Best and Worst Commercials

Being stuck inside for the better part of the past 2 years due to COVID concerns, I’ve seen a lot of great commercials on the TV and on social media and I’ve seen my fair share of terrible ones.

Here is a brief list of some good ones and some terrible ones. It’s in no specific order, and I’ll try to explain why I like or detest them. If you have any to add, please do!

Like: Any commercial for Tide Cold. These commercials with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ice-T, and a combination of laundry / cold / ice related players like Vanilla Ice, Mark Messier and Falcons QB Matty Ice, are absolutely hilarious! The most recent one with Gordon Ramsey which ends with Stone Cold yelling, “That guy needs to chill out!!” is so good! I get quiet for these commercials.

Like: Any Skip the Dishes commercial with Jon Hamm. Watching him promote the brand (which I use and love) while pretending to be a Canadian makes for very funny commercials.

Like: Uber Eats commercial with Elton John and Lil Nas X is hilarious! It took me a few times of watching it to catch all the little funny bits.

Dislike: KFC “Chicken Rich” commercials. The jingle doesn’t match the commercial, it’s terrible and it doesn’t make me want to eat KFC at all… It doesn’t make sense that fried chicken and chicken rich are a good combination, which is why it’s not. I had to pause it after grabbing the link.

Dislike: Intuit TurboTax Free “Dance Workout” commercial. It’s terrible. You know they say any publicity is good publicity? It’s not true. This commercial, which has a fitness instructor in short shorts saying “free” over and over again while leading a class doesn’t make you think of a tax product, but makes you wonder why Intuit would make another terrible commercial. I had to ask friends, and they all wondered why the commercial led you to believe that someone was going to come free from the instructors shorts, and nothing else. It’s super-cringy. Shame.

Dislike: The BMO commercial about the couple who are out for dinner and the menu is in German and the female comments that she stopped taking the German lessons because the free trial ended. The BMO guy who tells her that she’s paying now is fantastic! I think he’s great and I really enjoy him in the commercials. He’s really awesome as their spokesperson! But what gets me, is that when she finds out she’s still paying she says something in German, which sounds like she’s saying “fuck me!” I had to watch that commercial quite a few times before I realized it wasn’t what she was saying, but regardless… It’s in poor taste. The rest of the commercial is great, and I see they’ve added subtitles now, but still… UGH.

Like: There is a commercial that I’ve seen recently about a family who have a massive hole in their kitchen. I’m not yet sure what the commercial is about, but I like that as they’re staring in the hole, the female says something like, “my cat is in there” and then you hear “meow”, and a second later the male says something like, “and it has my keys”… I just find that last little commentary to be very clever and quite hilarious! I think it’s for one of those non-dairy coffee creamers…

Like: One last one while I remember is a commercial for I believe, Chevy Silverado, and it involves a cat named Walter. This cat loves the winter, and seeing the cat outside partaking in all winter activities is hilarious, especially the scene where a guy is buried in snow, and the cat starts to dig him out. The guys looks at the cat and says, that’s amazing, and the guy who owns the car and the cat says, yeah… that’s the 2022 Chevy Silverado, and he proceeds to discuss the car. Then the guy says, no, the cat! The cat owner says something like, what? you’ve never seen a cat before… It’s clever, it’s funny and it’s cute. Well done!

What’s on your list?

Saturday Facebook Shorts

Flag of Regina, Saskatchewan
Flag of Regina.  Keeping it clean here… Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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But on the weekend we had some great conversations, the kids and I which I posted there, and I had to get them in here for everyone to enjoy.  The discussions my kids had on Saturday and both are them are about the “Vagina”, or “Bagina” as my daughter calls it, and it all stated with “Regina”.

1) 7-year-old Linus is learning the provinces of Canada at school.  He has just finished his oatmeal for breakfast this morning and he had taken his 6-year-old brother over to the couch so he could practice and teach his brother too.

Stewie; “Where is Saskatchewan?”

Linus; “Right here…”

Giggling (I knew where this was going)

Linus; “But where is Regina? Daddy… Where is Regina?”

Boo (who is sitting at the table eating her oatmeal) “Bagina? My Bagina is right here!”

Me; “No, not your bagina… Regina.”

Boo; “Oh. I’m so silly (giggling).”

Stewie is completely oblivious to the reference but laughs at the Bagina comment.



2) I was trying to get Stewie to take a bath with his sister and I told her that he was dirty.

He said; “I’m not dirty!”

“Yes you are”, I said. “You were born dirty!”

“Of course I was born dirty” he replied. “Everybody is born dirty.”

“Yes, they are.” I nodded in his direction.

“They are born dirty because they are born out of their mother’s bums.”

“Excuse me?” I said.  “So you’re telling me that all 8lbs of you came out of your mother’s bum?”

“Yes”, he said.  That is how they get the baby out of their stomach.  Out through the bum.”

Before I could say anything, Boo piped in to educate her big brother, “Nooooo.  Babies come from the Bagina, not from the Bum.”

So there.

I’m not sure how she knew that, but I’m more surprised that he didn’t know that.

It must be Sunday… I can’t wait for work to get everything done!

Whew.  I made it to Sunday night.  That’s a big deal considering what this week held for me and what next week has in store.

Before I begin, however, can I ask that someone… Anyone… Remind me via the comment section to this blog, or through my urban daddy Facebook page, or @urbandaddyblog on Twitter about this comment should I mention it ever again in the future.  Thanks.

Here is the comment:  I think my daughter, Berry, may be a little OCD.  Why?  Because I asked her to help clean up in the kitchen earlier today and I caught her laying on her tummy on the floor.  I thought she was playing, or looking under the table, but no, she brought over to me a poppy seed.  Yup.  A poppy seed from a bagel. 

She had me remove it from in between her fingers as she said, “clean up.  Dirty”.

At first I thought it was humourous, until she brought me another, then I stopped her when she went for more.


So I never made it to the CIBC Run for the Cure since I finally succumbed to the horrible flu that felled my entire family over the past few weeks.  The highlight of the weekend for me had to be falling asleep while playing with my daughter for an hour when my wife had the boys out at the Science Centre.  She merrily played on.

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True to my word, I took the Country Style challenge, day one, and I picked up a large 2 cream, 2 sugar (not to be confused with the Tim Horton’s large double double) and considering it was 5pm and I expected the coffee to be bitter, I found it to be okay.  I went to the location at Dufferin, just north of Roselawn – a drive through and got a not so white, very sweet cup of coffee which seemed to get better as it cooled.  I can’t help but think that these guys would be better off settling on 2nd fiddle after Tim Horton’s – possibly through offering a better food option, but there is no way these guys compare to Starbucks.  IMHO.

I also was leery about having the coffee there so late since I know Timmy’s has that 20 minute fresh pot policy, and I’m sure CS does not.  For all I knew that pot could have been simmering for an hour.


Another memorable moment from this past weekend was Stewie singing the entire Dora the Explorer theme song to Berry.  He knew every word and was on key.  Sure he hates that show… LOL.  At least I prefer this behaviour than his frequent attempts to get Berry to play with him, or follow him. 

This is a common occurence between him and her;

Him: Berry!  Come play with me.

Her: NO!

Him: Yes.  Come play.

Her: NO play, Stewie.

Him: Want ice cream?

Her: Yes!!!  Want ice cream, please.

So she follows him.


Now remove “ice cream” and replace with key Berry-favoured words like “Dora” and “Chocolate”.

This explains why she woke up last weekend from afternoon nap shouting, “Berry want ice cream, please”.


Randomness for a Friday… You “like” me, you really, really “like” me…

Hey there urban daddy fans.  Thank you for taking the time to hit up Facebook and “like” me.  Each “like” is much appreciated and every time another one comes through in my monthly stats I really appreciate it… That being said…

Did you know I just passed 20,000 hits.   Cool eh?  I moved this blog from Blogger to WordPress around 3 years ago and with that change, I came here with zero hits.  So taking into consideration the fact that my visits to my own blog do NOT count, I’m really happy with the support.  IF my hits DID count, I’d be at a million hits already.  LOL

So, on Wednesday nights after work, I race home to take my boys to their swimming classes.  After swimming, the boys have a shower, then we all race home and my wife and I got the kids ready for bed – we have a grat bedtime routine that involves books, flossing, brushing, snack and some one-on-one time.  

Last Wednesday, the boys were in bed fairly easily, but our daughter – Berry – who was in bed wanted nothing to do with sleeping.  As a matter of fact at one point I tried to pick her up when she said to me, “Let go!”   Oh no… She’s mastered “no”.  When she said “no Daddy” it broke my heart.  Then she saw my reaction and kept saying it with the world’s biggers smile on her face.  Bun Dit.

So I yanked her out of bed, we walked around, talked, ate, etc, and she finally saw her crib again, at 9pm, I then jumped in the car set to go have wings and beer with my friends, then off to see the accountant (she is working from 9-midnight until the May 2nd tax filing deadline here in Canada.  On my way back I was going to drop off a ladder at my in-laws that I borrowed 4-5 months ago.

But sometimes not all well thought out plans fall into place… I did met up with the boys at Duff’s on Bayview Avenue, south of Eglinton.  I was about an hour late, so I quickly order a Rickards White – came with an orange slice which I thought was odd – and a small order of medium chicken wings (10 wings).  Normally I have wings at St. Louis Bar and Grill and their medium is quite tame, so I went with the medium here too.  It was when they came that I noticed they were this funny orange colour.  The guys at my table were surprised that I ordered “hot” wings.  Even after I said they were medium, the guys still seemed impressed.  It wasn’t until I ate my first wing – mouth on fire – when I noticed the servers had t-shirts explaining that the medium are hot.  The hot are very hot.  Hmmmm.

So I ate, drank, and ate some more, trying not to spill on my white shirt and trying not to look like the noob who ordered wings too hot to eat.  I think I pulled it off.

Guess what?!?

I spilled all over the bottom of my shirt. 

Oh well.

I ate 9 of the 10 wings and, with no water, (had a sucker – because it was there) I grabbed a pitcher of water from the server and drank.  Whew.

We all watched the 2 hockey games on TV – both game 7’s – and cheered while the Habs lost and the Bolts won.

Then we slowly headed out and towards our cars.  It was then I realized it was 10:30pm, so too late to go to the accountant and too late to go return the ladder.  With my gym clothes in the car, and already partially dressed in running attire, I pulled into my driveway at 11pm, stripped off my clothes and on a stomach full of wings, and beer I took off for a run.

I had mentally mapped out a route in my new neighbourhood that I suspected was around 5km and realistically, hoped I would make it at least to the end of the block.  I did.  Then I decided to keep moving so I hit the end of that street, about 5 blocks in length, and I continued on. 

While running and still trying to keep note of where Iwas, I had thought if I turned right, the road would curve and take me back to my street.  I turned and ran… and ran… and ran… and when I was totally lost, I saw a main street in front of me that I thought was really cvlose to my house.  Just a little longer.  I ran towards this main street and as I approached it I was stunned to find it was not the main street I had hoped for, and I wasn’t sure whether to turn left or right.  I stopped, walked a little, then realized I was on the opposite street I thought I was running towards, and after a few minutes of walking I found my street and ran across it home.  4.1km, 27 minutes.


How messed up has this week been for me???

On Monday I dressed up in my grey dress shirt, black dress pants and black shoes, only to realize later in the day that my pants were blue, not black, then on Tuesday I put my contact lenses in the wrong eyes for the first time ever.   I started wearing contract lenses when I was 19. 


It donned on me when I was driving and I couldn’t see the countdown at each intersection.  It was a giant blur to me.  I was convinced when I couldn’t see my computer at the office.  I figured either they were in the wrong eye – and I was extremely over-tired – or either I had a detached retina, or was having a stroke.  Fun being 40!!!

Have you ever done that before?

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