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Thursday 13 – 13 Things You WILL Be Talking About Today.

It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure to compile such a list, but here are the 13 Things you WILL be talking about today (and tomorrow, etc)

  1. You know you’re a Dad when… Breakfast on my way to a meeting this morning was: a handful of stale pretzels, a handful of peanuts, a Clementine orange and a container of 1-day-old cucumber slices.

  2. Not busy enough on Twitter, US President Donald Trump is stirring up the debate on abortion with his fellow males.  Donald, in less that 140 characters, I want to tell you this, “Stay out of my uterus!”

  3. Scientists – and I love me some science – are going to make tomatoes taste delicious again!  YAY.  For those of you who have been reading The Urban Daddy for a long-time, you will remember that I love gardening and my favourite thing to grow… Tomatoes!

  4. The “Doomsday clock” has moved to 11:58pm for the first time since like 1954.  This means nothing to me, to be honest, and I didn’t even like the cartoon Doonsbury, so there!

5. GM is cutting 800 Canadian jobs and moving them to Mexico… Damn.  I hope Trump doesn’t hear that.  In retaliation, Canada has agreed to build a wall between Canada and Mexico.  Damn you capitalism!!!

6. I don’t know where you live, but here in Toronto where we need road tolls to keep the 905’ers out (see wall building), we have pot holes the size of, well, Mexico.  One such pot hole cost my wife her front tire and rim.  Damn you Mexico!

  1. Mary Tyler Moore passed away, and after being reacquainted with her show recently I came to realize that her TV feminism was inspiring and much needed.  She will be missed.

  2. The Toronto Maple Leafs do not stink… Am I dead???

9. I read somewhere that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mother had met the Donald (see President Trump earlier) back in the 70’s.  I thought the writer was trying to convince us that Donald Trump was his father, and when I told this to someone, they said, “Trump?  No.  Castro, yes!  They even look alike!!”  What?!?

  1. New expression in The Urban Daddy dictionary; “Playing your trump card”  Means saying whatever it takes to get what you want.  Truth, lies, half-truths… whatever!

  2. Trumpanomics.  Putting America first.  Hopefully Canada second. Could change direction at a moments Tweet and may or may not be accurate or true… Nobody knows…

  3. 2 hours before turning over reigns of the US to Trump, Former President Obama sent $221 million dollars to the Palestinian authority.  It would be a shame if that money was not used to build infrastructure and was used by the “leadership” to acquire weapons, build tunnels or for their pockets.  If you want your own state, start acting like responsible leaders and put your people first!  As for Obama… Not cool!

  4. One week of President Trump and here is what we know:  Torture good, Mexico bad.  Jobs good, jobs from tourists in Islamic countries bad. Woman bad. Free Trade bad. The Apprentice good. Climate change – fake.  Vaccinations – fake.

  5. (It’s my Trump calculations…) Tim Horton’s is opening up in… Gulp… Mexico.  Don’t tell Trump.  He’ll kick the coffee company out of the US.  Or, those in the southern US will need a really long straw to sip those yummy Timmy’s beverages.

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What Is In Your Child’s Hockey Bag?

I’m new to the concept of being a “hockey parent”.

A year ago my son could not even skate, and today he’s in a Learn To Play hockey league and he’s doing just fine, thank you very much.  For a child who doesn’t like to watch hockey, or know much about the sport, he has become the complete opposite of me, who was a diehard hockey fan, but never played the sport.

Growing up in the Great White North, I never really learned to skate and I never played ice hockey as one would expect every Canadian man, woman and child would have.  At all.  No organized hockey, no shiny, I’m not sure if I was even on ice with a stick and puck more than once or twice in my entire life until I turned 20 and decided to help coach a kids ice hockey team (at 5am and 6am on Sunday mornings).

I helped teach the kids to be better hockey players – skill-wise, understanding the game and reminding them to be nice on the ice and not to play dirty or take short-cuts, and they taught me to skate.  I had taken and completed my level-one Coaching Theory Certification for a Canadian Coaching Certification, and I liked the coaching which I did for 6 years until other things came along.

Fast forward to the children, and to my chagrin, my kids never took an interest in the sport so I was off the hook… Until last year.

Now, we happily take him to his practice / game and he loves it. (Although I still can’t get him to watch hockey on TV, or to call he puck a puck and not a ball).

But over the last couple of weeks he’s forgotten things in his hockey bag – neck guard one week, then his hockey pants the following week – so I made him write down the contents of his bag so he won’t forget anything  from now on, and this is what I got:

Top of the page “Hockey”

Underneath the title started the list;



“Neck g” (guard?!?)

“Chest pad” (Looks like it was a chess pad first)


“Jok” (giggle – Jock)


“elbow p”

“leg Protect” (or shin pads)




I added the water bottle, towel, skate towel, and pj’s to wear underneath).  I also told him for the umpteenth time that in Grade 3 we had to pick French names for French class, and since my name, Warren, doesn’t really have a cool French name, I wanted “Guy” for Guy Lafleur, but my best friend – a HUGE Canadiens fan – chose Guy so I got Jacques.  Jacques Strappe was name French name for the next 2 years… UGH.

Oh, and he scored last game.  Could not have been more proud!  Of him and for him.


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Thursday Thirteen – Supernova style!

This Thursday’s list comes to us from Elliott Hurst, the CEO of Supernova, and Elliott put together for your enjoyment, the top 13 movies about music (in no particular order).  These are the best 13 movies ABOUT music (not just have good soundtracks; but making music is essential to these films).

What else would you expect from a music aficionado like Eliott?!?


So let’s go!


1. Woodstock
2. This is Spinal Tap
3. Blues Brothers
4. Almost Famous
5. Anvil! The Story of Anvil
6. High Fidelity
7. Gimme Shelter
8. Beastie Boys; Awesome I Fuckin’ Shot That!
9. Singles
10. 8 Mile
11. Walk the Line
12. The Commitments
13. Eddie and the Cruisers


So what makes your list?

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Thursday Thirteen: 13 most exhausting things for me today

I had a really exhausting day today, so as a result, I have decided to post my Thursday thirteen about the 13 most tiring things that happened to me today.
Starting… now!

13.  The line-up at Tim Horton’s drive through this morning was insane.  There were over 20 cars in line and although I normally jump into the store instead of lining up, it was pouring rain and I was listening to the FAN590 piece on Zdeno Chara trying to kill Max Pacioretty.  Cars were backing up and turning around to leave, which I contemplated until I was able to see the hold up.  Some pick-up tuck was ordering enough coffee for the boys. I saw 2 boxes of coffees and food being passed to the truck. Why the servers didn’t ask the truck to sit aside so they could put together the order and still serve others, I do not know.

12. Today was the last day of one of my employees, who had been with my company for 10 years.  I totally get her desire for change as I left my job after 10 years there. I got up one Thursday, booked off the rest of the afternoon, headed home, booked off the Friday, was on vacation the following week and never went back. 

11.  While standing in line holding a half-slab cake (a very heavy half-slab cake) at the self check out, the woman in front of me was paying for her $13.00 of groceries in dimes.  She would put in 3 or 4 dimes, check the balance on the machine, then reach back into her giant bag of time wasting to pull out 3 or 4 more. What frosted my ass, was that she would periodically stop her complete disregard for the rest of the shoppers in line and pull the rejected coins out of the return tray to feed them back in to the top… over and over again… the same friggin coins… over and over again… After what seemed like 15 minutes, I was on the verge of a breakdown when a different cash came open and I was sent there by a store employee who thought I was going to lose it.

10.  I’m tired, therefore I had no patience today for complainers or people who take food that does not belong to them.

9.  Standing in line at Tim Horton’s for an afternoon coffee behind a guy who was standing practically on top of me. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. Gross.

8.  When I arrived at home in the evening, I realized we were out of milk and went to get some, in the rain, stepping in the biggest puddle in all of Toronto that resembled a lake, soaking my pants, socks and shoes. I almost caught a fish in there too…

7.  Speaking of headaches – The US government is taking over three Tylenol plants following a blizzard of drug recalls and a Food and Drug Administration criminal investigation into safety issues at the factories… I could use some tylenol.

6.  I REALLY need to drink until I cannot remember my name. Problem is I don’t drink and I have household and office responsibilities which will keep me up until 2am at the earliest.

5.  For YEARS, I wanted to go into politics, but never had the balls to actually run. I enjoyed being behind the scenes. Yesterday, a long-time friend of mine, Michael Yen, who ran municipally in the last Toronto election will soon be running Provincially for the Conservatives, reached out to me to see if I was interested in running in my ward, ward 21. Apparently there was an event the night before and there were a lot of powerful Tories in the house, and Mike suggested he may know someone keenly interested. If it were 3 years ago, I’d be all over this, but I love my job right now and wouldn’t make that change.

4.  I finished the latest Dan Brown book called The Lost Symbol and I have to tell you the book was great for the first 50 pages, awesome for the next 250 pages, incredible for the following 150 pages then the ending fell flat on it’s face as if Brown had a deadline and gave up. I’m very disappointed!

3.  I don’t like being fat, especially as I’m trying to heal up my sore foot – which is keeping me from exercising – but my day was filled with temptation; donuts, cake, coffee, chocolates… Damn you temptation. Obviously I gave in… often.

2.  Anyone want to know how to look like Harry Potter? Bend down in your kitchen to pick up the cats water bowl while your wife opens the cupboard above you and leaves the door open so when you stand up you destroy your forehead on the bottom corner of the door. That, my friends, is how you get to look like Harry Potter.

1.  Have I mentioned it’s still tax season and since December 1st it’s been 24/7. I’m beyond tired… I cannot see straight and I’m relying on tons of coffee to get through the day. With all that being said, I love doing what I’m doing but I needed a break so much, I ate a Kit Kat.

So that is why this day was capital “F” frustrating.

Here is hoping Friday is better!

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Top 10 Music for Daddies, from

I came across this post on my twitter feed, @urbandaddyblog and decided to re-post in since I have not heard of any of these song and being a music guy too, I want to check them out.  Truth be told, I know #3 and #10 very well and like them both a lot!

According to, here is the essential top 10 songs for daddies.

  1. Pearl Jam — Given to Fly: Possibly the greatest song by the greatest band out there. Epic in sound and stature, like the undulation of a wave.
  2. Stevie Wonder — As: Seriously, I will reach through your computer monitor and smack you upside your raggedy head if you deny the genius of this song. Not to mention Herbie Hancock on the guitar.
  3. The Arcade Fire – Wake Up: A song that begs the question about what we fill our lives with.
  4. David Bowie — Space Oddity:Here I am, floating in a tin can…” C’mon! You can’t not like this song. A song about stepping out, about new territory and open space.
  5. Radiohead — Weird Fishes/Arpeggi: A positing of the metaphysical, and a soothing expanse, always with that glimmer of hope.
  6. Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros — Johnny Appleseed: Street-wise, socially conscious music by a man who lived what he sung.
  7. Mastodon — Sleeping Giant: If you’re my age, then you’ll appreciate the cheesy sci-fi video. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll appreciate the wall of sound that goes with it.
  8. Fleet Foxes — White Winter Hymnal: One listen and you’ll know. It ties in the brilliant harmonies of old church hymns and folk music.
  9. Mad Season — River of Deceit: Because it’s that good. A haunting voice from one of the greats.
  10. Queens of the Stone Age — No One Knows: Precise, choppy guitars, and clean vocals. One of the greatest rock and roll songs from this decade.

And no, we’re not related, and no, I’m not one of the urban daddies… I’m the urban daddy.  🙂

But please, chime in with which ones you hate and which ones you like…

I alsways suspected that any list of music which claims to be dad-related would have the song Big Leagues by Tom Cochrane in it, but being an American site, they have probably never heard it… Hopefully they’ll come by and take note.