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Who is this Urban Daddy character? Thursday Thirteen: 13 facts about this Canadian Blogger

Today is Thursday, which means it’s a very good time to create a Thursday Thirteen post – and the topic this week is 13 facts about The Urban Daddy.

  1. I’ve been writing this blog since 2004.  That makes for a very old blog, eh?

  2. I have written 1,434 Blog posts for The Urban Daddy

  3. I have a tax blog -for my real job – called inTAXicating, which I started in early 2008 and I have written 369 Canadian Tax posts for that site.

10.  I used to work in the Federal Government, in the Canada Revenue Agency, for almost 11-years before resigning to take a managerial position in the private sector.  The change was long overdue.

9.   In the CRA, I collected taxes, trained employees, took 3-years of my accounting designation and then completed my MBA.

8.   I don’t play many online games – after my wife freed me from my Cityville addition – I only play Tap Baseball, Clash of Clans and Tiny Tower Vegas.

7.   I live near one of the most affluent neighbourhoods, in the largest city in Canada – the 5th largest in North America, Toronto

6.   I ran for student council president of my university only to lose to some guy named Jian Ghomeshi  It was a half-assed attempt, but fun nonetheless.  I vaguely remember meeting him and his campaign manager in the main hall and one, or both of them, telling me that they were going to tear down my campaign posters and threatened me about something.  I was wearing my cowboy boots (don’t judge me) at the time, and with them stood about 6 foot 2.  I was NOT intimidated.

5.  I’m fiscally conservative but hate guns, racism and drugs.  I love common sense, saving money, and being upfront and honest.

  1. I’m a rule follower.  Clear your sidewalks.  Don’t throw snow in the street.  Don’t disrupt others.  Live and let live.

3.  I’m learning as I get older things I should have learned much younger.  Foods, anxiety, ADD, how to treat those you love…

2.  I love being a Dad.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  Love attending events and being there for the kids.  Something I either didn’t have or don’t remember.  It was a different time back then, but still.

1.  I ran a left-handed students association at my university – the school gave us an office, and money to find areas where lefties were being discriminated against.  Our main beef was that some of the largest lecture halls had no left-handed desks, or if they did, the desks were on the far-left side of the lecture hall.  Not cool if you’re vision sucks like mine does.



Now it’s your turn.

What are 13 facts about you that make you who you are?


Urban Twin Mummy… You have a week.  Get started.  🙂


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Why this recognition is greatly appreciated.

I was added to the list of 7 new blogs by Dan Bohmer who writes Nine and a Half Hours Ahead as part of him receiving the One Lovely Blog Award.

Dan is a US Soldier overseas in Afghanistan.  He’s a father and he’s been blogging as an outlet in order to share some of his pictures and his thoughts.  I don’t think I have to go into detail about my thoughts on those who enlist in the services and who put their lives on the line to protect our countries.  In my opinion it is probably the most selfless, most courageous, thing one can do and I respect these men and women for doing something I could not do, but would if I had to.

So because Dan left me a note to nominate me and that he enjoys my blog (thank you Dan, the feeling is mutual), I am proudly accepting this award and complying with all the rules.  I also encourage you to check out Dan’s blog.  Read his thoughts, look at his beautiful pictures and enjoy.

The rules:  To post 7 things about myself and then to nominate seven other fantastic, inspiring bloggers:

1. My first online identify was “SpeakEasy” because I thought the concept of a speakeasy was very cool.  When my wife became the “Urban Mummy” it only seemed to make sense that I became the “Urban Daddy”

2. I grew up with a baseball glove on my hand, a baseball cap on my head and a hockey stick nearby, but never played any organized sports until I was 19-years-old.  At 41, I’m still playing!

3.  I started and ran a club in University for left-handed students.  The University subsidized me and provided me an office to use at my leisure and it was massive.

4.  I ran for student council president in my 3rd year of University and lost to some kid named Jian GhomeshiLook him up.  He’s done quite well for himself since that landslide victory.

5.  I was approached to be a regular participant on a TV show as a “Daddy Blogger” but turned it down because at that time it’s not something I could see myself doing.  As I get more comfortable in my skin, the door to something like that slowly opens again…

6.  I’ve been blogging since 2004 and that precedes the site that promotes cool things in big cities and which sells shoes.

7.  Ball-hockey: I once scored a goal on a slapshot from beside my own net.  It was our only goal in a 10-1 loss.  I have played well over 1000 games and have never been in a fight or injured another player on purpose.  I have, however hit someone hard enough that their shoe flew off and went over the boards.  🙂

Now for the seven utterly fantastic, must-read, blogs – they are not rank ordered, so the first one listed is not ‘better’ than the seventh one.

For those that I select, I want to reiterate that I completely understand if you do not wish to continue to keep the award chain going.

Just know that I enjoy your blogs!

1. Lazy Photographer;

2. Funny Things Are Everywhere;

3. Edudad;

4.  Luke, I am Your Father;

5. Good, Bad, Wicked;

6. Daddy’s In Charge;

7.  Aiming Low;

So for each of the above 7 blogs named, I am passing along to you the One Lovely Blog Award.  The avatar is below and you can add to your blog if you would like, or you can ignore this and continue writing some amazing posts and taking some incredible pictures.