The Secret To Making New Dad-Friends

Making friends as a 36-year-old with an 11-month-old baby isn’t quite the same as making friends as a 26-year-old single guy. One new dad shares his hard-won tips.

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My 100th post!!!!

Garlic bread, dinner plate and my kitchen tabl...
Yummy garlic bread. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


100 posts.

For those who said I would lose interest, you were W.R.O.N.G. Mind you, now that I have reached this milestone (I’d like to thank my wife and children)… Oh, and this will be the last post ever. LOL. Just kidding!!

Tonight we had our neighbour and her son over for dinner and some play time along with a girl from Linus’ school and her parents.  It was really nice!  I can get into these kind of playdate / meal options because it allows the kids to play and helps us as parents meet new people.

Plus… With UrbanMummy cooking, I knew it was going to be something special.  The pasta she made was yummy, the salad and garlic bread most complimentary.  A nice evening was had by all.

Now, I’m just cleaning some dishes, updating my iPod and re-writing my graduate school assignment so I can submit it.

Rest up everyone.  I can’t… Yet.