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It’s been a while… How are you?

Hey!  How are you?  Are you still there? 

Did you miss me?  It’s been a while.  Since I auto-post some of my Thursday Thirteen’s, it’s been a while since I have actually had time to write a fresh post.  I did one last week and that one drew incredible response on Facebook, Twitter and through my blog.  The message was clear to me that it was time to get down to writing again, so here I go. 

As I had previously posted, I made a great career move just over a week ago and with that I have been making effort to rid myself of some bad habits that I have dragged with me along the way, specifically, going to bed late, sleeping in and neglecting my duties around the house.  There, I said it.  But since last week, I’ve been getting to bed at a very reasonable time (before midnight almost every night) and as a result, I have no time for dilly-dallying after I get home from the office.  Stuff has to get done around here AND I still want to check in with the UrbanMummy (who has been quite ill the past, oh, 6 weeks), to make sure she’s coping with work, kids, household and buying stuff online.  Yes, we have a nanny, but even she’s busy in the evenings taking English courses and hanging around with her friends and family.  After a long day she needs to recharge herself to prepare for the next day too.

So here is what we’ve been up to and forgive me if I have posted about this before;

Linus has been coming of age recently, spending more time focussing on his activities and I think really starting to understand that doing things half-assed is so not cool.  I can vouch for that have grown up in the same pattern he is currently living!  But in the past couple weeks, he has impressed his piano teacher (although he refuses to practice – he just gets it), he has moved up a level in swimming classes, and in karate he’s grading for his green belt – and red guey – on the weekend because he’s totally mastered his kata.  He’s excelling in his Beaver troop and his math skills are still lights out!  He’s amazing with numbers, adding, subtracting, multiplication and some division.  He even knows about negative numbers and he can do math problems like they are child’s play.  Me, on the other hand, refused to touch math problems from his grade through University.  I knew I didn’t get them, so why make the effort.  But he gets them (thank goodness).  I’m in awe and SO proud.  He has also recently shown an interest in soccer and reading.  YAY.

Stewie – poor tired Stewie – came with to Beavers the last couple weeks and although he does not have a “costume” yet (read: Beaver uniform) he seems to really enjoy the learning and craft segments of the meetings but these meetings end at 7:30pm and that is his bedtime, so by the time we’re in the car after the meeting, he is a mess and ready for meltdown.  As a result, I do not think he’s going to be able to stick with it, at least right now.  In other activities, Stewie is also progressing at swimming – briefly being at the same level as Linus – and in piano, which he practices daily, he can play by ear!  He loves to read and has been coming up with the most cleverist of comments pretty much hourly, lately, which kills us.  He of course also likes to fight with Linus and just yesterday was waving a kitchen knife near his sister’s head while he was trying to cut an apple and verbally abuse his brother with comments like, “You’re an A.S.S., Linus”, or the ever popular, “You’re a poo poo, Linus”.  Even poor Berry can now be heard yelling to either boy, “My name is not poo poo, it’s Berry”, or “I am NOT a poo poo!  you’re a poo poo”.  Oh yes.  They have corrupted Berry so much, just last night she was heard singing “Mary had a little poo…”

Berry, meanwhile, is potty trained – except night obviously, she just turned 2-years-old – and has been sleeping in her “big girl bed” which is a toddler bed for about the same time.  During her first week in that bed she fell out of bed 5 times, four times towards the door, and the last time she fell behind the bed, so between the bed and the wall.  This usually occurs between 2am and 5am and we are awaken by a “thump”, then a cry for “mummy!!!”.  Her vocabulary is lights out and she’s quite funny, the perfect mix of Stewie’s seriousness and smarts and Linus’ goofiness and incredible sense of humour.

UrbanMummy… What can I say.  She’s been sick for ages and still manages to work, organize and plan the household, coordinate meals, prepare fantastic meals and basically be mummy to three children.  Being a mother is the most difficult profession in the world… I truly believe that.

Me, well, I drank a Tim Horton’s new XL double double last week, which is the American-sized 24oz drink and I almost fell asleep halfway through it.  It’s so much coffee that I was scared picking it up… Seriously, and nothing scares me anymore.  I’m also very close to registering for the Canadian Investment Funds Course (CIFC) so I can learn things like;

  • Financial objectives
  • Mutual fund basics
  • Mutual fund investment
  • Types of mutual funds
  • Economic environment
  • Managing mutual funds
  • Taxation
  • Pensions and retirement
  • Responsibilities

I think that’s the start I need for continuing education – it’s been 5 years since I completed my MBA, and I think I want to get my CMA after this course is done.  That or I’ll take some smaller courses like on Segregated funds, Mutual funds, or a taxation-specific course to add to my knowledge.

Other than that, I appreciate the support and the comments and I’m sorry that I have not had a chance to return the favour and read your blogs too… I promise, once I get my schedule set I will pop by more often.  I have not even had the time to Tweet or do justice to Cityville, or LinkedIn.  If you are a blogger and are not on my blogroll, please drop me a note or a comment because right now that is what I use as my guide when I have time to read.

I also noticed in the writing of this post that I apparently only have the ability to work for organizations which begin with the exact same letter!  I also cannot type the word “the”, I type “teh”, nor “myself”, I can only do “myslef”.  Can I not program WordPress or any of the Microsoft Office programs to automatically correct those?  They do not!

That’s what I’ve got right now.  This post only sat for 4 days in my draft folder.  I’m already working on the next part.

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Hey, that was my idea… Now what?

English: A solution consists of: plan, rationa...
English: A solution consists of: plan, rationale, idea, and insight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tough situation here:

It’s not like I’m new in the workforce or new to the organization that I work for – the Canadian Revenue Agency – but I’ve been here for 8 long years.  I am also 2 years into my MBA so I can now add the academics behind how an organization works to compliment my practical experiences.  I’m especially good at getting the most out of people.

This situation happened to me today and it blew me away.   I was at a total loss until now, but I’ve decided to just let it go, because I’m a team player and to be honest I don’t need to toot my own horn because the quality of my work speaks volumes.  Today, however, after spending quite a while trying to solve a complex matter with my team leader we found a solution based solely on a concept from one of my graduate school classes.  The professor in that class worked in the public service in the US so his views were interesting and relevant.

Later that day, I came across my TL holding court among a bunch of people when I overheard him speaking about the problem and they telling everyone my solution but misrepresenting it as coming from him.  He even said that not only did he come to the solution but her researched it and  reviewed it too.


But here is where it got even more interesting… Obviously he did not know I was there, and he had made a factual error on one part of his explanation so I corrected him.  Do you think he’d stop at this point???  Nope.  Instead he  just kept on embellishing the story to make it sound even more impressive.

I wanted to speak up, but I had to leave.

If you have to depend on someone else’s thoughts, words or writings to make your own life interesting that’s fine, just give credit where credit is due because if you’re found out to be a phony then you lose your credability.

What would you have done?  Remember this is a unionized environment…