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WTF is Going on? 13 WTF Events from The Urban Daddy: Thursday 13.

This has been a WTF kind of week!  I had so much going on that I had to take all my notes and throw them into a Thursday 13 list, of 13 WTF Moments.

  1. North and South Korea peace – WTF?  Does anyone believe that peace is going to change the way poor North Koreans live?  This guy in North Korea had his brother poisoned…

  2. Now I’m CERTAIN that Donald Trump is going to take credit for North Korea coming into the fold and agreeing to de-militarize, and seek peace with South Korea.

  3. Bill Cosby – Guilty – WTF took so long?  He was a great role model and changed the way TV portrayed African Americans, however, he drugged women and raped them.  That cannot be forgiven.

10.  Am I the only person who works out of coffee shops when meeting clients and who always checks his earphone when listening to something on the phone or computer to make sure it’s the earphones I am hearing, and that I’m not annoying the rest of the shop?  3 times this week patrons were listening to crap with their headphones on, and the sound was blaring out of their device.  They kept cranking up the volume until I had to notify them…

9.  I’m creating the Coffee Shop Police Etiquette Program

8.  Remember when a former Toronto Mayoral candidate threw a sexual harassment complaint against TVO host Steve Paikin, and instead of firing him, TVO hired an investigator to determine the legitimacy of the complaints?  Turns out no proof was found to substantiate the claim.  Good on TVO for getting on top of this right away (pardon the pun) and now what happens to the host, Paikin, and complainant, Thompson?

7.  Why do people bring food into coffee shops, then proceed to sit there – chow down their meal – then leave without buying anything?  More importantly, why does it always appear to me that these people have either really huge amounts of food, or are extremely messy and chew with their mouths open?  Is this a subtle way the coffee shop is trying to tell me to buy more food / drinks or leave?  They have this guy in the back and they sick him on patrons?  Better him, than the mouth-noise guy, the guy with the disgusting mouth noises, or the dancer who – no matter the weather – is wearing a tank top and just gets up and starts dancing…

6.  There is a “thing” for men who cannot get “laid”?  Is this real?  When I was growing up, if the girls didn’t look at you, you changed.  Your clothes, your hair, your weight, you got better educated, you learned to be a better person…  Clearly, for Millenials, this is WAY too much work, so it’s better to complain to others and then kill innocent people.  Enough already!

5.  With a Provincial election coming, FINALLY, in Ontario, and the Liberal government preparing for the crash, word comes out that a policy they created has come back to bite them in the ass.  LOL.  They created a policy where the Auditor General would review the books and records of the government prior to an election and confirm the amount of surplus or deficit the government has.  Well… The Liberals said the deficit would be only $2-3 billion dollars, but the AG said, nope.  It’s closer to $11-billion.  Thanks for the lies, deceit and for bankrupting this province!  See ya, Libs!

4.  I have a GREAT piece on minor hockey corruption coming shortly.  A must read!

3.  I agreed to coach my eldest son’s baseball team again this season, and I only had one request of the league… As a die-hard Toronto Blue Jays fan, please, please, please do not make us the Yankees again this year.  I cannot for the life of me say, “Go Yankees”.  I can’t.  Like the Fonz cannot apologize.  Guess what???  We’re the Spankees again this year.  UGH.

2.  A 23yo Quebec mother was charged with 2nd degree murder after her 2-year-old daughter was stabbed to death, then her body dumped in a garbage can.  I don’t know what to say about this other than what kind of a person takes a child’s body and dumps it in the trash… Words cannot describe…

… and the number One WTF Moment from this week…

  1. Toronto – my city, my home, streets from where I grew up, worked and where my family lives and works… The tragedy, the senseless violence.  Such and evil human being.  Thank goodness for the residents of Toronto who tried to stop this lunatic, or save the victims, or pull people out of the way… Toronto the good, overshadowed Toronto the sad.



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Tuesday Newsday: The End of the World is Near…

The end of the world is near, and I’m not referring to the threats coming from North Korea and their “Rocketman”.

Okay, I am referring to this… somewhat.

I couldn’t help but notice today as I sat down to write about doctors declaring that sports drinks and energy drinks are bad for kids, or to vent about the weather, that the top 2 trending topics WORLDWIDE were these;

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Kylie Jenner


Trump I get…. He’s taunted North Korea, told the NFL owners that their players should be fired for bowing during the national anthem, and tells lots of stories daily, which may or may not be true.

But Kylie Jenner?


All of this because she may, or may not be pregnant.

I mean, who cares.

Every time I turn on my computer and the news comes up there are pictures of this girl with a bump, without a bump… Have we not always been told that you cannot be half pregnant?!?

I just don’t see the fascination in these people and their lives.  What started with a sex tape and a naturally large / maybe surgically enhanced ass has become the daily obsession of millions of people.

Kylie might be pregnant.

Kim has 2 kids and bought them ice cream.

Bruce is no longer Bruce.

The other one… the tall one is married to a NBA player, then he flips out, then he almost dies, then they’re back together, then she loses weight, then he almost dies, then they’re back together.  Wait, she’s out clubbing again…

Doesn’t even get me started about the other sister who has 3 kids, but divorced her husband because he’s an adulterer – oops, sorry – addicted to sex.  Now he’s with a girl who could be his daughter…. UGH.

Breaking news!  Kim farted!!!

Maybe the Kardashians and Donald Trump were sent to us as a test.  A test of our patience, our morals and our compassion for others.

If we can survive them, we can do ANYTHING!


PS Saudi Arabia is going to allow woman to drive… in 2017.  How ass-backwards is that!


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Thursday Thirteen – 13 Noteworthy News Items You Need to Know About

Nuclear north korea
Nuclear north korea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I felt that there were quite a few noteworthy news items this past week and instead of writing on each one, I thought it might be easier to toss them into a Thursday Thirteen format and cover off all of them at once.  So without further delay, please buckle up, hid the children and be prepared to read about a whole lot of stupidity which made news headlines this past week.   you can also now contribute at the water cooler in conversation about any of these topics today or tomorrow.

13.  Happy Valentine’s Day!  Today is Valentine’s Day which is good, yet bad, for many of us.  First off, do we really need on specific day to tell the one we love that we love them through over-priced cards, chocolates, and flowers?   As a father of three children this is one expensive holiday once I purchase a gift (and chocolates and flowers) for my wife, and then from each of my kids for their mother when all she really wants from them is a homemade card, hugs and kisses.

On the other hand, the other day my wife was recounting how her Dad always bought her a Valentine’s gift and how that tradition continues to this day, so last year I bought my daughter a card, with flowers and this year she’s getting the same from me (and a Hello Kitty Valentine’s Beanie Baby).  A great tradition, for sure and I like the idea of keeping it up with Boo.

As an aside, my boys wanted me to buy them something this year – one wants chocolates while the other wants something that “will last” because flowers die and chocolates get eaten.  They’ve also tried to keep me in check this past week by threatening to withhold or tear up the Valentine’s day cards they made for me if I didn’t treat them nicely.  My middle child, Stewie, actually did just that and when he saw the gifts I bought him, felt bad and tried to take one of the 2 cards he gave his mother – which of course upset her, and then upset him.  I asked him to make me my own special card on Friday when he’s off school.

12.  I want to slap North Korea… really hard.  They remind me of the little snot-nosed kid who hides behind his big bully brother and yaps his mouth off because he knows he is safe.  Then one day big brother isn’t there and little snot-nosed kid gets his ass handed to him on a platter.  By threatening the United States and South Korea and then testing three missiles – the last one underground causing an earthquake tells me that North Korea is either really brave or unbelievably stupid.  If they blow up the earth where is the supreme idiot going to live?

North Korea is banned under U.N. sanctions from developing missile or nuclear technology after its 2006 and 2009 nuclear tests.  Good work, UN.  Absolutely useless organization, then again with peace-loving nations like Iran, Venezuela and Cuba on the security council that do you expect…

I wish there were other countries who felt as threatened as Israel does, and will just fly into North Korea, blow up their nuclear facility and be done.  Then that useless UN could walk in, remove their leader and start feeding the people.  Imagine the amounts of money being spent on building nuclear weapons while the people of North Korea are on food rations, starving and dying.  Next step would be to unite the North and the South, let the South run the country and be done.

11.  Just under 11,000 took in the Toronto Rock lacrosse game the other week in which Rock came from behind to beat the Minnesota Sward 13-12;.  I have not seen the Swarm at the ACC since 2007 and must have forgotten how silly their uniforms look – Google it.  They look like bees (I know, they’re called the Swarm).  Now I’m craving honey…

On the other hand, 11,000 is a shame for these games because not only are they affordable, but the Rock are an elite team in the NLL, and the environment is incredible.  It’s fun, loud, entertaining and worth supporting.  There should be 15,000 people at every game!

10.  Pope Benedict is stepping down at the end of this month at the age of 85 as the first Pope to not die in office in 600 years.  I guess in these recessionary times, even God had to lay off staff…

9.  Did you see that Tina Turner is renouncing her US citizenship over the upcoming FATCA cash grab (tax) that the IRS is imposing on US persons worldwide…  They’re going to have to wake up and address this before they are left with no wealthy individuals or no one to collect their wealth tax from.  This is a slippery slope!

8.  Mali and Timbuktu – Al Qaeda moved in an imposed Sharia law on the residents of these two cities which remained below the world’s radar until these terrorists began stoning to death adulterers, amputating the hands of suspected thieves, and destroying historical sites and documents belonging to the region – which are on UNESCO’s list.  Then the French came in and scared them away.  Now comes a report that a manifesto was left there outlining al-Qaeda’s true intentions for that region.  Good.  One more peice of the puzzle to hopefully force these thugs to cease and desist altogether.

7.  Iran’s nuclear facilities and their trip to Egypt – Iran can join North Korea as a nation which is developing nuclear weapons for bad instead of good and while the Koreans want to threaten the world, Iran is trying to slime their way into agreements with other Arab nations such as Egypt by offering them money in exchange for a renewel of diplomatic negotiations.  I do not trust this holocost-denying nation who are funding terrorists in Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and the West Bank.  If they truly wanted peace and not the destruction of Israel adn the West then they would help these countries educate their own, learn to grow their own food, build an economy and rise from the ashes.  Firing rockets at Israel and blowing themselves up are not going to further these people along in any way.  It’s a shame.

6.  Kathleen Wynne (Kathleen’s win) – If you’ve come here before then you know that I am not a Liberal supporter, especially of this Liberal government, but even moe so, I could care less if Kathleen Wynne was a woman, gay, straight, purple, green or had three heads.  If she is able to make Ontario right, then we deserve to give her a chance.  Anyone who compares her to Kim Campbell, the former Prime Minister of Canada who was appointed PM just before an election in which the Conservatives lost  – feeling that she was given the role to show that women / gay women, etc., are capable leaders or to promote equality in that party are out of their minds.  Let’s judge her on her ability to get things done only.

5.  The NHL is rolling along, but I’m still not watching.  I have not watched a single game this season.  Not interested at all.  But I would like the coverage of the Raptors, Rock and Blue Jays to be more detailed, please.

4. Ron Jeremy almost died – that’s enough said on that topic…

3. Have you seen “The Priestley”?  It’s a Timbit stuffed inside a strawberry-vanilla donut at Tim Hortons, and the coffee chain and their savvy marketing department landed Tim Hortons some feel-good publicity, thanks to some heavy placement in  Monday’s Canada-centric episode of How I Met Your Mother entitled “P.S. I Love  You,”

In the episode, several Canadian celebrities including former Barenaked  Ladies frontman Stephen Page, Rush’s Geddy Lee, Alex Trebek and Jason Priestley  appeared on fictional MuchMusic program Under The Tunes to discuss the breakdown  of the show’s Canadian teen superstar Robin Sparkles.  During a scene in which each celeb remembers which Tim Hortons they were in  and what doughnut they were eating when Sparkles “lost it,” Priestley claims to  have crammed a Timbit inside a strawberry vanilla and invented ‘The  Priestley.”

2. Canada is adding another eight countries to a list of safe places, making it harder for refugee claimants from those countries to get asylum, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced.  Mexico, Israel, Australia and others to a list of “designated countries of origin,” safe countries

The refugee claimants of these new 8 safe countries, below, must follow a streamlined process to prove they have genuine need for asylum, as opposed to being granted access right away:

  • Mexico.
  • Israel (excluding Gaza and the West Bank).
  • Japan.
  • Norway.
  • Iceland.
  • New Zealand.
  • Australia.
  • Switzerland.

1.  The Greater Toronto Area will welcome two new area codes to its directory next month as a result of a rise in demand for phone numbers. Starting March 25th, 2013, area code 437 will overlay the existing 416 and 647 areas in Toronto while 365 will be added to 905 and 289 areas.

Now you are up to speed.

Get chatting.

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Ahhh, Sunday. Parenting is over for the weekend and the world has gone bananas.

It’s Sunday night, the kids are in bed, my wife is asleep and I’m getting ready for another busy week at the office and at home.  I have ball hockey this week and I was going to go for a run but I’m too fricking tired (or lazy) to get out, and I even fixed up the music on my iPod for the run.  I was hoping to be wide awake tonight, I had a large coffee at 4pm, and I took my vitamin late tonight but after spending the weekend looking after my kiddos while my wife worked, I was more tired than I thought.

On the plus side, Star Wars had been on TV all day today!

As a family, we played it easy and tight this weekend, allowing the kids an opportunity to play at home, together and relax instead of all the programming / birthday parties.  I even kept them home from karate again this week.  The weekend flew by, and now it’s after midnight and it leaves me with little time to I clean up the house for the upcoming week.  I still need to shower!!!

But as I get ready for bed, and by get ready I mean shower, shave, floss and brush, I wonder what event of this evening left the biggest impact on me; That North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il died or that Daniel Bryan won the WWE world heavyweight champion…Didn’t see either of those coming, really. 

Good old Mick Foley (@realmickfoley) summed it up best when he tweeted this;

“Just heard that Kim Jong il had a heart attack when told that @WWEDanielBryan was new World Champion – he’d always admired Daniel’s ROH work.”
He He He.
I found this out on Twitter – thank you Twittersphere – and understand that Kim’s son, Kim Jong Un is taking over the country and he’s in his 20’s.  OY.  South Korea is on notice, their stock market is low as a result.  Can’t everyone just get along? 
Reports indicate that he may have died on Saturday, or that the reported cause of death is fatigue which caused a massive heart attack.  Something about working really hard for the people of North Korea  Ummm, yeah, okay.  I think the news media is just being nice, and cautious, in case he’s really not dead.  This guy was suspected of being dead already in 2011.  He had cancer, then diabetes, then a heart attack… He’s been reported to have had it all, but apparently this is it.  He’s done.  What will this mean for the citizens of North Korea?
I like the concern from the PR department of the Death Star (@deathstarPR);
“Kim Jong Il is dead. Who will be brave/insane enough to build Earth’s first Death Star now that he’s gone?”
So 2011 has been a busy year, eh?  Dead: Osama bin Laden, Muammar al-Qaddafi, and Kim Jong Il. Ousted: Hosni Mubarak, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, and Ali Adullah.  
It’s also a bad day to die, as Vaclav Havel did, he the first President of the Czech Republic, post communism.  He was a playwright who started the “Velvet Revolution” which was a peaceful revolution that brought down communism in the Czech Republic and as a result, was voted president of that country.  He died today at the age of 75. 
I had actually never heard of him, nor this other guy who died 3 days ago; 

Christopher Hitchens, the engaging and enraging British-American author and essayist whose polemical writings on religion, politics, war and other provocations established him as one of his generation’s most robust public intellectuals, has died. He was 62.

So if he was one of his generations most robust public intellectuals, how come I had never heard of him?   Ever.  Considering my love of pop culture and knowing shit that I really shouldn’t know or even care about, I have never ever heard this guys name…

I’m going to have to research this one!

And the last news item I seemed to have missed is just getting started actually, and it has to do with a boycott of Chiquita Bananas after apparently the company, Chiquita Brands International, dissed us Canadians by themselves boycotting any crude oil that comes from the Alberta Oil Sands.  Chiquita has made a decision to rely on “conflict oil from some of the world’s most odious regimes.”

Some special interest group in need of a cause called ForestEthics announced Thursday it was working with the U.S. company to eliminate shipping of Chiquita bananas with fuel from refineries that use the crude.  So better to get your oil from countries that keep the riches in the “royal families” and who persecute their citizens, eh?  Even Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Jason Kenney tweeted Saturday night: “I gather that Chiquita Bananas has no problem with Iranian oil, but is boycotting Canadian oil. No more Chiquita bananas for me.”

I think it might have some traction…

Go bananas!  The rest of the world is!

Chiquita Brands International
Image via Wikipedia





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Who are we to judge what is an ass-backwards society?

Who are we to judge what is an ass-backwards society, or to make a statement about certain politicians in some countries thinking it is okay to “rule” for 30 years and live like a King while the people are starving.

I am not in a position to make that determination, however the stories below tell a completely different tale.

Instead of pointing out the obvious, let the stories below tell the whole story and give us an opportunity to be thankful to live in democracies, like Canada (and the US).

Story 1 comes to us from Tehran, Iran. An Iranian man who attracted several disciples after claiming to be God was hanged for apostasy in the southwest of the country last week.

Turns out in Iran, apostasy, murder, adultery, rape, armed robbery and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under Iran’s sharia law, in practice since the country’s 1979 Islamic revolution.

The western-based International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran published a report earlier this month which calculated that Iran had executed an average of one person every eight hours since the start of the year – see that stat – one person every 8 hours. Scary.

Rights groups say Iran is second only to China in the number of executions it carries out, and puts more people to death than any other country per head of population. Iran routinely dismisses Western criticism of its justice system, saying it is implementing Islamic law.

Who said being a Dick, err, Dictator was bad. Although it would seem to me that the leaders in Iran are guilty of exactly what they are murdering their people over.

Story 2 – North Korea is about as unstable a nation as there is. If their dear leader, the amazing Kim Jong-il, was in Iran they would ahve hung him already.

Il, in his autobiagraphy, makes the following claims according to the UK Telegraph;

* Even before his birth, the future leader of North Korea was triggering miracles. Official biographers say his birth in a cabin on the slopes of Baekdu Mountain in February 1942 was foretold by a swallow and heralded by a double rainbow. When he was born, a new star appeared in the night sky.

* The first time he picked up a golf club, in 1994, Kim reportedly shot a 38-under par round on North Korea’s only golf course, including 11 holes-in-one. He then decided to retire from the sport for ever.

* Kim has the ability to alter the weather simply through the power of thought.

* The fledgling leader was a genius as an infant, with official North Korean biographies stating that he had learned to walk at just 3 weeks and was talking at 8 weeks.

* As a junior high school pupil in Pyongyang, he corrected and chastised his teachers for their incorrect interpretations of history.

* Kim wrote six full operas in two years, “all of which are better than any in the history of music,” according to his official biography.

* He designed the Tower of the Juche Idea, a 170-metre tower in the east bank of the River Taedong in central Pyongyang that is topped by a glowing red flame.

* Kim’s official biography also claims that he wrote 1,500 books during his time at Kim Sung Il University, from where he graduated in 1964.

* According to the Korea Central News Agency, Kim is an expert on all aspects of the film industry and “improved the scripts and guided the production” of the movie “Diary of a Girl Student.” His favourite movies are reportedly “Friday the 13th,” “Rambo” and anything starring Elizabeth Taylor.

* Kim reportedly employs a servant to inspect every grain of rice that is served to him. Any with the most minor of flaws is discarded.

Does anyone really believe this?

And the 3rd story – surrounds the recent protests in countries like Tunesia, Egypt and Iran. While the world watches, not quite sure what to make of it, Iranian politicians have called for opposition leaders to be handed the death penalty following the protests, accusing them of fomenting unrest.

“Mehdi Karroubi and Mirhossein Mousavi are corrupts on earth and should be tried,” politicians were quoted as saying by the official Irna news agency.

The term “corrupt on earth”, a charge which has been leveled at political dissidents in the past, carries the death penalty in the Islamic republic.

I think a country is ass backwards when you can be put to death by the state for speaking your mind.

I’m all for capital punishment in cases where there is clear evidence that if released a person is a danger to society, or if there has been serious harm done – ie/ killing people, but by speaking out about a corrupt government… Idiots… All of them.

But hey, what do I know?

Is that a double rainbow I see?