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What to do with Ontario Place?

What should we do with Ontario Place?  The Liberal government shut it down, and the current PC government wants to make permanent use of it including a casino.

Some people – and I’m not sure who they are – but they say they are speaking for “Ontarians” want that entire space saved and turned into a park.

A park.

So instead of taking a very large space of waterfront and developing it into a place where locals and tourists could come and spend money and where jobs would be a plenty, we’re actually considering taking this space for a park.

A park.

Where people can picnic.

In January.  When it’s -15.

Or any time from October to June when it’s cold and yucky outside, we’re going to have this beautiful underused piece of land sitting empty and covered with snow instead of having a modern, state of the art, place for all Ontarians to come, enjoy and spend their time and to attract tourists…

Much in the same vein as I have always felt that the CNE needs to be partially or fully enclosed and used all year round, so that we don’t also have that space sitting empty for the entire year save for 3-weeks of the year.

But hey, what do I know, and what do those yucky conservatives know?  It’ll be a park, then someone will want it turned into subsidized housing, so they’ll accommodate it and next thing you know, it’s another place in this great city which could have been something special but never was.  Lumped into the same category as the cities transit…


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The Toronto Maple Leafs, Elizabeth Taylor, why will there be a May Federal election, new Toronto revenue streams and odd clothing on the subway

So how can you tell when Idon’t blog for a long time? Easily. When I throw together a post with a ton of topics all too small for their own post, or the post contains disjointed thoughts thrownup on the screen. So like this post.

Have I mentioned yet that am craving fish and chips and clam chowder?!? No idea why, but I am.

So here are 5 posts all in one.

Firstly, why was there a guy on the subway Friday morning in a pristine blue suit – looked brand new – yet he was wearing a dirty white baseball hat covering some long, greasy hair? I don’t understand this “look”.  To compliment this disaster, his dress pants were also too long – he was walking on the bottom of the pant much in the same way we walk in the back cuff of our blue jeans…Why?

Where was he going?

Was he trying to make a statement?

Look at me, I’m cool. I have a new blue, un-tailored suit – and I’m hanging out in it – going downtown – and to be cool, I have my lucky baseball cap on.

What do YOU think is the story here?

Next. Elizabeth Taylor died on Wednesday at the age of 79. I knew she was sick – I’ve seen picture upon picture of her for as long as I can remember in a wheel chair, walking with a cane, thin, fat, all with jet black spikey hair… I thought she was WAY older than 79. And to be honest, upon her death, I started ot read up on her because I really didn’t know she was an actress. I’m not really a movie guy, so I’m sure I would not have seen any movie she was in.

So why was she so popular?

I needed only to look at the first line of every obituary I read. She might have been most famous for being married 7 times and for fighting the stigmas that came with HIV/AIDS, as she was for hanging around with Michael Jackson. I wonder if we have any modern day Liz Taylors walking around Hollywood? Not like a Kardashian, or a Lohan, or a Hilton as they are not actresses – save Lohan – but they have not done any good for the greater public, only for themselves.

For those of you interested in Canadian politics, it looks like we are headed for a Federal election in May as the Liberals and NDP and the Bloc have all made overtures towards voting down the Federal budget.

I can’t help but feel that Liberal leader and Toronto Rock mascot Michael Ignatief (Iggy) and NDP leader Jack Layton are deadset on calling their 5th election in 7 years because their time is running out to be leaders of this country. I get the feeling that it is all about their egos and not about what is right for Canadians. $300 million dollars per election. I don’t think, with all the great work the Conservatives have put into this country during the recession, that we are going to see a change in government – maybe another minority government.

I think the key catch-phrase that will define this election came from Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty this morning on AM640, when he said, “It’s come to a time when they [Liberals, NDP and Bloc leaders] don’t even read the budget, they just vote against it.”

When you consider all the fluff surrounding Michael Ignatief, who brought his family into the election by writing about them being wealthy, and they telling people they were poor. The Liberal machine seems hellbent on portraying Stephen Harper as being “untrustworthy”. “Would you want this man running your country”, yet Ignatief has clearly either lied in his book HE wrote, or he lied to the general public.

Pot meet kettle.

The Conservatives need to save Canada from the AdScam Liberal machine and the Soundbite NDP.

And speaking about Canadiens… Thanks to those idiot Habs for losing to the Sabres last night and to those loser Senators for tanking it to the Hurricanes. Anything to keep the Leafs out of the playoffs, eh? And to think when these other Canadian teams made the post season I actually rooted for them. I wonder if these 2 teams are going to roll over and play dead for the Leafs in the last 2 Saturday match-ups of the regular season like they did last night? Doubt it, eh?

The Leafs, went 5-5 in October, 3-10 in November and 5-8 in December all but spelling the end of the Monster in Toronto, and then 6-7 in January, 8-6 in February and so far in March they are 6-5. Thank goodness for James Reimer! I thought they were playing better but competing for a playoff spot is fantastic 2 years into this rebuild.

And finally, if Toronto City Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti gets his way, Toronto will have two new sources of revenue and tourism.

For one he will place a casino where Ontario Place is – a brilliant idea, in my honest opinion. I have always felt that the CNE grounds would be better used if there was a way to enclose the exhibition and keep it open more than 3 weeks a year to draw tourists. His other idea was to turn on of the Toronto Island’s, the one with the nude beach into a red light district.

While I’m not sure where I stand on a red light district, per se, I do think that taking all this “illegal” behaviour and putting it somewhere where the girls profit and not the pimps, where girls are tested and clean and the users are tested and clean, and where it’s away from the general public (hello Jarvis, or above the stores on Eglinton) is a step in the right direction.

So laugh at Giorgio, like you did at Rocco Rossi for wanting a tunnel to extend Allen Road. I think all ideas have merit and should be studied.

And with that comment, I empty my head of thoughts today…

Your thoughts on any or all of these items is greatly appreciated.

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“I am the only one that can stop Ford”

That was the quote from Toronto Mayoral candidate George Smitherman yesterday.

I stared at the headline, blinked a few times, then snapped back to reality.

Personally… I’d rather look at Rocco Rossi or Sarah Thompson or whatever her name is, than Smitherman. Nothing against the fact that he is gay – which I just found out yesterday (because last time I checked one’s sexual preference had zero to do with whether or not they could lead a city) but the ego this man has astounds me. I make that comment about him being gay to bring to light what I have noticed this campaign that I do not like at all. For some reason it is acceptable for all the candidates not names Rob Ford to comment on Rob’s weight, hairline, business (Deco Labels and Tags which I used to buy from out of University when I started my own promotional products business. That company was top notch and the service was incredible. I see where Ford gets it from. But back to my point. Each and every attack on Ford is person and seems to be accepted and encouraged. Why not stick to the facts? Transit, economy, budget, services… I think the more the “left” attack Ford, the more his legend grows.

I actually had a conversation with a friend who referred to Ford as a “fat slob”. My response was, “So? Since when do we elect representatives based on how they look, or who they sleep with?” This election in Toronto is about the facts. It’s about reducing wasteful spending of hard-earned tax dollars, both yours and mine.

And speaking about wasteful spending… Let’s go back to Smitherman…

I feel like shouting out loud to anyone who lives in Toronto and has a vote in this city.


I’m sorry. I cannot, and will not vote for this man. Rob Ford is winning because he vows to reel in the out-of-control spending of the left and try to bring the city back from the brink of bankruptcy. I cannot and will not elect someone who allowed 1 billion dollars, not 1 million, but 1 billion dollars of TAXPAYERS money to be wasted – yet he distances himself from it and refuses to acknowledge it.

Are we idiots, George?

Yet I hear this anti-Ford sentiment from people on the left who don’t like the way he looks or that he has had issues in the past at a hockey game, or with his wife and that is all true and on the record, but none of that affects his ability to lead the city, cut unnecessary spending and waste.

Here is the article from the Globe and Mail in which Smitherman essentially tells the candidates to step down so he can get all the vote and “stop” common sense from Toronto City Council.


I just heard Smitherman on the radio talking about developing Toronto’s waterfront – how Rob Ford doesn’t want to – but Smitherman feels as Torontonians we need to… He just doesn’t get it, does he? I don’t want to pay $10,000.00 in property tax so that Cherry Beach will be a viable option for anyone and everyone to come swim at. I want fiscal restraint and once outlandish spending is under control, let’s talk about revamping Ontario Place, Exhibition grounds, and the waterfront…

George… In case you failed to notice, we’re in a recession and to tax residents more because you think Ontario Place is outdated is out of touch and irresponsible. It’s akin to, I don’t know, being on guard while 1 BILLION dollars gets wasted on eHealth, which for some unknown reason you refuse to discuss.

I’m glad the unions supported you today, George… Then I won’t feel bad when Mayor Ford outsources a lot of their work at 1/2 the cost.

I like public transit in the City – I take it and really feel that we missed the boat on building a world class system like they have in France, England, Spain, etc. But I also feel that the wages required to be paid to unionized workers is the reason it would cost billions of dollars to build and would take 3 years to complete.

I also think that they has to be some sacrifices before transit is to be built. I don’t care if there is a TTC museum @ York Mills and Yonge Street, but I do want to see more subways all over the city to move people. I think St.Clair’s centre streetcar right-of-way was a huge mistake and I hope they have somewhere to move all the concrete when they rip it up and build a St. Clair subway line.

I just hope people vote with their brains and not with their eyes come the election. And please do not be afraid to send a message to all the current city councillors who have allowed this stagnation to occur under their watch. They are just as bad as Smitherman…