Liberal Majority Government, Stephen Harper Resigns! I Hope the Tax Increases Are Worth It, Canadians!!

Well,¬†Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada are forming the next¬†government of Canada – a Majority government, no less. Stephen Harper has resigned as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. I cannot help but feel deep down inside that there was so much hatred directed at the Prime Minister and that people voted […]

Norwegian Cruise Lines Takes a Stand Against Racism. Tunisia No Longer a Port of Call.

Amazing. Hats off to Norwegian Cruise Lines for their swift condemnation of the Tunisian Government for their last-minute decision to ban 20 Israeli travellers from disembarking the ship and entering Tunisia during a port of call. Not was Norwegian Cruise Lines quick in their verbal condemnation, but they also notified the Tunisian government that they […]

What’s wrong with government Part XVI

Last night in the Urban Daddy household, my wife and I were laying in bed watching this fantastic sitcom called Modern Family, which neither of us had ever come across before. That afternoon and into the evening my wife had been peddling her wares – home-made¬†beautiful jewelry – at a show not too far from […]