“Super”Bowl Thoughts from my Kids

We watched most of the Super Bowl yesterday which would represent a first for my middle and suddenly sporty son.  He has had zero interest in football prior to yesterday – and to be honest – he watched it because of the commercials and the Lady Gaga half-time show.

Here are his thoughts of the game;

  1. Why don’t they show the commercials here in Canada?  What a scam!
  2. If the NFL is worried about concussions, why do they allow players to hit someone head first.  If they were really concerned, they would toss all players who hit with their heads, or hit someone in the head.
  3. NFL does not stand for “No Farting League” as I told his sister.  I suggested “No Farting Ladies” but my wise 7-year-old countered with “No Farting Lads”!
  4. When asked who would win, he said “New Zealand”.
  5. When asked which state Boston is in, he said “New York”.
  6. After realizing that Ottawa was in Ontario, he wondered out loud if Canada consisted of Ontario and Quebec – to which I said; “And that is why Western Canada hates Toronto, my son!”  Plus we’ve all been to the East Coast of Canada.
  7. Why is Tom Brady’s wife cheering into her cell phone – taking selfies instead of celebrating with the rest of the people in the press box?
  8. Lady Gaga was incredible!  On the roof, jumping from the roof, singing, not singing, all in those high-heels.  She totally rocked and was a true highlight of the night.
  9. He felt because the game was played in a neutral location (Texas) the sounds from the stands sounded canned and phony.  He said they might as well have played the game in an empty stadium and played a cheering sound track along with the game.
  10. Why does the NFL need their championship trophy to be “Super”?  Why is the Stanley Cup not named the Super Cup and why does the winning team receive the Vince Lombardi trophy when they win???  Where is the bowl???
  11. Why isn’t there a team in Toronto?
  12. Since no team had even overcome a 10-point deficit and there had been no overtime games in the league’s 51-year history, and with New England (or New Zealand, New York) losing 28-3 at half-time – my kids assumed it was over for the Pats.  Upon learning of the Falcon loss, my son’s response was the always classic, “Whoa!”.
  13. Upon hearing that Tom Brady was being regarded as the best quarterback in the history of the NFL, my son quipped; “I think he is, because he’s the only quarterback I know, and he won the game.”
  14. Where are the damn commercials???


So I think this was a success, and even though he doesn’t know all the rules, or where the teams play, him, his sister and their older brother enjoyed the half-time show more than anything.

“Can you take me to a concert?” was the post-game cry from the kids…

… and sign me up for lacrosse.

Only in Canada, eh?


104th Grey Cup: Redblacks Vs. Stampeders… WOW.

The 104th Grey Cup was held here in Toronto yesterday, at BMO field, home of the TFC, and all I can say was WOW.

The CFL may not be on the radar for everyone but this league knows how to put on an event, and both the Ottawa Redblacks’ players and the Calgary Stampeders players put on quite the show.

The game ended with the Redblacks winning their first championship since 1976 after a thrilling 39-33 OT win.

Unlike that championship game held south of the boarder, the Grey Cup games are usually quite exciting and a great showcase for the league and it never gets enough press or fanfare, which is sad.

Congratulations to the Redblacks and to the CFL for putting on a great event and for building a fast, skilled, talented league!

My weekend thus far

This has been an interesting weekend for me so far, half-way through Sunday.

On Friday night we had Shabbat dinner here at the house with my mother and sister.  When they arrived there happened to be a stranger in the living room taking pictures of my kids – mainly the baby.  This place takes a bunch of pictures for free then tries to sell them to you.  I like the concept since it’s such a pain in the ass to book photo shoots for the kids and usually are very far away.  I hope they turn out.

After dinner my sister helped me prepare the T4 and T4 summary for our previous nanny.  Actually she did it while I slept on the couch.  We watched the 1st period of the Men’s Olympic semi-final game between the Slovaks and Canada.  I nodded off at 3-0 Canada.  They won 3-2.  Whew.

Saturday saw skating first thing in the am, well, skating for the oldest boy, the youngest spent most of the time laying on the ice having a meltdown.  I think he needs new skates with more ankle support. 

Both boys got their skating progress report cards.  Neither had been on the ice prior to the start of this program about 2 months ago so I not surprised to see Linus did well but Stewie… Not so well at all.  Oh well. 

After skating I dropped Stewie off at my mothers and Linus off at my in-laws and my wife and I took the baby and headed downtown to walk around.  It was a lot of fun!  She went into the bead stores and the baby and I walked around the streets looking at stores and a lot of weirdos.  LOL. 

I did, however, make a HUGE mistake and walked into the Second Cup… UGH.  I was hungry so I bought a morning glory muffin (ugh) and a really gross double Americano.  Had I walked another block west I would have found the Tim Horton’s.  At least the second cup had a change table in the woman’s bathroom where I could change the baby explosion (poo).  It was everywhere!

We strolled over to Chinatown for some dim sum (in the rain of course) and headed home to gather the other kids in time for bed.

Needless to say all of us passed out early, but I woke up to hang the laundry and could not get back to sleep.  Too much on my mind.  I finally dozed off at 3:30am.  I was up at 5:30am to help burp the baby and 7am with the boys, but managed to get them to hang out in the bed with my until 7:30am. 

We skipped karate and instead went to a Purim Party at the Temple where my son goes to nursery school.  Knew a ton of people there and had a blast.   The highlight for me was tossing a football through a hole 3 times while others tried dozens of times without success.  Each person who failed grumbled that the hole was too small.  Giggle.

So now the kids are bathing and soon we’re off to watch the Olympic Gold medal hockey game between Canada and the USA.  For some strange reason Linus is voting for Team USA.  Hope he’s doing that just to bug me.  Sure, team USA was put together by Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke and coached my TML head coach Ron Wilson, but come on, Linus!  Go Canada Go! 

 Did you know that the most ever gold medal won by a country in one winter olympics is 13.  Guess how many Canada has right now?  Yup.  13.  So if we win the hockey game we set a record.  No pressure, eh?  I may not be able to watch the game.  I don’t want to be disappointed.

Tuesday Newsday

Tuesday Newsday, an Urbandaddy exclusive!

1)  I get it that a football player dying at a very young age is a tragedy but I also understand that when you are chasing / attacking your fiance by jumping on a moving vehicle and having been in trouble with the law before (and turfed off your team numerous times) you may suffer injuries or even die, like Chris Henry of the Cincinnati Bengal’s did.  At his funeral she said while she may have helped steer him out of trouble, he changed her life. Henry, 26, was killed after he fell out of a pickup bed being driven by his fiance Loleini Tonga during what police described as a domestic dispute.

Police are investigating, but no charges have been filed.

But the comments from his fiance at the funeral re-iterate my comments about what happens when we pay athletes millions and millions of dollars and shove this in the faces of the youth of today.  They think that they don’t need to get a good education and learn about things like… English.

I am not English major by any stretch of the imagination but I know this is just fucked up. 

“Can’t nobody feel what I’m feeling right now. … We loved each other very much. People say I helped change his life. No. He changed mine.  We were supposed to get married in three months, but I’m going to wait until I see him again.”

“Can’t nobody feel”???


2)  This is why the world will be a better place once the Taliban are no longer in power…

Taliban blow up Pakistan girls school.  The Taliban blew up a girls’ school in Pakistan’s Khyber district, where troops are fighting against militants in the tribal region bordering Afghanistan, an official said Wednesday.

 3)  I don’t want to call this next story for what it is, but for some reason it slipped under the radar.  If you remove the country “Egypt” and change it to “Israel” you would have seen yet another UN resolution asking for sanctions against Israel, and CUPE here in Canada would have gone ape-shit asking for banning of Israeli professors, or worse, banning the letter “I”.

To think that Egypt is let off the hook for creating a giant steel wall between themselves and the Palestinians in order to keep Palestinians out and shut down the some 150 tunnels, under the guise of national security is ok, but Israel doing the same is apartheid and terrorism.

Makes you wonder if mainstream media is anti-Israel or anti-Semitic?!?

Egypt confirmed on Tuesday it is engaged in construction along its border with Gaza but said it is not building what some reports have said is a steel wall to block cross-border smuggling.  (But it is)

Hamas and other militant groups have called on Egypt to stop building such a wall along the Gaza border and Egyptian security officials have confirmed a steel barrier is being built.

Tunnel builders say around 150 tunnels along the border between Egypt and Gaza provide a vital supply link for the enclave whose imports are blocked by Israel.  The “wall” will go below ground and shut off these tunnels.

“The procedures that Egypt is undertaking inside its lands, whether building or construction work along the border with the Gaza Strip, is an Egyptian concern that is related to Egypt and Egyptian national security.”

4)  In a sad story relating to how unsafe and dangerous the drug trade is in Mexico, a drug cartel shot dead the family of a policeman in retaliation for the killing of their leader and arresting of others.  If drugs were not such a money making venture none of this would happen.  Killing will continue until something gives.

Considering the government will never be able to out fire-power the cartels and there are way too many corrupt officials, Mexico will need to either make it legal and tax the crap out of the cartels or crack down on their exports of drugs and import of weapons.  If drugs are no longer leaving the country, users will look elsewhere…

MEXICO CITY — It had been an elaborate farewell to one of Mexico’s fallen heroes.  The mother of a slain Mexican sailor and his aunt attended his funeral on Monday. Hours later, gunmen killed the women.

Ensign Melquisedet Angulo Córdova, a special forces sailor killed last week during the government’s most successful raid on a top drug lord in years, received a stirring public tribute in which the secretary of the navy presented his mother with the flag that covered her son’s coffin.

Then, only hours after the grieving family had finished burying him in his hometown the next day, gunmen burst into the family’s house and sprayed the rooms with gunfire, killing his mother and three other relatives, officials said Tuesday.

It was a chilling epilogue to the navy lead operation that killed the drug lord, Arturo Beltrán Leyva, and six of his gunmen. And it appeared to be intended as a clear warning to the military forces on the front line of Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s war against Mexico’s drug cartels: not only you, but your family is a target as well.

Prosecutors, police chiefs and thousands of others have been killed in the violence gripping Mexico, with whole families sometimes coming under attack during a cartel’s assassination attempt. But going after the family of a sailor who had already been killed is an exceedingly rare form of intimidation, analysts say, and illustrates how little progress the government has made toward one of its most important goals: reclaiming a sense of peace and order for Mexicans caught in the cross-fire.

The military and police forces who have been fighting the drug war typically cover their faces with ski masks to protect their identities. But the government generally releases the names of police officers and soldiers who have been killed in the drug war.

Responding to the killings on Tuesday, Mr. Calderón said, “These contemptible events are proof of how unscrupulously organized crime operates, attacking innocent lives, and they can only strengthen us in our determination to banish this singular cancer.”