Sometimes, “NO” is the only answer!

With all that is going on in the world these days, sometimes the best answer, or solution is just to say no! Then remember what prompted you to say no, and follow up and be heard.

For example;

Russia… You think it’s okay to invade Ukraine? NO. What about lying to the citizens? NO. Poisoning anyone who opposes you… NO NO NO.

Alabama removing bathrooms for transgendered kids… NO. No you are not. NO NO NO. Sorry, but not sorry. NO

Florida requires kids and teachers to out children who are gay… NO. NO. NO. NO. Then suggesting you would prosecute parents of trans kids… Heck NO.

Texas and their abortion ban… NO

Truckers honking all night and terrorizing citizens in Ottawa because they think they know what’s best for you and for me… NO

Siding with this fringe element saying they just want “freedom”… NO

Brining in the emergencies act because you want to be able to overreach and leave your legacy… NO

It’s time to say no, and mean it.

Giving a Nazi salute to a Jewish teacher… NO! Especially when the teacher comes from a family who survived the holocaust… Disgusting.

…and sadly the list goes on!

I think we’re entering the era of saying no and meaning it. Saying no to tyranny, stupidity, hate and intolerance. Hopefully we’re not just saying no in the moment and then letting something else distract us from following through on our “no” and getting these people out of office, off our media and get their antique ways gone forever!

Our futures should be about love, positivity and inclusion, and saying no is a good way to get there!

Being racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, or anything else where you are giving an opinion on how others live their lives… NO. As my mother used to say, when my sister or I chimed in on what someone else was eating at dinner or doing with their food, “look at your own plate!” Don’t concern yourself with what others are doing. Just take care of yourself.

Abusing transit officers, or anyone providing service to the public because you feel the need to comment your personal comments or concerns around anything, including mask mandates… NO.

Honestly… This list could be endless, but keep your opinion to yourself unless it’s kind, considerate and helpful. Just be nice!

Daddy… What Does Everyone Hate Donald Trump?

My 7-year-old daughter asked me this question in the car the other day;

“Daddy, why does everyone hate Donald Trump?”

Seeking an age appropriate response, I paused then said, “Because he is disrespectful to women.”

My daughter then replied; “Oh, so he’s like Miles in my class. He’s disrespectful to us. He calls all the girls monkeys.”

“Ummm… Yup.”

Thursday Thirteen

Today’s Thursday Thirteen is about music.

Here are 13 bands that I hate, despise, cannot stand, and will turn the station while gagging at the same time. In no particular order except #1 I hate, hate, hate!!!  I am excluding one hit wonders since they generally have one ok hit for a few weeks then people realize the suck.

Who is on your list?

13. Kool and the Gang – overdone as a kid. “Celebration” was the theme song for my Bar Mitzvah. Nuff said!

12. Mariah Carey

11. Madonna

10. Air Supply

9. Hootie and the Blowfish

8. Pet Shop Boys

7. New Order

6. Godley and Creme

5. Back-end, err. Backstreet Boys

4. N-Stink, err, N-snyc

3. Bronski Beat

2. Kris Kross

1. Red Hot Chili Peppers. GAG. BARF, VOMIT.

Honourable mention to: New(t) Kids on the Block, Pointer Sisters and any metal “song” that just sounds like noise and guy screaming until his voice goes horse and any rap song that has a ton of swearing or talks about gangs, shooting or stealing.  That shit makes me sick.

What I am doing right now…

What I’m doing right now… Procrastinating. Obviously.

But seriously, I am sitting on my side of the bed, my laptop is warming up my, umm, legs, and as I type this post, I look every now and then at my work laptop which is sitting beside me, looking very sad and lonely.  I was completing my risk management report, but far more exciting than that is the hockey game on the TV – Washington Capitals vs. Ottawa Senators.  I’m voting for the Caps.  I like Ovechkin.  He is fun to watch, plus being in Toronto I am forbidden from liking anything Senators.

As if those tasks are not enough to keep me busy, I am also thinking about getting back to the gym tomorrow – joined the one near my office just before the new year and have been there about 12 times since.  Trying to lose some weight or build some muscle before our cruise in February.  Time is running out. Plus, if I don’t get to the gym, or cut back my food intake, it is not going to happen at all.

I am also thinking a lot about President Obama.  It’s a big deal that he is president of the US, but it shouldn’t be.  This should have happened YEARS ago.  The US can criticize other countries for their foreign policies, but can’t find a way to make groups like the KKK and neo-nazi’s illegal.  Freedom of speech is one thing, but being outwardly hateful in ones words or actions is an absolute other. Hate sucks.

I’m also wondering why it is that my TV is going to turn off the game in 9 minutes when my PVR-happy wife (who is not even here) has yet again taken over the TV.  Seriously… For as obsessed I am about having a clean driveway in the wintertime, she is about taping TV shows. I may be finally getting used to always watching her TV shows, like Party of 5, Kate and Allie and Felicity, I still prefer to deke out, head to the bedroom and watch sports or cooking shows on my bedroom TV… Kind of like I am now.

Well, enough about me. Back to work… OR… maybe I need to go to Facebook… I into the top 100 in Jedi vs Sith.

I know, I know… LOSER.  🙂

I prefer geek, thank you.

Who needs stress?

I’m done!

I’m tired.  Not sleeping well.  Stressed out. 

Work stresses me out
Home stresses me out
Graduate School stresses me out
My job search stresses me out as does my work.
My “friends” stress me out and now my “work friends” stress me out.
My inability to lose weight and lack of variety in my wardrobe stress me out
My shoes stress me out.

I’m tired of being run down and not having anyone care.

I’m tired of working my ass of and not having any of it acknowledged.

I’m tired of having to work with children – pretending to be civil servants – who talk nice to your face but gossip about you behind your back and try to destroy you with their lies, manipulation and deception.   

I’m tired of being nice and thought of as an ass. If you think I’m being an ass, trust me, you’ll know. (not you… other people).

I really have no patience for this anymore.


There, I feel a little better…

So on to something that does not stress me out… My family.

So, what are advanced speaking skills?

And how do we know our children have them?  We all think our kids are great communicators and, well, we speak their “language”, but when can we start to believe that either they speak better than average or possess above average smarts?  I’m not sure what the answer to this question is. I do know that who we hear it from matters depending on who that person is or what they do for a living.  For example, I’m cute! I know I am… so my mother says… see? Who it comes from…

So when family tells me that my son speaks very well, I smile, and nod. Of course he does… he’ll be 3 in 2 months and well, you’ve never really been around kids his age too often to know what an average 2, 2.5 or 3 year old should sound like. When my educator wife, tells me his language is advanced, I listen a little closer, and when a stranger in line of a grocery store tells my wife that our son speaks extremely well for an almost-3 year old, and that she teaches 3 and 4 year olds, well, I pay a little more attention… But how could he not be smart??? Look at his parents, right? His mummy is a genius and his daddy… well… he’ll be smart like his mummy. LOL.