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WTF is Going on? 13 WTF Events from The Urban Daddy: Thursday 13.

This has been a WTF kind of week!  I had so much going on that I had to take all my notes and throw them into a Thursday 13 list, of 13 WTF Moments.

  1. North and South Korea peace – WTF?  Does anyone believe that peace is going to change the way poor North Koreans live?  This guy in North Korea had his brother poisoned…

  2. Now I’m CERTAIN that Donald Trump is going to take credit for North Korea coming into the fold and agreeing to de-militarize, and seek peace with South Korea.

  3. Bill Cosby – Guilty – WTF took so long?  He was a great role model and changed the way TV portrayed African Americans, however, he drugged women and raped them.  That cannot be forgiven.

10.  Am I the only person who works out of coffee shops when meeting clients and who always checks his earphone when listening to something on the phone or computer to make sure it’s the earphones I am hearing, and that I’m not annoying the rest of the shop?  3 times this week patrons were listening to crap with their headphones on, and the sound was blaring out of their device.  They kept cranking up the volume until I had to notify them…

9.  I’m creating the Coffee Shop Police Etiquette Program

8.  Remember when a former Toronto Mayoral candidate threw a sexual harassment complaint against TVO host Steve Paikin, and instead of firing him, TVO hired an investigator to determine the legitimacy of the complaints?  Turns out no proof was found to substantiate the claim.  Good on TVO for getting on top of this right away (pardon the pun) and now what happens to the host, Paikin, and complainant, Thompson?

7.  Why do people bring food into coffee shops, then proceed to sit there – chow down their meal – then leave without buying anything?  More importantly, why does it always appear to me that these people have either really huge amounts of food, or are extremely messy and chew with their mouths open?  Is this a subtle way the coffee shop is trying to tell me to buy more food / drinks or leave?  They have this guy in the back and they sick him on patrons?  Better him, than the mouth-noise guy, the guy with the disgusting mouth noises, or the dancer who – no matter the weather – is wearing a tank top and just gets up and starts dancing…

6.  There is a “thing” for men who cannot get “laid”?  Is this real?  When I was growing up, if the girls didn’t look at you, you changed.  Your clothes, your hair, your weight, you got better educated, you learned to be a better person…  Clearly, for Millenials, this is WAY too much work, so it’s better to complain to others and then kill innocent people.  Enough already!

5.  With a Provincial election coming, FINALLY, in Ontario, and the Liberal government preparing for the crash, word comes out that a policy they created has come back to bite them in the ass.  LOL.  They created a policy where the Auditor General would review the books and records of the government prior to an election and confirm the amount of surplus or deficit the government has.  Well… The Liberals said the deficit would be only $2-3 billion dollars, but the AG said, nope.  It’s closer to $11-billion.  Thanks for the lies, deceit and for bankrupting this province!  See ya, Libs!

4.  I have a GREAT piece on minor hockey corruption coming shortly.  A must read!

3.  I agreed to coach my eldest son’s baseball team again this season, and I only had one request of the league… As a die-hard Toronto Blue Jays fan, please, please, please do not make us the Yankees again this year.  I cannot for the life of me say, “Go Yankees”.  I can’t.  Like the Fonz cannot apologize.  Guess what???  We’re the Spankees again this year.  UGH.

2.  A 23yo Quebec mother was charged with 2nd degree murder after her 2-year-old daughter was stabbed to death, then her body dumped in a garbage can.  I don’t know what to say about this other than what kind of a person takes a child’s body and dumps it in the trash… Words cannot describe…

… and the number One WTF Moment from this week…

  1. Toronto – my city, my home, streets from where I grew up, worked and where my family lives and works… The tragedy, the senseless violence.  Such and evil human being.  Thank goodness for the residents of Toronto who tried to stop this lunatic, or save the victims, or pull people out of the way… Toronto the good, overshadowed Toronto the sad.



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Hey Dalton McGuinty! I’m calling for a G20 inquiry too!

Well, isn’t this typical Toronto behaviour… Yet another “free speech” group steps forward asking Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty for another inquiry into the “squashing of free speech” during the G20 summit in Toronto this summer.

Hell yeah. A 5th enquiry. Yeah.

Errr. NO.


Fuck no.

I am sick and tired of this bullshit that had come from the G20. I’m tired of the media and these self-rightous interest groups picking on the police.  I’m tired of seeing pictures in the newspaper, on the Internet and on TV of these looters and rioters showing me pictures of their bruises and cuts under the guise of police brutality, and I’m certainly tired of the domination of left-wing media views on the G20. 

How is it possible that every person on TV, or shown in the media were innocent individuals, doing nothing, staying out of the way??  What?  I’m stupid and going to belive that the police just happened to see innocent people standing on the sidewalks and came over to beat them?  Come on guys.  Really. 

Well, to that request for a 5th inquiry, Dalton told them to go to hell and for that I respect him.

So now I want Dalton to stand up for the other side in this equation. In fairness, 5 enquiries investigating the police and none looking at the public who caused all this chaos. No inquiries into the groups that threatened violence and that required a LOT of money being spent on security in order to protect the G20 leaders. No investigation into who these Black Block hooligans were, what they do for a living and charging them for the violence they committed damaging properties in the streets of Toronto that we (and probably not them) call home.

No investigation into the University of Toronto who not only housed the “protestors” but also hid them when the police came.

What about an investigation into the crowds of people who lit police cars on fire and who threw things at the police and the police horses. Where is the public enquiry into this?

It’s so easy to have a cause that is against something, but notice that no one is stepping forward to protect the interests of the business owners and the taxpayers.

Well the buck stops here.  I’m sending an email to Dalton, and one to Conservative leader Tim Hudek.  I want an inquiry!

No more photos of protestors. No more stories of harassment. No more “innocent”, sad, hurt people in the papers.

I said to a left-wing friend of mine, very calmly, that seeing what I did on TV, I made the choice to stay home and not risk being arrested or mistaken for someone who the police might want to arrest during this very tense time. If I want to have my voice heard to “big business” or “government” I call them or write an email. I don’t take to the streets and damage others property because last time I checked that was against the law.

I’m sorry folks. We still have our voices – more than in most places in the world, and to think we need to take to the streets in this manner was a poor choice.   What kind of a person took to the streets to “protest”?

This kind of person;

A 41-year-old man from Windsor, the first person charged for burning a police car.  A 41 year old man who lives with his parents and has… 17 prior convictions.  Yeah, he came to protest.  I’m sure he was just there to voice his concerns about the welfare of citizens in some countries where if you protest you run the risk of being shot.  I’m sure he really cares about all that, or more likely, he came downtown hoping to get in trouble, to break into a store, get in a fight and, hey, burn a police car.

Enough already!

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Enough about the G20 already!!!

Folks, I am sick and tired of hearing about the G20, held in Toronto this past summer.  I’m tired of having to hear from these poor thugs who came out to “protest” and after repeated warnings to disperse or move, decided not to and were forcibly removed by police.  I beg the press to stop reporting these stories.  No one cares and it’s just giving press to these folks for the wrong reasons.

These same folks who are now coming out in droves complaining of “police brutality” and their “rights” being ignored are looking for something and I’m not quite sure what.  An apology?  Fame, fortune?  Can’t really say.

I want to reach out to these folks and say something like this; “Hey dude, what about the rights of the property owners and the people who live in the city, pay taxes, contribute to society and were disgusted that you and your peeps were running rampant in the downtown core either destroying public property, private property, or being a general pain in the ass.”

I can already imagine the responses I’m going to get from the left-wing community (I won’t pull a Don Cherry and call them “pinkos”) that inhabit the downtown core and vote for people like David Miller and Bob Rae – it’s about rights, and freedoms, freedom of speech, they tell me over and over again, blah, blah, blah.

I say to you folks, it’s not about the broken window and looting that took place at Starbucks, it’s about the fact that people like you feel you have the right to protest in this manner.  I know, I know, it’s the right to free speech argument.

If I have a problem with Starbucks, I write them a letter, or drop them an email, or even pick up the phone and call them. I don’t take to the streets, and claim to be an anarchist because it fits the mood of the crowd.  I don’t kick in the window of my local Starbucks to protest the fact that maybe they buy their beans from a country where the people are paid less than a minimum wage, especially when I’m surrounded by tens of thousands of other people and feel especially brave.  What kind of message does that send?  It’s like telling my kids, “it’s okay, if you don’t like the way a company does something, go destroy their property”.  No one in their right mind would tell a child to do that!  Or would they?

Who do you think is going to pay for the burned out police cars? The idiots who bussed in to the G20 to create havoc or the taxpayers of Toronto who pay property tax, municipal tax and many other levies to have clean roads, garbage pick up and a police force… With police cars. 

Well folks, I don’t know about the downtown core – never really understood the love-in with George (eHealth) Smitherman, but if you guys have so much money and disposable income, then I think I’m going to ask the City to reduce my property taxes. Afterall, I didn’t and still don’t feel that my right to protest by taking to the streets is more important than my ability to enact change by contributing to society and communicating with others.

If I wanted to send a message to Starbucks (for example) I would arrange for people to stop going there and after a while they would pack up and leave. There would be absolutely nothing to gain for damaging their property or even worse, damaging the property of a fellow Torontonian who is trying to make a living with a store in the downtown core and who had to pay out of pocket for repairs to thier shop, or buy new products because some lunkheads thought it would be “fun” to steal from them.

And now these same lunkheads are appearing in the papers with bandages and bruises complaining of being treated poorly.

Hey buddy… In other countries, people defend their property with weapons… You’re lucky the police got to you first, and that you’re in a free country like Canada that tolerates criminal activities and listens to you while you complain about being caught.

You can’t have it both ways. I believe the phrase you can’t suck and blow might apply.

So please, enough, left-wing media on the G20. The damage was done to the City, don’t rub our faces in it by parading these publicity-hounds in one after another to hear how they expected to be treated like royalty during the chaos caused by their choice to take to the streets to “be heard”.

Look at what happened to this idiot in Ottawa who firebombed a bank because his history of activism made him feel good about himself.

Who is going to pay the $1.6 million dollars needed to repair the bank? Can you say increased fees?

Here is the story in case you missed it;

OTTAWA — A retired federal bureaucrat has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison for firebombing a city bank.

Roger Clement targeted the RBC branch last May to protest the bank’s connections to the Alberta oilsands and the 2010 Olympics.

Court had heard that the 58-year-old had a long history of activism and a troubled family past.

Clement told his sentencing hearing Monday that he regretted the consequences of his actions and intends to use his time more wisely once he’s free.

The attack cost the bank $1.6 million and closed the branch for months.

The incident happened just before the G8 and G20 summits in Huntsville, Ont., and Toronto, sparking fears it was the start of more violence to come at the meetings.

Police followed Clement for a number of days, even digging up a computer he’d buried in the woods near Peterborough, Ont. On it, they discovered e-mail communication where Clement talked about an earlier attack on a different RBC branch and claimed the “nocturnal action” had “lifted my spirits.”

The Crown argued, however, that Clement meticulously planned the attack, going so far as to wait outside the bank for two hours to make sure there would be no witnesses. The Crown also noted that Clement made sure there was video of the incident and posted it online himself with a manifesto designed expressly to spur others onto action

Really?!? Protesting the Oilsands and the olympics?!?… How exactly did he think burning a RBC branch and possibly killing people inside was an effective protest?  And he buried his computer in Peterborough…

I just don’t get the need to destroy what others have in order to make myself feel better.  You want anarchy, go to Mexico, or Afghanistan where you can do what you want… Oh, but you are educated and live in Toronto… You don’t want to give that up, you just want to force others to live like you want to.

No thanks.

Please. No more sob-stories!

I’m still waiting for the black bloc to be unveiled.  Like the kid who posts pictures of himself on Facebook doing drugs… You think this isn’t going to catch up to them one day and hamper their career opportunities?!?