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Liberal Majority Government, Stephen Harper Resigns! I Hope the Tax Increases Are Worth It, Canadians!!

Well, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada are forming the next government of Canada – a Majority government, no less.

Stephen Harper has resigned as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

I cannot help but feel deep down inside that there was so much hatred directed at the Prime Minister and that people voted to remove him from office and chose the Liberals over the NDP to do so.

Unfortunately, the electing of the Liberal Party also brings with massive debt and after the spending spree the Liberals intend to go on, the deficit is going to increase at a rapid rate, and as we all know, the Liberals need money to pay for their promises and that money comes from you and I, the taxpayers of Canada.


I hope the desire to remove Harper is worth the headaches we’ll be suffering with Justin in command, and I’m not just talking about their out-of-control spending.

Here are some great Justin oops which hopefully will not be occurring as leader of the country;

Unlike Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne who has made MANY mistakes but covered them up with flat denial, avoidance and threats of lawsuits, Justin Trudeau has not appeared to understand the importance of thinking before he speaks.

During the controversy surrounding Bill C-51 – a bill where by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS), and 17 other government agencies are granted the authority to combat threats to Canada’s national security, preferably without infringing on Canadians’ Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Liberal leader who voted for the Bill, has now admitted that his support for the Conservatives Bill might have been a mistake…

During the Maclean’s Magazine leaders debate, Trudeau responded to the conversation around the Liberals’ support of C-51, with these four words: “Perhaps it was naive.”

Here is how he voted on the Bill;


To give Trudeau the benefit of doubt, it was a tough decision to make, I’m sure. I heard him stumble and bumble over the easy questions about which shampoo he uses and which Avenger was his favourite, so maybe this way just a difficult question for him to answer.

He does like to go (vote) with the crowd… He He knows legalizing pot is popular with the kiddies.

He knows taxing the “rich” or the “1%” is popular with the other 99% of Canadians, and he knows that increasing spending to get stuff done is super-popular… It’s Christmas in October and that pony you have always wanted?!? Guess what? Justin’s getting you one. Just vote for him and tell your friends!

Oh, and the 1%… Who are these awful rich people who get all the tax breaks according to Trudeau?!? In Canada the highest Federal tax paid is 29% for those making over $138K per year. Add that to the provincial rate, and in Ontario, for example, someone making over $138K can pay over 42% of their income in tax. (http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/ndvdls/fq/txrts-eng.html). Are these the people he will be targeting? Or, is Justin going after the REALLY rich people who based on very basic mathematics make the most money, but also pay the most back in taxes!

Trudeau believes small business owners create small businesses as a vehicle to hide their massive incomes. Doesn’t every 1%’er want to have to deal with the Canada Revenue Agency on a daily basis, be responsible for the income of their employees and paying taxes to keep the economy ticking so the Liberals can come in to power, increase taxes and call them frauds… Don’t think so.

I believe in discussing facts, so I went to the Liberal Party of Canada’s website, to the link for “My platform”, to make sure I presented his promises in a fair and reasonable manner. Unfortunately, because I was unwilling to click that I would be / or might be voting for Justin, I was not able to get in to the secret Liberals playground. Instead, I had the option to use a search option to add what I want from the Liberal Party.

I entered this; “Fiscal responsibility, Responsible spending, Respectful spending, Respect for Taxpayers money, Lower taxes, Do not raise taxes, accountability for words and actions.”

The search engine was not able to find a match for any of these items in the Liberal’s platform!

Oh my.

Deep down inside, I feel that the Liberals and their leader know that only in Ontario will citizens tolerate out of control spending and corruption by continuously voting in the same government which increased taxes, delisted services and has caused absolute chaos with teachers and soon doctors.

When Trudeau said, “The budget will balance itself”, he believed it.

He also has very poor judgement. He accepted Conservative hand-off Eve Adams, who was being dropped by the Conservative party, and who then lost her nomination bid to Marco Mendicino. Where was the questions surrounding his judgement as has happened to Stephen Harper regarding his appointment of Mike Duffy and Pamala Wallin to the Senate.

Trudeau also publicly mistook Russia’s opposition leader Boris Nemtsov (who was shot dead in Russia) with former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov (whom he had met with), in a press release.

Or when he called a Conservative member a “Piece of Shit”, then went on a potty mouthed tirade where you can see that he actually enjoyed it without thinking for a moment about the implications down the road (http://operationmaple.ca/laugh-out-loud/justin-trudeau-swears-house-of-commons.html)

So much like his Dad…

Or, when being interviewed on Les francs-tireurs, Trudeau said, “Canada isn’t doing well right now because it’s Albertans who control our community and socio-democratic agenda.”

He also said Canada would be better served if there were more Quebecers than Albertans in charge.

Trudeau did apologize, and then tried to explain away his thoughtlessness by saying he didn’t hate Albertans but that his comments were directed the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, who rose to power as an MP from Calgary, which he really thinks makes it all okay…

But he doesn’t just hate Alberta… He hates all of Canada, except Quebec. As a MP, Trudeau told Radio Canada; “I always say, if there came a point where I thought Canada really was Stephen Harper’s Canada … maybe I’d consider making Quebec a country. Oh yes. Absolutely. I know my values very well even if I no longer recognized Canada.”


There is even a story – recently removed from the Internet – where Justin Trudeau declared that if aliens came from outer space, they would have the same rights as human beings, and would be granted Canadian citizenship…

Now I’m sure that the puppeteers pulling the strings of Trudeau are in full spin control, teaching Justin how to correct his oopsys and explain that clearly each and every comment has been taken out of context or manipulated by the evil Right-Wing media in Canada – wait, we don’t have that option so much anymore – then it must be Stephen Harper’s fault for forcing Justin to speak this way.

He’s young… ish.

He’s hip… ish.

He’s trying to keep up with the success of Ben Mulroney, but he’s just going tp promise himself into a corner and ask every Canadian to Ben Dover.

On October 19th the Canadian public have made a choice, and I have a few words for voters in Canada… Cavete Emptor. Let the buyer beware!

(Geez, even Stephen Dion was elected!)

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Norwegian Cruise Lines Takes a Stand Against Racism. Tunisia No Longer a Port of Call.


Hats off to Norwegian Cruise Lines for their swift condemnation of the Tunisian Government for their last-minute decision to ban 20 Israeli travellers from disembarking the ship and entering Tunisia during a port of call.

Not was Norwegian Cruise Lines quick in their verbal condemnation, but they also notified the Tunisian government that they would no longer bring tourists to Tunisia on their cruises, as punishment for this narrow-minded clearly anti-Semitic decision.

Digging further, I discovered that they might be a visa situation in play here where visas are needed – or were needed – to allow Israelis to visit Tunisia and visa-versa, however, in this day and age, we are talking about 20 human beings who wanted to visit a country, shop in that country, and contribute to the economy of that country and if the government there can only see them as “Israeli” (and they could be Christian, Jewish or Arab Israeli) then they deserve the world’s scorn.

I do, however, wonder if this calls for a flotilla to Tunisia, or maybe the United Church of Canada, the largest Protestant church in Canada, who launched an official boycott of Israeli products because, “With these efforts, we join with many others striving to bring peace with justice to the Holy Land,” said United Church of Canada Moderator Gary Paterson. Maybe they want to boycott Tunisian products now because what’s fair is fair, right?

It’s not about the “Jewish people” but it’s about what is “fair”.

Here is a link to one of the many articles on this story.


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Looking Back at 10 Years of Federal Government Bullsh*t

Want to work for the Federal Government?

Last night I was cleaning out some of my files in my home office and I came across a file I titled “Government Bullsh*t”.

I opened it up and began to toss out some of the paperwork I had accumulated during my 10 years there. I had information on the mentoring program that I helped start for the office and ended up running after a couple years. But I kept that stuff as it might be useful going forward. The mentoring program was a wonderful experience for me, working with motivated staff in my area (the first couple years) and then as the prgram expanded to be an office-wide, working with key staff from all program areas. That first group flew up through the ranks in the government (not easy getting through all that red tape) and getting to know everyone was what made this experience so worthwhile.

I also found a bunch of documents on the conference I helped set up with a manager for our region. We organized a 3 day conference about 2 hours north of the city and had some giveaways and guest speakers, sponsors… It was a wonderful experience. Key staff came from all over Southern Toronto to share best practices and talk about successes.

Then I came across a nasty letter that I recieved from my former Team Leader who was trying to convince our section manager that I was “in direct negligance of my duties and should be disciplined immediately”. I read the letter and it all came back to me…

In the area I worked, there were 4 levels you could get to within the group.
Entry level
Entry level with the ability to leave the office and travel to visit clients
Resource officer – where you help the staff with technical interpretation of the tax act, help them resolve issues, coach, mentor, provide back-up team leader duties, and manage really complex crappy accounts
Team leader.

In all my time at the government I never received a substantial temporary promotion (just days mainly, and a week here and there but only once I started complaining). That meant the only way I would be moving up in the organization was on my own merit, so by writing and passing all the exams and interviews once an need was identified and a posting made. After 5 years and much frustration, I found myself at the Resource Officer level and with all my extra duties, I was VERY busy each and every day. I had multiple inventories, and mentoring, projects, school (CGA Courses) and kids, so I was really exhausted at the end of the day.

After getting flack one day by my “acting” team leader, for the handling on one account – in light of the fact that I was managing 7 inventories in addition to my duties – I asked to be moved to a developmental team to assist in the developing of future resource staff. This move was not met with great applause as the very senior, by the book, technical gurus were offended with me being there and the group that were training were surprised that I would want to be working with them to help them develop.

Frankly, I was fed up with being denied promotion and thought this fresh start would assist me in finally moving forward.

During the first week of the program, the trainees were taught how to properly summarize accounts and asked to submit their information and their timesheet to the team leader by that Friday.

I joined this team on the Wednesday, in the afternoon, as I was winding up some of my duties (the rest of the account followed me to this unit) and I was not present at any of the meetings in which this Team Leader identifed his requirements.

On the following Monday morning he emailed me asking for the information that was due on the Friday. I responded that I was not aware of this requirement and within a few hours he had all the information on his desk.

He followed up with the letter that I found in my file…

He asked me to come with him to meet the Section Manager to discuss how “disappointing I was to him, in just the first week of the program”.

In front of this manager, he explained how he outlined the program, the requirements, the importance of learning this information and the fact that I was being disrectful by making him follow up. He felt I should be reprimanded. He openly questioned my reasoning for being in the program, the lack of my technical knowledge and the fact that I should be knocked back a level if I cannot even submit time sheets on time.

I sat still looking at the manager quite stunned and very offended. I could feel my skin getting hot, as I was burning inside listening to this TL act completely inappropriately.

One he finished, she looked at me and asked for my response.

I told her I was here voluntarily to assist the staff and that, after joining the team midway through the week, this team leader did not bring me up to speed on any requirements and that after hearing from the staff this was required, that on my own, I started wotking on it. In addition to the fact that I was already at that level – for 2 years – and this Team Leader was the chairperson on the hiring board that I moved up on so he should have known this. I also mentioned that we are talking about timesheets, for g-d sakes, and that I was chosen, that year, as the employee of the year, for the entire region – covering 14,000 employees for all my efforts at the job, through volunteer work, and in personal development through courses I had taken and for my technical work on key accounts. I think he picked a fight with the wrong person…

She was livid.

She apologized to me and asked me to leave.

I stood outside the door and listened to her rip him out. She told him that there was no way I could go from being chosen the regions “MVP” by senior management to being “Incompetant and should be disciplined” in a mere 6 months.

I knew from that moment that this team leader was going to be a thorn in my side, and boy was I right. Every opportunity he had to overlook me or praise someone else, he did. Right up to my last day in this program – I was leaving my 9 months of paternity leave – I overheard him commenting to my colleague on how he didn’t think anyone was going to finish all the requirements for this program within the one year, let alone me who had only been with the group for 6 months.

Not one minute after those words left his lips did I peek my head into his cubicle and ask him to sign off on my last requirement for the program.

I was finished. The program itself was great, the team leader, really needed to develop his managerial skills. He was very disappointing and petty.

What got me the most was not even one day after I had left to begin my leave I received an email from a colleague thanking me for all the help I had given them (I kept that email too) and telling me that this Team Leader was trashing me to the group saying that I didn’t do any of the work – none of it was on time – and that they should move on and forget I was even there.

If there was one thing I learned while working in the Federal government it was that if you wanted to move ahead in the organization, you had to keep your nose clean, do as you are told and do not challenge the old boys network. I did none of the above and still managed to move up and eventually out.

While it made for a tough battle day-in-day-out, I worked on my accounting and eventually got my MBA before I left (and no they did not pay for it), but the remaining legacy of my time there is not the programs I created and ran to develop and support staff, or the committees I was asked to join and help out with, or the processes I suggested to improve employee morale, but rather the message that a couple managers chose to spin about my work ethic being poor, or my lack of attention to detail.

Not too long ago, I decided to ask for access to records kept in the government which included my name and I got to select from a variety of people, and of the 900 pages I received, there were a good 200 pages in which conversations between several managers occurred for the purpose of getting the story straight on how they were going to avoid having to promote me and what they were going to tell the staff.

The effort they went to to smear me looks to be far greater than the amount of time they spent doing things like managing their teams and improving morale.

I’m just glad I have it in writing…

I’m tired of having to “set the record straight”.

Can’t wait to see what else is in that folder. :)

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Working in the Trenches: A tale of a CRA field officer

This post is yet another post that I was encouraged to write by Elliott of Supernova.com, after telling him this tale while our boys were in karate class.

I was spouting off about my days working for the Canadian Tax Authority, when my responsibilities afforded me the opportunity to leave the office and visit clients to discuss their tax debts / compliance issues.

Unlike others who “may” have abused that authority, I loved getting out to visit clients. I’m a social guy, and it was always in my best interest to leave a good impression on them and help them resolve their issues, while also promoting the CRA.

I would always set up a full schedule of visits, and spend the entire day seeing as many as I could. When I first started with this role, I would wear a tie, but as I became comfortable with the role and spoke to many clients I realized the tie made me appears like I was a salesman, or worse, Jehovah’s Witness, so people refused to open their doors for me.

So I kept the nice clothes, but lost the tie.

One fine spring day, I found myself assigned to a business quite far north of the city who had been filing for the GST (now HST) for around 5 years, but they had been getting quite a lot of money in credits and for some reason had stopped filing, and their account had credits sitting there, un-issued.

Over the months proceeding this visit, I had called and left many messages and sent several letters, but there was no response, so I set up a visit during the day to initiate contact.

Upon arriving at the address I located in my Perlies, I realized I was in a very secluded, run down, commercial area which appeared to be pretty vacant – really odd for a weekday.

I approached the unit, the door was open, so I walked in and yelled, “hello, anyone here”.

I heard a voice respond back to me that I should enter the warehouse – that he were back there with another employee.  The front foyer of this unit had some electronics and other electrical gadgets so I briefly stopped to make some quick notes as to what I thought this company did, as I made my way to the back.

Once in the warehouse, I was shocked…

In front of me was this huge dark, empty warehouse with a desk at the back of it.  At the desk were 2 males, and there was one light on in the warehouse and it was just above the desk, like you would see on TV.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

“You can come closer”, the man sitting down calmly said to me.

“No thank you, I’d rather stay here”, I replied surveying the situation.

“What can I do for you?” said the other man, standing to the right of the man sitting at the desk, his arms crossed.

“I’m here from Revenue Canada, it would appear that there were some errors on your GST reports and I had left several messages but no one called me back, so I came to visit to see if we could resolve this in person”.

The response I got shocked me…

The man sitting down said to me; “Do you see that baseball bat behind the door?!?  We use that to take care of people like you!”  He then stood up.

I looked at the 2 of them and said; “The CRA owes you guys money, however I do not feel welcomed here so I am leaving.”

I turned around and left, hoping not to hear them come running after me.  I must say thinking about it now that I must have raced out of there, and I remember my heart pounding – thinking about my family.

I had parked across the parking lot facing the unit so that when I arrived I could take notes in my car about the business – like traffic, registered names, condition of the building…  I opened my door, sat down, locked my door and called my team leader.  As the phone was ringing the 2 guys rushed out of the unit and came towards my car.  I rolled down my window very slightly and told them I was talking to my boss and they should stay back from my car.  I turned it on.

They asked me to hang up – said it was a misunderstanding, that they were expecting a “bill collector” and they had been harassed.  They wanted the money owed to them as it might be enough to get this debt off their books.  My TL answered the phone and I told him briefly the situation.  I told the guys I would not leave my car, and have to come back with my TL, possibly tomorrow.  I handed them both the information they needed including the missing returns and the amount of the credit on file with the CRA.

They stood there looking at me…

My TL told me to leave.

I did.

One week later we returned with the RCMP.

The place was raided, the men arrested and a bunch of weapons seized.  All the electronics were stolen goods.  The credit on the GST account was seized by the RCMP as having been proceeds from crime.

I closed the GST account.

From that day forth I realized some people are intimidated when they receive a visit from the tax department.  I used this to my advantage, but never entered a building which made my spidy-sense tingle.  From that day on I clearly identified myself and my intentions up front before I would enter a building or house.   If it looked shady I would come back with another person bigger than myself (I’m 5 foot 11, 225 pounds).  We looked like thugs there to break some legs.  :)

So now you know.

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What’s wrong with government Part XVI

Last night in the Urban Daddy household, my wife and I were laying in bed watching this fantastic sitcom called Modern Family, which neither of us had ever come across before.

That afternoon and into the evening my wife had been peddling her wares – home-made beautiful jewelry – at a show not too far from our house. She had a good show which makes all of us happier and we even found this great gift for our boys – home-made capes with a lightening bolt on it, ala Flash Gordon (my favourite super-hero of all time).

We thought the kids would appreciate the capes since every night after their bath, my 3-year-old takes his hooded bath towel, puts it on his head with the rest of the towel draping behind him and tears through the house yelling, “flyer man to the rescue!!!”. He persuaded the 5-year-old to do it too now. These capes should fit in just fine!

Anyways… Are you still with me?

So while watching Modern Family on her new iPad (which she LOVES), I mentioned to her that there was a manager of a team working for the City of Mississauga who had been abusing his staff by duct taping them to the chair, to the floor, and spanking them on the ass and hitting them in the groin.

She looked at me with that face that said, “WTF are you talking about?!?”.

Then I realized she was probably the only person in the Greater Toronto Area who missed out on this story. Or possibly, having had a less than stellar work experience at the government I was just over-sensitive to this story not because of the abuse but because of the fall-out. So typical of government punishment (or lack thereof).

Anyways, I posted both links below – thank you Toronto Star – and I recommend you give them a read.


Essentially, a City government manager in Mississauga has been duct-taping and spanking employees for 5 years?!? Someone finally used a cell phone to video the abuse, showed HR, and from there the news of these practices broke.

And, of course, in typical government union fashion, the manager STILL works there!!! I actually believe he is on sick leave or stress leave right now.

Personally, I feel that the manager and any of the HR staff who I’m sure had known about this for a while (and any staff who knew but didn’t speak up) should be severely reprimanded or fired.

It’s so sad it’s laughable…

But now the police are investigating the matter and there is a good chance that this manager will be charged.


I’m sure you, like myself, is reading this story, or heard about it already and are shaking your head in disbelief.

It happens!

People in unionized jobs don’t want to give up their perks, whatever they may be; pay, preferential working hours, no pressure to perform, great maternity / paternity leave benefits… There are many positives about unionized government jobs. As well, there are many reasons not to complain about harassment and they include the perception that if you tell HR or your union rep that you will be labelled and therefore never be promoted or move up in the organization, or probably worse for most people, you will be ridiculed, harassed, and made fun of. Your clique will no longer hang out with you and you will be shunned. It’s like high school in that to survive in the government you need your posse to watch your back.

It took me MANY years to realize that the fear of lack of promotion was the least of my worries and I had to speak up and ultimately get out of that poisoned environment in order to be happy.

In the private sector if a manager did that or even joked about it, they would be fired, sued and unemployable. Justice is swift and accurate.

The City of Mississauga needs to wake up to the environment that allowed this abuse to occur and not be mentioned. The people that lived it must be punished to understand that it is NOT okay to keep this to themselves and the manager who carried out these acts MUST be fired, without pension IMMEDIATELY and not given a golden handshake or given the option to resign.

A clear message must be sent to all current managers in government – any and all levels – that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated.

And for the government staff who think they can now scream abuse or harassment when your manager questions your workload… You need to sit back, zip your mouth and understand what real harassment is.

It was this.

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