Liberal Majority Government! Stephen Harper Resigns. I Hope the Tax Increase Was Worth It!

Well, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada are forming the next government of Canada – a Majority government, no less.

I cannot help but feel deep down inside that there was so much hatred directed at the Prime Minister and that people voted to remove him from office and chose the Liberals over the NDP to do so.

Unfortunately, the electing of the Liberal Party also brings with massive debt and after the spending spree the Liberals intend to go on, the deficit is going to increase at a rapid rate, and as we all know, the Liberals need money to pay for their promises and that money comes from you and I, the taxpayers of Canada.


I hope the desire to remove Harper is worth the headaches we’ll be suffering with Justin in command, and I’m not just talking about their out-of-control spending.

Here are some great Justin oops which hopefully will not be occurring as leader of the country;

Unlike Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne who has made MANY mistakes but covered them up with flat denial, avoidance and threats of lawsuits, Justin Trudeau has not appeared to understand the importance of thinking before he speaks.

During the controversy surrounding Bill C-51 – a bill where by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS), and 17 other government agencies are granted the authority to combat threats to Canada’s national security, preferably without infringing on Canadians’ Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Liberal leader who voted for the Bill, has now admitted that his support for the Conservatives Bill might have been a mistake…

During the Maclean’s Magazine leaders debate, Trudeau responded to the conversation around the Liberals’ support of C-51, with these four words: “Perhaps it was naive.”

Here is how he voted on the Bill;

To give Trudeau the benefit of doubt, it was a tough decision to make, I’m sure. I heard him stumble and bumble over the easy questions about which shampoo he uses and which Avenger was his favourite, so maybe this way just a difficult question for him to answer.

He does like to go (vote) with the crowd… He knows legalizing pot is popular with the kiddies.  Personally, I believe pot should be legalized and taxed because the government can use the revenue to counter the health care costs associated with medical issues stemming from drug use.  Heck, they should legalize it and then increase EI funding and the length of time EI benefits are in effect to accommodate all the happy people…

He knows taxing the “rich” or the “1%” is popular with the other 99% of Canadians, and he knows that increasing spending to get stuff done is super-popular.  What he will soon realize is that whatever tax increase he throws towards the “1%” is not going to be enough to offset their massive spending increase which is coming down the pipe.

Oh, and the 1%… Who are these awful rich people who get all the tax breaks according to Trudeau?!? In Canada the highest Federal tax paid is 29% for those making over $138K per year. Add that to the provincial rate, and in Ontario, for example, someone making over $138K can pay over 42% of their income in tax. ( Are these the people he will be targeting? Or, is Justin going after the REALLY rich people who based on very basic mathematics make the most money, but also pay the most back in taxes!

Trudeau hates small businesses, and this should become very evident in the Liberals first budget.  Trudeau believes small business owners create businesses as a vehicle to hide their massive incomes.  Doesn’t every 1%’er want to have to deal with the Canada Revenue Agency on a daily basis, be responsible for the income of their employees and paying taxes to keep the economy ticking so the Liberals can come in to power, increase taxes and call them frauds… Don’t think so.  I predict he’ll stop the small business tax decrease that the Conservatives brought in.  Even though the Liberals and the NDP have agreed to keep it, if elected, it’s a certain no go in my opinion.

I believe in discussing facts, so I went to the Liberal Party of Canada’s website, to the link for “My platform”, to make sure I presented his promises in a fair and reasonable manner. Unfortunately, because I was unwilling to click that I would be / or might be voting for Justin, I was not able to get in to the secret Liberals playground. Instead, I had the option to use a search option to add what I want from the Liberal Party.

I entered this; “Fiscal responsibility, Responsible spending, Respectful spending, Respect for Taxpayers money, Lower taxes, Do not raise taxes, accountability for words and actions.”

The search engine was not able to find a match for any of these items in the Liberal’s platform!

Oh my.

Deep down inside, I feel that the Liberals and their leader know that only in Ontario will citizens tolerate out of control spending and corruption by continuously voting in the same government which increased taxes, delisted services and has caused absolute chaos with teachers and soon doctors.

I believe there really is a left-wing media bias in Canada and sadly, I even predict that in their first (or second budget) the Liberals will even restore funding to the CBC, but not extend any funding to any other media outlets, especially to any who do not share their rosey view of the world.

When Trudeau said, “The budget will balance itself”, he believed it.

He also has very poor judgement. He accepted Conservative hand-off Eve Adams, who was being dropped by the Conservative party, and who then lost her nomination bid to Marco Mendicino. Where were the questions surrounding his judgement as has happened to Stephen Harper regarding his appointment of Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin to the Senate.

Trudeau also publicly mistook Russia’s opposition leader Boris Nemtsov (who was shot dead in Russia) with former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov (whom he had met with), in a press release.

Or when he called a Conservative member a “Piece of Shit”, then went on a potty mouthed tirade where you can see that he actually enjoyed it without thinking for a moment about the implications down the road (

So much like his Dad…

Or, when being interviewed on Les francs-tireurs, Trudeau said, “Canada isn’t doing well right now because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda.”

He also said Canada would be better served if there were more Quebecers than Albertans in charge.

Trudeau did apologize, and then tried to explain away his thoughtlessness by saying he didn’t hate Albertans but that his comments were directed the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, who rose to power as an MP from Calgary, which he really thinks makes it all okay…

But he doesn’t just hate Alberta… He hates all of Canada, except Quebec. As a MP, Trudeau told Radio Canada; “I always say, if there came a point where I thought Canada really was Stephen Harper’s Canada … maybe I’d consider making Quebec a country. Oh yes. Absolutely. I know my values very well even if I no longer recognized Canada.”


There is even a story – recently removed from the Internet – where Justin Trudeau declared that if aliens came from outer space, they would have the same rights as human beings, and would be granted Canadian citizenship…

Now I’m sure that the puppeteers pulling the strings of Trudeau are in full spin control, teaching Justin how to correct his oops and explain that clearly each and every comment has been taken out of context or manipulated by the evil Right-Wing media in Canada – wait, we don’t have that option so much anymore – then it must be Stephen Harper’s fault for forcing Justin to speak this way.

He’s young… ish.

He’s hip… ish.

He’s trying to keep up with the success of Ben Mulroney, but he’s just going to promise himself into a corner and ask every Canadian to Ben Dover.

On October 19th the Canadian public have made a choice, and I have a few words for voters in Canada… Caveat Emptor. Let the buyer beware!

I hope PM Trudeau v2.0 doesn’t embarrass the country, because after all the selfies have been taken, he still has to do the right thing.  Having former PM Stephane Dion as his Minister of Foreign Affairs is laughable and quite frankly frightening…

Time will tell.  Wait until his first budget and we’ll see how these predictions stand up!


Canadian Politics, Olympic Style.

So here we are at the end of the Vancouver Olympics after watching a thrilling Canadian victory in the Men’s Ice Hockey gold medal game and there in the crowd cheering on the Canadian squad was Prime Minister Steven Harper. 

The Prime Minister, actually, was in attendance for most of the key events in the past week cheering on his country – I mean what else could he do after proroguing parliament until after the Olympics were over.  He was clearly saving the country money by staying in Vancouver rather than flying back and for parliament.

I like that during the gold medal game there were camera in several key Canadian locations, such as; Cole Harbor, Nova Scotia – where Canadian hockey phenom Sidney Crosby was born – in Wayne Gretzky’s bar in downtown Toronto and in Kanduhar, where Canadian soldiers are stationed.

After panning through the locations several times I noticed something odd… pportunistic, actually. There was a person – a couple actually – right up in the front of the crowd at Wayne Gretzky’s bar, not watching the game, but rather always looking right into the camera looking REALLY happy.

Upon further inspection, it was Federal NDP leader Jack Layton.  Always the opportunist, I imagine that Layton pushed, prodded and snuck his way to the front of the bar with wife Olivia Chow in order to be there for the camera shots.  A man of the people, eh Jack? It looked really phoney and that he was trying to keep up with the PM. I know it’s tough being the 3rd or 4th most popular party in Canada, but really who wants to see them every 2 minutes?

And where was Michael Ignatief?  Last I saw he was in Ottawa talking about how it was more important for him and the rest of his colleagues to be pushing policies through than to be at the Olympics.  WRONG!  Once again, Ignatief missed an opportunity to be seen supporting Canadian athletes  across the country.  He could have been shown at each and every event like Harper was, but instead of Harper’s rather stoic demeanor, Ignatief could have been showing Canada how cool he thinks he is and he should have been cheering, talking and making friends with Canadians.  Instead… He chose to stay home and missed a phenomenol photo op. Canada kicked ass during the Olympics, and the most prominent face in the crowd was our PM.

He gets my vote. 

He cares.

Ignatief?  Layton? 

No thank you! These parties need new strategists!

Did you watch the debate last night?

I sure as hell did.  I watched almost all of the Canadian Leaders’ debate and maybe a minute of the US Vice-president’s debate.  I had a little interest in whether Sara Palin was going to self-destruct as was predicted but I was more interested in whether Gilles Duiceppe or Stephane Dion were going to have the success they did in the previous nights’ french-language debate.

Here are my thoughts;

1) I thought on of the highlights of the night was NDP pretender Jack Layton turning to Liberal leader Stephane Dion and asking him why he is running for Prime Minister if he cannot handle the role of leader of the Opposition. 

2) Green Party leader Elizabeth May impressed me with her debating skills and the facts she tossed out here and there, but I was really surprised that she spent all her time attacking the Conservatives considering it’s not like she has a snowballs chance in hell of becoming the leader of the opposition, and quite frankly I’d be surprised if she got any seats.  I thought more time should have been spent attacking the Liberals on their “Green Shift” program which the Green’s claim was their own before the Libs stole it.  At least that way, it would give viewers the option of another party not in Quebec or not on the extremes, but no.  She impressed, but gained nothing. 

3) The NDP are also in the same boat.  Jack Layton attacked the Conservatives with quip after quip and while they were really clever, they were aimed at the wrong party.  Jack… You will never be the Prime Minister – See Bob Rae as Premier of Ontario – We remember.  You would be smart to just chip away at the Liberals and add more and more seats in Parliament until people take the party seriously.  Sure it may take 3 or 4 elections, but seriously, it’s not Toronto where you and your former City Councellor wife can live in subsidized housing and get away with it.  The Barenaked Ladies may support you, and your friends in the Beaches in Toronto may love you, but to the rest of the country, you might as well be Ed Broadbent… Your NDP.

4) Gilles Duiceppe – Tell me again why this guy gets to be in these debates?  He talks about destroying Canada and only being around for Quebec.  The Bloc don’t even have national policies.  So why is he included in the debates?  So we don’t hurt their feelings?  Gilles… If you want to be taken seriously, fight to have all the provinces become separate and created national policies and then maybe you deserve to be on a national debate.  It’s like the US debate being Biden, Palin and Bin Laden…  2 candidates are pro-US and the other against the US and wants to see it destroyed. 

5) All in all, I think Steven Harper could have attacked the NDP for being, well, NDP and the Bloc and Green for being not National parties yet, and the Liberals… Where to start… Another leader that doesn’t speak either official language, past experience of having them lie and deceive the Canadian public with their AdScam debacle, their red book – “If elected we will remove the GST”… Not once, but twice… They stole the Green Party’s “Green Shift” plan and they treat the government like it’s a toy.  They lie.

6) Liberals trying to being down the Conservatives by pointing out that 5 years ago some speech writer for the Conservatives, wrote a speech for Steven Harper what had some text lifted from Australian PM, John Howard.  Wow.  Really.  And in Grade 5, Harper had pimples… What’s wrong with these people? 

My thoughts.