How Much Poison Is Acceptable In Our Technology?

If you’ve been paying attention to the news recently you would have heard about the dangers of putting your cell phone up to your ear, in your pocket or in your bra.

In Canada, the amount of radiation is significant that the Canadian government believes there should be a warning on the packages of cell phone to warn Canadians, well, not to use them as phones…

How Much Poison Is Acceptable in Our Technology?

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Toronto Maple Leafs fire coach Ron Wilson! The Spotlight is now on GM Brian Burke.

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So the Toronto Maple Leafs have decided to fire head coach Ron Wilson late on Friday the 2nd of March.  I saw the news break first on CP24, then I took to Twitter and slowly the reports started to come in.

I thought Friday night was an odd time to fire the coach and announce the replacement, former Leaf Randy Carlyle – who was the head coach in Anaheim when Brian Burke was the General Manager and the Ducks won the Stanley Cup.  It was odd because, while expected, the Leafs are in Montreal tonight to play the Canadiens, and if there was ever a pressure situation it is tonight, and with Burke flying to Montreal to tell Wilson personally there was no one here to address the media.

Smart, some would say.

Conniving, I put forward.

Here are some of my thoughts surrounding Brian Burke and his bravado.

1) When Burke can to Toronto he inherited Wilson – who was hired by then GM Cliff Fletcher (of the Jeff Finger signing, ugh).  Wilson, like Burke are both Americans.

2) Burke immediately brought in Phil Kessel, an American forward playing with the Boston Bruins who after testicular cancer was made available because he’s moody and not viewed by everyone as being a team player.  The Leafs gave up two first round picks for Kessel at a time when the Leafs were terrible and though Burke thought the picks were going to be mid-round, they turned out to be very high picks including 2nd overall.  Burke sadly overestimated the talent on the team and I belive the ability of the coach.

3) Burke announced he needed “Truculence” on the team and proceeded to stock the roster with so-called tough guys who are not so tough, or are tough but cannot play a regular shift with the team.  Colton Orr, Jay Rosehill, tough but limited in their abilities.  Mike Komisarek in from Montreal as a high-priced free agent, Francois Beauchemin and Mike Brown in from the Ducks… It was time to raid the Ducks for their toughness and goaltending because that is what former GM’s do, right.  They take from their former team even when that team is performing worse that the new team.

4) With that not working, Burke started signing all the free agents from US colleges in hope of being able to stock the team and have assets to trade of fill holes since they were not doing it through the draft – recall, the B’s are getting quality picks from the terrible Leafs, like the #2 overall pick Tyler Seguin who in his 1st season with the Bruins won the Stanley Cup and in year 2 is second in scoring on the Bruins as of today with 50 points and a plus 33.  Sure Kessel has 68 points and Joffrey Lupul, another reclamation project from Anaheim has 66 points and  Kessel is only 4 years older than Seguin, but comparing the two, it might come down to character which the Leafs appear to lack.

So the Leafs brought in Tyler Bozak, Christian Hansen, the Monster, Colby Armstrong, Komisarek, and with that came and went the hopes of Leafs’ fans.  Kadri might be a bust, Kuliman went from 30 goals to 5 goals and Jake Gardiner was a throw in for the Leafs taking Lupul’s salary, not a shrewd move by Burke and don’t let him convince you otherwise.  With no talent, Burke has resorted to trading for injured players – Connelly, Lombardi, etc, signing college players and bringing in overpriced free agents which would be a great stop-gap if there were young players, but the scouting staff has let the Buds down for the last, oh, 35 years.

5) Burke brings in Tim Connolly from the Sabres – often injured, and slow skaters but great passer who has clearly lost a step, but still leaves the team without a true number one centre – the defense is strong and deep, but no secondary scoring and no number one centre hurts this team and was an issue in 2008 when Burke arrived.

6) Burke announces his intention to trade up in the entry draft to get a blue-chip prospect – like he did when drafting the Sedin’s in Vancouver, but doesn’t.  Instead he drafts more American players for Canada’s team. 

7) Scratching my head I think back to when Burke was hired and how he announced that he wanted players who could handle the pressure in Toronto, who are from Toronto and who would be proud to play in Toronto.  Now wondering how all these Americans feel being sent to a horrid Toronto team…

8) Burke brings in renowned goalie coach Francois Allaire who does nothing to help Jonas “the Monster” Gustavsson, or James Reimer – or J.S. Giguere who was a salary dump from the Ducks that the Leafs gladly assumed – Instead of turning them into the next Martin Brodeur, they both drop to their knees once a shot is taken and are at risk for collisions with their heads as has been witnessed by both players being hit in the head by other players.

9)  In an odd exchange, Burke did nothing at the trade deadline this past week and after doing so pronounced that the players were a little hesitant because of all the trade talk in Toronto and they should play better now that the deadline is over.  Burke even went so far as to announce that next year he is going to impose his own trade deadline a week prior so that he can mess up what has become Trade Deadline Day festivities in Canada.  Actually, he wants to impose this so the players don’t have to worry at deadline time about being traded.  So when Burkie mentioned upon his arrival in Toronto that he wanted to bring in players who could handle the pressure here I guess this was a #fail.  Then in startling fashion the next night after the Leafs lost it was the coach throwing the GM under the bus by stating that the team is not good enough and the GM didn’t bring in any new players.  Ouch.

10) Burke gave Wilson a one year contract extension on the hush hush, then announced it via Twitter a few days after it started to leak.  Nice golden handshake, eh? 

So to recap…

Wilson is 15 losses away from holding the record for the most losses by any coach in NHL history.  He has a gazillion wins too, lets not forget that, but he won’t set that record in Toronto.  The team has played on hot streaks which show good coaching but has been on crappy streaks which shows the coach in unable to motivate the players to play better.  It’s 50/50.  Is the team not up to par or is it the wrong coach.  The NHL’s youngest team is falling further and further out of contention and something had to be done.  Burke did not want to do this, folks, I guarantee this.  Now that the coach is gone, all fingers point squarely at Burke.

If the team falters from here on in, and I give the suits at Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment one full season to assess the Burke / Carlyle duo and it there is no progress, I guarantee you, Burke is out of here.  Off to save another franchise or more realistically he’s going to face the same fate of any player / goalie / coach or GM that leaves Toronto, meaning that he’s done in the league. 

Toronto Maple Leafs

Tweet Tweet.  Ride’s over.  Last stop, Toronto.

Mr. Carlyle.  Your stop.  Good luck.


A distant memory (before I was born);

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Enough about the G20 already!!!

Folks, I am sick and tired of hearing about the G20, held in Toronto this past summer.  I’m tired of having to hear from these poor thugs who came out to “protest” and after repeated warnings to disperse or move, decided not to and were forcibly removed by police.  I beg the press to stop reporting these stories.  No one cares and it’s just giving press to these folks for the wrong reasons.

These same folks who are now coming out in droves complaining of “police brutality” and their “rights” being ignored are looking for something and I’m not quite sure what.  An apology?  Fame, fortune?  Can’t really say.

I want to reach out to these folks and say something like this; “Hey dude, what about the rights of the property owners and the people who live in the city, pay taxes, contribute to society and were disgusted that you and your peeps were running rampant in the downtown core either destroying public property, private property, or being a general pain in the ass.”

I can already imagine the responses I’m going to get from the left-wing community (I won’t pull a Don Cherry and call them “pinkos”) that inhabit the downtown core and vote for people like David Miller and Bob Rae – it’s about rights, and freedoms, freedom of speech, they tell me over and over again, blah, blah, blah.

I say to you folks, it’s not about the broken window and looting that took place at Starbucks, it’s about the fact that people like you feel you have the right to protest in this manner.  I know, I know, it’s the right to free speech argument.

If I have a problem with Starbucks, I write them a letter, or drop them an email, or even pick up the phone and call them. I don’t take to the streets, and claim to be an anarchist because it fits the mood of the crowd.  I don’t kick in the window of my local Starbucks to protest the fact that maybe they buy their beans from a country where the people are paid less than a minimum wage, especially when I’m surrounded by tens of thousands of other people and feel especially brave.  What kind of message does that send?  It’s like telling my kids, “it’s okay, if you don’t like the way a company does something, go destroy their property”.  No one in their right mind would tell a child to do that!  Or would they?

Who do you think is going to pay for the burned out police cars? The idiots who bussed in to the G20 to create havoc or the taxpayers of Toronto who pay property tax, municipal tax and many other levies to have clean roads, garbage pick up and a police force… With police cars. 

Well folks, I don’t know about the downtown core – never really understood the love-in with George (eHealth) Smitherman, but if you guys have so much money and disposable income, then I think I’m going to ask the City to reduce my property taxes. Afterall, I didn’t and still don’t feel that my right to protest by taking to the streets is more important than my ability to enact change by contributing to society and communicating with others.

If I wanted to send a message to Starbucks (for example) I would arrange for people to stop going there and after a while they would pack up and leave. There would be absolutely nothing to gain for damaging their property or even worse, damaging the property of a fellow Torontonian who is trying to make a living with a store in the downtown core and who had to pay out of pocket for repairs to thier shop, or buy new products because some lunkheads thought it would be “fun” to steal from them.

And now these same lunkheads are appearing in the papers with bandages and bruises complaining of being treated poorly.

Hey buddy… In other countries, people defend their property with weapons… You’re lucky the police got to you first, and that you’re in a free country like Canada that tolerates criminal activities and listens to you while you complain about being caught.

You can’t have it both ways. I believe the phrase you can’t suck and blow might apply.

So please, enough, left-wing media on the G20. The damage was done to the City, don’t rub our faces in it by parading these publicity-hounds in one after another to hear how they expected to be treated like royalty during the chaos caused by their choice to take to the streets to “be heard”.

Look at what happened to this idiot in Ottawa who firebombed a bank because his history of activism made him feel good about himself.

Who is going to pay the $1.6 million dollars needed to repair the bank? Can you say increased fees?

Here is the story in case you missed it;

OTTAWA — A retired federal bureaucrat has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison for firebombing a city bank.

Roger Clement targeted the RBC branch last May to protest the bank’s connections to the Alberta oilsands and the 2010 Olympics.

Court had heard that the 58-year-old had a long history of activism and a troubled family past.

Clement told his sentencing hearing Monday that he regretted the consequences of his actions and intends to use his time more wisely once he’s free.

The attack cost the bank $1.6 million and closed the branch for months.

The incident happened just before the G8 and G20 summits in Huntsville, Ont., and Toronto, sparking fears it was the start of more violence to come at the meetings.

Police followed Clement for a number of days, even digging up a computer he’d buried in the woods near Peterborough, Ont. On it, they discovered e-mail communication where Clement talked about an earlier attack on a different RBC branch and claimed the “nocturnal action” had “lifted my spirits.”

The Crown argued, however, that Clement meticulously planned the attack, going so far as to wait outside the bank for two hours to make sure there would be no witnesses. The Crown also noted that Clement made sure there was video of the incident and posted it online himself with a manifesto designed expressly to spur others onto action

Really?!? Protesting the Oilsands and the olympics?!?… How exactly did he think burning a RBC branch and possibly killing people inside was an effective protest?  And he buried his computer in Peterborough…

I just don’t get the need to destroy what others have in order to make myself feel better.  You want anarchy, go to Mexico, or Afghanistan where you can do what you want… Oh, but you are educated and live in Toronto… You don’t want to give that up, you just want to force others to live like you want to.

No thanks.

Please. No more sob-stories!

I’m still waiting for the black bloc to be unveiled.  Like the kid who posts pictures of himself on Facebook doing drugs… You think this isn’t going to catch up to them one day and hamper their career opportunities?!?