Thursday Thirteen: 13 Hilarious Search Terms…

After reading this post below at That’s What Anxious Mom Said, I felt compelled to add my own list below.

Some odd people visit my blog, and I don’t just mean those of you who pop in on a regular basis. More often that not, the terms search terms WordPress shows me that people used to get to this blog are fairly unusual. Sometimes they’re downright creepy. (Thank god I can’t see them all, or […]

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Here are the most recent hilarious search terms which brought visitors – maybe even you – to my blog;

  1. Belinda Stronach is married to Han Solo

  2. Michael Jackson’s favourite Starbucks drink

  3. I called my kid a dumbass

  4. My Dad called me an asshole

  5. Our nanny is pregnant!

  6. How to pay a nanny under the table

  7. How tall is Todd Talbot

  8. Santa Claus porn (ugh)

  9. What is one-month after Valentines Day called

  10. Where does Belgium border Canada?

  11. My Dad called me a dumbass

  12. My son is a dumbass

  13. My daughter is a dumbass


And so much more…

It would appear that in the past month, my posts about calling your child a dumbass, my interview with Todd Talbot and my writing on the Canadian Live-In Caregiver Program have been the most active.

I’ll have to re-visit this again next month, but excuse me while I cross the border into Belgium…




Taking a closer look at employing live-in caregivers, in Ontario. Their rights.

I received this great comment, which I didn’t want lost in my comment section and I felt was worthy of its own post.

I’m going to re-post it I’ve cleaned it up just a little bit.  
In case there are any nannies coming to this page who are being mistreated, here is some information about [their] rights. In Ontario, your work relationship is covered by the Employment Standards Act. This means that the parts of the Employment Standards Act relating to hours of work, breaks, overtime pay and termination pay apply to you. If your rights under the Employment Standards Act have been breached, you can file a claim for compensation.

For more information about the employment standards act, check out this website:

For information about filing a claim;

If you think your human rights have been violated, for example, you were terminated or harassed because you became pregnant or took a maternity leave or you were harassed or terminated because of a disability, you may have recourse under the human rights code.

For information about filing a human rights claim in Ontario, check if you call the number for the hrlsc you can call the intake line and get a sense of what assistance the hrlsc might be able to provide for you. Services can range from legal advise to representation at a mediation session or at a hearing.

I think the one thing that needs to be perfectly clear here is that in Canada, especially here in Ontario, no employee deserves to be treated poorly, and I think there is some misinformation about employing live-in caregivers as a result of the stories about how poorly they are treated in other countries, like Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia.  But let’s remember that as Canadians, we are better than that and respect that there are people coming to Canada to work and raise our children and look after the sick and the aged.  They deserve to be treated as any other employee would and as you would want to be treated if you were in their situation.

I’ll never forget a conversation my wife and I had with a former neighbour who was looking for a nanny.  She had terminated the employment of her previous one because she was unwilling to help out in the middle of the night when their newborn woke up and this caregiver wanted to go out on weeknights.  When my wife snapped at her that they are employees, not prisoners, the woman seemed surprised.  Needless to say, she never spoke to us again.,,

I want to thank the sender of this comment and if she would like to comment on this post with her information, I’d be more than happy to edit this post and include her details, if necessary.

Thursday Thirteen

This week’s Thursday Thirteen covers 13 things that puzzle me…

13. Near death brain issues aside, when did Poison lead singer Bret Michaels go from hair band singer to “reality show star”.

What’s up with that?!?

12. You Tube gets 2 billion hits a day. Yes, that’s billion with a “b”.
I can’t think of anything I would want to (or need) to watch right now that would require me to run to You Tube… Then again, maybe I’m just showing my age…

11. Ronnie James Dio has died of stomach cancer, or maybe not, or yes he did… Damn internet. Best known for… Well what was he known for. I’m going to have to google him. Hold on…

Ronald James Padavona was born in Portsmouth, N.H., and grew up in Cortland, N.Y. He took his stage name in tribute to the gangster Johnny Dio, and he began his career in rockabilly bands in the late 1950s. By the early 1970s his group Elf became a regular opening act for the British band Deep Purple, and Mr. Dio gained his first wide exposure when Ritchie Blackmore, Deep Purple’s guitarist, recruited him in 1975 to sing for his new band, Rainbow.

When Ozzy Osbourne was fired from Black Sabbath in 1979, Mr. Dio replaced him, staying until 1982. By then he had his own group, Dio. Its first album, “Holy Diver,” was released in 1983, and its cover art was typical of the band’s style, with a cartoonish painting of a red-eyed demon whipping a drowning priest with a chain. In various lineup configurations, Dio released material into the mid-2000s.

Mr. Dio briefly rejoined Black Sabbath in the early 1990s, singing on its 1992 album “Dehumanizer,” and in 2006 he began playing again with members of that band, naming the group Heaven and Hell after the title of the first Black Sabbath album on which he had appeared. Heaven and Hell toured widely and released one album, “The Devil You Know,” in 2009.

here you go.

Who knew…

Well, the New York Times, of course…


This article states that eating burgers and fries may worsen asthma… And I say, No shit! It also makes you fat and fucks with your cholesterol and blood pressure with make it harder for you to function as a human being which may… get this… cause asthma to worsen. See, I’m a scientist… 🙂

9. Article posted on states that ADHD in kids is as a result of pesticides.

So how does that explain my generation?!? But read the article. You’ll see that these pesticides were originally created to be used in chemical warfare… Nice!


Under the department of stupidity, a Toronto woman in her 30’s is suing Roger’s after they included her cell phone bill into the billings for her family. The problem for her occurred when her husband found that she had a cell phone plan under her maiden name and she was making hour-long calls to her lover, a father of 3 kids. The husband walked out on her and their 2 kids, and the ex-lover allegedly managed to get her password from Rogers too and used it to taunt the husband and harass her.

So what does this tell us kiddies?!? Don’t be stupid!!!

7. John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston have been busy, eh? Turns out the couple are expecting a baby in about 6 months. Travolta, 57 and Preston 47 are old. Hope the pregnancy is an easy one for this celeb super-couple.

6. The “other” Elvis… The sucky one, Elvis Costello pulled out of a concert scheduled in Israel because he felt that going there may result in him making a political statement. Actually, I think him not going is making a political statement. And quite seriously, “Elvis”, if you think by not going the conflict is going to be resolved you really do believe that Elvis moniker.

Admit it dude. You backed out because no body cares about your music. I sure as hell can’t name one song of yours and going forward – the only reason I even know you exist is because you are married to Canadian singer Diana Krall.  There is only one Elvis and it ain’t you. Can you believe this guy has released over 40 albums…

5.  Facebook is being banned in Pakistan indefinitely as a result of a “draw Mohammed day”.

I get the point behind this event, because devout Muslims can’t keep killing people who depict Mohammed in a drawing but having this event goes in the face of being culturally sensitive. We know it’s an issue as a people but I don’t think doing this is very nice.


The headline says it all. In Japan, an “I Fairy” robot married a couple the other day…

Yeah… The end of the world just got closer…

3. I guess my wife was right all along…

Multi-tasking makes you less efficient. Oops…

2.  Saw 30 seconds of that show “Super Nanny” tonight and in it a mother punishes her son by squirting liquid soap into his mouth.  The boy calmly takes it…  Can you say parents out of control?  Granted I did not catch the entire episode, but the boy looked like this was a regular occurence.  Disgusting!

1.  Grey’s Anatomy… So violent… So shocking…  I’m speachless.

I guess the secret is out…

Looks like my big secret is no longer a secret.  I’ve been outed, or rather we’ve been outed, by no one other than my own wife… UrbanMummy (UM for short).

If you pop over to her wonderful blog,, you will be able to read her tale of the amnio appointment she had Monday of this week – the pain from the needle an the stress her (and I) had prior to this procedure.  Not only are we both uneasy about needles, but the thought of checking for genetic defects in our unborn child makes so much sense but also could result in real decision being made soon there after.

She was so brave.

I am SO proud of her.


So yes, we are pregnant.

And the genetic tests came back normal.  WHEW.

Baby #3 is due on what would have been my parents anniversary, November 28th.  My father passed away in 2002.  Stewie, #2, his Hebrew name, is named after my Dad.  He would have been so proud…

Can you smell that too??? It’s summer and Toronto stinks… Why?!? And how about the CNE??

I can smell it, can you? I am born and raised in this City and I have never, ever had to encounter this type of smell before…

Maybe it’s just a Toronto thing, maybe not. Maybe it’s a global thing, maybe not, but for the past couple weeks, when I walk from the house to the subway, I get overwhelmed with this horrible smell of what I assume is garbage.

It’s really horrible. I have actually had to hold my breath for prolonged periods while walking.

I thought to post as maybe some of the local Toronto bloggers may be finding the same problem – at which point I can reach out to my City Councillor, Karen Stintz, to see waht the City is planning to do about it, or maybe other bloggers are finding the same thing and that would help confirm it’s an environment thing…

I have tried different routes to the subway, walked to the office directly, even checked my clothes and my bag to see if they (or me) is the offending party but everything checks out.


And on a side note…

Who has gone to the CNE this year?

I really wanted to get out to the EX this year – I like the EX. As a kid I used to go down every year with my family including my gradparets. My grandfather was a wiz on the game where you have to drop a ring onto a coke bottle. He was so good at it, that when we met them down there, they always had the huge animals in their arms and eventually he was banned from the game. While I hated the buildings and never got to go on the rides, I loved the end of summer ritual which included the food building and many givaways.

I worry that UrbanMummy and Linus would get bored being down there – him at almost 2 years old and her 7 1/2 months pregnant – but on the plus side, I can for sure dominate the “Whack-a-mole” game and bring home some toys. I can win EVERY time!!! Unless the game is fixed – and they usually are at the CNE, but once I find the one that works, I win every time.

This is the same reason we didn’t make it to the zoo this summer. 😦

Is it worth going to the CNE? Or will I be okay to miss it?