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Breaking News From Toronto Municipal Council

I have received some Breaking News from Toronto Municipal council. It’s huge.
It’s exactly what the lefties were hoping for in their long campaign to discredit and embarrass the Mayor, Rob Ford (PS, lefties… You have done that already!).

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may have taken drugs more than once. Oh my.

In a “drunken stupor”. Not in a “drunken stupor”. Crack. Heroin. Pot.

He’s a party in a package and now the media is going to camp outside City Hall waiting to get a comment from one of the Ford Brothers, and then talk to all the councillors who will tell you that Ford is not fit to be Mayor and, oh yeah, they are running for Mayor too.

They “hate” the distraction but they LOVE the attention!
Geez, I’ve been following Toronto City Council since I was a kid… Such a long time ago, and I never knew all the councillors like I do now. They’re everywhere. Even the one (or 2) who have been charged with offenses like driving under the influence all seem to wind up in front of the camera pointing fingers at the Fords.

So does ford need to resign now?

Does he deserve to be chastised for having his picture taken with an alleged member of the Hell’s Angels?

Only in Toronto can this be such important news… Still.

It’s like going to the zoo to see the animals. More on that at the end of this post.

Other somewhat important news only because it doesn’t involve the shaming of the Ford family:

London Ontario Mayor Joe Fontana is in court trying to explain how he stole $8 millions dollars of taxpayer mone through a charity in which he was on the board of directors.

and Ontario’s unelected premier Kathleen Wynne met with Toronto’s unelected deputy Mayor to discuss ways to waste taxpayers money. Wynne, whose party has blown billions of dollars of taxpayers money somehow escapes the fury of Toronto’s media.


and Nelson Mandela passed away.

But Ford did Heroin!!!

(Shaking my head).

Oh, and the animals I see… Hippos. Hippo-crites. Hypocrites. Lots of them.

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A Dangerous Precedent Has Been Set Here in the City of Toronto

A dangerous precedent has been set here in Toronto with regard to the investigations into the personal affairs of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

The Mayor has done a lot of suspicious, dangerous and illegal things in his life and they are all coming back to haunt him right now, but the worst thing he may have done, was to have started a feud with the Toronto Star newspaper.

I asked a senior member of the CBC if there was a bias against the Mayor and the response I received was a clear and immediate “NO”, but I cannot help but think that is not completely true, so I posed the following question;

“If Rob Ford loses the next election, and a left-leaning politician is elected Mayor, would a Toronto Star reporter stand on cinder blocks behind his/her house and snap pictures of the family?”

I doubt it.

“Would the media wire tap the phones, and follow the Mayor, snapping pictures of him/her in their car, in a fast food restaurant, or at public events?”

Doubt it.

What if the Mayor was a female and she was heavy? Would NOW Magazine put her face on the body of a large naked woman and post it across the front cover?”

Still doubt it.

And my final questions to the few people in our house was this;

“If former Mayor, David Miller was caught in conflict of interest after stating that he was stepping down from Mayor (but not yet stepped down) would the Toronto media make a fuss?”

I got a response to that last question that “no” if the Mayor was caught doing something in conflict of interest it didn’t matter because it was not a drug habit, or being drunk at public events… It was just a conflict of interest.

“But didn’t lawyer Clayton Ruby not try to get the Mayor thrown out of office for conflict of interest over $300?” I pressed.

“Well. he didn’t get turfed from office, right?” was the response I received.

But someone tried to, and that Is part of my point. No one tried to do the same to Miller. Multiple people tried to do it to Ford.

And what about the HUGE issue that people take with Ford’s alleged drug habit – that he might be supporting the drug trade through his meetings with Alesandro Lisi.

“That’s the worst possible thing he has done!” was what someone told me.

So if you want Ford removed from office because he may have paid a drug dealer for drugs, how do you feel about the Toronto Star which admitted to have paid $5,000 for a video of Ford having a temper tantrum. The person who had the video, Mohammed Faria, also tried to broker a deal for the “crack” video of Ford for $100,000 from the Star and $200,000 from website Gawker.

Faria also was arrested in Toronto Police raid Project Traveller and charged for having a gun in his apartment along with his mother and sister.

Would that not be a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

I just cannot see the Toronto Star going to the same lengths to investigate Karen Stintz, Olivia Chow, John Tory or Adam Vaughan.

People in the media feel otherwise…

After this slippery slope, the Star, NOW magazine and other media outlets had better start digging and put up more of a fight than they did getting to the bottom of the billion dollars of taxpayer money that previous Mayoral candidate George Smitherman wasted while Minister of Health for the provincial Liberal government.

Either downtown Toronto was okay with this style of spending or this issue was swept under the carpet over and over again so as to keep their preferred candidate from being out of the race right away.

I don’t know the answer to any of these questions, but it looks really suspicious to me.

I’ll guess we will wait and see what happens going forward now that Karen Stintz has declared her intention to run for Mayor in 2014, and Olivia Chow already using her Federal office staff to begin her campaigning for Mayor (another conflict of interest being ignored it would seem) and John Tory not too far behind.

My sources tell me that Mayor Ford is set to announce that he is taking a leave of absence from his position for a month to enter rehab. The CBC thinks he’ll step aside for 2 weeks. We both feel if he does this he is guaranteed to remain Mayor of Toronto past 2014.

There will come a time when the Toronto media goes too far in their singling out of Ford and right or wrong, it will result in him being Mayor for as long as he wants.

Interesting times ahead!


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The Knives are out Toronto. It’s not even safe to DRIVE a Ford… 13 BEST Ford Slogans

The knives are out in Toronto!  A day after embattled Mayor Robert Ford (see, doesn’t that make him seem just a little more intelligent) admitted to using crack cocaine while “in one of my drunken stupors”, there have been cries from (mainly) the left for Ford to resign.

Ford held a press conference later in the afternoon to apologize, where he stated that it’s up to the voters in Toronto to remove him from office in 2014 during the next municipal election.  Democracy rules the day.

But with the walls of lies and deceit crumbling down around Ford-Nation, one has to wonder if Ford’s campaign promise to “Stop the Gravy Train” meant to stop wasteful spending at City Hall, or if the stopping was for an exchange of illegal materials.

But with no proof to charge Ford with a crime… yet… Ford continues as if it was just another day, while any of us who previously supported Ford try to find ways to explain the difference between liking a person and liking their political views!

In any instance, it’s not safe in Toronto to possess political views which are not left-of-centre and the name Ford brings up all kinds of venom and hate that there is speculation in the street that the “left-wing conspiracy” group is now searching for the final nail in the Ford Brothers political coffin so they have targeted those who drive Ford vehicles as well.

With that being said, here are the 13 best Ford Motor Company slogans now attributed to the Mayor and his brother at various points in their political careers.

Ford in a GM Car.
Ford in a GM Car.

(Anyone looking to buy a used Ford??  Any kind of used Ford???)

Election – 2010 – Ford Nation sweeps into Power ready to put an end to the dreaded “Gravy Train”;

“Ford Has a Better Idea”

“Built for the Road Ahead.”

“Quality is job one.”

“There’s a Ford in your Future.”

Year 1 of Ford Nation ends with controversy – the left-wing media begins to creep closer and closer to Ford the man.

“If you haven’t looked at Ford lately, look again.”

“One Ford?”

“Have you driven a Ford lately?”  <– Mr. Lisi.

Now that the Mayor has admitted to using crack cocaine, being in drunken stupors and lying, here are the most applicable Ford slogans for him:

“Make Everyday Exciting.”

“[N]One Ford.”

“Powered by You” becomes “Powered by [insert illegal substance here].”

“Built for the road ahead [out of Toronto].”

“Ford has a better idea.”

…and finally, and most applicable due to it’s fit for Ford Motor Company, Rob Ford the Mayor and football (Ford’s love), is Ford’s most recent slogan;

“Go Further.”

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Ford vs. Thomson: An International Woman’s Day Nightmare. 2 Weeks Later.

Mayoral candidates at the "Better Ballots...
Mayoral candidates from 2010. From left to right: (front row) Rob Ford, Rocco Achampong, Sarah Thomson, John Pantalone, George Mammoliti, (back row) Keith Cole, Rocco Rossi, George Smitherman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

International Woman’s Day (previous called International Working Woman’s Day, originating in 1909) was March 8th this year and the focus of the day ranged from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to celebrations for women’s economic, political and social achievements.  This day began as a Socialist political event, and in some countries it has morphed into a day for men to express their love for women in a way somewhat similar to a mixture of Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, while in many countries, the political and human rights theme designated by the United Nations runs strong, and political and social awareness of the struggles of women worldwide are brought out and examined in a hopeful manner.

In Toronto, a very odd event came to light on this day, which may or may not have occurred, the previous night at an event for CJPAC.

Sarah Thomson, the editor of the Woman’s Post and who ran for the mayor’s office in 2010, claimed on both social media and in several interviews that Mayor Rob Ford grabbed her buttocks (“Grabbed my ass” were her exact words on the radio) while taking a photo with Ford at the event.  Ms. Thomson also said in an interview that Ford suggested to her that evening that she should have been in Florida with him because his wife was not there.

Ms. Thomson also posted a very unflattering picture of the Mayor on her Facebook page –  his eyes were closed and there was either a stain on his shirt or he was sweating a lot.

In a radio interview, she continued to pile on the accusations by suggesting that Ford was high on cocaine that night.  Apparently she Googled cocaine use and concluded that “…it’s, you know, sweaty, talking quickly, out of it, arrogant. Like all these things were on there.”

While Thomson has continued to stand by her allegations, she has also thrown her own allegation into doubt because she said, “I looked up the symptoms and it looked like it was cocaine use, it could have been anything like that, I’m not sure what it is. I’ve also read that diabetes could have some odd effects. I’m not sure what was wrong with him, but there was definitely something wrong with him that night.”  Oops.  Cocaine, diabetes… Well, he was “erratic” and “arrogant” that night so it might have been one of those.

When Thomson was asked if she’d ever taken cocaine herself, she said she didn’t know, as she spent time on the street in her youth.

But it gets even more odd from here…

Two councillors from Richmond Hill, who were at the event, were part of a crowd when Thomson allegedly was devising a plot to get a photo of the mayor’s hand on her assistant’s rear end.  She planned on using this “evidence” to corroborate her story and she told the group it would be put to good use when she ran for Mayor again in 2014.

Thomson has ruled out pressing sexual assault charges against Ford; “It’s a big waste of time to go through the legal procedures,” Thomson said. “Now, I looked at it and I realized I had no proof.”

Thomson put herself at risk of being sued by making the public allegations against Ford.

The mayor had responded to her accusations on Friday in a written statement calling them “absolutely, completely false.”

Thomson responded to the mayor’s comments by saying that HE was trying to discredit HER.  “Decades ago powerful men who sexually assaulted women would call them ‘hysterical,’ or ‘crazy’ to debase their credibility,” Thomson said. “It pushed many assaulted women into silence…. He will not push me into silence and I hope his accusations do not re-ignite the old fears that once silenced women.”

Thomson went on to say, “I did not make these accusations lightly.”  And as for her hopes of one day being Mayor, she said the approach she took may not have been the best one; “I admit I did not handle the press perfectly.”

The problem here is not about he said vs she said, or is drawn along political lines.  It’s about a very serious allegation, made on a very important day and what the implications are if one of these parties is not telling the truth.  Since Ms. Thomson has in fact announced in public that she was sexually ‘assaulted’ by the Mayor of Toronto (in front of dozens of people no less) then I would think the police are duty-bound to investigate it to see if there are sufficient grounds for charges against the Mayor.

If it turns out however that this was just a politically motivated, vexatious, stunt by the publisher of a women’s-only magazine made purposely on the eve of International Women’s Day then of course SHE should be criminally charged with public mischief and making false accusations.

Criminal sexual assault is a very serious crime. Making public, false, allegations about it are equally so.

At the end of the day, this is very sad because either Sarah Thomson was assaulted by Rob Ford on the eve of International Woman’s Day, or Sarah Thomson was playing the victim and trying to set up the Mayor in order to further ruin his reputation and ultimately for her political gain.

Given the recent troubles Ford has had publicly under the attack of the left, a situation like this certainly causes people to question Ford’s ability to lead and make many people wonder if he is promoting a good image of Toronto for the rest of the world to see.  In light of the recent information revealed by Georgio Mammoliti we know the left have been targeting the reputations of right-wing politicians.

One of these two people made a horrible decision on the eve of International Woman’s Day.

Shame on him if it’s true and shame on her if it’s not.

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Toronto City Council’s Secret Left-Wing Agenda Revealed!

Giorgio Mammoliti speaks to reporters
Giorgio Mammoliti speaks to reporters (Photo credit: hyfen)

When Toronto City Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti alleged he, Mayor Rob Ford and other “right-wing” councillors at Toronto City Hall have been victims of a “left-wing conspiracy”, everybody laughed.  When Mammoliti said that a preliminary investigation he has conducted has pointed to a group of people “out to do some damage, personal damage” to the right-wing councillors on City Council, people again laughed and thought Mammoliti was going crazy.

A former member of Mayor Rob Ford’s executive committee, Mammoliti claimed that he has been followed by private citizens here in Toronto and that his home and office phones have been tapped.  He raised the question about just how badly do the left-wing councillors really want him, Ford and the other right-of-centre councillors out of office, replaced with the free-spending, union-loving, tax-the-rich, left-leaning council which almost brought Toronto into bankruptcy.  (Insert Olivia Chow here).

Mammoliti revealed that an investigation has pointed to a number of key suspects; city councillors, private citizens, lawyers in this city, who have united together to ruin the reputation of the right-wing candidates, force the public to sour on them and run them right out of office and we need to look no closer than the legal actions brought against Mayor Rob Ford by a private citizen – a very pro-NDP citizen, no less – which was handled pro-bono by another pro-left-wing lawyer in Toronto, Clayton Ruby.  This legal action resulted in the temporary removal of the Mayor from office and tarnished his reputation.  The citizen who was the front-man of this lawsuit and his lawyer were eagerly expecting the Mayor to cover the court costs, around $150,000.00, however, upon winning the appeal Ford had gone to the court to ask his costs be covered by this duo.  They in turn have asked Ford to cover the costs by taking the money from the taxpayers of Toronto, stating the individual who brought the case against Ford does not have those kinds of funds.


We’re also waiting to see if lawyer Clayton Ruby is going to follow through on his pledge to waste more taxpayers money and take the appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada.  This case is that important but it’s not going to challenge the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is it??

So what do you make of this conspiracy?

Following this failed attempt to remove Ford from office, came an audit of his 2010 election funding in which Ford over-spent by $40,000.00.  Yes, he kept very detailed books and records and the auditor was impressed by that, and yes there was no further action against him, but I’m sure every single Councillor would be in contravention of the Elections Act if scrutinized by audit.  Where are the other audits of team lefty?  Oh, yeah.  Not in Toronto.

Did you know Mammoliti is also up against the same audit?

What about the audit of George Smitherman when he ran for Mayor?  He promised to reveal who donated to him campaign but never did.  Something to hide, maybe?

So let’s move on to the conspiracy…

When Mayor Ford announced (for probably the 50th time) that he was seeking right-leaning (fiscally Conservative) citizens to run in the next election, in order to get better traction on some of his ideas to reel in spending, cut costs and reduce duplication of services, the cries from the left were deafening.  I think the most critical of them all, Adam Vaughan, wanted to haul Ford before some panel or committee or something, yet again, to be slapped on the wrist.  Apparently it’s in bad taste to say it, but it’s okay to skulk around with your left-wing colleagues to find ways to overthrow the Mayor.

Mammoliti mentioned specific knowledge of secret meetings of left-wing councillors and their “inner circle” with their plans to run the “righties” out of City Hall and that… Well, that is okay.

So as the crack researcher that I pretend to be, I have uncovered their plans and compiled a list of the top thirteen items on the secret agenda of these left-wing councillors.

13. Hire unionized workers at $85.00/hour to remove all the doors at City Hall which open to the right and re-hang them so they open on the left.

12. Re-name any streets in the Greater Toronto Area which bear the name “Ford” to “Fraud”.

11. Create their own newspaper aimed at reporting items supported by the left and trashing any thoughts or suggestions by the right. Oops, that one was done already in triplicate; Toronto Star, NOW magazine and the Grid.

10.  Move to teach children left-wing socialist views at schools and institutions of higher-learning.  Oops.  That already happens too…

9.   Remove the term “Right of Way” from the Highway Traffic Act and replace it with “Wrong Way”.

8.   Pressure Ford Canada to rename its Canadian operations and to give its unionized workforce the credit they deserve, so all cars coming from their factories will cost $350,000.00 each, but a wealth tax on the rich will bring the price down to $45,000.00.

7.   Bringing in a fat tax aimed to penalize fat people, especially ones who take office and do not lose weight like David Miller did.

6.   Ban football in Toronto.

5.   After sending that CBC “comic” Marg whatever her name is to harass Ford on his driveway, the lefties are lining up more characters to disrupt Ford’s personal life including; Doink the Clown, David Suziki, ummm, other famous left-wing Canadiens like Brandon Prust, Max Pacioretty and Travis Moen, and the gravy train and a few others…  If they’re smart, however, they will stay out of Ford’s backyard.

4.    Toronto will implement a new wealth tax on all citizens making more than $65,000.00 a year (politicians exempted) and the new tax will be call the “Open your Wallet” tax whereby those rich bastards – damn them for getting educated and working hard to earn money and pay taxes – will pay to ensure that Toronto’s lowest class are able to move into Forest Hill or the Bridle Path like everyone else.

3.   Shows like AM640, SunTV and the like will come with disclaimers warning the risks associated with their dangerous, fiscally conservative views.

2.   Left-wing media will post unflattering pictures of Ford everywhere, including putting his head on top of a naked body in order to… Well, I don’t know why they did that actually…

1.   The number one thing that the secret left-wing group will do is to continue to pester and harass all the right-wing candidates in Toronto, in Ontario and in Canada and turn all the moderates into fiscally Conservatives resulting in right-wing political leaders at all three levels of government for a long time.  This secret operative will forever be known as Operation backfire.

In addition, there will be many new jokes as a result of this secret plan, such as; “How many socialist, left-wing people does it to take down Mayor Rob Ford?”  Answer:  We’re not sure yet.