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Breaking News: Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown Resigns!

I almost fell off my chair when I heard a couple beside me telling me that Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown resigned early this morning over allegations of sexual assault dating back many, many years.

I have spoken to some so-called party insiders who felt that Brown would not be able to defeat Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government in the upcoming election.  I got the feeling that they really wanted him out and that removing him was more important than beating Wynne.

I also know several people who know Brown personally who say that he is absolutely lovely.  Bright, articulate, passionate, and a real family man who speaks of the influence that his sisters had on him, and that these allegations seem very unusual and come at a very “strategic” time.

It’s all really confusing.

Nonetheless, if these allegations are true – and right now there is no reason to believe they are not – I feel bad for the victims.

But this could be a good thing for the Ontario PC’s – not the reasons for Brown resigning – but in the aftermath.  The actions by Brown to step down amid the allegations was swift and should reinforce the PC’s position on sexual assault.  It also provides the PC’s an opportunity to get into the race to replace Wynne by putting a strong candidate to lead the party, and there are many, many strong candidates who I feel would fit the bill.

News reports have put forward the names, Caroline Mulroney, and Lisa MacLeoud, and while I respect these women, I feel there are a few others who would do what the PC’s and Ontarians need.

First off, Christine Elliott, the wife of the late Jim Flaherty (former Federal Finance Minister), who has served as an Ontario legislator for nine years and who lost the PC leadership to Brown, would be a great Premier, as would Rona Ambrose, who led the Federal Conservative party up until she stepped down so that the new leader Andrew Shneer could assume the role.

I think right away these 2 candidates give the PC’s a known commodity, with strong leadership and vision and could re-energize the election race and stop the Liberals from continuing to ruin our province.

I felt Brown’s platform was fantastic and that if it got more press, Ontarians would see how badly we need a change of government in Ontario.

Hopefully going forward all of the issues can be resolved and we can begin the process to move forward.


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May Day, May Day… What a May in Canadian politics

May 10 – Jean Brault, president of Groupaction, and Charles Guité arrested by the RCMP for fraud which tells me that the Liberal Sponsorship scandal (AdScam) has some legs and is running now. Unfortunately, in Toronto, the Liberals can do no wrong and will still win the next government.
Proof to that is the fact that just one week later, the quite large, longwinded former hockey executive, Ken Dryden announced his candidacy in the 2004 Canadian election representing the Liberal Party in the Canadian electoral district of York Centre, Ontario.

Mark my words… He will win this seat and he will end up holding on to it for a long time.

In efforts to reduce the power lobby groups have, on May 18 the Supreme Court of Canada upheld a law on spending limit by Lobby groups during elections.

Conservative pain in the butt, Karlheinz Schreiber – he of the Air Bus scandal involving Brian Mulroney – has been ordered extradited to Germany on charges of fraud, bribery, and failure to pay taxes.

And on May 27 – Former Public Works Minister Alfonso Gagliano launches $4.5 million lawsuit against Prime Minister Martin and the federal government.

There is a lot playing out this month. I look forward to tracking it through the years.