Wordless Wednesday: Something a Little Different



A Glimpse into the Future

This afternoon I caught a glimpse of how my boys are going to be when they are both in University, together.

Linus, 2 grades ahead of Stewie likes to be bossy and tell people what to do.  He coordinates, sets down the rules and you play by them or he kicks you out.  Stewie is a good kid who gets better the more Linus gets worse.  I love it.  I was like that with my sister.  The more she got in trouble, the more helpful I became.

So here is the scenario…

We’ve been sick a lot as a family the past couple months, and in conjunction, I noticed my boys do not drink enough water (I see lots of yellow pee).  So on Saturday I decided that every hour on the hour we were going to wash our hands and drink a cup of water.

By 11am, I was feeding the baby, Berry, and there was Linus on the counter taking down a cup for him and cup for his brother so they can have a cup of water.  While feeding the baby, I obviously became focussed on her because I missed the scene that was developing behind me.

When I turned around this is what I saw…

Stewie sitting at the counter with 5 cups of water surrounding him.

Linus sitting on the counter with the water running, filling up the 6th cup.

Turns out Stewie had already downed 3 cups of water… Linus was re-filling them.  He wanted to see how much Stewie could drink.  Happy to oblige, Stewie would have drunken until he passed out. 

I could picture the boys in University in the bar.  Stewie with 10 beers in front of him and Linus – with no beer – chanting “chug, chug, chug” to his brother until he passed out or puked all over the place.

Needless to say, Stewie’s pee was crystal clear the rest of the day and night.


This Urban Daddy’s favourite instant coffee – Nescafe Encore

I really did not intend on writing a post about what kind of instant coffee I like.  It’s kind of personal and a little (okay a lot) odd.  But this post kind of fell into my lap on Friday morning…


Pretty much every day on my way into the office I grab my one and only cup of coffee and that usually is a Tim Horton’s large double double, except for the odd morning where I head to Java Joe’s for something different.

This Friday morning I came into the office with a large cup of pumpkin spice coffee from Java Joes and upon smelling the strong scents of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, one of my staff asked me what was in my cup. 

Well I showed him mine and he showed me his…

He was drinking instant coffee.

So I asked him what kind it was.  He said, “the kind in the green bottle”.

Ugh, I thought to myself.  Most instant coffee is (as quoted by my kids) gross beef. 

“Have you tried Nescafe’s Encore coffee?” I asked him.  “It has chicory”.

“What is chicory?” he said.

“I don’t really know”, I said, “but I’ll Google it right now”.

So here is what I found.

Chicory – used as a coffee filler or substitute – also known as blue-sailors due to it’s blue flowered herb and long white root.  Parts of chicory, known as endive, are found in salads, as either a vegetable or a green.

The thick chicory root is roasted and powdered to be added to coffee. The origins of adding chicory to coffee as a filler and flavor enhancer began as early as the 15th century. The tradition spread to the French, and it became common in parts of Europe where coffee could not be grown or because it was cheaper.

Eventually, it became quite popular in the U.S., specifically in New Orleans. Unlike coffee, chicory does not contain caffeine.  It tends to have a flavor like chocolate.

The salad versions of chicory come in broad and curly leafed varieties. The narrow-leaved version is also called curly endive and the broad leafed variety is also known as escarole.  The outer leaves are green and have a bitter taste.  Inner leaves are lighter in color, even white, and have a mild taste.  Endive is often added to blander lettuces in a salad to add flavor.

Chicory is also purported to have several health benefits, including possibly aiding in digestion.  Because it contains a compound called inulin, a soluble fiber, chicory may assist digestion by aiding the probiotic bacteria in the digestive tract.

So with all that, I recommend you try this coffee;

Let’s talk about snacks…

I want to talk about snacks with the parents in the house. 

Is there a protocol? An unspoken rule? Please… Enlighten me.  I want to explain what happened to us in the spring when Linus signed up for t-ball, and compare that to what happened to us during the boys soccer season (currently underway).

Essentially, t-ball snack time went something like this.  After the t-ball game all the kids ran over to the designated snack-providing family, at which point the parent(s) would open a bag and produce a juice box and a rice krispies square for all the kids and siblings.  They are nut-free and if you buy them at Costco, quite inexpensive.  Problem is, there are brutally unhealthy and full of chemicals.


Drinking juice at 8pm made my son nuts – his bed time is usually 7pm, or just after – and the rice krispies burned my kids (and some parents) lips.  That is just disgusting.  But the precedent was set.  Week after week, parents produced the sugar water and bag of chemicals and the kids loved them… Until it was our turn.  We brought watermelon.  The kids LOVED that.  They ate it all up, as did some of the parents.

So fast forward to soccer.  As I’m sure I mentioned previously, I am coaching both my boys soccer team, one on Monday and the other Tuesdays, and being the coach, I get to arrange the snack schedule.  So I made sure that myself, or a friend of ours who share the healthy, no-sugar / chemicals mentality, brought snack for the first coupe of weeks so that we could show the parents what to bring and instead of seeing a steady stream of crap, we get some healthy snacks… It is summer afterall, and fresh fruit is a plenty and quite inexpensive.   What would you rather have – let your kids eat?  $3.97 box of Rice Krispy treats, $1.99 bag of 12 fresh oranges?  It’s a no-brainer.

But last week at soccer, someone brought flavoured, frozen sugar “juice” and another brought some product called a dunk-a-roo.  Those are the cookies that come with a cup of “chocolate” to dip the cookie in.  Not great for 8pm.  Tonight, the kids had juice and Bear Paws (chocolate ones) after the game.  As a result, Linus did not get to sleep until 9:30pm.

So my question to the parents reading this is;

Do you think it is irresponsible of parents to bring unhealthy snacks for kids after sporting events?  Or is “unhealthy” up for debate.  Granted the snacks are peanut-free, the sugar keeps some kids up for hours.

I bring this up as a father commented to me that some of the moms were clearly disapproving of the snack last week and he wondered how I felt about it and whether I should address it – to those Moms – not to be picky or choosy.  I disagreed with him and explained that some moms do not allow their kids to eat processed sugary foods and it was well within their right to be displeased about the snacks.