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Fun Video Shoot with Pediatric Nutritionist Danielle Binns

Danielle BinnsThis past weekend, we had the wonderful opportunity to take part in a video shoot with Danielle Binns a Pediatric Nutritionist and Health Coach for parents.

Danielle needed the assistance of our youngest child – Boo – who helped to prepare some delicious green pancakes – inspired through the Green Eggs and Ham book – and some super healthy and easy to make cookies.

Danielle’s story is absolutely incredible.  Reading her story on her website after having met her brought tears to my eyes.  I’m not going to re-tell her story.  You just need to go read it yourself.  You will be emotional, then inspired, and then understand why the services that Danielle offers are so incredibly valuable.

As the parent in our family who cooks breakfast and makes lunches for our kids – one child who has become very picky with food – I found immense value in just learning 2 simple food options from Danielle which we are going to cook at home.  Sorry, which Boo is going to cook at home!

Danielle is more than a mother who is incredibly passionate about providing the BEST natural and holistic solutions for other moms (and dads) and babies.  She has obtained credentials/certification in the following:

  • Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP)
  • “Naturally Designed Pregnancy and Postnatal Nutrition”
  • “SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding”
  • “Feeding Matters”

Danielle can be found on Facebook through her Facebook Group: Holistic Solutions for Moms & Little Ones.

Her Facebook page is @ daniellebinnsnutrition

On Twitter and Instagram @daniellebinns4

Her Website is and her email is



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Note to all business owners: Free business advice – It’s your sign that makes or breaks you!

I’ve got issues.  Yes, I do and I’m going to start venting about them here.  This is the time when I get to play part consultant, part BIA (business improvement association) and part consumer with disposable income.

 Please indulge me and read on!

In the past I have posted about how stupid some store owners are and how they drive potential customers away by using stupid-signing practices.  I’m going to hit up Google street view on Avenue Road in Toronto to try to find an example, but this is what I’m talking about…

Store.  Looks like it might be a restaurant.

Giant sign above says, “5th avenue”.

I look at it.  Look again, then drive past.  WTF is 5th avenue?  and why is the name 5th avenue so important that it takes precedence over something a little more relevant, say the word “restaurant”.  Maybe even describe what kind of restaurant, like “Fusion”.  Nope.  “5th avenue”… So I would never go there.  I don’t know what it is.

So take that into consideration when I describe what happened to us on Saturday.

We went on a few errands up north of the city and had a pretty tight timetable, when we saw a restaurant on the south-east corner of Dufferin Street and Steeles Avenue (for those of you playing along in Toronto or surrounding area) and what caught my eye and my wife’s eye was not the name of the restaurant, but the tag line under the  name, which read, “The world’s best spring roll”.


We talked about going there, hemmed, hawed, then decided to schlep the kids inside and partake in the world’s BEST spring roll.  I mean you can’t advertise it if it isn’t true, right?  Or if at least you think it to be true.

Now keep in mind, I’ve not travelled the world, so I have no freaking idea just where there rank in the world, let alone in Toronto.  For all I know, they might just be that plaza’s best spring rolls – but with a tag line like that, how can you not check it out.  I’m sure the owners have done their research – thinks skeptical me.

Once inside I announced to the poor employee standing there that we were entering his premises at 4:20pm on this Saturday for the world’s BEST spring roll and hopefully he won’t let us down.  We come with mighty high expectations.

We checked out the menu – which was small and fast-food looking, only to notice that the pictures of the food look rather yummy, and although I had no idea whether it was cafeteria style or they come and serve you, we ordered at the cash, then went and plopped our asses down in a booth.  

Here is what we ordered which was what they said was the best of the best – and very funny was my kids sitting at the table asking the server over and over when he was bringing D’crisp.  I thought they were joking with him, until I took the card of the business and realized after that the name of the place was D’rollz;

d’crisp (lumpia goreng) Deep fried roll with chicken and bamboo shoot filling.

We also had a yummy rice / chicken / coconut dish that we had to eat RIGHT AWAY, before it got hard, and some crepes and a couple other things.  Essentially 12 items for $22.00.

The food was very good, bordering on delicious, but here is the thing…

I HATE bamboo shoots, and everything had them inside.  My kids also hate bamboo shoots with the exception of our daughter who ate pretty much everything until she tried the coconut/rice/chicken combo and realized too, that bamboo shoots suck.

So I ate anyways, and really enjoyed the d’crisp – bamboo shoots and all – and Linus (who must have been hungry) felt the same way, but poor Stewie held his ground and didn’t eat a thing until we were at the No Frills at Yonge and Steeles (gross) when he scarfed down a bagel.

So D’Rollz, which has every item on the menu starting with a “D'”did not have the “World’s best spring roll” in my opinion, nor in my wife’s opinion, but was totally worth the stop, especially in light of their other claim, that being the “only Indonesian restaurant in Ontario”.

I’m off to Google to disprove that.  Done.  Took 2.3 seconds for that claim to be shot full of holes.  Maybe the owner doesn’t have Google?!?


But back to my original point to any potential store owner who is ordering a sign for their business… Tell us what it is that makes you great, then ram your brand down our throats.  Had I noticed the name of this joint was “D’Rollz”, there was a zero percent chance I was going to go in.  But that description made me go, and might make me go again.

I’m just saying…

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A dilemma: Making friends later in life.

A “good” friend of mine called me last night to let me know that him and his wife had a baby. In his voicemail message he left for me, he indicated that they had the baby and he wanted to call to “catch up”. I wondered, seeing as they had a boy, if there was a bris (Jewish ritual circumcision ceremony) and asked him about it when I called him back. He was very casual about it and said something to the effect of, “sure, come to it. It’s Friday morning at 8am”. I really didn’t get that warm, fuzzy feeling that I was invited, but rather that I had invited myself, wife and son, and he wasn’t going to say no.

Granted, they did just have a baby 5 days ago. I remember those days. No sleep, mass confusion, denial, etc. Am I reading too much into it?

A little background. I met this guy and his wife in our marriage class back in 2001. There were 5 couple and we all made plans to go out and keep in touch. This couple in particular seemed to be the most interesting as his wife had an interest in hockey (I play), and he loves Chemistry and Physics and all that stuff that the UrbanMummy teaches so well. Added to that, was the fact that they lived in the townhouses right behind the condo complex we lived in.

From what I understood of this group dynamic, there were 3 couples who all moved up north from the city, and were all quite younger than the other couples, and they all REALLY wanted to get working on those kiddies. It just didn’t seem like we had a whole lot to talk about. Our neighbour and his wife also found the dynamic to be off, and came to the conclusion that hanging out with us would be preferable since we live right near them, share interests, and are of the same age.

The marriage group continued to meet, but we no longer got invited (I think we backed out of a few of them and something was said) but our neighbours kept going.

Then, the bunch of them joined my hockey team, and gave it a whirl, only my neighbour plays on it to this day because he’s a natural and he’s a great team player. It was (until I got injured) the only time we’d see each other, at the rink.

But I always found the relationship a little uneasy. It’s hard making friends when you are older because most people have lifelong friends from school, their neighbourhood, or from camp, and I don’t.

I used to pick him up on my way to the rink, and sometimes he’d be playing poker with his “buddies” or having a BBQ, or something like that, and never included me, nor was I probably friendly enough to ask to be included, or to get to know his friends. I always felt like an intruder. He would sit in my car on his cell phone making plans with his buddies, and I think I was jealous as it was the only time we hung out – to and from the rink – and I liked him and wanted to get to know him more so maybe our families could become better friends.
Crazy, eh?.
He would even look for a 5th for their poker game, wondering out loud where they could find someone to play, but never asked me. I started asking him to not coordinate his life in the few minutes we got to chat before games and he graciously agreed. Before the game, during and after it we hung out, chatted, and had fun. He’s a cool guy. We have stuff in common.

When we moved from the condo 3 blocks east to a house we invited them over, and they came. The invite to their place also came. It felt like we were hanging out to be polite.
For as much as they told us how they like to hang out with us, it was difficult to explain why there was zero effort on both our parts. We’ve been in our new house for 8 months, and while we have discussed getting together, it has not happened. They actually put their townhouse up for sale and moved… How did I find out? I walk by it to go and come from the subway. They lived just down the street from the Cheaty Monkey’s abode. While they have not yet moved into their new house (renovations), my “friend” said last night that once they move in, we are “for sure” going to get invited over.

I’m not holding my breath. History tells me both families are brutal at getting together.

I do know when I’m healthy enough to play hockey again, I’ll play on his (my) team,and it’ll be like nothing even happened. But what do I do about the bris?

Should we go?


Update: We moved into the same area as this family and didn’t even know it until my friend called me. We’re actually a street apart and put plans to get together have, shall we say, been stalled for 8 months now.

Some things never changed, eh?

I’m going to email him and see if they want to do dinner.

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Hello and Good Morning starts my day off just right!

This morning on my regularly scheduled hurried walk to the subway from my house to the office, I had no less than 4 people say good morning to me. You know what, I believe that they actually meant it. It didn’t appear to be forced. It was actually quite pleasant.

I think in the 4 years we lived at our other house, I had 4 people say good morning to me in total.

I think I am going to have a good morning today.

There, that didn’t hurt. Toronto the friendly.