positive light – mention the fact that Canada is the leading G7 country  coming out of the recession and who gets that praise?!?  Hello…

So please kids… Stop fighting and represent yourself properly!!!

While still talking politics, I had to reach out to the campaign crew of Karen Mock who is running for the Liberals in a riding just north of Toronto. It would appear that they are comfortable placing Karen’s signs on all the public land up and down Bathurst Street and around Highway 7.

I sent them a message asking them to take them down because 1) they look desperate (not enough door-to-door support that you need to place signs by the roads) and 2) public land is not where they should be littering with their signage. Put the signs on the lawns of your supporters, not on public space where everyone can see them. This decision was done in poor taste.

Let’s Set the Record Straight: I don’t hate Liberals or NDP and their supporters… I just don’t understand them!

I felt like I needed to get that out-of-the-way in the title, before starting my post with this additional disclaimer.  I don’t dislike or look down at poor people either.  I was one myself – sort of, as a child who asked for little and needed little.  I grew up in what I would call a middle class area in Toronto and it could have gone either way for me.  I went to good, not great schools and my interests growing up were certainly not school, but instead hockey, baseball, wallball and soccer.  If my parents had allowed me to drop out of school (like that was ever an option) to play sports, I would have done it in a heartbeat. 

But I didn’t.

And as I grew older and realized I knew people who were much better with money than me, and I knew people who were much worse, my life decisions were made.  Spend $20.00 on cigarettes to be cool, or get good grades to build a future for myself.  With the support of my parents and some really awesome – incredibly smart friends in high-school, I worked my ass off on my academics, kept my nose clean (very clean actually) and when I turned 14, I got a job in the summer so I could have spend money.

I worked all summer and made $200.00 which I used to purchase a refurbished ghetto blaster.  It was huge, black and had movable speakers.  It was awesome and I loved it.  But it also made me realize that I worked so hard the whole summer and within 5 minutes all that money was gone and if I wanted to get more, I would need to earn it.  

For the better part of the next 4 or 5 years my sister and I worked for North York Parks and Recreation – sometimes in 3 different facilities on weekends, in the summer and sometimes both.  At one point her and I worked all day during the week in the summer, and on evenings and weekends – we had 3 jobs – we made some good coin at $5.25/hour, and we learned it’s more fun to earn your money than to be given it in the form of say an allowance or a handout.

So there is the basis for what I’m about to say and how it relates to my frustration with voters in Toronto and the promises (handouts) being offered by the Liberals and NDP.  

 Now, please all you tree-hugging, left-wing “commie pinkos”, I’m not heartless.  I’m what you would call a social Conservative, much like the party in power, actually.  I do understand there are some legitimate reasons why people cannot work, I also know there are many illegitimate reasons why people choose not to work – those ones like to play the system.  I think those in need should 100% be supported by the rest of the citizens of this country, rich and not-so-rich alike, and yes they deserve our support.  No one likes to see people living on the street, just as no one likes to find out that the guy next door living on welfare has a bigger TV than you and takes more trips than you because he’s living of your sweat and blood.

I also like trees, a lot.  I think we need to keep the environment in check at all costs and we need parks and clean water and safe foods, as much as we need smaller, accountable government and to know that our tax dollars are going to help pay for roads, hospitals, social programs and to make our country safer and cleaner for us residents and for tourists.  I do not, however, think it is ever acceptable to get caught up in scams and schemes which use taxpayers money to allow non-arms length business interests to get rich.  The Liberal Ad Scam make me sick to my stomach.  George Smitherman and his reluctance to provide his donor list in the last municipal election proved – no so much in the facts as he has yet to produce his list – that Liberals feel they can run government in a much different manner than you or I would.

I think I saw a Liberal ad last night during the hockey game in which Michael Ignatief referred to the Liberals and being your Liberals, like family.  Really?  Yikes.  Much like the family I don’t already speak to, I don’t need that relative who is going to go though the drawers in my house looking for spare change to take and them blame it on the Conservatives…

Get my point.

Now I know if you are still reading you are either a Conservative and are nodding your head up and down, or you are a Liberal supporter and are cursing me under your breath.  I fell I need to provide examples of what I feel are dirty politics by the Liberals and NDP which go far beyond their massive egos which lead them to believe in the first place that we need yet another election because “Stephen Harper doesn’t treat Canada fairly”.  No, he doesn’t treat you fairly and there is no better ego fix for Iggy or one-liner Jack Layton that to be Prime Minister, or Deputy PM.  This is very much an ego-based election than it is one based on policies.

As a country heading out of the recession which began September 15th, 2008, Canada has received top marks for being one of the countries least affected.  I know being in the finance industry, that I saw the job losses, the bankruptcies and the reduction in hiring, but I have also seen the turnaround at a time when other countries are still wallowing in despair.  But the Liberals would have you believe that was a fluke and now, if you re-elect Stephen Harper and the Conservatives they are going to buy helicopters (or fighter jets) and have corporate tax cuts… Yeah, and?!?  If that is what is keeping Canada out of the recession – defense spending and allowing businesses to continue to operate, should we now decide that is bad?  I’m not sure I’m following Iggy’s logic.

I know, Iggy… Let’s follow the Liberal model and spend as much as we can to buy votes and not worry how we are going to pay for it.  Case in point, Universities are a provincial responsibility, yet just a day into the election, here is Iggy promising to give each student $1000.00 towards their education (hear Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty scratching his head?). 

Okay, so you want to pay off the university kids right, for the easy vote.  A vote for Iggy means a vote for lower tuition.  Good one.  I’m glad Universities make so much money that they can forego those funds.  Wait, they can’t.  So that money is going to come in the form of new taxes.  Thanks Iggy.  I know tuition is out of control, trust me.  I worked all summer while in University to pay for my tuition when it cost me $3000-4000 for the year.  It’s higher than that now, but when I was working minimum wage was $5.35, now it’s $10.25 in Ontario – thank you again Dalton. 

So when I received my spring newsletter from my MPP, who turns out to be Dr. Eric Hoskins, (who knew since I’ve lived here for almost a year and didn’t know he was the MPP – but I guess in times of election, it’s time to show off your pictures in the neighbourhood helping out and of you with your fellow Libs), I wanted to see what platform he was standing on.  Fortunately for this post, our MP, Dr. Carolyn Bennett also crept out of the woodwork.  Her claim to fame was a private members bill to prevent the killing of the long-form census… Oh yes. 

So I decided to take a peek into these beautiful newsletters to see what the good doctors was doing for the folks in my ward, an ethnic part of Toronto which contains an affluent area and some pretty run down areas. 

Here is why – as a member of the workforce since I was 14, I will not be voting Liberal;

Under the section entitled “Tax cuts, Benefits and Tax Credits Working For You” I found;

  • The Libs permanently cut taxes for 93% of Ontarians (I am disregarding this since I vote for the person, not the party.  With no supporting figures to support this claim, I choose to ignore it and look for the footnote instead).
  • Eliminated income taxes altogether for 90,000 lower-income people (Wouldn’t lower-income people pay less taxes anyways?)
  • The Ontario Clean Energy Benefit lowers our hydro bill by 10% every month for the next 5 years (maybe to offset the disaster that was the Clean energy act and smart meters).
  • Increased the child benefit by $1000… For low-income families (I’m okay with this but have always wondered how to be sure this credit gets spent on the kids?  Make it payable to a day care or for a live-in caregiver?)
  • Introduced a permanent sales tax credit… For low-income families (in what form?)
  • Introduced a property tax credit and energy tax credit… For low-income families
  • and paying my family $1000 because they feel guilty that they put in the HST.

So moral of this story… The Liberals want low-income families to feel welcomed in Ontario.   They obviously feel that the middle and upper-middle class can fend for themselves.  You know that group, right… The group who work long hours – usually both parents, hire caregivers, send their kids to programs, private schools or after school programs, buy clothing and accessories for their kids, and for themselves, and who visit attraction in Ontario, eat out, volunteer their time and give to charity, you know the ones who, in a nutshell, stimulate the local economy due to their disposable income.  The message from the Liberals… We’ll help you, but you must be poor.  Frankly, I appreciate the efforts here, really I do, but I expected that from the NDP.

I guess when you aim your campaign against the Conservatives being for big business and for the “rich” you can’t put anything in your platform to assist the middle class or upper-middle class.  They, who are you elected officials, making over $100,000 per year must be able to go it alone if you vote for the Liberals.  Raise your families, stimulate the economy AND help the lower-middle class and lower-class. 

A vote for the Liberals is a burden to anyone who has worked hard to further themselves and their families.  Seriously… Why try?  Find a job working for cash, and live off the handouts.  Where is the incentive?  

At least the party that gave us George Smitherman (where is your donor list George?) and the eHealth scandal is not afraid to come forward and talk about their spend-first, tax later campaign against the middle class.

Federally, all the Liberals are doing is complaining that Stephen Harper, if given a majority government, will suddenly switch his agenda from that of leader of this country – steering us out of a recession, to Stephen Harper, the man who will waste money on helicopters and corporate tax cuts… Yeah, right Iggy.  That’s it… You believe that, because no one else does, or at least anyone educated doesn’t believe that, and I’m sure people who do believe it can be bought with fancy credits.

So what else have the Libs taken credit for?

  • That 200,000 more students are attending college, university or learning a trade
  • that they’ve increased graduate spaces
  • Capped tuition fees
  • Invested $6.2 billion dollars in higher education (umm, we’re in a recession guys)
  • recovering 91% of jobs lost in Ontario during the 2009 recession comparing that total to the 12% recovered in the US
  • They created a tax reform plan.  I love plans!
  • Invested $10.8 billion in transit since 2003 (cause that makes it look better)
  • Established Metrolinx
  • Committed $8 billion to Transit City
  • Committed $11.5 billion to a $52 billion dollar project in Toronto and Hamilton for more rapid transit.
  • Reduced crime by 17% since 2003.
  • Ensured safe drinking water and resurrected the dead.

Wow.  A lot of claims, commitments and a LOT of spending!  No worries about raising the deficit to stay in power, eh?

I’m just concerned that Ontario will do what Ontario likes to do and that is vote Liberal regardless of the policies or the parachuted candidates dropped into ridings by Iggy and friends.  Paul Martin, Jean Chretien were the same.  Stephane Dion was… Let’s not go there.  Bob Rae, they are all the same.   They are political celebrities who are above you and you should know that.  They make the bucks but criticize the Conservatives for wanting to allow people to make a living.   They want you to put them in power so they can run the country for their egos, not because they have a special policy or idea.  Ask Iggy or Jack Layton – all quips aside – what they would do different to steer Canada away from the recession and they’ll tell you Stephen Harper wants to but helicopters.  They won’t tell you that deep down inside they know that giving tax cuts and tax credits to people means either a giant deficit or higher taxes.  The can’t tell you that because who the hell would vote for that? 

They won’t comment to you that Stephen Harper also promised money to help students pay for their post-secondary education – but only after the debt is paid off because that is fiscally responsible.  As a person who has NEVER charged a single purchase on my credit card that I did not have the money in my bank account to pay for, I don’t understand the Liberals being okay with adding and adding to the debt and deficit and paying millions of dollars in interest.  What a waste.  Stop cutting taxes, stop giving credits, pay off the debt and deficit, then use the money that was paying down the debt to pay for social programs or to provide cuts for the poor. 

I guess I would be asking for too much. 

It just irks me that I try to keep my expenses to a minimum and being fiscally responsible in my house but come election time people vote Liberal without a hint of what the Liberals will do once in power, which always results in a raise in taxes (hello, HST!!!).

So please, read the literature that comes in and don’t believe the big red Liberal machine.  Ask questions, call your MP and MPP on their claims and see what they really stand for.  Is it you and your riding or is it about them getting elected?