What the Ontario Liberal Party, NBA referees and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford have in common

I have to be honest.

I’m pissed off.  I am fired up and I have not felt this way in a LONG time.

What has me all fired up, you ask?  Well it is the common bond that ties together Ontario Liberal Party leader Kathleen Wynne, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and the referees of the National Basketball Association (NBA) who “officiated” the Toronto Raptors series against the Brooklyn Nets.

Any guesses?

Let me throw out a couple of terms which come to mind;


… and with all of these terms there is the one thing that binds them – that they are all completely inadequate at doing their jobs – and the frustration that they will not be punished for their inadequacies.

I’m at a loss.

Let’s start with the Premier of Ontario who took over from the former Premier but won this leadership role without a) knowing of any wrongdoing by the party before and b) took part in any decisions which were wrong (ie/shredding documents).  She thinks the people of Ontario are not aware that she is the exact same as Dalton McGuinty.

Really, Kathleen Wynne should not Wynne (err, win) the upcoming Ontario election, right?  She’s lied, played dumb, and is suing anyone who talks shit about her. She has proven to be a clone of Dalton McGuinty – spend first, then delist services and tax later. Then blame the Conservatives… Or the NDP.

Now that the campaign is on, I listen to her talk and no matter what she says, I cannot hear her.  I want to hear her – her message, her thoughts on the Province, on the city I live in, and on the hot button issues, but I cannot.  She talks and talks and I hear, “blah, blah, blah” and that noise is the past 9-years of Liberal rule and the lies, and waste that they have created all the while running the Province without any public scorn that has come the way of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (more on him coming up).

I’m angry because I feel like no matter what she says there are a whole lot of Ontarians who are going to vote for her anyways because the Liberals are the middle of the road party so a vote for them is a “safe” vote. But it’s an expensive vote!

I’m even more frustrated because I do not feel that the PC’s leader is fit for the job – he’s not warm and fuzzy like Dalton was – and no one wants to see a NDP government in power (thank you Bob Rae), I’m afraid for Ontario…

Now on to Toronto and Mayor Rob Ford, who continues to show even his most ardent supporters that he’s somewhere between a moron and a giant moron when he tells the public he’s not drinking anymore, that his drug use was a one time affair (drunken stupor, anyone?), and then he continues to get caught doing the things he’s been stating he was not doing.  On video yet!

So here is what I know now about him.

He’s a liar.
He’s a thug.
He has addiction problems.
He is in denial, and he thinks that the public will continue to forgive him time and time again.

That was until this latest video emerged of him getting high, talking rudely about fellow colleague Karen Stintz and in doing so, flushing away his chances at re-election.

So he pulls the rehab card.

And while everyone knows he should have been in rehab a long time ago, he has “checked into” the world’s most effective treatment facility where after one week he is able to make outgoing calls and report that he feels “incredible”.

This time no one buys it, and trust me… in the same way the Toronto Star refuses to touch the George Smitherman story, they will find Ford and expose him again.  Even toying with the idea of Doug Ford running for mayor was thrown out, the bottom line is that Rob Ford will not and can not be Mayor come the next election.  Politics is about trust and he’s blown it time and time again.  I don’t trust him, the people of Toronto don’t trust him and those who were out to get him from election day (hello Joe Mihevc) are laughing and laughing.

The final piece of this puzzle of stupidity have the names and faces of the referring crew who handled the Toronto Raptors series against the New Jersey (err, Brooklyn) Nets.  Foul after foul called on the Raps and you started to understand that the whispers surrounding this series might be true – that no Canadian team was going to beat the Nets.

Even after acknowledging that the Nets tanked their last 2 games of the season to set up a playoff series with the Raps, the league said and did nothing, and while fouled after foul were committed against the team from Toronto, they said little more.  It got to be so obvious that even in the game 7 loss, the refs called a foul on Kevin Garnett of the Nets instead of Deron Williams because Williams would have received his 6th foul and fouled out of the game, whereas KG could take another.  On this specific play, it was 100% clear that Williams bear hugged and took down the Raptors player and sat on the floor hands together as if praying not to be called.

Clearly guilty.

Until determined to be innocent by the referees.

It was awful.  Embarrassing.  A black eye for a league which already had to deal with a referee who was cooking games for betting purposes.  The league would have been wise to comment at any point in time to suggest there was nothing happening – even suggest there would be a review – but the league was silent and the Raptors lost.


So here I sit, frustrated that Wynne, Ford and these referees continue on today as if they have legitimacy in their roles but they do not.

They lie, cheat and steal and until we, the public, have our say and force them to find a different job, we will continue to be frustrated, and shake our heads in bewilderment.




Undecided? Not sure who to vote for in the Ontario Election? You MUST read this!

So the Ontario election is coming up on this Thursday, October 6th, and you, like many I have spoken to are undecided. Whatever should you do?

Let me give you some suggestions / recommendations / my opinion to see if I can help you make a decision.

1. Vote. Regardless of whom you decide to vote for, it’s your democratic right to vote and you should do just that for the billions of people who cannot vote, or who are in countries where they are not allowed to participate in the vote for fear of being punished.

2. Vote Liberal. Are you shocked? Me too. I cannot believe I wrote this. If broken promises, an unclear platform, secretive sex education to grade 1 students, a billion wasted on eHealth, cigarettes for votes and all that is to your liking, then put that “X” for good ‘ol Dalton. If, on the other hand you are holding back on voting for Timmy Hudak because he doesn’t look the part, or you don’t get that warm fuzzy feeling, I leave you with this advice… We know what damage Dalton has done. You don’t know what damage – or good – that the PC’s can do.  We’re still in a recession and conservatives are good to have in power during this time.  See Stephen Harper and Canada.

3. Have NDP Leader over for a BBQ. Of the 3 leaders a poll indicated that most Ontarians would like to have NDP Leader Andrea Horwath over for a BBQ and hang with her. I’m all for that. She seems nice and all, but be carefull what you wish for. I saw a great cartoon explaining socialism, which I will post if I can find it, but there was a poor guy in the street asking some guy for money and the guy responded “SURE!!!” and as he’s doing that he is reaching into the picket of the guy standing behind him – lifting his wallet and grabbing the money needed to give to the poor guy. Am I saying that socialists are thieves? Heck no. I’m saying the rob Peter to pay Paul routine gets tiring after a while. If the NDP we to – heaven forbid – take power of Ontario again – SEE BOB RAE – then all the “Peter’s” will leave the province. No Peter… No money for Paul.

4. I don’t smoke but I do like my cookies. Thank you Liberal MPP Mike Colle for the Dad’s Oatmeal cookie at the Eglinton West station this morning, with your campaign sticker on the back. You are not in my riding, I’m voting PC and you told me last month to vote Liberal so there are “not Conservatives at all three levels of government”. Ummm, good platform.

5. Where exactly was George Smitherman’s donor list? I suspect some of you are looking at this and are ready to dismiss this. It was an issue from the Toronto Mayoral election when now-Mayor Rob Ford disclosed his donor list and former Liberal health cabinet minister Smitherman refused to. Sure 4 months aft the election he had to, but I still do not recall seeing that. So why the concern? As Health Minister, Smitherman was in command of a billion dollars of your and my tax money which was wasted. Did he accept the blame? Nope. Did he blame others… Yup. And he ran away from Provincial politics all the way back to Toronto in hopes of being elected the mayor of Toronto. In doing so, he received donations from citizens like you (not me) and your neighbours, but he also took donations from some pretty suspicious characters. I recall Barbara Hall – former mayor of Toronto and now the Integrity Commissioner in her very non-partisan position was endorsing Smitherman. Something was not right with his campaign and I think he learned all his tricks from Dalton.

6. Thinking more Liberal and less Conservative are you? Here’s something you need to know about the NDP – Liberal unholy alliance. First of all, if the race is close, organized labour (unions) tend to remove support from the NDP and move to the Liberals. Secondly, the last time there was a minority government, the Libs and New Democrats worked together to push through all the Liberals legislation. Above board? NOT.

7. Speaking of organized labour… On Tuesday, October 4th, in Windsor Ontario, Liberal leader McGuinty got yet another boost from Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) union boss Ken Lewenza. With polls still pointing to a close finish when voters head to the polls Thursday, the union chief took aim at Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak’s “defeatist attitude” in opposing government aid for economic development.
I’m sure he meant he didn’t like Hudak’s anti-union stance…

8. My friend, Mike Yen is running for the PC’s in Trinity-Spadina and he reported that a group on non-English speaking residents went to vote for him and asked the volunteers there to assist. They asked what number on the ballot Mike was – He was #8, but these volunteers told the group he was #4. #4 belongs to the NDP candidate in the riding. The volunteers… NDP sympathizers.
That, my friends, is dirty politics and a reason to avoid the NDP.

9. The Liberals vowed to fund IVF, not only because doing so is a kind thing to do, but mainly because doing so would save teh government a ton of money. It’s taken them 5 years to look into it. $30million to save $30million. Dollar for dollar. What is taking so long!!

10.  I almost forgot the HST!   What party increases taxes during a recession???  Right!  The Ontario Liberal Party.  And what did Finance Minister Dwight Duncan have to say about the HST?  He basically said that they brought it in because it should have be done years ago but only they had the balls to do it.  Yikes. The HST was not a good idea. It may never be a good idea. It should not have brought in during a recession, and in BC, where the HST also came in at the same time the HST did in Ontario, well that leader was forced to resign and it’s being removed in 2013.

So to recap:

NO Liberals.


Yes to Voting

Yes to Premier Hudak.

How to Confront a Back-Stabber. This is going to come in handy one day soon!

I saw this post about how to confront a back-stabber and all these warm fuzzy thoughts came back to my head about being stabbed in the back by a former colleague at the Canada Revenue Agency.

I hoped this article would give me all kinds of ways in which I could get even should the situation arise again, or given me some insight into how to handle myself professionally should our paths ever cross again because I hate confrontation just for the sake of confrontation.  I’m absolutely not going to seek her out to have a conversation with her.

The article, however, focuses on talking to the back-stabber in a non-threatening environment, and reminds the reader that a back-stabber act this way because they are insecure and that possibly they do this to protect a friend, or because they are finally in a position of power and don’t fully understand the repercussions of their actions.  The recommended approach takes the emotion out of the confrontation and provides a safe environment to let that person know you are on to their deceptive ways.

Here is the Coles notes version of my story;

While working for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) I had applied for many management positions in the almost 11-years that I worked there, but was never chosen to be a permanent Team Leader / Manager.  Many times it was because there were employment equity guidelines to meet, and as I was told, as a “white male” I would always be near the bottom of the list until our representation was met.

At first, I understood, but as I progressed and moved up in the CRA, it bothered me that I could “act” as a Team Leader, and I could manage teams but never permanently, as once I completed my MBA the decision made even less sense.

A Managerial position had posted in a different tax office, and I met all the criteria.  It would have been a new challenge, new people, new office, a fresh start and it would have been managing staff which I was quite good at, so I applied.

I was contacted right away by their HR representative which is unusual (to get into the CRA was an 11-month process)and she told me that I was by far the best candidate, and she asked me for 3 references.

I chose them, but in the process of checking them, the HR representative contacted my new Team Leader, who had been managing my team for only 6-weeks.  Not only that but she had been away from the office for 2-years on maternity leave and while she was gone, she had completed her qualifications, written the test and been selected to become the TL.

I was okay with that because when she joined the CRA, I had trained her and her friend and I had managed her on a couple of occasions.  In fact, prior to her return, I had been leading the team – handling any escalations, addressing staffing matters, set up the goals and objectives for the team and leading the team meetings.

When she arrived, I gave her all the information and took a step back.  She booked a meeting with me right away, sought out my opinions and asked me to continue helping out with the day-to-day operations, which I did.

Then after 6 weeks, she was gone.  Nobody knew where she went or what had happened to her, but I later found out that she left to accept another position (and she didn’t even telling the team), so the Assistant Director appointed another team leader to run our team, and she booked a meeting with me and asked me to continue to run it for her.

Sounds okay, right.

Here is where it gets wacky.

Since it takes ages for government processes to run their course, 5 or 6 months had passed when I was approached out of no where by a colleague about a rumour that she had heard that I was not going to get this position because this outgoing TL had told the hiring board that I was a terrible leader.

How this colleague even knew I had applied was a shock to me.

Silly as it seems (and those of you never having worked in government you may think this is all crap, but it is SO true and happens all the time) so I called HR, who told me that a “better candidate was selected”.

I waited until the posting was public and realized the candidate had nowhere near the experience, or education that I had, and clearly HR made this decision because of what the TL said.

It bothered me, but I was now looking for roles in the private sector, and found one as the Tax Manager of a large Transfer Agent.  Upon leaving the CRA, I requested access to all of my records and in doing so I was given a copy of the written reference that this TL provided to the board.

It was a joke.

In the area that asked if I had ever led a team formally or informally, she said “no”.

In the area where it asked if I had any experience with goals or objectives, she said “no”.

Under the last area asking if I was good with people and would – in her opinion – be able to lead a team, she said, “no”.

And as such, due to her treating this matter like it was a big high-school joke – I was denied this position.

I wanted to confront her but not because I hold a grudge but because with the casualness this woman lied to the hiring board, I wanted her to know that I knew what she had done.  If she can lie to her employer with such ease, she must be able to do the same to her children and her family.

I wonder how she would feel if that happened to her, or her kids?

I also wanted to let her manager know the situation but it would have all seemed so petty and was not worth my time, stress and effort.

But what would I say? I’m an emotional guy and while this really upset me at the time, it bothered me more because it’s not right, it wasn’t fair and it was wrong.

Thankfully this article gave me some suggestions.  Now I know.


I’ll update this post if I ever run into her again!

What shall I post about? Cottage life, Pork, “Fuck” or me NEVER going back to the Government?

I can’t decide what to post about today?

Should I write a big, long post about this past weekend that we spent at my in-laws cottage with the kids? The boys loved it! We really tired them out. Linus got to drive the boat, while Stewie did what he does best – eat, eat and more eat. While not eating, Stewie played and we got to see his “rain, rain, goway” dance on Saturday.


I could write a really long post detailing my strange (for me) eating and drinking habits at the cottage this past weekend. I drank 4 bloody Caesars> and a shitload of pork ribs. You see, being Jewish, we don’t eat pork… unless it happens to be at a Chinese food buffet, on my plate at a breakfast restaurant – in the form of bacon or sausage – or at the cottage. Boy did I eat a lot this weekend. Pork and alcohol… Not me at all. I feel like a piggy (pun intended).

I could post about how stupid I was Sunday night when I used the “fuck” when changing Stewie’s diaper – I said something like, “What the fuck?!?” and of course he picked up the word “fuck”. No matter how I tried to change the word to “fluck”, “flock”, “truck”, “fwock” or “flax”, he kept repeating, “fuck”. After a few minutes he settled on the word “fuock” and that was his word for 10 more minutes until he forgot it.

Of course, I could have posted about my son and soccer, which would mean I could have posted about Linus’ Sportball soccer games during which I turn into that dad, who stands on the sidelines and yells at his kid to stay awake, pay attention and run! How could I not? I looked over and he was standing beside the opposition goalie waving his arms… Even the goalie tried to send him over to play. Yup. I’m THAT Dad. Yikes.

Then again, I could have just posted about my 20 minute run tonight and how I really need August to be that month that I lose weight, tone up and run at least 3 days per week in order to prepare for the 5K race at the Toronto Marathon… 5K may not seem like a lot for most of you, but for someone like me who is not too long since recovering from a herniated disk in my back, it is a big deal!. Right now, I just feel gross.

Keeping with sports, I could post about my softball league whose game was rained out tonight – or that I joined a ball hockey team for September.

But what I would really like to post about is the fact that I have taken some time off of work at the government in order to spend with the family, for the rest of August as I try to use up some of my banked vacation and continue to look for that new career which will better utilize my personality and education. The one I currently have sucks, for me, and the majority of the people are worse. Truth be told, I’m never stepping foot back into that office again!

I should have posted about the great book I was reading this weekend called, “CyberTaxation“, but I doubt anyone would care.

I really should post a nice post about a very nice BBQ we had at the house on holiday Monday with Mr and Mrs. Mamalooper and Mr and Mrs Smickoz. We had invited 2 other couples with their kiddies but illness fell upon them, leaving just the 3 couples and man did we have a nice time. Good conversation all around. The kids played so well together and I burned almost everything on the BBQ which sucked considering just the Friday night before I cooked a blue steak for my mother’s birthday. I was so embarrassed. I’m a good BBQ’er.

I really want to post about the crap going on at the office – but it’s been quiet recently. Turns out, the whole kerfuffle is all about 3 individuals who are telling a colleague of mine not to “be friends” with me… Yup. I’m 37 years old and this is what I get to deal with at the office. Well, besides telling untruths about me and really being rude to my colleagues, these 3 – of whom I have bought many a coffee for, and had to my house, given lacrosse tickets to, and spent many an hour listening to their problems, have decided this is what they want to spend their time doing… Not working of their relationships, or on advancing their careers, or on being a better person, but they want to talk about me. I’m honoured. I really am. But, I am SO not worth it. I’m nothing like they portray me to be, and those of you whom I have met will have some image of me and that is more accurate. I’m quiet and polite to those I am just meet and in my arena – sports, politics, volunteering or work, I’m an animal. That is all. I’m not evil, don’t try to manipulate everyone, if anyhting, I’m awkword but learning to be better.

I guess I could post about my kids, like Stewie not sleeping, but pooing on the potty at 22 months, or about Linus loving camp and on his own dunking his head under the water while swimming, or the fact my sub-zero fridge isn’t working, the kids running around the house in rubber boots Monday, Stewie wiping out on the back deck while trying to grab the hot dogs I was BBQ’ing. He landed on his head but kept a hold of the dogs. (I think there will be MANY posts about Stewie and food in the coming years on this blog).

I should vent about the company I did consulting work for who implemented my ideas, yet never paid me, or the stupid trees still blocking the sidewalk as I walk to the subway.

But truth be told, I just want to go to bed. Stewie will be up soon. It’s midnight.

Good night.