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What the Ontario Liberal Party, NBA referees and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford have in common

I have to be honest.

I’m pissed off.  I am fired up and I have not felt this way in a LONG time.

What has me all fired up, you ask?  Well it is the common bond that ties together Ontario Liberal Party leader Kathleen Wynne, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and the referees of the National Basketball Association (NBA) who “officiated” the Toronto Raptors series against the Brooklyn Nets.

Any guesses?

Let me throw out a couple of terms which come to mind;


… and with all of these terms there is the one thing that binds them – that they are all completely inadequate at doing their jobs – and the frustration that they will not be punished for their inadequacies.

I’m at a loss.

Let’s start with the Premier of Ontario who took over from the former Premier but won this leadership role without a) knowing of any wrongdoing by the party before and b) took part in any decisions which were wrong (ie/shredding documents).  She thinks the people of Ontario are not aware that she is the exact same as Dalton McGuinty.

Really, Kathleen Wynne should not Wynne (err, win) the upcoming Ontario election, right?  She’s lied, played dumb, and is suing anyone who talks shit about her. She has proven to be a clone of Dalton McGuinty – spend first, then delist services and tax later. Then blame the Conservatives… Or the NDP.

Now that the campaign is on, I listen to her talk and no matter what she says, I cannot hear her.  I want to hear her – her message, her thoughts on the Province, on the city I live in, and on the hot button issues, but I cannot.  She talks and talks and I hear, “blah, blah, blah” and that noise is the past 9-years of Liberal rule and the lies, and waste that they have created all the while running the Province without any public scorn that has come the way of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (more on him coming up).

I’m angry because I feel like no matter what she says there are a whole lot of Ontarians who are going to vote for her anyways because the Liberals are the middle of the road party so a vote for them is a “safe” vote. But it’s an expensive vote!

I’m even more frustrated because I do not feel that the PC’s leader is fit for the job – he’s not warm and fuzzy like Dalton was – and no one wants to see a NDP government in power (thank you Bob Rae), I’m afraid for Ontario…

Now on to Toronto and Mayor Rob Ford, who continues to show even his most ardent supporters that he’s somewhere between a moron and a giant moron when he tells the public he’s not drinking anymore, that his drug use was a one time affair (drunken stupor, anyone?), and then he continues to get caught doing the things he’s been stating he was not doing.  On video yet!

So here is what I know now about him.

He’s a liar.
He’s a thug.
He has addiction problems.
He is in denial, and he thinks that the public will continue to forgive him time and time again.

That was until this latest video emerged of him getting high, talking rudely about fellow colleague Karen Stintz and in doing so, flushing away his chances at re-election.

So he pulls the rehab card.

And while everyone knows he should have been in rehab a long time ago, he has “checked into” the world’s most effective treatment facility where after one week he is able to make outgoing calls and report that he feels “incredible”.

This time no one buys it, and trust me… in the same way the Toronto Star refuses to touch the George Smitherman story, they will find Ford and expose him again.  Even toying with the idea of Doug Ford running for mayor was thrown out, the bottom line is that Rob Ford will not and can not be Mayor come the next election.  Politics is about trust and he’s blown it time and time again.  I don’t trust him, the people of Toronto don’t trust him and those who were out to get him from election day (hello Joe Mihevc) are laughing and laughing.

The final piece of this puzzle of stupidity have the names and faces of the referring crew who handled the Toronto Raptors series against the New Jersey (err, Brooklyn) Nets.  Foul after foul called on the Raps and you started to understand that the whispers surrounding this series might be true – that no Canadian team was going to beat the Nets.

Even after acknowledging that the Nets tanked their last 2 games of the season to set up a playoff series with the Raps, the league said and did nothing, and while fouled after foul were committed against the team from Toronto, they said little more.  It got to be so obvious that even in the game 7 loss, the refs called a foul on Kevin Garnett of the Nets instead of Deron Williams because Williams would have received his 6th foul and fouled out of the game, whereas KG could take another.  On this specific play, it was 100% clear that Williams bear hugged and took down the Raptors player and sat on the floor hands together as if praying not to be called.

Clearly guilty.

Until determined to be innocent by the referees.

It was awful.  Embarrassing.  A black eye for a league which already had to deal with a referee who was cooking games for betting purposes.  The league would have been wise to comment at any point in time to suggest there was nothing happening – even suggest there would be a review – but the league was silent and the Raptors lost.


So here I sit, frustrated that Wynne, Ford and these referees continue on today as if they have legitimacy in their roles but they do not.

They lie, cheat and steal and until we, the public, have our say and force them to find a different job, we will continue to be frustrated, and shake our heads in bewilderment.



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C-sections won’t be delisted by OHIP, Health Minister says

So it looks like the Ontario Liberal government has finally come to their senses and announced Thursday January 26th that C-sections won’t be delisted by OHIP.  

So very kind from the government that implemented a “user fee” or yearly tax to use the health care system in Ontario.  This same government has a completely messed up strategy when dealing with the Ontario health system, for example instead of reigning in spending on things like, eHealth, they instead look at the other side of the ledger and either put in user fees / taxes or delist coverage of items, such as chiropractor care, physiotherapy coverage and quite a few more, years ago.  Where are the people who were screaming about Mike Harris‘ conservative wanting to have two-tiered health care?  It’s here, folks, it’s here and courtesy the Ontario Liberal party

Why cut costs when you can just delist services covered, right Dalton?

In this specific case, the Ontario Liberals have done exactly what Toronto mayor Rob ford did that got him absolutely slammed by Toronto’s left-wing media when he announced there was going to be a hike in TTC fares last year, then savings were found and the increase was put on the shelf (until a few weeks ago when it came on in).  Dalton’s doing the same things with C-sections.  He said it needed to be de-listed in order to save money, then after a few days announced it would not be cut and he looks like a hero.  Ford, on the other hand, was portrayed as though he created this crisis in order to look like a hero once the increase was shelved.

Double standard?!?

For sure. 

Granted c-sections are a completely different matter involving woman’s bodies and possibly life and death, the thought process here – or at least the spin being put on by the Liberal spinmakers is that there is far too much “cosmetic” c-sections being done which are unnecessary and cost the Ontario health care (OHIP) system greatly from surgery to recovery to complications.  I liken this to the same Ontario Liberal stance on IVF treatments… They’re turning a blind eye to the bigger picture and missing a great opportunity here to be human and not risk alienating the largest segment of society.  Then again… Where is the Federal Liberal party right now?!?  Oh yes, in the hands of former NDP leader Bob Rae. 

After pulling c-sections off the DNR list, Premier Dalton is now stating that the health care system is
“ripe for reform” which to mean means more items are going to be delisted in the upcoming months and years.  I agree we cannot afford such “trivial” surgeries like c-sections when we’re spending $5,000,000 on the Canadian Human Rights museum… in Winnipeg.  Misplaced priorities???  Yes.

So I guess all those folks who screamed about Mike Harris and all that he cut can now look back and at least understand why he did what he said he was going to do – and was elected to do.  He cut costs to keep items covered by OHIP.  Now in come the Liberals and all of a sudden they are critical of Harris’ methods, so they implement the tax and ignore method which sees more taxes, excuse me, “user fees” and delisting of covered items and a heck of a lot of wasted spending.

Harris said he was going to cut and he did.

McGuinty said he would not tax but he has and he has also created a 2-tiered health care system in Ontario which requires me to fork out my own case to pay for physiotherapy in case I hurt myself and need rehab.  Imagine if I were poor…

Or worse.  Imagine if I were a poor pregnant female in need of a c-section and it was delisted by this Liberal government…