Former live-in caregiver jailed for exploiting migrants who wanted to follow in her footsteps to Canada.

A woman who came to Canada from the Philippines as a live-in caregiver has been jailed for exploiting would-be immigrants in a stiff sentence designed to thwart a wave of bogus immigration consulting. “She lied to them, cheated them, and, in some cases, even threatened them. By doing so, not only did she harm the…

via Former live-in caregiver jailed for exploiting migrants who wanted to follow in her footsteps to Canada — National Post – Top Stories

This is such a shame!  Taking advantage of those in need is terrible and not the Canadian way.


Israeli court hands life sentence to killer of Palestinian teen — National Post – Top Stories

JERUSALEM — A Jerusalem court on Tuesday handed a life sentence to the main attacker in the killing of a Palestinian teenager in 2014 whose death helped spark a chain of events that led to that year’s Gaza war. The court sentenced Yosef Haim Ben David, 30, to life plus 20 years. The state prosecutor…

I couldn’t help but want to share this story, not to make light of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, but really to try to shed some light on where these countries differ so starkly.

In Iran, Iraq, Syria and in the West Bank, when an Israeli is killed, there is always footage of the people in the streets celebrating while candy is being thrown to the children.

In Israel, a 30-year-old Israeli man killed a Palestinian teenager, was arrested, had his day in court and was sentenced to life in prison plus 20-years.

The message to Israeli’s… Murder is murder, and if you commit it you will be caught and punished.

The message to Israel’s neighbours… Kill and Israeli and we will celebrate.

It disgusting.

But it’s reality Israeli’s face on a daily basis.  If the “politicians” who want to create a Palestinian state are serious about having their own country that they can run, they should stop spending money on tunnels under Israel, they should wonder why neither Israel, Egypt or Lebanon want their citizens there and they should establish laws to teach their citizens right from wrong.


Link to original article is below.


via Israeli court hands life sentence to killer of Palestinian teen — National Post – Top Stories

My random thoughts

Why do we put up with Chris Brown?  He roughed up Rhianna and for that we (not me) still buy his music and put him on Dancing with the Stars.

Folks.  There are SO many more talented people itching for one second of publicity.  Why waste our time on this trainwreck.

Just let me know when he is in jail because his temper resulted in him assulting someone who pressed charges.

I see that Urban Toronto is looking for interns and event writers for their online magazine.  More information is available at

Frustrated that your streets are broken up, or that stop signs are being ignored, or maybe cars are going too fast and your area needs speed bumps. Reach out, or join, your resident ratepayers organization and as a group reach out to your city councillor to have these changes brought forward to the folks that fix the roads.  That is how Bedford Park Avenue between Yonge and Jedburgh got ripped up and totally re-done a few years ago, sewers and all.

You can always call 311 if you see or almost get swallowed up by a giant pothole.

Our new neighbours moved in and prompty decided to place their heavy recycling bins on out front lawn on garbage pick-up day – not on their property – so it could sink into my thawing lawn and leave an indentation.  Because I want to be a nice beighbour, I just moved it on to the sidewalk (which I hate because it blocks access somewhat).  Should I say something if they do it again?  Would you?  How would you handle this?

Would putting the bins up the stairs, in front of their front door, be too forward?

The TTC are no longer allowed to strike.  Finally!!!

Heres to hoping my 4-year-old sleeps through the night tonight – although I doubt he will.  I’m tired of him waking me up at 2,3 and 4 in the morning with his excuses;

“I heard a noise”

“I’m coughing”

“I dreamed about Godzilla”

“My dresser turned in to a person”.

All to get me to come sleep in his bed so he can toss and turn the rest of the night, then wake me at 6am so I can go to work…  Except I get up between 6:30 and 7 most days.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things that made me smile today

13. My family. Seeing my wife and kids this morning (and nanny) with smiles on their faces makes my day start off right

12. Seeing someone has recommended me on LinkedIn… Cool.

11. Seeing that Rob Ford is leading in the race for Mayor of Toronto with 37.6% over George eHealth Smitherman.

10. Seeing articles about the G20 protests and how the police have identified and charged the ringleaders – having pictures of them in real life and in hooligan mode. Did they really think they deserve the right to destroy other people’s property? And the one going to University in Guelph… Really? Are we, the taxpayers, not subsidizing your education (through the government you hate?) Lady… You need help! Or a dose of reality…

9. Toasted Marshmallow coffee from Java Joes.

8. Silly Bands. If you have not seen them, then you must not have kids around the age of 5-7. They are “F”unny.

7. Ashley Kirilow – the girl who shaved her head and scammed a bunch of people out of money, claiming to have cancer – is still sitting in prison after her parent refused to come bail her out. While this part of the story is really sad, there are many people I know who starved for affection and attention from their parents but didn’t do anywhere near the amount of damage she has done to those with cancer…
Payback is a bitch!

6. I have had a record number of hits on my blog, and on facebook. Thank you all!

5. My “fat” pants are baggy

4. See how they spell “school” in North Carolina, where street crews just paved a strip of the road and spray painted “shcool” for all the people to see. LOL. Check out the picture via the URL;

3. My son holding a bunch of bananas because he was hungry and watching him carry them into a restaurant, where he wanted to eat his 3rd, because his food was not coming fast enough…
2. Boxing in a car on the 401 hignway with 3 other just-as-annoyed motorists as this car was going lane-to-lane-to-lane during rush hour hoping to, I don’t know, find a fast way home in bumper-to-bumper traffic?!?
We boxed him for a good 5-6 minutes and boy was he pissed. He he he.
1. That my house sold for more than we thought it would sell for, and closing much sooner than we thought!

Balloon Boy – The truth comes out

So it looks like the lawyer for Richard Heene, the man accused of perpetrating the balloon boy hoax to promote a reality show will be charged by police after emails showed that he had been planning this even for a couple months. 

In case you live in a bubble, or without TV, all the major TV stations carried this drama on live television to millions of viewers worldwide.  The alleged stunt temporarily shut down Denver International Airport, and the National Guard provided two helicopters in an attempt to rescue 6-year-old Falcon Heene, who was believed to be inside the flying-saucer shaped homemade balloon that hurtled more than 50 miles across two counties.

Here is the image broadcast across the world…


Crap.  That’s not it.

Oh yeah.  He was supposed to be floating away in this tin-foil piece of shit.

balloon boy

So when the balloon landed without the boy, officials thought he had fallen out and began the grim search for his body… On live TV no less.  But as it turns out, this was nothing more than a marketing ploy by the Heenes, this odd American family who met in acting school in Hollywood and have appeared on ABC’s reality show “Wife Swap.”

So essentially, the Heene family got what they wanted… Or what they thought they wanted.  They got the attention of the masses but with that “fame” comes the intense investigation into their private lives, including reporters trying to find out why they did this, what they had hoped to gain, who knew about it, and there has even been investigation into their private lives and into them as people.  It has been very overwhelming for a family that just wanted to be famous.  But they deserved it.

The gig was up when investigators were able to get a good look at the “flying saucer” and they were able to determine that the thin mylar balloon was covered with tinfoil and held together with duct tape, and would not have been able to launch with the 37-pound-boy inside.  

Then other parts of their “story” started to come apart, including whether their 6-year-old boy, oddly named “Falcon”, had been hiding in the rafters of the family’s garage during an intense five-hour search, or in their attack, turned out to not be true, “For all we know he may have been two blocks down the road playing on the swing in the city park,” the sheriff said.  This lie came to light when the boy turned to his dad during a CNN interview on Thursday and said what sounded like “you had said we did this for a show” when asked why he didn’t come out of his hiding place.

The sheriff also said that all three of the Heenes’ sons knew of the hoax, but likely won’t face charges because of their ages. The oldest son is 10. One of the boys told investigators he saw his brother get in the balloon’s box before it launched.  Clearly a lie too.

Richard Heene, a 48-year-old storm chaser, inventor, wack-job, and self-described amateur scientist, has a high school education and most recently earned a living by laying tile.  Police records show that they have responded to the Heene house at least twice in the past year, including a possible domestic violence incident in February. No charges were ever filed, although officials did try to persuade Mayumi Heene, 45, to go to a safe house, but she declined. 

On the simply horrible “reality” TV show “Wife Swap,” Heene was portrayed as erratic, at one point throwing a glass of milk on a participant on the program.

The sheriff said the children were still with the parents Sunday and that child protective services had been contacted to investigate their well-being.

Well done, Heene family… Well done.

Your 15 minutes of fame are up.  Enjoy jail.