Thursday Thirteen – TV Time!

Thirteen TV shows that my wife will absolutely not watch;

The Weather Network
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1. The Weather Network – “If you want to see the weather, go outside”.

2. Reality TV – “It’s stupid because it’s not real, it’s scripted”.

3. Soap Opera’s – “They’re stupid too”.  

4. Sports

5. News – “Why watch it when you can live it”.

6. Scary TV – like those shows where there are dead people eating other dead people and it looks like a poorly dressed zombie eating a very rare piece of meat.

7. Music videos – no Much Music, no MTV, no music TV stations.

8. Food network – “I’d rather cook than watch someone else cook”.

9. Parades – She wouldn’t get caught dead watching those…

10. Wrestling – “No comment, but wrestling is stupid”.

11. Award Shows – No Grammies, no Oscars, no Golden Globes… No red carpets, nothing.   

12. Anything we have to pay for (aside from actual cable) like PPV – “We pay enough for TV without having to pay more for shows”.

13. The SyFy channel – Not surprising since this girl has only seen one Star Wars movie – GASP.  I know!

So if I want to watch any of these I’m watching them alone.

What stations are you addicted to and which would you remove from your TV if you could?