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Thursday Thirteen

This week’s Thursday Thirteen was actually last week’s Thursday Thirteen and probably should have been for the week before, however it required some assistance from my son Linus, and some effort from me to write up the post.

I have procrastinated no longer.

So without further adieu, I present this week’s Thursday Thirteen

The thought behind this Thursday Thirteen came while I was sitting in traffic on one of my many long journeys’ home, during summer construction chaos. On my XM radio, for some strange / stupid reason, it does not display the whole song title or the whole name of the band. So when I see a song or a song title that is too long, I get most of the information then it just cuts off leaving me to guess the rest. So what I did was to have one of my carpool mate Abutot write down the name and title with a blank where it cuts off and then I took that information to my 6-year-old son, Linus and asked him to fill in the blanks.

Here is that list;

13. Kesha – Your Love is My_______ (Linus said, “heart”)
12. Adele – Rolling in the _______ (Linus said “Diary”)
11. Steve Vai – I Would Like To _________ (Linus said “foo foo dust you”)
10. Danger Mouse and ________ (Linus said “Duck”. Abutot said “Dumburger”) – Two Against One
9. Red Hot Chili ______ (Linus said “Pretzels” ) – Aeroplane.
8. Boston – More than a ________ (Linus said “Feeling”) Not bad, eh?
7. Lucky Diaz and ______ (Linus said “Touch”) – ABC is the Right ______ (Linus said ”Song for Babies”)
6. Olivia Newton-John – I Honestly Love _______ (Linus first said “You”, then he giggled and changed that to “Swings, Slides and Trampolines”)
5. Heavy D & the ____ (Linus said “Box”) – Now that we _____ (Linus said “Fart”)
4. Smiths – The Boy with the ______ (Linus said “Fart” but I told him not to repeat – or they’d all be fart – so he chose “Alien”).
3. Celine Dion & _____ (Linus said “Penis”) – Beauty and the _____ (Linus said “Bum Bum”)
2. Accept – Princess of the _______ (Linus said “Castle”)
1. Queen of the ______ (Linus said “Streets”) – No One Knows (even though there is no more to this song, Linus said “Anything” fits nicely.)