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What is on your radar?

Here are some items on my radar right now which may or may not make their way into a real blog post down the road;

1. I understand there was a shooting at the Caribbean Carnival (formerly Caribana). Some idiot shot one of the dancers then fired into the crowd while ignoring the police telling him to drop his gun so they shot him.


I think he set back the carnival 10 years.

I’m not sure if the police killed him or not, but if they didn’t he should pay the organizers a lot of money for ruining what looked like a great event.

2. Rob Ford went to this event. He didn’t go to the Gay Pride parade but he came here. Oh boy… This is going to be a wonderful Ford-bashing week by the lefties.

3. Roberto Alomar was elected into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame last weekend and today in Toronto at the Blue Jays game the team held an on-field celebration to honour him.  I remember Alomar for the game-tying home run in the playoffs off of Oakland A’s ace relief pitcher and a player I detested growing up, Dennis Eckersly. I also remember Alomar for spitting in the face of an umpire. What I didn’t remember was that he was only a Blue Jay for 5 years. I thought it was much longer and when I searched his stats on the net I was surprised to know that he played for the Orioles for 4 years with Cal Ripken Jr, and then with the Indians, Mets, White Sox and finally retiring after signing with the D’Bax. I knew he came from the Padres to the Jays but the rest I could not recall. Odd.

4. Is it just me or do watermelons suck this year? I recall reading and blogging about a field of exploding watermelons from China – the result of too much water and genetically modified melons with thinner rinds – and I think about every melon we’ve had this year which has been over ripe and lacking of any real flavour. Maybe the melon farmers should go back to the real melon seeds and sell a tasty product and not mass produce garbage.

If I took back every crappy melon to the store I bought it, I would not have paid for any this year.

5.  Hey, look at that!  It’s August 1st today, and that means we’re in the stretch run for back to school… Already. Man do Toronto summers go fast, especially when the first month is all rain, and the previous month no rain and a ton of heat. 

With the fall coming that tells me it’s time for;

  • vacation
  • taking the kids apple picking
  • taking the family to see beautiful fall colours
  • back to school shopping
  • the CNE!

6.  In what I feel is a mistake that could happen in Toronto if the “Downtown Elite” got their way, the President of the US agreed to raise the debt ceiling for the states.  What that means???  It means they are prepared to take on more debt without going bankrupt.  This ostrich like behaviour is going to come back and bite them in the ass big time and will for sure prolong the recession. 

Until both the republicans and the democrats agree that lavish spending and ridiculous compensation for CEO’s and professional athletes are brought back down to earth, the recession will not end.  Since a recession is essentially a view of public confidence in the economy the government has to appear to be doing something to equal the playing field before we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Case in point… HSBC.  Last week they cut 10,000 jobs, and this week 25,000 more.  I can’t see a company as well run as that shedding 35,000 jobs and then suffering, so that tells me they have 35,000 more positions than they needed.  WOW.  That’s a huge hit to the workforce no matter where the jobs are located.  And this is just one example.

7.   Ford recalled 1 million trucks due to faulty gas tanks and socialists everywhere are prepared to descend on Toronto City Hall looking to blame either Rob or Doug…

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Wacky, Wild, WTF Wednesday…

I think I need to get a whole lot of random stuff out of my brain and to do so I need to have a Wacky, Wild, WTF Wednesday.

Sit tight because here goes;

1) The absolute best album (do we still say that, or does that me sound old?) for 2010 and into 2011 has to be Slash. Song after song, person after person they get better and better and no matter how many times you listen to the songs, they never get old. But what I really like about it, is that the songs cover pretty much all music genres so some songs are played on contemporary music, while some on the hard rock stations.

2) For the first time in my life, I was driving beside an elderly woman on Allen Road yesterday who was – get this – plucking her chin hairs with tweezers and the sun visor down – mirror open – WHILE DRIVING!!!

3) Edge retired from the WWE on Monday night. A Toronto product and a year or two older than me, he was an awesome performer who overcame neck fusion surgery, a ruptured achilles and numerous other injuries to perform for all the WWE and wrestling fans. I have a tribute article going up on my sports blog; at some point soon.

4) I watched the Federal leaders debate last night on CP24 and I came away with the following thoughts and observations!

Why was TVO’s Steve Paikin facilitating the debate?

Why was Gilles Duiceppe there? He’s basically a provincial leader who doesn’t care about the country. He wants it to be broken apart. That’s along the lines of having Hamas run for the Israeli government… You know they want the country to be changed in both cases, Quebec without the violence…

Why wasn’t Elizabeth May of the Green Party there instead? She’s articulate and having another “leader” gang up on Prime Minister Harper would have been fun. Plus her platform, taken from the Marijuana party could attract more fringe votes and take away from the NDP.

Speaking of the NDP… Jack Layton was very smug – as usual – and had the quips coming each and every moment (hashtag fail… Really Jack?), but even he had to know before Michael Ignatief said so, that he has no chance of being elected, let alone leader of the opposition unless he forms a coalition with the Liberals. With that being said, why did he point out to the world that Ignatief had missed 70% of the federal votes in parliament? I didn’t know that. I wouldn’t my PM to be too busy to attend parliament, since that is what he would have been hired for. How he remains Liberal leader is beyond me – especially after the controversy over his poor / rich father.

And as for Iggy, I heard there were concerns about his out of control eyebrows, which frankly I didn’t even notice, and for a point in time during the debate I actually thought he was doing well, but then there were moments where he looked completely disinterested and I caught him flapping his arm in anticipation of speaking – but it looked really spasmodic.   I did give Iggy (the politician, not the Toronto Rock’s dumb mascot) major props for his comment to NDP leader Jack Layton which basically was Iggy’s verbal dismissal of Layton’s jokes when he told him that he neither was, nor would ever be the leader of the opposition… BURN.  Then in closing summation Iggy said to the camera, “Folks it really is a between us – the Liberals – and the Conservatives”.  BURN x2.

But it was Harper at the end who ruled the debate.  Yes I found his perfectly coiffed detachable silver dome – aka hair – scary and quite disturbing, and yes I found him always looking into the camera peculiar especially when the other leaders were talking to him. 
But when he closed by reiterating that Canada is the #1 nation heading out of the recession as a result of the Conservative government policies, seriously folks… He may look creepy, but at this point in time, we need his government and his policies in place to protect Canadians and Canadian interests around the world.  I actually thought the Harper Stare was starting to get to Iggy, almost like the WWE Star Undertaker does against his opponents…

I hope he gets as majority government, but he won’t.

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Punish the naughty ones…

Time to right some wrongs…

Recessions are a good time to remember those who have been greedy and make sure when the economy picks up and we have more disposable income that we use it to boycott those who have committed the worst sins.

Ford Motor Car Company CEO took a pay cut… to $13 million dollars a year.
AIG – 15 employees returning their bonuses – $50 million dollars worth – too little too late.

Fox News – some dickhead named Greg Gutfeld joked that now would be a good time to invade Canada, “Isn’t this the perfect time to invade this ridiculous country?  They have no army”.  This as Canadians are mourning the loss of 4 soldiers while fighting the Americans war.  Classless.  Ummm, Greg Gutless… We don’t need to spend trillions of dollars on weapons to invade other countries… We use that money on our citizens for health care…

Ticketmaster(baters) – gauging and scamming their way to huge profits.

Garth Drabinsky and Myron Gottlieb – caught cooking the books of Livent.  Caught when their greed forced Livent into bankruptcy.  All they had to do was dig into their enormous health to prop up the company that got them rich and employed many.  Dumb.

Alex Rodriguez – NYY 3rd basement – arrogant, took (takes) steroids, sleeps with hookers… Classy guy.  Real role model worth $200 million dollars.

The Ontario government for deciding to merge the GST and PST July 1st, 2010 which will add PST to many things which were PST exempt.  Sure the extra 8% should be slapped on fast food, but there was a fear that feminine hygiene products, diapers and books, child car seats and other previously PST exempt items will no longer be.  If your family makes under $160,000 a year, you’ll be getting $1000 3 times a year.  But still… An 8% tax increase, during a recession, from a Premier who promised no new taxes… Can’t wait for the new PC leader to be determined!!!

Chipper Jones – A baseball player of all kinds of people – trashes Toronto, after saying it sure isn’t Las Vegas.  He said in an interview that he was so bored he was plucking his eyebrows.  Ummm, so sorry Chipper… Can I call you Chipper… Did your parents really name you that or have you dropped the word, “wood” from before your name because you’re as dumb as a tree.  On behalf of Torontonians I want to apologize to you, Chipper, for our safe, cultured, sophisticated city being too boring for a tobacco chewing, crotch grabbing , spitting guy who wears tight pants and plays baseball for a living.  Maybe… Chipper… Toronto should invest in a swamp, so you’ll feel more like home – in Florida, or… To make you feel more at home in Atlanta, when you play baseball, we can get some local youth gangs to shoot at you from the moment you get off a plane to the time you get back on.

Or better… Chipper… Don’t fucking come back!  Asshole!

Who makes your list?

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What do you think about my views on the recession?

I’m trying to make my blog more interactive and force you to type a comment… Not that I write for comments, but that little chart that tells me I have 20-30 views per day means I either have a stalker (see government, lol) or people come by, read my post, say “geez, why do I come here?” then leave.  I’m not really trying to figure that out… today, but I do have a post that requires participation.

My previous 2 posts requiring participation – my coffee ranking post and the one before this one on my TV pet peeve, actually generated quite a lot of discussion – more email than posting however.

My discussion this time is about the recession and where the wealth lies.

Every get that feeling – around pay day – that you are not making as much money as you think you deserve?  If you had more money you would help others, pay down debt, buy a new house, get nicer clothes, maybe even go out more or on more vacations…

So what do people with all that money do???

Let’s look at two types of wealth; The generation who have money as a result of their parents wealth, and the wealth shoved down the throat of the North American population – glorified on TV on shows like Cribs and flaunted in the news all the time – that of the celebrity, or sports figure who grew up poor but upon hitting it big are given gobs of money with no idea what to do with it.

Unfortunately, those with the second generation wealth have been taught by their parents and financial advisers how to invest money, how not to flaunt, and by virtue of where they live and people they grew up with, they are both fiscally responsible and have money put away for times of recession, like now.   These people check their dollars in recession, and look at ways to make money by buying items like houses and stocks while the market is low.  They have lost money in the recession but also take advantage of the suffering economy to expand their wealth when the economy picks up.

Now, the athletes and celebs… They are given tons of money and they hire financial advisors to look after their money.  They too feel the pinch when the economy goes south but when you look at them on TV, or read about them in the news relating to their finances, it is usually of 2 extremes; the one extreme is the 19 year old athlete who even though there is a refcession is going out and buying houses and cars and having parties because, well, they have money and they think it’s going to last forever.    Or, you have the celeb, who is forced to sell a house or something of value because they ran into financial trouble – like failing to pay income tax or living too high off the land and are shocked when the flow of money dries up that they are affected. 

This brings me to my belief for this recession… I feel that recessions are necessary – to bring the economy back into check after years of greed.  Million dollar bonuses to CEO’s of companies losing billion of dollars, Scumbags like Bernie Madoff who create scams to bilke people of of billions of dollars so that he and his family can live like royalty.  Athletes like Manny Ramierez who refused to sign a 2 year contract with the LA Dodgers because $47 million dollars was not enough…  He “settled” for $45 million.  Geez.

While you and I plan, budget and watch everything we spend, others are being given and take huge amounts of money and are being glorified for it.  When was the last time you saw a TV show called, “fiscally responsible”?  No one from MTV wants to come see my house?  Yours?

There are TV shows for people who are in huge debt and we watch them and shake our heads in disbelief… idiots.  We watch the TV shows about the 13 year old girls getting $50,000 sweet 16 parties and we wish that was us.  It will never be us, but there are some people, probably many people who strive to have that kind of wealth and do whatever it takes to accumulate it.  That means selling drugs, lying, cheating and stealing.  Seriously.  And once people with money get more and more to those who are not deserving of that wealth, or are not fiscally responsible with it, then you see more and more bankruptcies, or stories about the rich and famous suffering financial hardship.  And quite frankly, it’s recessionary times like these that we look at them and scoff and laugh at their misfortune.  I know if I had $25 million dollars I would have done a better job managing it.  Less flaunt, more sustaining. 

After all, once this recession ends, I still want to have what we had before… Don’t you?

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Recession Talk – GM

Recession talk.  Why I believe we should allow these auto-firms to implode and start from scratch.  Not just million dollar bonuses, but in excess of 10 million dollar bonuses are insane and I believe that any of these firms that have bonuses in that amount and a firm winds up in financial trouble should result in that money being forced to be paid back and, assets seized and that CEO sent to jail.  It’s criminal and we sit and accept it.  Abuses like that, much like a professional baseball player seeking over $20 million dollars a year, are just plane stupid. 
Do these CEO’s think we are stupid?  They must.  The problem is that unions have been forcing wages higher and now untrained auto workers will never be able to accept working for less than $70/hour and will never find acceptable work should their industry collapse – as it should.  Politicians don’t have the balls to put these dinosaurs away. 
In the rest of the business world, if a company offering a product or service is over-priced, what happens… No one uses their product / service, sales go down and the business shuts down.  Same for employees.  If an employee demands too much money and the business is no longer making money, then that employee gets laid off.  Why should a business owner, like GM, or Chrysler, or Mom and Pop corner shop have a gun held to their head by an employee saying, if you don’t pay me X amount of money I will withhold my services, regardless of the fact that business is suffering and may be forced to shut down.  That employee should be thankful for a job, period.  That being said, if at the same time the operators of the shop are taking millions of dollars from the business, that too should be policed. 

Conclusion: Unions back away to keep the business running and some of your members employed…  CEO’s stop taking bonuses while crying about the suffering in your industry.  That is enough reason for me to never buy your product…     

Here is the article…

Big Three Auto Execs Flew in Luxury Jets to Seek Multibillion-Dollar Bailout
Wednesday, November 19, 2008
The CEOs of the Big Three automakers reportedly flew private luxury jets to Washington to plead for a $25 billion taxpayer bailout to save their debt-ridden industry — ringing up tens of thousands in charges even as they cried poverty.
Recipients of eight-figure bonuses in 2007, the corporate cowboys used their executive perks — which for GM’s Rick Wagoner include the run of a $36 million Gulfstream IV jet — to arrive in style as they went begging before Congress.
Wagoner, whose flight reportedly cost $20,000 round-trip — about 70 times more than a commercial airline ticket — told Congress he expected about $10-$12 billion from the requested bailout.
“This is a slap in the face of taxpayers,” Tom Schatz, president of Citizens Against Government Waste, told ABC News. “To come to Washington on a corporate jet, and asking for a handout is outrageous.”