What Do Your Farts Say About Your Health?

In these days of self-isolation, and staying at home, it’s possible, if not probable, that the topic of farting has come up at least once or twice.

Fluff, cutting the cheese, breaking wind, booty belch, whoopee, and anal salute are all different ways to refer to the standard and embarrassing fart.

Did you know the average person farts approximately 14 to 23 times per day?

As awkward as it may be, everyone needs to release gas from their body. It is part of the digestive process and is a necessary bodily function.

What is a fart? 

Flatulence, also known as a fart, is something everyone experiences. It’s the release of intestinal gas, which forms as a result of digesting food. Gas can be found throughout the digestive tract, including the stomach, small intestine, colon, and rectum.

What do your farts (passing gas) reveal about your general health?  

New York-Based Internist and Gastroenterologist, Dr. Niket Sonpal, explains what your flatulence is trying to tell you.

1. Do you have a balanced diet?

A balanced diet should provide the body with the proper number of vitamins and nutrients. Consuming the appropriate amount of fiber and healthy foods helps keep the digestive system working correctly.

If you tend to pass gas more often than you would like, this could mean that the body is not receiving the correct nutrients.

Avoiding foods that are processed and harder to digest and sticking to more natural ingredients, could decrease how often you toot. 

2. You may have a food intolerance   

Not all food allergies can be life-threatening; however, they can still cause conflict day-to-day for some individuals. Food intolerances mainly affect the digestive system making it harder for the stomach to digest food properly. This can lead to smelly and awkward bloating, reflux, and diarrhea after a meal. For example, people with a dairy intolerance struggle to digest lactose, which results in the stomach becoming extraordinarily bloated and sends out foul smells out of the anus. 

3. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Constantly farting throughout the day could be a sign of a health issue such as irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, or, in extreme cases, colon cancer. Typically, these health issues cause extreme flatulence, odors or odd pressure on the rectum when they are about to be released. 

4. You are stressed

Symptoms of IBS go hand-in-hand with stress. Stress and anxiety can lead to excessive swallowing of air, oxygen release, and digestion issues, which are three causes of having more gas than usual.

When people are panicking or stressed, they often swallow more air than necessary, leading to bloating and pressure that needs to be released. On the other spectrum, hyperventilating allows an excess of oxygen to enter the bloodstream, which can also lead to gas problems. 

5.Pre-Menstrual Women  

That time of the month is already painful enough. There are changes in your bowel habits during this time caused by fluctuations in hormones. The shift in your hormones and bowel movements cause farting to become more frequent and smellier during this time of the month. Be mindful of accidentally passing wind while you are pre-menstrual.

6. You might have harmful gut bacteria.

Regular farting is an indicator of healthy gut bacteria and a properly working digestive system. Your body needs good bacteria in your intestine for it to remain healthy. Microbes in your gut are a positive thing because they eat up excess fiber and carbohydrates we do not use. Also, they produce beneficial bacteria. If you do not have any good bacteria, it can lead to constipation and bloating, which is unhealthy for your digestive system.

About Dr. Sonpal

Dr. Niket Sonpal is a native of Long Island NY and a graduate of the Medical University of Silesia – Hope Medical Institute in Poland. After completing his residency in Internal Medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital, he was selected to be the 2013‐2014 Chief Resident at Lenox Hill Hospital–Northshore LIJ Health System. He is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine and Clinical instructor at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, Brooklyn.

Dr. Sonpal has completed his Fellowship in gastroenterology at Lenox Hill Hospital and will continue his work in the field of medical student and resident test preparation. He has spoken and presented at over 25 national and regional conferences on his research and is a regular participant in national courses, as well as offering presentations to medical students, graduates, and residents on the match process.

Recently Dr. Sonpal was chosen as one of the top ten national residents for the Medelita–‐Dupont Honoring Excellent Resident Observations also known as the H.E.R.O. Campaign.

He is the co‐author for the best-selling Master the Boards: USMLE Step 2 CK, Master the Boards Step 3, And Master the Boards: Internal Medicine.

He is also the Chief Operating Officer for Medquest Test Prep, Director of Medical Education for Picmonic Test Prep, and a recognized expert on medical test prep.              

Happy 50th Dove Canada. Thank You For Teaching Men, Women and Children to be Happy in Their Own Skin

Dove is celebrating 50 years in Canada, and to mark the occasion they have reached out to men, woman and children about health, and what it means to be beautiful.  During their campaign celebrating their 50th year, Dove revealed some startling facts around women and the fear of embracing their age!  untitled

Earlier this year, Dove put out an open casting call to find up to 50 real Canadian women. More than 4,000 women from coast-to-coast applied and those selected are being featured in a new campaign showcasing their personal stories about why they feel beautiful at any age.

Dove is celebrating its 50-year milestone in Canada trying to inspire women to feel beautiful at any age – whether they are 30 or 100 – to educate children about what advertisers do to images of “real” people and how that is not attainable, and by providing better quality men’s products without all those unneeded chemicals and additives.

You can watch Dove’s new film titled How Old Are You? here: www.youtube.com/dovecanada.

Here are some additional stats on why Dove decided to launch the Beautiful Age Campaign and they were asking Canadian women, “shouldn’t every age feel beautiful?”

  • 27% of women feel you have to be young to be beautiful
  • 25% of woman feel pressure to look younger than their age
  • On average, women get anxious about aging at 34
  • 56% of woman feel negative when naked
  • 47% of women feel society puts less value on older women
  • 20% of women avoid celebrating birthdays because of their age
  • 42% of women wish they looked younger
  • 28% of women have pretended to be younger
  • 72% of women are concerned about aging
  • 87% of women are not proud to reveal their age


But Dove is not just concerned about woman, as during this campaign they made the rounds to many public schools to have conversations with children about health, and “beauty” and the role that media places on men, woman, boys and girls.  They showed the children pictures of real people and then images of what they looked like after make-up, and photoshop, and they told the children that so long as you take care of yourself and feel happy about yourself that is all that matters.

My 9-year-old son came home to tell me all about this discussion with the representatives from Dove Canada because he knows that I have been using the Dove Men + Care product line for over a year once it was introduced to me.  He told me that they saw an image of a woman who has brown hair and brown eyes and once the advertisers got through with the images she was now blonde with blue eyes and they make her skin look perfect and made her look super-thin and that for the majority of people in the world, it’s just not possible.

He understood the message, which tells me it was a great campaign, and a great idea by Dove!  I like what I see from Dove on the product side and socially within the community itself  They deserve to be recognized and commended for their actions.

There is more on the Dove Men + Care coming up, as they have a new men’s shaving product which they shared with me, but this post is all about Dove’s 50th birthday in Canada.  (Clearly not afraid to say their age, eh?)

Thursday Thirteen: Taken from my July 6th, 2006 post

Back on July 6th, 2006 I had some really great stuff to share with my 6 followers, namely Thirteen Healthy Things you Can Do For Yourself Today.

I obviously did not follow any of this information.  😦

Here is the list. 

  1. Go for a nice walk
    2. Drink 6-8 glasses of water
    3. Take long deep breaths to relax
    4. Don’t piss off your significant other <— I really like this one.  🙂
    5. Spend productive time with your children (or immature friends if you have none, :))
    6. Lift some soup cans and wave them around like you are lifting weights
    7. Call someone who likes to hear from you (Is that like “Call your mother.  She cares?!?”)
    8. Get a good nights sleep
    9. Take a nice relaxing bath and read a book
    10. Call your Mom. She worries. <— I knew it!
    11. Complete a task that has been bugging you for a long time
    12. Stretch – something. Anything.
    13. Since you are reading this, you should post a response, then go to your inbox and clear out a bunch of messages.

Sleep tight.

Happy New Year! 13 Changes I Intend on Making in 2014. How about you?

2014 is here, so long to 2013.  Whew.  What a crazy year all around.

While I’m not a fan of making new years’ resolutions, I do use significant events like this to look at myself and make changes for the better.  It’s akin to The Urban Daddy 2.0, except I’m on 40.0.

Nothing too drastic, nothing too easy, but I’ve listed 13 changes I intend on making in 2014, and I would like to hear from you what changes you are making or how 2014 is going to be different for you.

13.  Be more productive during the day: To me, this means making a schedule and sticking to it, without fail.

12.  Getting more sleep.  This is the part of my life where I’m doing the most disservice.  Going to bed late, getting up early, pretty much since our kids were born.  Some say that a good night’s sleep each and every night allows us to be at our best every day.  When we are deprived of sleep, our well-being may suffer, I remember reading as a new Dad.  “Not sleeping enough can have numerous negative consequences for your health. Try to get to bed by 10 pm and sleep for at least 8 hours every night”.  Giggle.  8-hours over 2 days, maybe.  “Deep rest keeps your immune system strong and optimizes your metabolism.  Another reason to prioritize your sleep: Not sleeping enough can disrupt your hormones, including those that regulate your appetite. Things that can help you get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis include keeping to a schedule, exercising daily, making sure your bedroom is very dark, and eating regularly, and enough, during the day.”

11.  Stop Dieting:  Instead of feeling like I have to eat less and worrying about it, I’m going to tap into the knowledge base called my wife (studying to be a naturopath) and figure out which foods really work for my body and which ones don’t.  I’m hoping to get healthier and maybe even drop a few pounds, too.  I’m tired of feeling yucky after eating and feeling hungry out of habit and not because I am.

10.  Get even more active on a regular basis.  I find that if I don’t get regular exercise I get grumpy and angry.  The more I exercise, the better I feel.  Common sense tells me I want to feel better so more active, more often.

9.   Cook More – I’m going to find ways to move past the foods that I cook for the kids or that my wife will tolerate and embrace the kitchen for more than keeping it clean.  I’m going to cook for my wife!  Yes, she laughed off the thought of a red dinner for Valentine’s Day, but I’ll keep trying.

8.   Manage my stress better – AAARrrrgggghhhhh.  Whew.  That felt better.  Now I need to get things off my chest more often and not hold it in for fear of protecting others, especially those who could give a rats ass what I do.  Sleep, exercise, and not procrastinating should go a long way towards achieving this goal.

7.   Clear up old, lingering issues, repairs, injuries.  Have I mentioned a thousand times that if I raise my arms over my head that my fingers go numb?  Old sports injuries.  Separated shoulder.  Dislocated shoulder.  Torn rotator cuff…  All contributing factors.  So I either need a physiotherapist to help me and in return I solve their tax problems OR I get working on ways to loosen up the joints and get stronger at the same time.

6.   Get more education.  In my industry, there is a LOT to learn, and no matter how much I read and how often I review documents, it is never enough.  I want to begin taking courses again in 2014 and never stop.

5.   Travel more with my family.  We had such a great time travelling to the East coast of Canada in the summer, so while the kids are still relatively young I want to get out and have them experience the world as I never had a chance to do as a kid.

4.   Slow Down:  A wise person once told me that slowing down can do wonders for my mind and body.  I’ve gotten too accustomed to racing around and trying to complete so many tasks each day that I forget to take some downtime in order to de-stress and recharge.   I think this includes gong for a walk outside or doing some stretches or other form of gentle exercise throughout the day.

3.   Blog more.  Nuff said!

2.   Eat Healthy Fats and Oils.  I need to help my body healthy outside and on the inside and I’ve been reading that as I get older I’m going to need more nuts nad oils to keep my brain active and sharp.

1.   Get out with my wife more!  Men, do we not marry our best friend?  Well I did, so why then do we never get out and enjoy life to its fullest?  This year I need to make that plan and get out of the house at least once a month with my wife.  Sounds like a simple plan?  Really not so much when you consider other people’s schedules, fiscal restraint, babysitters and energy.  If there is something that I’ve always wanted to do, then I’m going to try and do it!

How about you?