Comparing one kid to the next

If, by some chance, you have this blog set up in some sort of blog reader, then you will have noticed that you received about 10 posts today, most of the from back in 2007.

So let me tell you why…

I was looking for some information on child #2, referred to in the blog as Stewie (named after the character in Family Guy – as we really felt he wanted to kill us as a baby) but previously known as the “Weed” because he was growing like a weed (still is).

So when #2 was 7 months old, he began clapping, and started pulling himself up on items, like the couch.  #3, on the other hand, has been clapping for a couple of weeks, and is 8 1/2 months old.  She does not crawl yet (unless you count crawling backwards – and getting stuck under items like the couch) but she can get on her knees and rock back-and-forth.  She also shows zero interest in standing or pulling herself up. 

What she is doing, is teething.  She has her two bottom teeth and is now drooling like a fiend.  The combination of the teething and the trying to crawl, plus trying to go from laying on her tummy to sitting up means she doesn’t want to sleep at night, and she gets up in the middle of the night and is really cranky during the day.

Poor UrbanMummy.

Thank goodness for being at work, eh?  Except that I’m REALLY tired now. 

Sure, I could do less work on the computer, or less unpacking, but I need some downtime after a long day @ the office… Don’t you?

So now that accounts for the newest one, #3, aka Berry.

What are my other 2 monsters up to???

Well, #1, the Happy Boy – now being referred to as “Linus” because they both carried around their blankets, had a horrible weekend.  He was not acting the 5 1/2 years old that he is, but acting more like the 4 years old that his 3 1.2 year old brother acts… Get that?

So there was pinching, being bossy, yelling, talking back, a ton of crying and that dreaded baby-talk he does which I DETEST!

He was trying this weekend to say the least.

Now back to #2…

Very mature kid.  Knows what he wants and doesn’t want (just like his mummy)  but he cannot sleep through the night without peeing through his diaper, soaking his bed.

Linus was completely out of diapers by the time he was 3-years-old.  He was really out by 2 1/2, but we made him wear one at night, much to his protests.   Stewie, on the other hand, was out of diapers by 2 1/2 during the day, but he continues to pee a TON and even poo in the morning in his diaper.  I’m not sure if he does it because he is lazy or because he is such a deep sleeper that he doesn’t know…

But I need to find out as I stupidly bought these cheap-ass WalMart diapers and he pee’d through 2 of them last night, soaking his bed and himself.  The only reason he didn’t soak the third one is because he awoke at 5am so he knew to go to the can and poo there.

It is beyond frustrating.

He tells me at night that he is not going to pee – he is going to hold it – but I insist he go pee when he needs to, and if he needs help putting the diaper back, that he should come into our room and wake me up. 

He doesn’t.

So as you can see, I was looking to see what my other kids were up to around that age, and in going through older posts, I spell checked a bunch of them and upon updating them, they showed up in the readers…