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What to do if you Witness an Accident in Toronto?

I had a very interesting day yesterday and I’m left wondering what to do with the information I have about an accident I witnessed yesterday afternoon.

I was on my way back from a visit with my friends at Creative Hockey Development who had their March Break camp at Chesswood Arena, and on my way to pick up my two oldest children from their day at The Monkey Vault.

I was driving South on Keele Street in the left-lane, and just approaching the traffic light just north of the 401 (south of Wilson Avenue) when the light turned amber.  There was a car in front of me, so I took my foot off the gas, and began to brake.

At the moment that I began to brake, the car beside me and a bit behind me, in the middle lane slammed his foot on the gas and accelerated towards the intersection.

As I was the second car in line, when I heard the acceleration, I looked up towards the intersection to see that the light was red, and there was a car turning left (heading West) crossing in front, and then I saw the car beside me enter the intersection and hit the car making the turn.

Fortunately, the car making the turn was aware enough to turn away from the car, limiting the impact to the drivers side door such that both cars ended up facing almost southbound, side-by-side.

They both popped out of their cars and looked at the damage – thankfully.

I couldn’t stop in the middle of the intersection, but I felt that the poor driver making the turn would be charged, when it was totally the car beside me who was at fault.

I circled trying to get close enough to hand my car to the driver who was hit, but by the time I made it near, tow trucks were already moving the cars.

I looked online and much of the information relates to hit-and-run accidents, which this was not.

In those cases, it is recommended to provide police with as much information as possible, including:

  • Your name, address and contact details
  • Time and place of the hit and run incident
  • Licence plate number of the fleeing vehicle
  • Vehicle description (colour, make & model)
  • Driver’s description
  • Description of what I saw.


Undaunted, I found this information from an article by the Globe and Mail;

Constable Melissa Wutke, with B.C. RCMP traffic services recommends, “If you witness an accident – and don’t just see the aftermath – you have to call police to tell them what you saw.  If you pull over immediately to report this collision, it is appropriate to dial 911. If it is hours after the collision and you call once you are at your destination, please use the non-emergency line to the police department nearest to where the collision occurred.”

So I will gather my information and provide it 12 Division and see what happens…

What would you have done?

Maybe a better question, what would you want others to have done if you were the car that was hit?

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When you type this into your iphone email: “I’ll let you knowcloser to the date”, your phone automatically corrects it to this: “I’ll let you know loser…”

That’s a good typo to catch!

Speaking of auto-correct… I like typing the word “Oy”, as in “Oy Vey”, but everytime I type “Oy”, it gets corrected to “it”.  I really need to figure out the override on this thing, eh?


I’ve become folic-ly challenged – not surprising since I’ve heard that your hairline is determined by your mother’s father’s hairline and my grandfather was bald for as long as I can remember.

Long lost are the days of the mullet, and the crazy dark black, wavy hair. My kids never got to see that hair, but my oldest son, Linus, inserted this comment into a discussion about my hair recently:

“You’re a little bald like the ocean is a little wet!”

After realizing my mouth was wide open – not because I was upset at all – but because I was amazed and impressed with the analogy.  He’s awesome!



A couple of weeks ago there was a Toronto Police officer in his cool grey police car sitting at the end of the street where my daughter attends school because there are a whole bunch of cars who go the wrong way on this one way street.

In typical Toronto police fashion, the officer was talking to everyone who passed by, offered to answer questions and in typical Boo fashion my daughter was dying to meet the officer. After a quick meet and greet he let her sit in the car (in the front, not the back) and she was just beaming.

She wanted to take the car for a spin which he wisely declined…

There is no better way to remind children that the police are here to “Serve and Protect” than through public relations like that, unless you count last night when two mounted officers walked by our house and stopped when my kids came flying out of the house to say hello.

The officers spent a good 5-minutes with the kids, talked about safety in the area and my kids explained how their presence slowed down the traffic on our street especially at a particular stop sign close to our house where 90% of the cars barely do a rolling stop.

We also learned that apples can kill horses and that horses love carrots!

Who knew?!?

It was also the closest I’ve ever been to a horse and those babies are massive!

The mounted unit sitting on top of those horses are very intimidating to say the least, but the horses alone do that job!

Toronto’s Cops are Tops!



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How The Eglinton Avenue Re-Development Message Got Lost: It’s NOT About You!

This was a very troubling week for The Urban Daddy and our community.  An apparent sudden decision by the municipal government here in Toronto had thrust our neighbourhood into chaos and as citizens moved into action our efforts to seek the truth were suddenly derailed by the actions of one man – whom I will not mention by name, nor show his picture – who feels his 15 minutes of fame are far more important than the residents and taxpayers in this area.

It all started with a news report on CP24 alerting residents in Toronto that Toronto City Council was going to vote on the narrowing of Eglinton Avenue from Allen Road to Bathurst Street from 5 lanes, to just 2 lanes, so that the sidewalks could be widened, trees and artwork placed on the strip and bike lanes added.

All of this seems very nice, and very practical, and as a resident in Toronto, specifically someone who lives in between those streets and who is already impacted by the Eglinton Crosstown LRT / subway, this information came as quite a shock to me, and apparently to many of my neighbours.

This strip as it currently stands is terrible – construction aside – as a result of many one-way streets, and the absolute lack of traffic on the strip.  At night-time, the street is aglow with “MASSAGE” signs and very few people walk in this area at night because, frankly, there is nothing to walk to.  If the goal was to make this strip feel more “European”, then maybe Toronto City Council might want to think about the 3 months a year in which weather would comply with this drastic transformation.

In addition with St. Clair Avenue already being down to one lane in parts as a result of the transit right-of-way, doing the same to Eglinton Avenue, the next major road north, makes even less sense.  Eglinton is the end of Allen Road, an “expressway” of sorts which helps traffic flow north and south from Wilson Avenue without traffic lights, but with a lot of traffic.  People use Allen Road to head north to the 401 highway, and the delays have always been long and frustrating with or without construction, one could imagine it would only get much worse.

Let me at this point identify that I am pro every method of transportation.  Cars, bikes, walking, public transit are all great.  If I could take public transit everyone in Toronto, I would, where it makes financial sense.  If I could bike safely, I would, and my kids would too.  But we are not there yet, and don’t appear to be for quite a long time, so in the meantime, doing anything to slow down traffic does not make sense at all.  But that is my opinion…

So where is traffic going to go, if it cannot move along Eglinton Avenue, or St. Clair?  Well the side streets, of course.  We are already seeing a huge increase in traffic as a result of the construction, and in front of my house, for example, there is a stop street which very few cars actually stop at, some do not even try, and they fly through without even braking.  The “30km” traffic limit is always ignored, and speed bumps only cause a momentary delay as cars race off after passing them.  Even one-way streets are ignored, and it’s going to get worse.

But what about the kids?

This community, Cedarvale, which lies just north of Forest Hill, has a ton of children, and these children cannot safely walk in this community as it already stands.  Is Toronto city Council’s shortsighted view of the war on cars overlooking or ignoring the impact this re-development will have on the children in the community who are already scared to cross streets because vehicles travel very fast and do not follow the street signs when using Cedarvale as a short-cut to avoid the delays on Eglinton?

It would appear so.

When Toronto Mayor Rob Ford came to speak to the community about this issue, a couple of says after his return from rehab, I met some community members who lived on the other side of Eglinton Avenue in the next phase of this narrowing of Eglinton were just as shocked as I was, and who had put together a traffic study, which can be found right here; (

Adding to this frustration is that we learned that the City Planner had approved high density building along this strip with the widening of the laneways behind these buildings (which would require residential houses to be removed) to accommodate the traffic from these buildings.

More construction.

More traffic chaos.

Has the city planner, or city council ever been to these neighbourhoods?  $700K bungalows, and $1.5 million houses are common place in Cedarvale, much higher south and east of here, and a lot of families reside here who are certainly not going to need the extra sidewalk to walk to a massage parlour, a Whole Foods maybe, but clearly no one asked the residents what they want or need.  To look at the map of the area and declare it ripe for additional density of short-sighted.  This is not the right community for that.

Mayor Ford came to speak to us, and his message was lost, because of the actions of man who ran across the street, through frustrated traffic, so he could take off his shirt, pull out signs from his garbage bag and stop the community from hearing the Mayor’s views on this proposal, or to allow us to ask questions of the Mayor about what he knows about this plan.

The media at the event helped even less, but asking questions of the Mayor with disdain, like “How is it that you don’t know about this vote?  Is it not your job to do so?” when members of the community also knew nothing about this proposal, and then by diverting the attention to the few who took off their shirts for their own 15-minutes of fame.

If you watched any of the footage on TV, you probably heard me, and several others yelling for these 3 protestors to “shut up” and “let the Mayor talk” and while we did get a very short moment of quiet from them, it was when the guy yelling “resign” over and over again elbowed the Mayor’s campaign leader in the head while trying to get right behind the Mayor with his sign.

To his credit, the Mayor’s staffers did not respond or get as annoyed as the members of the community did, although, the police stepped in which this protestor yelled “don’t assault me” to the Mayor’s staff after apparently being kicked (I did not see this – I was recording the events) but the police decided to not charge either person, and the protestor was allowed to return and annoy the mayor and the residents.

The result of his actions were that the message of this proposal got lost.  The community were livid, the Mayor frustrated and the only person who got any attention was the guy with the sign, who proceeded to tell his story to everyone and anyone about how the Mayor lied, and how he works in a flexible position where he can follow the Mayor around and yell at him.

I waited after almost everyone left, and listened to his story evolve and change.  It was not about Eglinton Avenue and the residents or about traffic, but about someone who wanted to talk about how his was kicked, and assaulted, and how much support he has.

“Me Me Me”.

But it’s not about him.

It never was about him.

I looked at my video and saw a different unfolding of events which threw some key details of his story into dispute, and I shared that with the media and with the other Mayoral candidates teams so that they can be aware of the true intent of this individual.  He’s taking a very serious situation of an unwell person struggling with an addiction problem, who took the time to enter rehab and is now back trying to do his job, and he made it about him.

At the end of the day, we all lose.

As for the proposal along Eglinton….  I have no idea.

My message to Toronto City Council, Councillor Joe Mihevc, and the guy with the signs who likes to take off his shirt and disrupt important discussions impacting people their families and their community, is this:  It’s not about you.  It’s not about your legacy or your vision.  Leave Eglinton alone.  Don’t force another St. Clair on us because you want to be on TV.

Toronto City Council, don’t waste your time looking to spend money you do not have.  Clean up the area instead.  Fix the sidewalks, make sure the lighting is working, that dogs are on leash near schools, that the intersections are clearly marked and are safe (Ava and Strathern, for example), step up safety in the area and PLEASE, get rid of the raccoons!

Make the area safe and people will use it.

But Leave Eglinton Avenue alone.

And if you have a problem with the Mayor, address it the way everyone else does… At the ballot box.

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The Knives are out Toronto. It’s not even safe to DRIVE a Ford… 13 BEST Ford Slogans

The knives are out in Toronto!  A day after embattled Mayor Robert Ford (see, doesn’t that make him seem just a little more intelligent) admitted to using crack cocaine while “in one of my drunken stupors”, there have been cries from (mainly) the left for Ford to resign.

Ford held a press conference later in the afternoon to apologize, where he stated that it’s up to the voters in Toronto to remove him from office in 2014 during the next municipal election.  Democracy rules the day.

But with the walls of lies and deceit crumbling down around Ford-Nation, one has to wonder if Ford’s campaign promise to “Stop the Gravy Train” meant to stop wasteful spending at City Hall, or if the stopping was for an exchange of illegal materials.

But with no proof to charge Ford with a crime… yet… Ford continues as if it was just another day, while any of us who previously supported Ford try to find ways to explain the difference between liking a person and liking their political views!

In any instance, it’s not safe in Toronto to possess political views which are not left-of-centre and the name Ford brings up all kinds of venom and hate that there is speculation in the street that the “left-wing conspiracy” group is now searching for the final nail in the Ford Brothers political coffin so they have targeted those who drive Ford vehicles as well.

With that being said, here are the 13 best Ford Motor Company slogans now attributed to the Mayor and his brother at various points in their political careers.

Ford in a GM Car.
Ford in a GM Car.

(Anyone looking to buy a used Ford??  Any kind of used Ford???)

Election – 2010 – Ford Nation sweeps into Power ready to put an end to the dreaded “Gravy Train”;

“Ford Has a Better Idea”

“Built for the Road Ahead.”

“Quality is job one.”

“There’s a Ford in your Future.”

Year 1 of Ford Nation ends with controversy – the left-wing media begins to creep closer and closer to Ford the man.

“If you haven’t looked at Ford lately, look again.”

“One Ford?”

“Have you driven a Ford lately?”  <– Mr. Lisi.

Now that the Mayor has admitted to using crack cocaine, being in drunken stupors and lying, here are the most applicable Ford slogans for him:

“Make Everyday Exciting.”

“[N]One Ford.”

“Powered by You” becomes “Powered by [insert illegal substance here].”

“Built for the road ahead [out of Toronto].”

“Ford has a better idea.”

…and finally, and most applicable due to it’s fit for Ford Motor Company, Rob Ford the Mayor and football (Ford’s love), is Ford’s most recent slogan;

“Go Further.”

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Ford vs. Thomson: An International Woman’s Day Nightmare. 2 Weeks Later.

Mayoral candidates at the "Better Ballots...
Mayoral candidates from 2010. From left to right: (front row) Rob Ford, Rocco Achampong, Sarah Thomson, John Pantalone, George Mammoliti, (back row) Keith Cole, Rocco Rossi, George Smitherman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

International Woman’s Day (previous called International Working Woman’s Day, originating in 1909) was March 8th this year and the focus of the day ranged from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to celebrations for women’s economic, political and social achievements.  This day began as a Socialist political event, and in some countries it has morphed into a day for men to express their love for women in a way somewhat similar to a mixture of Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, while in many countries, the political and human rights theme designated by the United Nations runs strong, and political and social awareness of the struggles of women worldwide are brought out and examined in a hopeful manner.

In Toronto, a very odd event came to light on this day, which may or may not have occurred, the previous night at an event for CJPAC.

Sarah Thomson, the editor of the Woman’s Post and who ran for the mayor’s office in 2010, claimed on both social media and in several interviews that Mayor Rob Ford grabbed her buttocks (“Grabbed my ass” were her exact words on the radio) while taking a photo with Ford at the event.  Ms. Thomson also said in an interview that Ford suggested to her that evening that she should have been in Florida with him because his wife was not there.

Ms. Thomson also posted a very unflattering picture of the Mayor on her Facebook page –  his eyes were closed and there was either a stain on his shirt or he was sweating a lot.

In a radio interview, she continued to pile on the accusations by suggesting that Ford was high on cocaine that night.  Apparently she Googled cocaine use and concluded that “…it’s, you know, sweaty, talking quickly, out of it, arrogant. Like all these things were on there.”

While Thomson has continued to stand by her allegations, she has also thrown her own allegation into doubt because she said, “I looked up the symptoms and it looked like it was cocaine use, it could have been anything like that, I’m not sure what it is. I’ve also read that diabetes could have some odd effects. I’m not sure what was wrong with him, but there was definitely something wrong with him that night.”  Oops.  Cocaine, diabetes… Well, he was “erratic” and “arrogant” that night so it might have been one of those.

When Thomson was asked if she’d ever taken cocaine herself, she said she didn’t know, as she spent time on the street in her youth.

But it gets even more odd from here…

Two councillors from Richmond Hill, who were at the event, were part of a crowd when Thomson allegedly was devising a plot to get a photo of the mayor’s hand on her assistant’s rear end.  She planned on using this “evidence” to corroborate her story and she told the group it would be put to good use when she ran for Mayor again in 2014.

Thomson has ruled out pressing sexual assault charges against Ford; “It’s a big waste of time to go through the legal procedures,” Thomson said. “Now, I looked at it and I realized I had no proof.”

Thomson put herself at risk of being sued by making the public allegations against Ford.

The mayor had responded to her accusations on Friday in a written statement calling them “absolutely, completely false.”

Thomson responded to the mayor’s comments by saying that HE was trying to discredit HER.  “Decades ago powerful men who sexually assaulted women would call them ‘hysterical,’ or ‘crazy’ to debase their credibility,” Thomson said. “It pushed many assaulted women into silence…. He will not push me into silence and I hope his accusations do not re-ignite the old fears that once silenced women.”

Thomson went on to say, “I did not make these accusations lightly.”  And as for her hopes of one day being Mayor, she said the approach she took may not have been the best one; “I admit I did not handle the press perfectly.”

The problem here is not about he said vs she said, or is drawn along political lines.  It’s about a very serious allegation, made on a very important day and what the implications are if one of these parties is not telling the truth.  Since Ms. Thomson has in fact announced in public that she was sexually ‘assaulted’ by the Mayor of Toronto (in front of dozens of people no less) then I would think the police are duty-bound to investigate it to see if there are sufficient grounds for charges against the Mayor.

If it turns out however that this was just a politically motivated, vexatious, stunt by the publisher of a women’s-only magazine made purposely on the eve of International Women’s Day then of course SHE should be criminally charged with public mischief and making false accusations.

Criminal sexual assault is a very serious crime. Making public, false, allegations about it are equally so.

At the end of the day, this is very sad because either Sarah Thomson was assaulted by Rob Ford on the eve of International Woman’s Day, or Sarah Thomson was playing the victim and trying to set up the Mayor in order to further ruin his reputation and ultimately for her political gain.

Given the recent troubles Ford has had publicly under the attack of the left, a situation like this certainly causes people to question Ford’s ability to lead and make many people wonder if he is promoting a good image of Toronto for the rest of the world to see.  In light of the recent information revealed by Georgio Mammoliti we know the left have been targeting the reputations of right-wing politicians.

One of these two people made a horrible decision on the eve of International Woman’s Day.

Shame on him if it’s true and shame on her if it’s not.