Where are the Rob Ford haters now?

As 2011 rolls along (project 365, as someone called it) I’m wondering where all the Rob Ford haters are right now. They sure have been quiet since the kerfuffle over Don Cherry calling them “pinkos”. I hope they were not actually offended?!?

I gather they are quiet because since Ford took power he has;

Made the TTC an essential service.
Put Councillor (future mayor and my old City Councillor) Karen Stintz in charge of the TTC
Removed the $60.00 “fee” (I prefer to call it a tax) on registering a vehicle in Toronto
Moving to remove the Land Transfer Tax
Announced he is moving to remove the bag tax of $0.05 for plastic bags purchased in Toronto (if council wants to)
Stopped sending our garbage to Michigan.
Cut Councillors expense accounts from $52,000 a year to $30,000 a year(the taxpayers money councillors spend on stuff)

And he announced that he is not anti-bike and will be unveiling more and safer bike routes for the biking community in Toronto.
He is not done considering a light-rail / subway for Eglinton connecting Scarborough to the airport
and his resolution for 2011 is to lose sme weight.

Not bad.
Saving us taxpayers some money and removing stupid hidden taxes put in place by David Miller.
How awful of him…
I remember the night of his election people tweeting that they were going to move out of Toronto because this was going to destroy the city… Yup.

So I’m going to take a moment and put on my left-wing hat, and figure out how I would reply to this post.
I would probably reply with this comment, saving you all the time to have to type it for yourself;

“Yes Urban Daddy, you right-wing capitalist bastard, he’s cutting taxes but how is he going to pay for services? I’ll tell you… He’s going to cut services and apply userfees!”

Well, Lefties (and I am left-handed so do be offended) I would like present this case in my defense of not wanting to tax the rich to give to the poor… Your hero, David Miller put in place all these taxes and fees because he wanted to point out how poorly the previous mayor treated the city and to pay for all his giving to make every Torontonion equal… Then upon stepping down from being mayor, in order to preserve his “legacy” he announced that he left the city better than it was when he took over, with a surplus! Pardon me.
surplus would mean his additional taxes needed to run the city were either a cruel joke or a huge miscalculation of the debits and credits at City Hall.

That’s like me running a free swimming pool, then suddenly charging users $10.00 a visit because without it the pool will have to close, then after doing this for 5 years saying, Look everyone, I have $2 million extra dollars in the bank”… Not nice!

So I for one am happy that for dinner last night there was no gravy. Staying away from that stuff can help me shed some pounds… That and not wearing pink!



City of Toronto Garbage / Recycling and Organic Waste Policies…

If you have been following my posts – or my status updates in Facebook, or my tweets, you would be aware that we recently packed up the family and with nanny and cat in tow, we moved.

Our new – more urban – house is great and we love the neighbourhood, but this house came without a garbage can, a recycling bin or a wet (organic) waste bin.

I think I could break into fort Knox faster than I could get this matter resolved.

Here is what has transpired…

Day one. Garbage piling up. Kids dirty diapers and wipes stinking up the joint. No garbage disposal so there are food bits and fruit flies everywhere. Boxes and recycling piling up. So I call the City…

Day two. City calls back and tells me that there was a medium recycling bin and a medium garbage can assigned to that house. They give me the serial number on the bin and ask me to… “investigate” the neighbourhood, including the neighbours bins to see if they took ours…

Day three. I walk around the mini block looking at garbage cans. They first 5 I see are not mediums, nor are they ours. Neighbours think I’m nuts.

I retreat back into the house but not before dropping the paper that had the serial numbers on it into a recycling bin.

Day four. I call back the City. They tell me that the City now needs to send inspectors out to look for the bins too and if they cannot find them (dead in a ditch somewhere?!?) then replacement bins will be on my driveway within 2 to 3 weeks.

Now I totally understand the City here, but let’s go back to day one and see what I wrote about the conditions of my new house… stinky kids diapers, rotting food…

So I wait… 3 weeks now… Taking my garbage

Until Thursday.

After escalating the matter on Wednesday, a City bin inspector (not his official title, but it’s what we need him to do) came by our house and found the bin! Yup. In our neighbours back yard where they are in the process of building a house.

So now we have a recycling bin.

The City bin inspector said he would bring by a garbage bin next week if he could not find it and since my wife was so excited and appreciative, he’ll bring by an organic waste bin too.


Now I just need the door on the space under our front stairs to keep the raccoons from opening my bin before I start filling it with wet, organic waste.

Let’s hear it for 311 (the city’s hotline).  So if you move and need a new bin, or a larger one, or you need to replace a broken one, and you live in the greater Toronto area, all you need to do is call 311 and you are connected to the City. 

Who knew?!?

The biggest asshole of 2009?

Besides me.

Was it:

Kanye West – hammered singer steals Taylor Swift’s thunder at an award show and reveals what an asshole he is.

Gilbert Arenas – points a gun at a teammate in the basketball team’s locker room in a dispute over a gambling debt.

Chris Brown – beats up his girlfriend, sig=nger Rhianna.

Jon Gosselin – Leaves his wife after raising 8 kids because he’s tired of  her being mean to him.  Awwww.

Tiger Woods – 13 mistresses ranging from porn stars to hookers.

Or is there someone else that stood out in your mind?  Toronto Mayor David Miller?  He did allow that strike / garbage dump in the middle of a kids day camp…

Google Street View hits Toronto – Catches Van on Fire and Garbage. Boo.

Google Street View has arrived to Toronto, October 7th and quite a stir is has caused.  Apparently it caught a van on fire and a park full of garbage.


From Google Maps
From Google Maps

And, the house across the street from my house had a BMW service truck in the driveway with their phone number clearly displayed… Great advertising, eh?

I’ve already been thinking of what I could use this for, other than seeing the houses of my colleagues.  That fun can only last one day…  Can I use this to look for areas to stay out of?  Check an address and see what kind of freaks and geeks are loitering around?

I also heard on the radio that a DJ had booked a vacation resort in Florida that claimed to be on the waterfront and newly renovated, so he used the Street View feature and found the hotel to be run down and near a lake, nowhere near the water…  He said he cancelled his reservation and used Street View to find a better place to stay at half the price.  Slumlords beware!  We can see you now!!!

As expected and now proven through Street View, Toronto is clean and orderly.   One part that really pisses me off (Thank you Mayor David Miller) is the view of Christie Pits during the 39-day municipal (garbage) strike, as a dumpsite. 

I heard there was footage of a man walking away from an adult video store on Yonge Street with his face blurred (he must have had it blurred or they felt bad for him.  On the radio, the DJ said, “Buddy, I know your face is blurred, but everyone knows who you are.  Apparently almost all other human faces visible on Street View have been blurred too.

Google was criticized by privacy advocates after Street View launched in 13 other countries. Sensitive to public concerns, the company is willing to blur faces more strongly or even delete certain images if visitors find them “sensitive,” spokeswoman Tamara Micner said.

Each Street View image includes a “report a problem” link.  This would come in handy for several embarrassing voyeuristic situations, including one showing a man helping a young child prepare to urinate under a tree, had been removed from Street View by the late afternoon.  No… That was not me, although when out and the phrase, “I have to pee!  NOW!” is uttered, we find a tree.  Then again… I just might be me!

CUPE, Jon Gosselin and a little about me

I have not figured out how to post through email so what I do is write down my thoughts (just the good ones, lol) and email them to home so I can paste them here.  Sometimes I forget, and a bunch of them accumulate and you get a post like tonight’s.

The thought behind tonite’s post you ask…

1) Toronto is into day 23 of a STUPID inside/outside workers strike, meaning no garbage pick up, no ferry service to the Toronto islands, no public day-cares and some other stuff which obviously does not impact my world.  Well this union – CUPE – might as well be PooPee – picked the summer, tourist season to strike knowing that stinky garbage should sway public opinion.   Clearly after being offered a 0% increase this year, they think they deserve more…

Sadly, with cool summer weather, and a fair amount of rain, the garbage does not smell.  The City offered them, 1% this year, 2% next year and 3% the following year.  They want more. 

The grass at the park when my 2 and 4 year old play soccer was so tall, a neighbour and I took our push mowers over (another story for another day) and cut the grass.  I wish the City would fire them all and start again…

So I found out yesterday that 500 of them had crossed the picket lines and started working again.  I guess the union bosses (who actually live outside Toronto where there IS garbage pick-up) will have to summon their goons to rough up and harass the “scabs”.  I commend these guys for getting paid to do what they are hired to do.  They are public servants after all…


2)  Fans of the show Jon and Kate Plus 8 might understand this… I saw a picture in the tabloids of Jon Gosselin.  Do you not look at this guys picture and feel sorry for him.  His wife, did after all birth 8 kids.  Yet he left her because she was mean to him.  You see pics of him hanging out at College parties and on boats and he just looks like that loser everyone knows who had no friends but was just hanging out everywhere – he stands out.  His 15 minutes of fame are just about up…  Did you know his 23 yr old girlfriend is the daughter of the doctor who performed some plastic surgery on Kate Gosselin on the show!


3)  The last part that popped into my head surrounds the “about me” section of this blog.  If I had to do it again, and I know that I can change it, I would probably be more clear about who I am and what I stand for.  I wrote this;

“Welcome into my head.  I blog as an outlet, a release, to voice my thoughts and release the demons in my head to all of you, rather than my wife.  She prefers it this way.

A little about me… I’m a Dad.  My interests include; running, reading, politics, Star Wars, wrestling, cooking shows, law and order.  I have been playing in a ball-hockey league for 20 years.  I hold a masters degree in business administration and my family and I are active volunteers – we like to give our time to help those who need.  We are a very environmentally conscious family.  I work in the finance industry, as a manager, which uses my backgrounds in tax, accounting, project management and securities. 

I love my wife and children but strive to be a better husband, father and human being on a daily basis.   One of my biggest hang-ups is that I get focused on a task and cannot function until I have either over-analysed it, or completed it.  Once it’s done I can get more stuff done, until that time… I’m useless.

I grew up a sheltered boy in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  My first citing of any sort of recreational drugs was when I was in my mid-twenties.  I declined to try it because I don’t give in to peer pressure and I have an addictive personality and as an athlete, don’t want to add anything to my body that might slow me down.  I work and play very hard… I’m the kind of guy who hates to lose way more than I like to win.

For now, that’s pretty much me.  Thanks for taking the time to read it.  Feel free to comment and leave me the “about me” for your blog.  Things you do or have done that you are proud of or want to accomplish in your life, either personal or professional.

Read on.